Historical Events on August 26, Special Events on This Day

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What happened in history on August 26th?

What Happened on August 26th This Day in History

Year Name
2015 Two U.S. journalists are shot and killed by a disgruntled former coworker while conducting a live report in Moneta, Virginia.
2011 The Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Boeing's all-new composite airliner, receives certification from the EASA and the FAA.
2009 Kidnapping victim Jaycee Dugard is discovered alive in California after being missing for over 18 years.
1999 Russia begins the Second Chechen War in response to the Invasion of Dagestan by the Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade.
1998 The first flight of the Air Force Delta III ends in disaster 75 seconds after liftoff resulting in the loss of the Galaxy X satellite.
1997 Beni Ali massacre occurs in Algeria, leaving 60 to 100 people dead.
1980 After John Birges plants a bomb at Harvey's Resort Hotel in Stateline, Nevada, in the United States, the FBI inadvertently detonates the bomb during its disarming.
1978 Papal conclave: Albino Luciani is elected as Pope John Paul I.
1977 The Charter of the French Language is adopted by the National Assembly of Quebec
1970 A new feminist movement leads a nationwide Women's Strike for Equality.
1966 The South African Border War starts with the battle at Omugulugwombashe.
1944 World War II: Charles de Gaulle enters Paris.
1942 At Chortkiv, the Ukrainian police and German Schutzpolizei deport two thousand Jews to Beſżec extermination camp. Five hundred of the sick and children are murdered on the spot. This continued until the next day.
1940 Chad becomes the first French colony to join the Allies under the administration of Félix ÿboué, France's first black colonial governor.
1922 Greco-Turkish War (1919-22): Turkish army launched what has come to be known to the Turks as the "Great Offensive" (Büyük Taarruz). The major Greek defense positions were overrun.
1920 The 19th amendment to United States Constitution takes effect, giving women the right to vote.
1914 World War I: The German colony of Togoland surrenders to French and British forces after a 20-day campaign.
1914 World War I: During the retreat from Mons, the British II Corps commanded by General Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien fought a vigorous and successful defensive action at Le Cateau.
1883 The 1883 eruption of Krakatoa begins its final, paroxysmal, stage.
1814 Chilean War of Independence: Infighting between the rebel forces of José Miguel Carrera and Bernardo O'Higgins erupts in the Battle of Las Tres Acequias.
1813 War of the Sixth Coalition: An impromptu battle takes place when French and Prussian-Russian forces accidentally run into each other near Liegnitz, Prussia (now Legnica, Poland).
1810 The former viceroy Santiago de Liniers of the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata is executed after the defeat of his counter-revolution.
1791 John Fitch is granted a United States patent for the steamboat.
1789 The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen is approved by the National Constituent Assembly of France.
1778 The first recorded ascent of Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia.
1768 Captain James Cook sets sail from England on board HMS Endeavour.
1748 The first Lutheran denomination in North America, the Pennsylvania Ministerium, is founded in Philadelphia.
1542 Francisco de Orellana navigated the Amazon River, reaching the Atlantic Ocean.
1444 Battle of St. Jakob an der Birs: A vastly outnumbered force of Swiss Confederates is defeated by the Dauphin Louis (future Louis XI of France) and his army of 'Armagnacs' near Basel.
1346 France suffered a devastating military humiliation at the Battle of Crécy, while England's military reputation was established in an evening's hard fighting.
1303 Alauddin Khalji captures Chittorgarh.
1278 Ladislaus IV of Hungary and Rudolf I of Germany defeat Ottokar II of Bohemia in the Battle on the Marchfeld near Dürnkrut in (then) Moravia.
1071 The Seljuq Turks defeat the Byzantine army at the Battle of Manzikert, and soon gain control of most of Anatolia.
683 Yazid I's army kills 11,000 people of Medina including notable Sahabas in Battle of al-Harrah.
Famous People Born on August 26

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Year Name
1903 Caroline Pafford Miller, American author (d. 1992)
1970 Brett Schultz, South African cricketer
1728 Johann Heinrich Lambert, Swiss mathematician, physicist, and astronomer (d. 1777)
1548 Bernardino Poccetti, Italian painter (d. 1612)
1954 Tracy Krohn, American race car driver and businessman
1925 Gustavo Becerra-Schmidt, Chilean composer (d. 2010)
1923 Wolfgang Sawallisch, German pianist and conductor (d. 2013)
1873 Lee de Forest, American engineer and academic, invented the Audion tube (d. 1961)
1952 Bryon Baltimore, Canadian ice hockey player
1743 Antoine Lavoisier, French chemist and biologist (d. 1794)
Famous People Deaths On August 26

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Date Name
1987 John Goddard, Barbadian-English cricketer and manager (b. 1919)
526 Theoderic the Great, king of the Ostrogoths (b. 454)
1346 Charles II, Count of Alençon (b. 1297)
1945 Franz Werfel, Austrian author and playwright (b. 1890)
1214 Michael IV of Constantinople
2012 Jacques Bensimon, Canadian director and producer (b. 1943)
1865 Johann Franz Encke, German astronomer and academic (b. 1791)
2015 Stefanos Manikas, Greek politician (b. 1952)
2018 Neil Simon, American playwright and author (b. 1927)
1921 Sándor Wekerle, Hungarian jurist and politician, Prime Minister of Hungary (b. 1848)