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What happened in history on August 10th?

What Happened on August 10th This Day in History

Year Name
2019 32 are killed and 1,000,000 are evacuated as Typhoon Lekima makes landfall in Zhejiang, China. Earlier it had caused flooding in the Philippines.
2014 Forty people are killed when Sepahan Airlines Flight 5915 crashes at Tehran's Mehrabad Airport.
2012 The Marikana massacre begins near Rustenburg, South Africa, resulting in the deaths of 47 people.
2009 Twenty people are killed in Handlová, Trenčín Region, in the deadliest mining disaster in Slovakia's history.
2003 European heat wave: The highest temperature ever recorded in the United Kingdom, 38.5 °C (101.3 °F) in Kent, England.
2003 The Okinawa Urban Monorail is opened in Naha, Okinawa.
2001 The 2001 Angola train attack occurred, causing 252 deaths.
1999 Los Angeles Jewish Community Center shooting.
1998 HRH Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah is proclaimed the crown prince of Brunei with a Royal Proclamation.
1995 Oklahoma City bombing: Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols are indicted for the bombing. Michael Fortier pleads guilty in a plea-bargain for his testimony.
1993 Two earthquakes affect New Zealand. A 7.0 Mw⿯ shock (intensity VI (Strong)) in the South Island was followed nine hours later by a 6.4 Mw⿯ event (intensity VII (Very strong)) in the North Island.
1990 The Magellan space probe reaches Venus.
1988 Japanese American internment: U.S. President Ronald Reagan signs the Civil Liberties Act of 1988, providing $20,000 payments to Japanese Americans who were either interned in or relocated by the United States during World War II.
1981 Murder of Adam Walsh: The head of John Walsh's son is found. This inspires the creation of the television series America's Most Wanted and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.
1978 Three members of the Ulrich family are killed in an accident. This leads to the Ford Pinto litigation.
1977 In Yonkers, New York, 24-year-old postal employee David Berkowitz ("Son of Sam") is arrested for a series of killings in the New York City area over the period of one year.
1971 The Society for American Baseball Research is founded in Cooperstown, New York.
1969 A day after murdering Sharon Tate and four others, members of Charles Manson's cult kill Leno and Rosemary LaBianca.
1966 The Heron Road Bridge collapses while being built, killing nine workers in the deadliest construction accident in both Ottawa and Ontario.
1961 Vietnam War: The U.S. Army begins Operation Ranch Hand, spraying an estimated 20 million US gallons (76,000 m3) of defoliants and herbicides over rural areas of South Vietnam in an attempt to deprive the Viet Cong of food and vegetation cover.
1954 At Massena, New York, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Saint Lawrence Seaway is held.
1953 First Indochina War: The French Union withdraws its forces from Operation Camargue against the Viet Minh in central Vietnam.
1949 U.S. President Harry S. Truman signs the National Security Act Amendment, streamlining the defense agencies of the United States government, and replacing the Department of War with the United States Department of Defense.
1948 Candid Camera makes its television debut after being on radio for a year as Candid Microphone.
1944 World War II: The Battle of Guam comes to an effective end.
1944 World War II: The Battle of Narva ends with a combined German-Estonian force successfully defending Narva, Estonia, from invading Soviet troops.
1932 A 5.1 kilograms (11 lb) chondrite-type meteorite breaks into at least seven pieces and lands near the town of Archie in Cass County, Missouri.
1920 World War I: Ottoman sultan Mehmed VI's representatives sign the Treaty of Sèvres that divides up the Ottoman Empire between the Allies.
1913 Second Balkan War: Delegates from Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, and Greece sign the Treaty of Bucharest, ending the war.
1905 Russo-Japanese War: Peace negotiations begin in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
1904 Russo-Japanese War: The Battle of the Yellow Sea between the Russian and Japanese battleship fleets takes place.
1901 The U.S. Steel recognition strike by the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers begins.
1897 German chemist Felix Hoffmann discovers an improved way of synthesizing acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin).
1864 After Uruguay's governing Blanco Party refuses Brazil's demands, José Antônio Saraiva announces that the Brazilian military will begin reprisals, beginning the Uruguayan War.
1861 American Civil War: Battle of Wilson's Creek: A mixed force of Confederate, Missouri State Guard, and Arkansas State troops defeat outnumbered attacking Union forces in the southwestern part of the state.
1856 The Last Island hurricane strikes Louisiana, resulting in over 200 deaths.
1846 The Smithsonian Institution is chartered by the United States Congress after James Smithson donates $500,000.
1821 Missouri is admitted as the 24th U.S. state.
1813 Instituto Nacional, is founded by the Chilean patriot José Miguel Carrera. It is Chile's oldest and most prestigious school. Its motto is Labor Omnia Vincit, which means "Work conquers all things".
1809 Quito, now the capital of Ecuador, declares independence from Spain. This rebellion will be crushed on August 2, 1810.
1793 The Musée du Louvre is officially opened in Paris, France.
1792 French Revolution: Storming of the Tuileries Palace: Louis XVI of France is arrested and taken into custody as his Swiss Guards are massacred by the Parisian mob.
1776 American Revolutionary War: Word of the United States Declaration of Independence reaches London.
1755 Under the orders of Charles Lawrence, the British Army begins to forcibly deport the Acadians from Nova Scotia to the Thirteen Colonies.
1741 King Marthanda Varma of Travancore defeats the Dutch East India Company at the Battle of Colachel, effectively bringing about the end of the Dutch colonial rule in India.
1680 The Pueblo Revolt begins in New Mexico.
1675 The foundation stone of the Royal Greenwich Observatory in London, England is laid.
1628 The Swedish warship Vasa sinks in the Stockholm harbour after only about 20 minutes of her maiden voyage.
1585 The Treaty of Nonsuch signed by Elizabeth I of England and the Dutch Rebels.
1557 Battle of St. Quentin: Spanish victory over the French in the Italian War of 1551-59.
1519 Ferdinand Magellan's five ships set sail from Seville to circumnavigate the globe. The Basque second-in-command Juan Sebastián Elcano will complete the expedition after Magellan's death in the Philippines.
1512 The naval Battle of Saint-Mathieu, during the War of the League of Cambrai, sees the simultaneous destruction of the Breton ship La Cordelière and the English ship The Regent.
1316 The Second Battle of Athenry takes place near Athenry during the Bruce campaign in Ireland.
1270 Yekuno Amlak takes the imperial throne of Ethiopia, restoring the Solomonic dynasty to power after a 100-year Zagwe interregnum.
991 Battle of Maldon: The English, led by Byrhtnoth, Ealdorman of Essex, are defeated by a band of inland-raiding Vikings near Maldon, Essex.
955 Battle of Lechfeld: Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor defeats the Magyars, ending 50 years of Magyar invasion of the West.
654 Pope Eugene I elected to succeed Martinus I.
Famous People Born on August 10

