Famous People Born on August 20, August 20 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on August 20. Famous birthdays for the 20th of August. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on August 20. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 20th of August?
Which celebrities are born in August?
What celebrity has a birthday on August 20?
What famous person has a birthday on August 20?

August 20 Birthdays, Famous People born on August 20th

Year Name
1999 Oregon Kaufusi, Australian rugby league player
1996 Bunty Afoa, New Zealand rugby league player
1995 Liana Liberato, American television and film actress
1993 Mario Jelavic, Croatian footballer
1992 Matt Eisenhuth, Australian rugby league player
1992 Demi Lovato, American singer-songwriter and actress
1992 Andrei Peteleu, Romanian footballer
1992 Deniss Rakels, Latvian footballer
1992 Callum Skinner, Scottish track cyclist
1991 Marko Djokovic, Serbian tennis player
1991 Jyrki Jokipakka, Finnish hockey player
1991 Arseny Logashov, Russian footballer
1991 Luke O'Neill, English footballer
1991 Mario TičinoviĿ, Croatian footballer
1990 Macauley Chrisantus, Nigerian footballer
1990 Culoe De Song, South African music producer and DJ
1990 Venelin Filipov, Bulgarian footballer
1990 Leigh Griffiths, Scottish footballer
1990 Fabien Jarsalé, French footballer
1990 Bradley Klahn, American tennis player
1989 Kirko Bangz, American rapper and producer
1989 Nebil Gahwagi, Hungarian footballer
1989 Silas Kiplagat, Kenyan runner
1989 Slavcho Shokolarov, Bulgarian footballer
1989 Judd Trump, English snooker player
1989 Dean Winnard, English footballer
1988 Jerryd Bayless, American basketball player
1988 Sarah R, Lotfi, American director, producer, and screenwriter
1988 José Zamora, Spanish footballer
1987 Stefan Aigner, German footballer
1987 Vedran JanjetoviĿ, Croatian-Australian footballer
1987 Sido Jombati, Portuguese footballer
1987 Egon Kaur, Estonian race car driver
1986 Andrew Surman, South African-English footballer
1986 Steven Zalewski, American ice hockey player
1985 Brant Daugherty, American actor
1985 Glen Buttriss, Australian rugby league player
1985 Blake DeWitt, American baseball player
1985 Thomas Domingo, French rugby player
1985 Matt Hague, American baseball player
1985 Jack King, English footballer
1985 Álvaro Negredo, Spanish footballer
1985 Willie Ripia, New Zealand rugby player
1985 Joe Vitale, American ice hockey player
1985 Stephen Ward, Irish footballer
1985 Mark Washington, American football player
1984 Aílton José Almeida, Brazilian footballer
1984 Pavel Eismann, Czech footballer
1984 Laura Georges, French footballer
1984 Jamie Hoffmann, American baseball player
1984 Ingrid Lukas, Estonian-Swiss singer-songwriter and pianist
1983 Hamza Abdullah, American football player
1983 Paulo André Cren Benini, Brazilian footballer
1983 Andrew Garfield, American-English actor
1983 Héctor Landazuri, Colombian footballer
1983 Mladen PelaiĿ, Croatian footballer
1983 Brian Schaefering, American football player
1983 Yuri Zhirkov, Russian footballer
1982 Cléber Luis Alberti, Brazilian footballer
1982 Aleksandr Amisulashvili, Georgian footballer
1982 Monty Dumond, South African rugby player
1982 Youssouf Hersi, Ethiopian footballer
1982 Joshua Kennedy, Australian footballer
1982 Mijaín López, Cuban wrestler
1982 Richard Petiot, Canadian ice hockey player
1982 Barney Rogers, Zimbabwean cricketer
1982 Enyelbert Soto, Venezuelan-Japanese baseball player
1981 Ben Barnes, English actor
1981 Brett Finch, Australian rugby league player and sportscaster
1981 Artur Kotenko, Estonian footballer
1981 Bernard Mendy, French footballer
1981 Craig Ochs, American football player
1981 Byron Saxton, American wrestler, manager, and sportscaster
1979 Sarah Borwell, English tennis player
1979 Jamie Cullum, English singer-songwriter and pianist
1979 Cory Sullivan, American baseball player
1978 Alberto Martín, Spanish tennis player
1978 Emir Mkademi, Tunisian footballer
1978 Chris Schroder, American baseball player
