Famous People Born on August 27, August 27 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on August 27. Famous birthdays for the 27th of August. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on August 27. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 27th of August?
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What famous person has a birthday on August 27?

August 27 Birthdays, Famous People born on August 27th

Year Name
1998 Kevin Huerter, American basketball player
1995 Sergey Sirotkin, Russian race car driver
1993 Sarah Hecken, German figure skater
1993 Olivier Le Gac, French cyclist
1992 Blake Jenner, American actor and singer
1992 Stephen Morris, American football player
1992 Kim Petras, German singer-songwriter
1992 Ayame Goriki, Japanese actress and singer
1991 Lee Sung-yeol, South Korean actor and singer
1990 Tori Bowie, American athlete
1990 Luuk de Jong, Dutch footballer
1989 Romain Amalfitano, French footballer
1989 Juliana Cannarozzo, American figure skater and actress
1987 Joel Grant, English-Jamaican footballer
1987 Darren McFadden, American football player
1986 Lana Bastašić, Serbian-Bosnian author and translator
1986 Sebastian Kurz, Austrian politician, 25th Chancellor of Austria
1985 Kevan Hurst, English footballer
1985 Nikica Jelavić, Croatian footballer
1985 Alexandra Nechita, Romanian-American painter and sculptor
1984 David Bentley, English footballer
1984 Sulley Muntari, Ghanaian footballer
1983 Joanna McGilchrist, English rugby player and physiotherapist
1981 Maxwell Cabelino Andrade, Brazilian footballer
1981 Alessandro Gamberini, Italian footballer
1979 Sarah Neufeld, Canadian violinist
1979 Aaron Paul, American actor and producer
1979 Rusty Smith, American speed skater
1977 Deco, Brazilian-Portuguese footballer
1977 Justin Miller, American baseball player (d. 2013)
1976 Sarah Chalke, Canadian actress
1976 Audrey C. Delsanti, French astronomer and biologist
1976 Milano Collection A.T., Japanese wrestler
1976 Carlos Moyá, Spanish-Swiss tennis player
1976 Mark Webber, Australian race car driver
1975 Blake Adams, American golfer
1975 Mase, American rapper, songwriter and pastor
1975 Jonny Moseley, Puerto Rican-American skier and television host
1975 Mark Rudan, Australian footballer and manager
1974 Michael Mason, New Zealand cricketer
1974 José Vidro, Puerto Rican-American baseball player
1974 Mohammad Yousuf, Pakistani cricketer
1973 Danny Coyne, Welsh footballer
1973 Dietmar Hamann, German footballer and manager
1973 Burak Kut, Turkish singer-songwriter
1973 Johan Norberg, Swedish historian and author
1972 Jaap-Derk Buma, Dutch field hockey player
1972 Denise Lewis, English heptathlete
1972 Jimmy Pop, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1972 The Great Khali, Indian professional wrestler
1971 Ernest Faber, Dutch footballer and manager
1971 Kyung Lah, South Korean-American journalist
1971 Hisayuki Okawa, Japanese runner
1971 Aygül Özkan, German lawyer and politician
1970 Andy Bichel, Australian cricketer and coach
1970 Mark Ilott, English cricketer
1970 Tony Kanal, British-American bass player. songwriter, and record producer
1970 Jim Thome, American baseball player and manager
1970 Karl Unterkircher, Italian mountaineer (d. 2008)
1969 Mark Ealham, English cricketer
1969 Cesar Millan, Mexican-American dog trainer, television personality, and author
1969 Reece Shearsmith, English actor, comedian and writer
1969 Chandra Wilson, American actress and director
1968 Daphne Koller, Israeli-American computer scientist and academic
1968 Michael Long, New Zealand golfer
1968 Matthew Ridge, New Zealand rugby player and sportscaster
