Famous Deaths on August 28, Who Died on August 28

Here is a list who died on August 28. Famous deaths for the 28th of August. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on August 28. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in August 28th?
Who died on the 28th August?
Who died on August 28?

Date Name
1055 Xing Zong, Chinese emperor (b. 1016)
1231 Eleanor of Portugal, Queen of Denmark
1341 Levon IV, king of Armenia (b. 1309)
1406 John de Sutton V, Baron Sutton of Dudley (b. 1380)
1481 Afonso V, king of Portugal (b. 1432)
1540 Federico II Gonzaga, duke of Mantua (b. 1500)
1609 Francis Vere, English governor and general
1645 Hugo Grotius, Dutch playwright, philosopher, and jurist (b. 1583)
1646 Johannes Banfi Hunyades, English-Hungarian alchemist, chemist and metallurgist. (b. 1576)
1648 George Lisle, English general (b. 1610)
1654 Axel Oxenstierna, Swedish lawyer and politician, Lord High Chancellor of Sweden (b. 1583)
1665 Elisabetta Sirani, Italian painter (b. 1638)
1678 John Berkeley, 1st Baron Berkeley of Stratton, English soldier and politician, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (b. 1602)
1735 Edwin Stead, English landowner and cricketer (b. 1701)
1757 David Hartley, English psychologist and philosopher (b. 1705)
1784 Junípero Serra, Spanish priest and missionary (b. 1713)
1793 Adam Philippe, Comte de Custine, French general (b. 1740)
1805 Alexander Carlyle, Scottish church leader and author (b. 1722)
1818 Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, American fur trader, founded Chicago (b. 1750)
1820 Andrew Ellicott, American surveyor and urban planner (b. 1754)
1839 William Smith, English geologist and engineer (b. 1769)
1888 Julius Krohn, Finnish poet and journalist (b. 1835)
1891 Robert Caldwell, English missionary and linguist (b. 1814)
1900 Henry Sidgwick, English economist and philosopher (b. 1838)
1903 Frederick Law Olmsted, American journalist and architect, co-designed Central Park (b. 1822)
1919 Adolf Schmal, Austrian fencer and cyclist (b. 1872)
1934 Edgeworth David, Welsh-Australian geologist and explorer (b. 1858)
1937 George Prendergast, Australian politician, 28th Premier of Victoria (b. 1854)
1943 Georg Hellat, Estonian architect (b. 1870)
1955 Emmett Till, American murder victim (b. 1941)
1959 Bohuslav Martinů, Czech-American composer and educator (b. 1890)
1965 Giulio Racah, Italian-Israeli physicist and mathematician (b. 1909)
1968 Dimitris Pikionis, Greek architect and academic (b. 1887)
1971 Reuvein Margolies, Israeli author and scholar (b. 1889)
1972 Prince William of Gloucester (b. 1941)
1975 Fritz Wotruba, Austrian sculptor (b. 1907)
1976 Anissa Jones, American actress (b. 1958)
1978 Bruce Catton, American historian and journalist (b. 1899)
1981 Béla Guttmann, Hungarian footballer, coach, and manager (b. 1899)
1982 Geoff Chubb, South African cricketer (b. 1911)
1984 Muhammad Naguib, Egyptian general and politician, 1st President of Egypt (b. 1901)
1985 Ruth Gordon, American actress and screenwriter (b. 1896)
1986 Russell Lee, American photographer and journalist (b. 1903)
1987 John Huston, Irish actor, director, and screenwriter (b. 1906)
1988 Jean Marchand, Canadian union leader and politician, 43rd Secretary of State for Canada (b. 1918)
1989 John Steptoe, American author and illustrator (b. 1950)
1990 Willy Vandersteen, Belgian author and illustrator (b. 1913)
1991 Alekos Sakellarios, Greek director and screenwriter (b. 1913)
1993 William Stafford, American poet and academic (b. 1914)
1995 Earl W. Bascom, American rodeo performer and painter (b. 1906)
2005 Jacques Dufilho, French actor (b. 1914)
2006 Heino Lipp, Estonian shot putter and discus thrower (b. 1922)
2007 Arthur Jones, American businessman, founded Nautilus, Inc. and MedX Corporation (b. 1926)
2008 Phil Hill, American race car driver (b. 1927)
2009 Adam Goldstein, American drummer, DJ, and producer (b. 1973)
2010 William P. Foster, American bandleader and educator (b. 1919)
2011 Bernie Gallacher, English footballer (b. 1967)
2012 Rhodes Boyson, English educator and politician (b. 1925)
2013 John Bellany, Scottish painter and academic (b. 1942)
2014 Glenn Cornick, English bass guitarist (b. 1947)
2015 Al Arbour, Canadian-American ice hockey player and coach (b. 1932)
2016 Juan Gabriel, Mexican singer and songwriter (b. 1950)
2017 Mireille Darc, French actress and model (b. 1938)
2020 Chadwick Boseman, American actor and playwright (b. 1976)
388 Magnus Maximus, Roman emperor (b. 335)
430 Augustine of Hippo, Algerian bishop, theologian, and saint (b. 354)
476 Orestes, Roman general and politician
632 Fatimah, daughter of Muhammad (b. 605)
683 Kʼinich Janaab Pakal I, ajaw of the city-state of Palenque (b. 615)
770 Kōken, emperor of Japan (b. 718)
876 Louis the German, Frankish king (b. 804)
919 He Gui, Chinese general (b. 858)