1977 Paolo Bianco, Italian footballer
1977 Wayne Brown, English footballer
1977 Felipe Contepomi, Argentine rugby player, coach, and physician
1977 Manuel Contepomi, Argentine rugby player
1977 Shockmain Davis, American football player
1977 A. M. Esmonde, Welsh author, director, and producer
1977 Stéphane Gillet, Luxembourgian footballer
1977 Aaron Hamill, Australian footballer and coach
1977 Ívar Ingimarsson, Icelandic footballer
1977 James Ormond, English cricketer
1977 Josh Pearce, American baseball player
1977 Aaron Taylor, American baseball player
1976 Chris Drury, American ice hockey player
1976 Cornel FrĿsineanu, Romanian footballer
1976 Tony Grant, Irish footballer
1976 Kristen Miller, American actress, producer, and screenwriter
1976 Marcel Podszus, German footballer
1976 Fabio Ulloa, Honduran footballer
1975 Marcin Adamski, Polish footballer and manager
1975 Marko Martin, Estonian pianist and educator
1975 Shaun Newton, English footballer
1975 Elijah Williams, American football player and coach
1974 Amy Adams, American actress and singer
1974 Misha Collins, American actor
1974 Szabolcs Sáfár, Hungarian footballer and coach
1974 Andy Strachan, Australian drummer and songwriter
1974 Maxim Vengerov, Russian violinist and conductor
1973 Alban Bushi, Albanian footballer
1973 Alexandre Finazzi, Brazilian footballer
1973 Scott Goodman, Australian swimmer
1973 Todd Helton, American baseball player
1973 Cameron Mather, New Zealand rugby player and sportscaster
1973 José Paniagua, Dominican baseball player
1973 Donn Swaby, American actor and screenwriter
1973 Juan Becerra Acosta, Mexican journalist
1972 Derrick Alston, American basketball player
1972 Melvin Booker, American basketball player
1972 Chaney Kley, American actor, coach, and sportscaster (d. 2007)
1972 Scott Quinnell, Welsh rugby player and sportscaster
1972 Anna Umemiya, Japanese model and actress
1971 Nenad Bjelica, Croatian footballer and manager
1971 Matt Calland, English rugby player and coach
1971 Steve Stone, English footballer and coach
1971 David Walliams, English comedian, actor, and author
1971 Jonathan Ke Quan, Vietnamese actor
1970 Els Callens, Belgian tennis player and sportscaster
1970 Fred Durst, American singer-songwriter
1969 Billy Gardell, American comedian, actor, and producer
1969 Mark Holzemer, American baseball player and scout
1968 Brett Angell, English footballer and coach
1968 Abdelatif Benazzi, Moroccan-French rugby player
1968 Klas Ingesson, Swedish footballer and manager (d. 2014)
1968 Yuri Shiratori, Japanese voice actress and singer
1968 Bai Yansong, Chinese host
1967 Andy Benes, American baseball player
1966 Miguel Albaladejo, Spanish director and screenwriter
1966 Dimebag Darrell, American guitarist and songwriter (d. 2004)
1966 Enrico Letta, Italian lawyer and politician, 55th Prime Minister of Italy
1966 Liu Chunyan, Chinese host and voice actress
1965 KRS-One, American rapper and producer
1964 Azarias Ruberwa, Congolese lawyer and politician, Vice-President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
1963 Uwe Bialon, German footballer and manager
1963 Kal Daniels, American baseball player
1963 José Cecena, Mexican baseball player
1962 James Marsters, American actor
1961 Amanda Sonia Berry, English businesswoman
1960 Dom Duff, Breton singer-songwriter, guitarist, composer
1960 Mark Langston, American baseball player
1958 Nigel Dodds, Northern Irish lawyer and politician
1958 Patricia Rozema, Canadian director and screenwriter
1958 David O. Russell, American director and screenwriter
1958 John Stehr, American journalist
1957 Finlay Calder, Scottish rugby player
1957 Jim Calder, Scottish rugby player
1957 Simon Donaldson, English mathematician and academic
1957 Sorin Antohi, Romanian journalist and historian
1957 Paul Johnson, American football coach
1956 Joan Allen, American actress
1956 Alvin Greenidge, Barbadian cricketer
1956 Desmond Swayne, English soldier and politician, Vice-Chamberlain of the Household