1967 Ogie Alcasid, Filipino singer-songwriter, producer, and actor
1967 Rob Burnett, American football player and sportscaster
1966 Jeroen Duyster, Dutch rower
1966 René Higuita, Colombian footballer
1966 Juhan Parts, Estonian lawyer and politician, 14th Prime Minister of Estonia
1965 Scott Dibble, American lawyer and politician
1965 Wayne James, Zimbabwean cricketer and coach
1965 Ange Postecoglou, Greek-Australian footballer and coach
1964 Stephan Elliott, Australian actor, director, and screenwriter
1964 Paul Bernardo, Canadian serial rapist and murderer
1961 Yolanda Adams, American singer, producer, and actress
1961 Mark Curry, English television host and actor
1961 Tom Ford, American fashion designer
1961 Steve McDowall, New Zealand rugby player
1961 Helmut Winklhofer, German footballer
1959 Daniela Romo, Mexican singer, actress and TV hostess
1959 Gerhard Berger, Austrian race car driver
1959 Juan Fernando Cobo, Colombian painter and sculptor
1959 Denice Denton, American engineer and academic (d. 2006)
1959 Frode Fjellheim, Norwegian pianist and composer
1959 András Petőcz, Hungarian author and poet
1959 Jeanette Winterson, English journalist and novelist
1958 Sergei Krikalev, Russian engineer and astronaut
1958 Tom Lanoye, Belgian author, poet, and playwright
1958 Hugh Orde, British police officer
1957 Jeff Grubb, American game designer and author
1957 Bernhard Langer, German golfer
1956 Glen Matlock, English singer-songwriter and bass player
1955 Robert Richardson, American cinematographer
1955 Diana Scarwid, American actress
1954 John Lloyd, English tennis player and sportscaster
1954 Rajesh Thakker, English physician and academic
1954 Derek Warwick, English race car driver
1953 Tom Berryhill, American businessman and politician (d. 2020)
1953 Alex Lifeson, Canadian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer
1953 Joan Smith, English journalist and author
1953 Peter Stormare, Swedish actor, director, and playwright
1952 Paul Reubens, American actor and comedian
1951 Buddy Bell, American baseball player and manager
1951 Mack Brown, American football player and coach
1951 Randall Garrison, American-Canadian criminologist and politician
1950 Charles Fleischer, American comedian and actor
1950 Neil Murray, Scottish bass player and songwriter
1950 Edmund Weiner, English lexicographer and author
1949 Jeff Cook, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1949 Leah Jamieson, American computer scientist, engineer, and academic
1949 Ann Murray, Irish soprano
1948 John Mehler, American drummer
1948 Deborah Swallow, English historian and curator
1948 Philippe Vallois, French director and screenwriter
1947 Halil Berktay, Turkish historian and academic
1947 Kirk Francis, American engineer and producer
1947 Peter Krieg, German director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2009)
1947 John Morrison, New Zealand cricketer and politician
1947 Gavin Pfuhl, South African cricketer and sportscaster (d. 2002)
1946 Tony Howard, Barbadian cricketer and manager
1945 Douglas R. Campbell, Canadian lawyer and judge
1944 Tim Bogert, American singer and bass player (d. 2021)
1943 Chuck Girard, American singer-songwriter and pianist
1943 Bob Kerrey, American lieutenant and politician, Medal of Honor recipient, 35th Governor of Nebraska
1943 Tuesday Weld, American model and actress
1942 Daryl Dragon, American keyboard player and songwriter (d. 2019)
1942 Brian Peckford, Canadian educator and politician, 3rd Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador
1941 Cesária Évora, Cape Verdean singer (d. 2011)
1941 János Konrád, Hungarian water polo player and swimmer (d. 2014)
