Famous People Born on August 26, August 26 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on August 26. Famous birthdays for the 26th of August. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on August 26. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 26th of August?
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What famous person has a birthday on August 26?

August 26 Birthdays, Famous People born on August 26th

Year Name
1999 Kotoshoho Yoshinari, Japanese sumo wrestler
1991 Jessie Diggins, American cross-country skier
1990 Irina-Camelia Begu, Romanian tennis player
1990 Mateo Musacchio, Argentinian footballer
1989 James Harden, American basketball player
1988 Elvis Andrus, Venezuelan baseball player
1988 Evan Ross, American actor
1988 Danielle Savre, American actress
1988 Wayne Simmonds, Canadian ice hockey player
1988 Lars Stindl, German football player
1987 Juan Joseph, American football player and coach (d. 2014)
1986 Vladislav Gussev, Estonian footballer
1986 Colin Kazim-Richards, Turkish footballer
1986 Cassie Ventura, American singer, dancer, actress and model
1985 Oleksiy Kasyanov, Ukrainian decathlete
1985 Brandon McDonald, American football player
1985 David Price, American baseball player
1983 Mattia Cassani, Italian footballer
1983 Félix Porteiro, Spanish race car driver
1983 Nicol David, Malaysian squash player
1982 Angelo Iorio, Italian footballer
1982 John Mulaney, American comedian, actor, writer, and producer
1982 Jayson Nix, American baseball player
1982 Noah Welch, American ice hockey player
1981 Tino Best, Barbadian cricketer
1981 Sebastian Bönig, German footballer
1981 Andreas Glyniadakis, Greek basketball player
1981 Vangelis Moras, Greek footballer
1981 Petey Williams, Canadian wrestler
1980 Macaulay Culkin, American actor
1980 Brendan Harris, American baseball player
1980 Manolis Papamakarios, Greek basketball player
1980 Chris Pine, American actor
1979 Jamal Lewis, American football player
1979 Cristian Mora, Ecuadorian footballer
1979 Rubén Arriaza Pazos, Spanish footballer
1977 Therese Alshammar, Swedish swimmer
1977 Liam Botham, English rugby player and cricketer
1977 Saeko Chiba, Japanese voice actress and singer
1977 Simone Motta, Italian footballer
1976 Mike Colter, American actor
1976 Amaia Montero, Spanish singer-songwriter
1975 Morgan Ensberg, American baseball player and coach
1974 Kelvin Cato, American basketball player and coach
1974 Meredith Eaton, American actress
1973 Richard Evatt, English boxer (d. 2012)
1971 Thalía, Mexican-American singer-songwriter and actress
1970 Jason Little, Australian rugby player
1970 Melissa McCarthy, American actress, comedian, producer, and screenwriter
1970 Brett Schultz, South African cricketer
1969 Adrian Young, American drummer and songwriter
1968 Chris Boardman, English cyclist
1967 Michael Gove, Scottish journalist and politician, Secretary of State for Education
1966 Jacques Brinkman, Dutch field hockey player and coach
1966 Shirley Manson, Scottish singer-songwriter and actress
1965 Marcus du Sautoy, English mathematician and academic
1965 Chris Burke, American actor
1964 Allegra Huston, English-American author and screenwriter
1964 Bobby Jurasin, American-Canadian football player and coach
1964 Chad Kreuter, American baseball player and manager
1964 Zadok Malka, Israeli footballer and manager
1964 Torsten Schmitz, German boxer
1964 Carsten Wolf, German cyclist
1964 Mehriban Aliyeva, 1st Vice President of Azerbaijan, goodwill ambassador of UNESCO and ISESCO.
1963 David Byas, English cricketer and umpire
1963 Stephen J. Dubner, American journalist and author
1963 Patrice Oppliger, American author, critic, and academic
1962 Roger Kingdom, American hurdler
1961 Daniel Lévi, Algerian-French singer-songwriter and pianist (d. 2022)
1961 Jeff Parrett, American baseball player
1960 Branford Marsalis, American saxophonist, composer, and bandleader
1960 Ola Ray, American model and actress
1959 Oliver Colvile, English lawyer and politician
1959 Stan Van Gundy, American basketball player and coach
1958 Jan Nevens, Belgian cyclist
1957 Nikky Finney, American poet and academic