1955 Agnes Chan, Hong Kong singer and author
1955 Janet Royall, Baroness Royall of Blaisdon, English politician, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
1954 Quinn Buckner, American basketball player and coach
1954 Tawn Mastrey, American radio host and producer (d. 2007)
1954 Al Roker, American news anchor, television personality, and author
1953 Gerry Bertier, American football player (d. 1981)
1953 Peter Horton, American actor and director
1953 Mike Jackson, American politician
1953 Jim Trenton, American radio host and actor
1953 Leroy Burgess, American singer, songwriter, keyboard player, recording artist, and record producer
1952 John Emburey, English cricketer and coach
1952 Doug Fieger, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2010)
1952 John Hiatt, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1952 Ric Menello, American director and screenwriter (d. 2013)
1951 DeForest Soaries, American minister and politician, 30th Secretary of State of New Jersey
1949 Nikolas Asimos, Greek singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1988)
1949 Phil Lynott, Irish singer-songwriter, bass player, and producer (d. 1986)
1948 John Noble, Australian actor and director
1948 Robert Plant, English singer-songwriter
1947 Alan Lee, English painter and illustrator
1947 Ray Wise, American actor
1946 Mufaddal Saifuddin, 53rd Da'i al-Mutlaq of Fatimid Caliphate اٿدٿٿة اٿفاطٿٿة
1946 Henryk Broder, Polish-German journalist and author
1946 Connie Chung, American journalist
1946 Laurent Fabius, French politician, 158th Prime Minister of France
1946 Ralf Hütter, German singer and keyboard player
1946 N. R. Narayana Murthy, Indian businessman, co-founded Infosys
1945 Roy Gardner, English businessman
1944 Rajiv Gandhi, Indian lawyer and politician, 6th Prime Minister of India (d. 1991)
1944 Graig Nettles, American baseball player and manager
1943 Roger Gale, English journalist and politician
1943 Sylvester McCoy, Scottish actor
1942 Isaac Hayes, American singer-songwriter, pianist, producer, and actor (d. 2008)
1942 Fred Norman, American baseball player
1941 Dave Brock, English singer-songwriter and guitarist
1941 Rich Brooks, American football player and coach
1941 Anne Evans, English soprano and actress
1941 William H. Gray, American lawyer and politician (d. 2013)
1941 Slobodan MiloševiĿ, Serbian lawyer and politician, 1st President of Serbia (d. 2006)
1941 Robin Oakley, English journalist and author
1941 Jo Ramírez, Mexican race car driver and manager
1940 Rubén Hinojosa, American businessman and politician
1940 Gus Macdonald, Scottish academic and politician, Minister for the Cabinet Office
1940 Rex Sellers, Indian-Australian cricketer
1939 Fernando Poe Jr., Filipino actor and politician (d. 2004)
1939 Mike Velarde, Filipino televangelist and religious leader
1938 Peter Day, English chemist and academic
1938 Alain Vivien, French politician
1937 Stelvio Cipriani, Italian composer
1937 Andrei Konchalovsky, Russian director, producer, and screenwriter
1937 Sky Saxon, American singer-songwriter and bassist (d. 2009)
1936 Hideki Shirakawa, Japanese chemist, engineer, and academic, Nobel Prize laureate
1935 Ron Paul, American captain, physician, and politician
1934 Sneaky Pete Kleinow, American country-rock pedal-steel guitarist and songwriter (d. 2007)
1934 Tom Mangold, German-English journalist and author
1933 George J. Mitchell, American lieutenant, lawyer, and politician
1932 Anthony Ainley, English actor (d. 2004)
1932 Vasily Aksyonov, Russian physician, author, and academic (d. 2009)
1932 Atholl McKinnon, South African cricketer (d. 1983)
1931 Don King, American boxing promoter
1930 Mario Bernardi, Canadian pianist and conductor (d. 2013)
1930 Peter Randall, English sergeant (d. 2007)
1929 Kevin Heffernan, Irish footballer and manager (d. 2013)
1927 John Boardman, English archaeologist and historian
1927 Yootha Joyce, English actress (d. 1980)
1927 Fred Kavli, Norwegian-American businessman and philanthropist, founded The Kavli Foundation (d. 2013)
