Famous Deaths on August 6, Who Died on August 6

Here is a list who died on August 6. Famous deaths for the 6th of August. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on August 6. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in August 6th?
Who died on the 6th August?
Who died on August 6?

Date Name
1027 Richard III, Duke of Normandy
1162 Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona (b. 1113)
1195 Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony and Bavaria (b. 1129)
1221 Saint Dominic, Spanish priest, founded the Dominican Order (b. 1170)
1272 Stephen V of Hungary (b. 1239)
1384 Francesco I of Lesbos
1412 Margherita of Durazzo, Queen consort of Charles III of Naples (b. 1347)
1414 Ladislaus of Naples (b. 1377)
1458 Pope Callixtus III (b. 1378)
1530 Jacopo Sannazaro, Italian poet (b. 1458)
1553 Girolamo Fracastoro, Italian physician (b. 1478)
1588 Josias I, Count of Waldeck-Eisenberg, Count of Waldeck-Eisenberg (1578-1588) (b. 1554)[41]
1628 Johannes Junius, German lawyer and politician (b. 1573)
1637 Ben Jonson, English poet and playwright (b. 1572)
1645 Lionel Cranfield, 1st Earl of Middlesex, English merchant and politician (b. 1575)
1657 Bohdan Khmelnytsky, Ukrainian soldier and politician, 1st Hetman of Zaporizhian Host (b. 1595)
1660 Diego Velázquez, Spanish painter and educator (b. 1599)
1666 Tjerk Hiddes de Vries, Frisian naval hero and commander (b. 1622)
1679 John Snell, Scottish-English soldier and philanthropist, founded the Snell Exhibition (b. 1629)
1694 Antoine Arnauld, French mathematician and philosopher (b. 1612)
1695 François de Harlay de Champvallon, French archbishop (b. 1625)
1753 Georg Wilhelm Richmann, Estonian-Russian physicist and academic (b. 1711)
1757 Ádám Mányoki, Hungarian painter (b. 1673)
1794 Henry Bathurst, 2nd Earl Bathurst, English lawyer and politician, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain (b. 1714)
1815 James A. Bayard, American lawyer and politician (b. 1767)
1828 Konstantin von Benckendorff, Russian general and diplomat (b. 1785)
1850 Edward Walsh, Irish poet and songwriter (b. 1805)
1866 John Mason Neale, English priest, scholar, and hymnwriter (b. 1818)
1881 James Springer White, American religious leader, co-founded the Seventh-day Adventist Church (b. 1821)
1893 Jean-Jacques Challet-Venel, Swiss lawyer and politician (b. 1811)
1904 Eduard Hanslick, Austrian author and critic (b. 1825)
1906 George Waterhouse, English-New Zealand politician, 7th Prime Minister of New Zealand (b. 1824)
1915 Jennie de la Montagnie Lozier, American physician (b. 1841)
1920 Stefan Bastyr, Polish pilot and author (b. 1890)
1925 Surendranath Banerjee, Indian academic and politician (b. 1848)
1931 Bix Beiderbecke, American cornet player, pianist, and composer (b. 1903)
1945 Richard Bong, American soldier and pilot, Medal of Honor recipient (b. 1920)
1946 Tony Lazzeri, American baseball player and coach (b. 1903)
1952 Betty Allan, Australian statistician and biometrician (b. 1905)
1959 Preston Sturges, American director, screenwriter, and playwright (b. 1898)
1964 Cedric Hardwicke, English actor and director (b. 1893)
1969 Theodor W. Adorno, German sociologist and philosopher (b. 1903)
1970 Nikos Tsiforos, Greek director and screenwriter (b. 1912)
1973 Fulgencio Batista, Cuban colonel and politician, 9th President of Cuba (b. 1901)
1976 Gregor Piatigorsky, Russian-American cellist and educator (b. 1903)
1978 Pope Paul VI (b. 1897)[47]
1979 Feodor Felix Konrad Lynen, German biochemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1911)
1983 Klaus Nomi, German singer-songwriter and actor (b. 1944)
1985 Forbes Burnham, Guyanese politician, 2nd President of Guyana (b. 1923)
1986 Emilio Fernández, Mexican actor, director, and screenwriter (b. 1904)
1987 Ira C. Eaker, American general (b. 1896)
1990 Jacques Soustelle, French anthropologist and politician (b. 1912)
1991 Shapour Bakhtiar, Iranian soldier and politician, 74th Prime Minister of Iran (b. 1915)
1992 Leszek Błażyński, Polish boxer (b. 1949)
1993 Tex Hughson, American baseball player (b. 1916)
1994 Domenico Modugno, Italian singer-songwriter and politician (b. 1928)
1997 Shin Ki-ha, South Korean lawyer and politician (b. 1941)
1998 André Weil, French-American mathematician and academic (b. 1906)
2001 Jorge Amado, Brazilian novelist and poet (b. 1912)
2002 Edsger W. Dijkstra, Dutch physicist, computer scientist, and academic (b. 1930)
2003 Julius Baker, American flute player and educator (b. 1915)
2004 Rick James, American singer-songwriter and producer (b. 1948)
2005 Robin Cook, Scottish educator and politician, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (b. 1946)
2007 Zsolt Daczi, Hungarian guitarist (b. 1969)
2008 Angelos Kitsos, Greek lawyer and author (b. 1934)
2009 Riccardo Cassin, Italian mountaineer and author (b. 1909)
2011 Fe del Mundo, Filipino pediatrician and educator (b. 1911)
2012 Richard Cragun, American-Brazilian ballet dancer and choreographer (b. 1944)
2013 Stan Lynde, American author and illustrator (b. 1931)
2014 Ralph Bryans, Northern Irish motorcycle racer (b. 1941)
2015 Ray Hill, American football player (b. 1975)
2017 Betty Cuthbert, Australian sprinter (b. 1938)
2018 Joël Robuchon, French Chef (b. 1945)
258 Pope Sixtus II
523 Pope Hormisdas (b. 450)
750 Marwan II, Umayyad general and caliph (b. 688)