1956 Sally Beamish, English viola player and composer
1956 Brett Cullen, American actor
1956 Mark Mangino, American football player and coach
1955 Ian Dejardin, English historian and curator
1955 Giuseppe Resnati, Italian chemist and educator
1954 Howard Clark, English golfer and sportscaster
1954 Tracy Krohn, American race car driver and businessman
1954 Hugh Pelham, British academic and educator
1953 David Hurley, Australian general and politician, 27th Governor General of Australia
1953 Pat Sharkey, Irish footballer
1952 Bryon Baltimore, Canadian ice hockey player
1952 Michael Jeter, American actor (d. 2003)
1952 Will Shortz, American journalist and puzzle creator
1951 Gerd Bonk, German weightlifter (d. 2014)
1951 Bill Whitaker, American journalist
1951 Edward Witten, American physicist and academic
1949 Allahshukur Pashazadeh, Azerbaijani cleric
1949 Leon Redbone, Canadian-American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (d. 2019)
1947 Nicolae Dobrin, Romanian footballer and manager (d. 2007)
1946 Zhou Ji, Chinese engineer and politician, 14th Chinese Minister of Education
1946 Valerie Simpson, American singer-songwriter
1946 Alison Steadman, English actress
1945 Tom Ridge, American sergeant and politician, 1st Secretary of Homeland Security
1944 Alan Parker, English guitarist and songwriter
1944 Judith Rees, English geographer and academic
1944 Maureen Tucker, American singer-songwriter and drummer
1943 Dori Caymmi, Brazilian singer-songwriter and guitarist
1942 Dennis Turner, Baron Bilston, English lawyer and politician (d. 2014)
1942 Chow Kwai Lam, Malaysian football coach and player (d. 2018)
1941 Chris Curtis, English drummer and singer (d. 2005)
1941 Jane Merrow, English actress, producer, and screenwriter
1941 Barbet Schroeder, French-Swiss director and producer
1940 Michael Cockerell, English journalist
1940 Vic Dana, American dancer and singer
1940 Don LaFontaine, American voice actor, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2008)
1940 Nik Turner, English musician and songwriter
1939 Pinchas Goldstein, Israeli businessman and politician (d. 2007)
1939 Jorge Paulo Lemann, Brazilian banker and financier
1938 Jet Black, English drummer (d. 2022)
1937 Don Bowman, American singer-songwriter (d. 2013)
1936 Benedict Anderson, American political scientist and academic (d. 2015)
1935 Geraldine Ferraro, American lawyer and politician (d. 2011)
1935 Karen Spärck Jones, English computer scientist and academic (d. 2007)
1934 Tom Heinsohn, American basketball player, coach, and sportscaster (d. 2020)
1934 Kevin Ryan, Australian rugby player, coach, lawyer and politician
1932 Luis Salvadores Salvi, Chilean basketball player (d. 2014)
1931 Kálmán Markovits, Hungarian water polo player (d. 2009)
1930 Joe Solomon, Guyanese cricketer and coach
1929 Reuben Kamanga, Zambian soldier and politician, 1st Vice President of Zambia (d. 1996)
1928 Om Prakash Munjal, Indian businessman and philanthropist, co-founded Hero Cycles (d. 2015)
1926 Anahit Tsitsikian, Armenian violinist and educator (d. 1999)
1926 Robert Vickrey, American painter and author (d. 2011)
1925 Jack Hirshleifer, American economist and academic (d. 2005)
1925 Alain Peyrefitte, French scholar and politician, Minister of Justice for France (d. 1999)
1925 Pyotr Todorovsky, Ukrainian-Russian director, screenwriter, and cinematographer (d. 2013)
1925 Etelka Keserű, Hungarian economist and politician (d. 2018)
1925 Gustavo Becerra-Schmidt, Chilean composer (d. 2010)
1924 Alex Kellner, American baseball player (d. 1996)
1923 Wolfgang Sawallisch, German pianist and conductor (d. 2013)
1922 Irving R. Levine, American journalist and author (d. 2009)
1921 Shimshon Amitsur, Israeli mathematician and scholar (d. 1994)
1921 Benjamin C. Bradlee, American journalist and author (d. 2014)
1920 Brant Parker, American illustrator (d. 2007)
1920 Prem Tinsulanonda, Thai general and politician, 16th Prime Minister of Thailand (d. 2019)
1919 Gerard Campbell, American priest and academic (d. 2012)
1918 Katherine Johnson, American physicist and mathematician (d. 2020)