1927 Peter Oakley, English soldier and blogger (d. 2014)
1926 Frank Rosolino, American jazz trombonist (d. 1978)
1926 Nobby Wirkowski, American-Canadian football player and coach (d. 2014)
1924 George Zuverink, American baseball player (d. 2014)
1923 Jim Reeves, American singer-songwriter (d. 1964)
1921 Keith Froome, Australian rugby league player (d. 1978)
1921 Jack Wilson, Australian cricketer (d. 1985)
1919 Walter Bernstein, American screenwriter and producer
1919 Adamantios Androutsopoulos, Greek lawyer, educator and politician, Prime Minister of Greece (d. 2000)
1918 Jacqueline Susann, American actress and author (d. 1974)
1916 Paul Felix Schmidt, Estonian⿿German chess player and chemist (d. 1984)
1913 Roger Wolcott Sperry, American neuropsychologist and neurobiologist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1994)
1912 John H. Michaelis, American general (d. 1985)
1910 Eero Saarinen, Finnish-American architect and furniture designer, designed the Gateway Arch (d. 1961)
1909 André Morell, English actor (d. 1978)
1909 Alby Roberts, New Zealand cricketer and rugby player (d. 1978)
1908 Al López, American baseball player and manager (d. 2005)
1906 Vidrik Rootare, Estonian chess player (d. 1981)
1905 Jean Gebser, German linguist, poet, and philosopher (d. 1973)
1905 Mikio Naruse, Japanese director and screenwriter (d. 1969)
1905 Jack Teagarden, American singer-songwriter and trombonist (d. 1964)
1901 Salvatore Quasimodo, Italian novelist and poet, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1968)
1898 Vilhelm Moberg, Swedish historian, journalist, author, and playwright (d. 1973)
1897 Tarjei Vesaas, Norwegian author and poet (d. 1970)
1896 Gostha Pal, Indian footballer (d. 1976)
1890 H. P. Lovecraft, American short story writer, editor, novelist (d. 1937)
1888 Tôn Đức Thắng, Vietnamese politician, 2nd President of Vietnam (d. 1980)
1887 Phan Khôi, Vietnamese journalist and scholar (d. 1959)
1886 Paul Tillich, German-American philosopher and theologian (d. 1965)
1885 Dino Campana, Italian poet and author (d. 1932)
1884 Rudolf Bultmann, German Lutheran theologian and professor of New Testament at the University of Marburg (d. 1976)
1881 Edgar Guest, English-American poet and author (d. 1959)
1881 Aleksander Hellat, Estonian politician, 6th Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs (d. 1943)
1873 Eliel Saarinen, Finnish architect and academic, co-designed the National Museum of Finland (d. 1950)
1868 Ellen Roosevelt, American tennis player (d. 1954)
1865 Bernard Tancred, South African cricketer and lawyer (d. 1911)
1860 Raymond Poincaré, French lawyer and politician, 10th President of France (d. 1934)
1856 Jakub Bart-Ŀišinski, German poet and playwright (d. 1909)
1847 Andrew Greenwood, English cricketer (d. 1889)
1847 Bolesſaw Prus, Polish journalist and author (d. 1912)
1845 Albert Chmielowski, Polish saint, founded the Albertine Brothers (d. 1916)
1833 Benjamin Harrison, American general, lawyer, and politician, 23rd President of the United States (d. 1901)
1799 James Prinsep, English orientalist and scholar (d. 1840)
1789 Abbas Mirza, Qajar crown prince of Persia (d. 1833)
1779 Jöns Jacob Berzelius, Swedish chemist and academic (d. 1848)
1778 Bernardo O'Higgins, Chilean general and politician, 2nd Supreme Director of Chile (d. 1842)
1720 Bernard de Bury, French harpsichord player and composer (d. 1785)
1719 Christian Mayer, Czech astronomer and educator (d. 1783)
1710 Thomas Simpson, English mathematician and academic (d. 1761)
1659 Henry Every, English pirate (d. 1696)
1632 Louis Bourdaloue, French preacher and academic (d. 1704)
1625 Thomas Corneille, French playwright and philologist (d. 1709)
1561 Jacopo Peri, Italian singer and composer (d. 1633)
1517 Antoine Perrenot de Granvelle, French cardinal and art collector (d. 1586)
1457 Seongjong of Joseon, King of Joseon (d. 1494)
1377 Shahrukh Mirza, ruler of Persia and Transoxiania (d. 1447)
1086 Bolesſaw III Wrymouth, Prince of Poland (d. 1138)