Here is a random list who born on August 10. For full list please click on the link above.

Year Name
1923 Bill Doolittle, American football player and coach (d. 2014)
1957 Aqeel Abbas Jafari, Pakistani writer, poet, architect and chief editor Urdu Dictionary Board
1740 Samuel Arnold, English organist and composer (d. 1802)
1997 Kylie Jenner, American television personality and model
1985 Roy O'Donovan, Irish footballer
1935 Ad van Luyn, Dutch bishop
1969 Emily Symons, Australian actress
1970 Doug Flach, American tennis player
1973 Javier Zanetti, Argentinian footballer
1645 Eusebio Kino, Italian priest and missionary (d. 1711)
Famous People Deaths On August 10

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Date Name
1958 Frank Demaree, American baseball player and manager (b. 1910)
2014 Kathleen Ollerenshaw, English mathematician, astronomer, and politician, Lord Mayor of Manchester (b. 1912)
1916 John J. Loud, American inventor (b. 1844)
1933 Alf Morgans, Welsh-Australian politician, 4th Premier of Western Australia (b. 1850)
2012 Philippe Bugalski, French race car driver (b. 1963)
1980 Yahya Khan, Pakistani general and politician, 3rd President of Pakistan (b. 1917)
1653 Maarten Tromp, Dutch admiral (b. 1598)
2012 Ioan Dicezare, Romanian general and pilot (b. 1916)
1985 Nate Barragar, American football player and sergeant (b. 1906)
2000 Gilbert Parkhouse, Welsh cricketer and rugby player (b. 1925)