Famous Deaths on August 11, Who Died on August 11

Here is a list who died on August 11. Famous deaths for the 11th of August. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on August 11. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in August 11th?
Who died on the 11th August?
Who died on August 11?

Date Name
1044 Sokkate, king of the Pagan dynasty of Burma (b. 1001)
1204 Guttorm of Norway (b. 1199)
1253 Clare of Assisi, Italian follower of Francis of Assisi (b. 1194)
1259 Möngke Khan, Mongolian emperor (b. 1208)
1268 Agnes of Faucigny, Dame ruler of Faucigny, Countess consort of Savoy
1332 Domhnall II, Earl of Mar
1456 John Hunyadi, Hungarian general and politician (b. 1387)
1464 Nicholas of Cusa, German cardinal and mystic (b. 1401)
1465 Kettil Karlsson, regent of Sweden and Bishop of Linköping (b. 1433)
1486 William Waynflete, English Lord Chancellor and bishop of Winchester (b. c. 1398)
1494 Hans Memling, German-Belgian painter (b. 1430)
1519 Johann Tetzel, German preacher (b. 1465)
1556 John Bell, English bishop
1563 Bartolomé de Escobedo, Spanish composer and educator (b. 1500)
1578 Pedro Nunes, Portuguese mathematician and academic (b. 1502)
1596 Hamnet Shakespeare, son of William Shakespeare (b. 1585)
1614 Lavinia Fontana, Italian painter (b. 1552)
1656 Ottavio Piccolomini, Austrian-Italian field marshal (b. 1599)
1725 Prince Vittorio Amedeo Theodore of Savoy (b. 1723)
1774 Charles-François Tiphaigne de la Roche, French physician and author (b. 1722)
1813 Henry James Pye, English poet and politician (b. 1745)
1851 Lorenz Oken, German botanist, biologist, and ornithologist (b. 1779)
1854 Macedonio Melloni, Italian physicist and academic (b. 1798)
1868 Halfdan Kjerulf, Norwegian pianist and composer (b. 1815)
1886 Lydia Koidula, Estonian poet and playwright (b. 1843)
1890 John Henry Newman, English cardinal and theologian (b. 1801)
1892 Enrico Betti, Italian mathematician and academic (b. 1813)
1903 Eugenio María de Hostos, Puerto Rican-American sociologist, philosopher, and lawyer (b. 1839)
1908 Khudiram Bose, Indian Bengali revolutionary (b. 1889)
1919 Andrew Carnegie, Scottish-American businessman and philanthropist, founded the Carnegie Steel Company and Carnegie Hall (b. 1835)
1936 Blas Infante, Spanish historian and politician (b. 1885)
1937 Edith Wharton, American novelist and short story writer (b. 1862)
1939 Jean Bugatti, German-Italian engineer (b. 1909)
1945 Stefan Jaracz, Polish actor and theater producer (b. 1883)
1953 Tazio Nuvolari, Italian race car driver and motorcycle racer (b. 1892)
1956 Jackson Pollock, American painter (b. 1912)
1961 Antanas Škėma, Lithuanian-American author, playwright, actor, and director (b. 1910)
1963 Otto Wahle, Austrian-American swimmer and coach (b. 1879)
1965 Bill Woodfull, Australian cricketer and educator (b. 1897)
1969 Miriam Licette, English soprano and educator (b. 1885)
1972 Max Theiler, South African-American virologist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1899)
1974 Vicente Emilio Sojo, Venezuelan conductor and composer (b. 1887)
1977 Frederic Calland Williams, British co-inventor of the Williams-Kilborn tube, used for memory in early computer systems (b. 1911)
1978 Berta Ruck, Indian-born Welsh romance novelist (b. 1878)
1979 J. G. Farrell, English author (b. 1935)
1980 Paul Robert, French lexicographer and publisher (b. 1910)
1982 Tom Drake, American actor and singer (b. 1918)
1984 Alfred A. Knopf Sr., American publisher, founded Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. (b. 1892)
1986 János Drapál, Hungarian motorcycle racer (b. 1948)
1988 Anne Ramsey, American actress (b. 1929)
1989 John Meillon, Australian actor (b. 1934)
1991 J. D. McDuffie, American race car driver (b. 1938)
1994 Peter Cushing, English actor (b. 1913)
1995 Phil Harris, American singer-songwriter and actor (b. 1904)
1996 Rafael Kubelík, Czech conductor and composer (b. 1914)
2000 Jean Papineau-Couture, Canadian composer and academic (b. 1916)
2001 Percy Stallard, English cyclist and coach (b. 1909)
2002 Galen Rowell, American photographer and mountaineer (b. 1940)
2003 Armand Borel, Swiss-American mathematician and academic (b. 1923)
2006 Mike Douglas, American singer and talk show host (b. 1920)
2008 George Furth, American actor and playwright (b. 1932)
2009 Eunice Kennedy Shriver, American activist, founded the Special Olympics (b. 1921)
2012 Red Bastien, American wrestler, trainer, and promoter (b. 1931)
2013 Raymond Delisle, French cyclist (b. 1943)
2014 Vladimir Beara, Croatian footballer and manager (b. 1928)
2015 Serge Collot, French viola player and educator (b. 1923)
2017 Yisrael Kristal, Polish-Israeli supercentenarian; oldest living Holocaust survivor and one of the ten oldest men ever (b. 1903)
2018 V S Naipaul, British writer, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1932)
2019 Sergio Obeso Rivera, Mexican Roman Catholic cardinal (b. 1931)
2020 Trini Lopez, Mexican American singer and guitarist (b. 1937)
2022 Anne Heche, American actress (b. 1969)
223 Jia Xu, Chinese politician and strategist (b. 147)
353 Magnentius, Roman usurper (b. 303)
449 Archbishop Flavian of Constantinople
632 Rusticula, abbess of Arles
919 Dhuka al-Rumi, Abbasid governor of Egypt
979 Gero, Count of Alsleben
991 Byrhtnoth, English soldier (b. 956)