1941 Harrison Page, American actor
1940 Fernest Arceneaux, American singer and accordion player (d. 2008)
1940 Sonny Sharrock, American guitarist (d. 1994)
1939 William Least Heat-Moon, American travel writer and historian
1939 Edward Patten, American singer-songwriter and producer (d. 2005)
1939 Nikola Pilić, Yugoslav tennis player and coach
1937 Alice Coltrane, American pianist and composer (d. 2007)
1937 Tommy Sands, American pop singer and actor
1936 Joel Kovel, American scholar and author (d. 2018)
1936 Lien Chan, Taiwanese politician, Vice President of the Republic of China
1935 Ernie Broglio, American baseball player (d. 2019)
1935 Michael Holroyd, English author
1935 Frank Yablans, American screenwriter and producer (d. 2014)
1932 Cor Brom, Dutch footballer and manager (d. 2008)
1932 Antonia Fraser, English historian and author
1931 Sri Chinmoy, Indian-American guru and poet (d. 2007)
1931 Joe Cunningham, American baseball player and coach (d. 2021)
1930 Gholamreza Takhti, Iranian wrestler and politician (d. 1968)
1929 Ira Levin, American novelist, playwright, and songwriter (d. 2007)
1929 George Scott, Canadian-American wrestler and promoter (d. 2014)
1928 Péter Boross, Hungarian lawyer and politician, 54th Prime Minister of Hungary
1928 Mangosuthu Buthelezi, South African politician, Chief Minister of KwaZulu
1928 Joan Kroc, American philanthropist (d. 2003)
1926 George Brecht, American-German chemist and composer (d. 2008)
1926 Kristen Nygaard, Norwegian computer scientist and academic (d. 2002)
1925 Andrea Cordero Lanza di Montezemolo, Italian cardinal (d. 2017)
1925 Nat Lofthouse, English footballer and manager (d. 2011)
1925 Saiichi Maruya, Japanese author and critic (d. 2012)
1925 Bill Neilson, Australian politician, 34th Premier of Tasmania (d. 1989)
1925 Jaswant Singh Neki, Indian poet and academic (d. 2015)
1925 Carter Stanley, American bluegrass singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1966)
1924 David Rowbotham, Australian journalist and poet (d. 2010)
1924 Rosalie E. Wahl, American lawyer and jurist (d. 2013)
1923 Jimmy Greenhalgh, English footballer and manager (d. 2013)
1922 Roelof Kruisinga, Dutch physician and politician, Minister of Defence for The Netherlands (d. 2012)
1921 Georg Alexander, Duke of Mecklenburg (d. 1996)
1921 Leo Penn, American actor, director, and screenwriter (d. 1998)
1920 Baptiste Manzini, American football player (d. 2008)
1920 James Molyneaux, Baron Molyneaux of Killead, Northern Irish soldier and politician (d. 2015)
1919 Pee Wee Butts, American baseball player and coach (d. 1972)
1919 Murray Grand, American singer-songwriter and pianist (d. 2007)
1918 Jelle Zijlstra, Dutch economist and politician, Prime Minister of the Netherlands (d. 2001)
1917 Peanuts Lowrey, American baseball player, coach, and manager (d. 1986)
1916 Gordon Bashford, English engineer, co-designed the Range Rover (d. 1991)
1916 Tony Harris, South African cricketer and rugby player (d. 1993)
1916 Martha Raye, American actress and comedian (d. 1994)
1915 Norman Foster Ramsey Jr., American physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2011)
1912 Gloria Guinness, Mexican journalist (d. 1980)
1911 Kay Walsh, English actress and dancer (d. 2005)
1909 Sylvère Maes, Belgian cyclist (d. 1966)
1909 Charles Pozzi, French race car driver (d. 2001)
1909 Lester Young, American saxophonist and clarinet player (d. 1959)
1908 Don Bradman, Australian cricketer and manager (d. 2001)
1908 Lyndon B. Johnson, American commander and politician, 36th President of the United States (d. 1973)
1906 Ed Gein, American murderer and body snatcher, The Butcher of Plainfield (d. 1982)
