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What happened in history on August 18th?

What Happened on August 18th This Day in History

Year Name
2019 One hundred activists, officials, and other concerned citizens in Iceland hold a funeral for Okjökull glacier, which has completely melted after having once covered six square miles (15.5 km2).
2017 The first terrorist attack ever sentenced as a crime in Finland kills two and injures eight.
2008 The President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharra, resigns under threat of impeachment.
2008 War of Afghanistan: The Uzbin Valley ambush occurs.
2005 A massive power blackout hits the Indonesian island of Java; affecting almost 100 million people, it is one of the largest and most widespread power outages in history.
2003 One-year-old Zachary Turner is murdered in Newfoundland by his mother, who was awarded custody despite facing trial for the murder of Zachary's father. The case was documented in the film Dear Zachary and led to reform of Canada's bail laws.
1993 American International Airways Flight 808 crashes at Leeward Point Field at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, injuring the three crew members.
1989 Leading presidential hopeful Luis Carlos Galán is assassinated near Bogotá in Colombia.
1983 Hurricane Alicia hits the Texas coast, killing 21 people and causing over US$1 billion in damage (1983 dollars).
1977 Steve Biko is arrested at a police roadblock under Terrorism Act No. 83 of 1967 in King William's Town, South Africa. He later dies from injuries sustained during this arrest, bringing attention to South Africa's apartheid policies.
1976 The Korean axe murder incident in Panmunjom results in the deaths of two US Army officers.
1976 The Soviet Union’s robotic probe Luna 24 successfully lands on the Moon.
1971 Vietnam War: Australia and New Zealand decide to withdraw their troops from Vietnam.
1966 Vietnam War: The Battle of Long Tan ensues after a patrol from the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment clashes with a Viet Cong force in Phước Tuy Province.
1965 Vietnam War: Operation Starlite begins: United States Marines destroy a Viet Cong stronghold on the Van Tuong peninsula in the first major American ground battle of the war.
1963 Civil rights movement: James Meredith becomes the first African American to graduate from the University of Mississippi.
1958 Vladimir Nabokov's controversial novel Lolita is published in the United States.
1958 Brojen Das from Bangladesh swims across the English Channel in a competition as the first Bengali and the first Asian to do so, placing first among the 39 competitors.
1950 Julien Lahaut, the chairman of the Communist Party of Belgium, is assassinated. The Party newspaper blames royalists and Rexists.
1945 Sukarno takes office as the first president of Indonesia, following the country's declaration of independence the previous day.
1945 Soviet-Japanese War: Battle of Shumshu: Soviet forces land at Takeda Beach on Shumshu Island and launch the Battle of Shumshu; the Soviet Union’s Invasion of the Kuril Islands commences.
1940 World War II: The Hardest Day air battle, part of the Battle of Britain, takes place. At that point, it is the largest aerial engagement in history with heavy losses sustained on both sides.
1938 The Thousand Islands Bridge, connecting New York, United States, with Ontario, Canada, over the Saint Lawrence River, is dedicated by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
1937 A lightning strike starts the Blackwater Fire of 1937 in Shoshone National Forest, killing 15 firefighters within 3 days and prompting the United States Forest Service to develop their smokejumper program.
1933 The Volksempfänger is first presented to the German public at a radio exhibition; the presiding Nazi Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, delivers an accompanying speech heralding the radio as the ‘eighth great power’.
1923 The first British Track and Field championships for women are held in London, Great Britain.
1920 The Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution is ratified, guaranteeing women's suffrage.
1917 A Great Fire in Thessaloniki, Greece, destroys 32% of the city leaving 70,000 individuals homeless.
1903 German engineer Karl Jatho allegedly flies his self-made, motored gliding airplane four months before the first flight of the Wright brothers.
1891 A major hurricane strikes Martinique, leaving 700 dead.
1877 American astronomer Asaph Hall discovers Phobos, one of Mars’s moons.[11][12]
1870 Franco-Prussian War: Battle of Gravelotte is fought.
1868 French astronomer Pierre Janssen discovers helium.
1864 American Civil War: Battle of Globe Tavern: Union forces try to cut a vital Confederate supply-line into Petersburg, Virginia, by attacking the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad.
1848 Camila O'Gorman and Ladislao Gutierrez are executed on the orders of Argentine dictator Juan Manuel de Rosas.
1838 The Wilkes Expedition, which would explore the Puget Sound and Antarctica, weighs anchor at Hampton Roads.
1826 Major Gordon Laing becomes the first European to enter Timbuktu.
1809 The Senate of Finland is established in the Grand Duchy of Finland after the official adoption of the Statute of the Government Council by Tsar Alexander I of Russia.
1783 A huge fireball meteor is seen across Great Britain as it passes over the east coast.
1721 The city of Shamakhi in Safavid Shirvan is sacked.[7]
1634 Urbain Grandier, accused and convicted of sorcery, is burned alive in Loudun, France.
1612 The trial of the Pendle witches, one of England's most famous witch trials, begins at Lancaster Assizes.
1590 John White, the governor of the Roanoke Colony, returns from a supply trip to England and finds his settlement deserted.
1572 The Huguenot King Henry III of Navarre marries the Catholic Margaret of Valois, ostensibly to reconcile the feuding Protestants and Catholics of France.
1492 The first grammar of the Spanish language (Gramática de la lengua castellana) is presented to Queen Isabella I.
1487 The Siege of Málaga ends with the taking of the city by Castilian and Aragonese forces.
1304 The Battle of Mons-en-Pévèle is fought to a draw between the French army and the Flemish militias.
707 Princess Abe accedes to the imperial Japanese throne as Empress Genmei.
684 Battle of Marj Rahit:
Famous People Born on August 18

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Year Name
1305 Ashikaga Takauji, Japanese Shōgun (d. 1358)
1928 Sonny Til, American R&B singer (d. 1981)
1870 Lavr Kornilov, Russian general and explorer (d. 1918)
1981 Dimitris Salpingidis, Greek footballer
1969 Edward Norton, American actor
1885 Nettie Palmer, Australian poet and critic (d. 1964)
1855 Alfred Wallis, English painter and illustrator (d. 1942)
1961 Bob Woodruff, American journalist and author
1980 Esteban Cambiasso, Argentinian footballer
1971 Patrik Andersson, Swedish footballer
Famous People Deaths On August 18

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Date Name
1998 Persis Khambatta, Indian model and actress, Femina Miss India 1965 (b. 1948)
1613 Giovanni Artusi, Italian composer and theorist (b. 1540)
1227 Genghis Khan, Mongolian emperor (b. 1162)
1919 Joseph E. Seagram, Canadian businessman and politician, founded the Seagram Company (b. 1841)
1979 Vasantrao Naik, Indian politician (b. 1913)
2012 Harrison Begay, American painter (b. 1917)
1642 Guido Reni, Italian painter and educator (b. 1575)
2009 Kim Dae-jung, South Korean lieutenant and politician, 15th President of South Korea, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1925)
1950 Julien Lahaut, Belgian soldier and politician (b. 1884)
1994 Francis Raymond Shea, American bishop (b. 1913)