1915 Humphrey Searle, English composer and conductor (d. 1982)
1914 Julio Cortázar, Belgian-Argentinian author and translator (d. 1984)
1914 Fazıl Hüsnü Dağlarca, Turkish soldier and poet (d. 2008)
1911 Otto Binder, American author and screenwriter (d. 1974)
1910 Mother Teresa, Albanian-Indian nun, missionary, Catholic saint, and Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1997)
1909 Eric Davies, South African cricketer and educator (d. 1976)
1909 Jim Davis, American actor (d. 1981)
1909 Gene Moore, American baseball player (d. 1978)
1908 Walter Bruno Henning, Prussian-American linguist and scholar (d. 1967)
1908 Aubrey Schenck, American screenwriter and producer (d. 1999)
1906 Bunny Austin, English tennis player (d. 2000)
1906 Albert Sabin, Polish-American physician and virologist, developed the polio vaccine (d. 1993)
1904 Christopher Isherwood, English-American author and academic (d. 1986)
1904 Joe Hulme, English footballer and cricketer (d. 1991)
1903 Caroline Pafford Miller, American author (d. 1992)
1901 Eleanor Dark, Australian author and poet (d. 1985)
1901 Hans Kammler, German SS officer and engineer (d. 1945)
1901 Jimmy Rushing, American singer and bandleader (d. 1972)
1901 Maxwell D. Taylor, American general and diplomat, United States Ambassador to South Vietnam (d. 1987)
1900 Margaret Utinsky, American nurse, recipient of the Medal of Freedom (d. 1970)
1900 Hellmuth Walter, German-American engineer and businessman (d. 1980)
1898 Peggy Guggenheim, American-Italian art collector and philanthropist (d. 1979)
1897 Yun Posun, South Korean activist and politician, 2nd President of South Korea (d. 1990)
1896 Ivan Mihailov, Bulgarian soldier and politician (d. 1990)
1894 Sparky Adams, American baseball player and farmer (d. 1989)
1891 Acharya Chatursen Shastri, Indian author and playwright (d. 1960)
1888 Gustavo R. Vincenti, Maltese architect and developer (d. 1974)
1885 Jules Romains, French author and poet (d. 1972)
1882 James Franck, German physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1964)
1882 Sam Hardy, English footballer (d. 1966)
1880 Guillaume Apollinaire, Italian-French author, poet, playwright, and critic (d. 1918)
1875 John Buchan, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir, Scottish-Canadian historian and politician, 15th Governor General of Canada (d. 1940)
1874 Zona Gale, American novelist, short story writer, and playwright (d. 1938)
1873 Lee de Forest, American engineer and academic, invented the Audion tube (d. 1961)
1865 Arthur James Arnot, Scottish-Australian engineer, designed the Spencer Street Power Station (d. 1946)
1862 Herbert Booth, Canadian songwriter and bandleader (d. 1926)
1856 Clara Schønfeld, Danish actress (d. 1939)
1854 Arnold Fothergill, English cricketer (d. 1932)
1824 Martha Darley Mutrie, British painter (d. 1885)
1819 Albert, Prince Consort of the United Kingdom (d. 1861)
1797 Saint Innocent of Alaska, Russian Orthodox missionary priest, then the first Orthodox bishop and archbishop in the Americas, and finally the Metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia (d. 1879)
1792 Manuel Oribe, Uruguayan soldier and politician, 4th President of Uruguay (d. 1857)
1783 Federigo Zuccari, astronomer, director of the Astronomical Observatory of Naples (d. 1817)
1775 William Joseph Behr, German publicist and academic (d. 1851)
1751 Manuel Abad y Queipo, Spanish-born Mexican bishop (d. 1825)
1743 Antoine Lavoisier, French chemist and biologist (d. 1794)
1740 Joseph-Michel Montgolfier, French inventor, invented the hot air balloon (d. 1810)
1728 Johann Heinrich Lambert, Swiss mathematician, physicist, and astronomer (d. 1777)
1695 Marie-Anne-Catherine Quinault, French singer-songwriter (d. 1791)
1694 Elisha Williams, English colonial minister, academic, and politician (d. 1755)
1676 Robert Walpole, English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (d. 1745)
1596 Frederick V, Elector Palatine, Bohemian king (d. 1632)
1582 Humilis of Bisignano, Italian Franciscan friar and saint (d. 1637)
1548 Bernardino Poccetti, Italian painter (d. 1612)
1469 Ferdinand II of Naples (d. 1496)