1905 Aris Velouchiotis, Greek soldier (d. 1945)
1904 Alar Kotli, Estonian architect (d. 1963)
1904 Norah Lofts, English author (d. 1983)
1904 John Hay Whitney, American businessman, publisher, and diplomat, founded J.H. Whitney & Company (d. 1982)
1899 C. S. Forester, English novelist (d. 1966)
1898 Gaspard Fauteux, Canadian businessman and politician, 19th Lieutenant Governor of Quebec (d. 1963)
1896 Kenji Miyazawa, Japanese author and poet (d. 1933)
1895 Andreas Alföldi, Hungarian archaeologist and historian (d. 1981)
1890 Man Ray, American-French photographer and painter (d. 1976)
1886 Rebecca Clarke, English viola player and composer (d. 1979)
1884 Vincent Auriol, French lawyer and politician, President of the French Republic (d. 1966)
1884 Denis G. Lillie, British biologist, member of the 1910–1913 Terra Nova Expedition (d. 1963)
1878 Pyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel, Russian general (d. 1928)
1877 Charles Rolls, English engineer and businessman, co-founded Rolls-Royce Limited (d. 1910)
1877 Ernst Wetter, Swiss lawyer and politician, 48th President of the Swiss Confederation (d. 1963)
1875 Katharine McCormick, American biologist, philanthropist, and activist (d. 1967)
1874 Carl Bosch, German chemist and engineer, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1940)
1871 Theodore Dreiser, American novelist and journalist (d. 1945)
1870 Amado Nervo, Mexican journalist, poet, and diplomat (d. 1919)
1868 Hong Beom-do, Korean general and activist (d. 1943)
1865 James Henry Breasted, American archaeologist and historian (d. 1935)
1865 Charles G. Dawes, American general and politician, 30th Vice President of the United States, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1951)
1864 Hermann Weingärtner, German gymnast (d. 1919)
1858 Giuseppe Peano, Italian mathematician and philosopher (d. 1932)
1856 Ivan Franko, Ukrainian author and poet (d. 1916)
1845 Ödön Lechner, Hungarian architect, designed the Museum of Applied Arts and the Church of St Elisabeth (d. 1914)
1845 Friedrich Martens, Estonian-Russian historian, lawyer, and diplomat (d. 1909)
1827 Charles Lilley, English-Australian politician, 4th Premier of Queensland (d. 1897)
1822 William Hayden English, American politician, U.S. Representative from Indiana and Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee (d. 1896)
1812 Bertalan Szemere, Hungarian poet and politician, 3rd Prime Minister of Hungary (d. 1869)
1809 Hannibal Hamlin, American publisher and politician, 15th Vice President of the United States (d. 1891)
1803 Edward Beecher, American minister and theologian (d. 1895)
1795 Giorgio Mitrovich, Maltese politician (d. 1885)
1785 Agustín Gamarra, Peruvian general and politician, 10th and 14th President of Peru (d. 1841)
1770 Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, German philosopher and academic (d. 1831)
1730 Johann Georg Hamann, German philosopher and author (d. 1788)
1724 John Joachim Zubly, Swiss-American pastor, planter, and politician (d. 1781)
1677 Otto Ferdinand von Abensberg und Traun, Austrian general (d. 1748)
1665 John Hervey, 1st Earl of Bristol, English politician (d. 1751)
1637 Charles Calvert, 3rd Baron Baltimore, English politician, 2nd Proprietor of Maryland (d. 1715)
1624 Koxinga, Chinese-Japanese Ming loyalist (d. 1662)
1545 Alexander Farnese, Duke of Parma (d. 1592)
1542 John Frederick, Duke of Pomerania and Protestant Bishop of Cammin (d. 1600)
1512 Friedrich Staphylus, German theologian (d. 1564)
1487 Anna of Brandenburg (d. 1514)
1471 George, Duke of Saxony (d. 1539)
1407 Ashikaga Yoshikazu, Japanese shōgun (d. 1425)
865 Rhazes, Persian polymath (d. 925)