Famous Deaths on August 26, Who Died on August 26

Here is a list who died on August 26. Famous deaths for the 26th of August. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on August 26. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in August 26th?
Who died on the 26th August?
Who died on August 26?

Date Name
1214 Michael IV of Constantinople
1278 Ottokar II of Bohemia (b. 1233)
1346 Charles II, Count of Alençon (b. 1297)
1349 Thomas Bradwardine, English archbishop, mathematician, and physicist (b. 1290)
1399 Mikhail II, Grand Prince of Tver (b. 1333)
1462 Catherine Zaccaria, Despotess of the Morea
1486 Ernest, Elector of Saxony (b. 1441)
1500 Philipp I, Count of Hanau-Münzenberg (b. 1449)
1551 Margaret Leijonhufvud, queen of Gustav I of Sweden (b. 1516)
1572 Petrus Ramus, French philosopher and logician (b. 1515)
1595 António, Prior of Crato (b. 1531)
1666 Frans Hals, Dutch painter and educator (b. 1580)
1714 Constantin Brâncoveanu, Ruler of Wallachia (b. 1654)
1723 Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, Dutch microscopist and biologist (b. 1632)
1785 George Germain, 1st Viscount Sackville, English soldier and politician, 3rd Secretary of State for the Colonies (b. 1716)
1810 Santiago de Liniers, 1st Count of Buenos Aires, French-Spanish sailor and politician, 10th Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata (b. 1753)
1813 Theodor Körner, German soldier and author (b. 1791)
1850 Louis Philippe I of France (b. 1773)
1865 Johann Franz Encke, German astronomer and academic (b. 1791)
1878 Mariam Baouardy, Syrian Roman Catholic nun; later canonized (b. 1846)
1910 William James, American psychologist and philosopher (b. 1842)
1921 Matthias Erzberger, German publicist and politician (b. 1875)
1930 Lon Chaney, American actor, director, and screenwriter (b. 1883)
1943 Bîmen Şen, Turkish composer and songwriter (b. 1873)
1944 Adam von Trott zu Solz, German lawyer and diplomat (b. 1909)
1945 Franz Werfel, Austrian author and playwright (b. 1890)
1946 Jeanie MacPherson, American actress and screenwriter (b. 1887)
1956 Alfred Wagenknecht, German-American activist (b. 1881)
1958 Ralph Vaughan Williams, English composer and educator (b. 1872)
1966 W. W. E. Ross, Canadian geophysicist and poet (b. 1894)
1968 Kay Francis, American actress (b. 1905)
1972 Francis Chichester, English pilot and sailor (b. 1901)
1974 Charles Lindbergh, American pilot and explorer (b. 1902)
1975 Olaf Holtedahl, Norwegian geologist and academic (b. 1885)
1976 Lotte Lehmann, German-American soprano (b. 1888)
1977 H. A. Rey, German-American author and illustrator, created Curious George (b. 1898)
1978 Charles Boyer, French-American actor, singer, and producer (b. 1899)
1979 Mika Waltari, Finnish author, translator, and academic (b. 1908)
1980 Rosa Albach-Retty, German-Austrian actress (b. 1874)
1981 Roger Nash Baldwin, American trade union leader, co-founded the American Civil Liberties Union (b. 1884)
1986 Ted Knight, American actor (b. 1923)
1987 John Goddard, Barbadian-English cricketer and manager (b. 1919)
1988 Carlos Paião, Portuguese singer-songwriter (b. 1957)
1989 Irving Stone, American author (b. 1903)
1990 Tang Chang, Thai artist (b. 1934)
1991 Mildred Albert, American fashion commentator, TV and radio personality, and fashion show producer (b. 1905)
1992 Bob de Moor, Belgian author and illustrator (b. 1925)
1993 Reima Pietilä, Finnish architect, co-designed the Kaleva Church (b. 1923)
1995 John Brunner, English-Scottish author and poet (b. 1934)
1998 Frederick Reines, American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1918)
2000 Akbar Adibi, Iranian engineer and academic (b. 1939)
2001 Louis Muhlstock, Polish-Canadian painter and educator (b. 1904)
2003 Jim Wacker, American football player and coach (b. 1937)
2004 Laura Branigan, American singer-songwriter and actress (b. 1952)
2005 Robert Denning, American art collector and interior designer (b. 1927)
2006 Rainer Barzel, Polish-German lawyer and politician, Minister of Intra-German Relations (b. 1924)
2007 Gaston Thorn, Luxembourger jurist and politician, 20th Prime Minister of Luxembourg (b. 1928)
2009 Dominick Dunne, American journalist and novelist (b. 1925)
2010 Raimon Panikkar, Catalan priest and scholar (b. 1918)
2011 George Band, Taiwanese-English mountaineer and author (b. 1929)
2012 Russ Alben, American composer and businessman (b. 1929)
2013 Hélie de Saint Marc, French soldier (b. 1922)
2014 Christian Bourquin, French lawyer and politician (b. 1954)
2015 Amelia Boynton Robinson, American activist (b. 1911)
2017 Tobe Hooper, American film director (b. 1943)
2018 Neil Simon, American playwright and author (b. 1927)
2020 Joe Ruby, American animator (b. 1933)
787 Arechis II, duke of Benevento
887 Kōkō, emperor of Japan (b. 830)