Famous People Born on August 7, August 7 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on August 7. Famous birthdays for the 7th of August. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on August 7. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 7th of August?
Which celebrities are born in August?
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What famous person has a birthday on August 7?

August 7 Birthdays, Famous People born on August 7th

Year Name
1998 Vladimir Barbu, Italian diver
1998 María Bazo, Peruvian windsurfer
1997 Matty Cash, Polish footballer
1997 Kyler Murray, American football player
1993 Martti Nõmme, Estonian ski jumper
1993 Karol Zalewski, Polish sprinter
1992 Adam Yates, English cyclist
1992 Simon Yates, English cyclist
1992 E. J. Tackett, American bowler
1991 Luis Salom, Spanish motorcycle racer (d. 2016)
1991 Mitchell te Vrede, Dutch footballer
1991 Mike Trout, American baseball player
1990 Josh Franceschi, English singer-songwriter
1989 DeMar DeRozan, American basketball player
1988 Jonathan Bernier, Canadian ice hockey player
1988 Mohamed Coulibaly, Senegalese footballer
1988 Anisa Mohammed, West Indian cricketer
1988 Melody Oliveria, American blogger
1988 Erik Pieters, Dutch footballer
1988 Beanie Wells, American football player
1987 Sidney Crosby, Canadian ice hockey player
1987 Mustapha Dumbuya, Sierra Leonean footballer
1987 Ryan Lavarnway, American baseball player
1987 Rouven Sattelmaier, German footballer
1986 Paul Biedermann, German swimmer
1986 Valter Birsa, Slovenian footballer
1986 Altaír Jarabo, Mexican model and actress
1986 Juan de la Rosa, Mexican boxer
1984 Stratos Perperoglou, Greek basketball player
1984 Tooba Siddiqui, Pakistani model and actress
1984 Yun Hyon-seok, South Korean poet and author (d. 2003)
1983 Christian Chávez, Mexican singer-songwriter and actor
1983 Murat Dalkılıç, Turkish singer-songwriter
1983 Danny, Portuguese footballer
1983 Andriy Hrivko, Ukrainian cyclist
1983 Mark Pettini, English cricketer and journalist
1982 Ángeles Balbiani, Argentine actress and singer
1982 Abbie Cornish, Australian actress
1982 Juan Martín Hernández, Argentine rugby player
1982 Marquise Hill, American football player (d. 2007)
1982 Vassilis Spanoulis, Greek basketball player
1982 Martin Vučić, Macedonian singer and drummer
1981 David Testo, American soccer player
1981 Randy Wayne, American actor and producer
1980 Carsten Busch, German footballer
1980 Aurélie Claudel, French model and actress
1980 Tácio Caetano Cruz Queiroz, Brazilian footballer
1980 Seiichiro Maki, Japanese footballer
1979 Eric Johnson, American actor, director, and screenwriter
1979 Miguel Llera, Spanish footballer
1979 Birgit Zotz, Austrian anthropologist and author
1978 Alexandre Aja, French director, producer, and screenwriter
1978 Jamey Jasta, American singer-songwriter
1978 Mark McCammon, English-Barbadian footballer
1978 Cirroc Lofton, American actor
1977 Charlotte Ronson, English fashion designer
1977 Samantha Ronson, English singer-songwriter and DJ
1977 Justin Brooker, Rugby League Player
1976 Dimitrios Eleftheropoulos, Greek footballer and manager
1976 Shane Lechler, American football player
1975 Koray Candemir, Turkish singer-songwriter
1975 Gerard Denton, Australian cricketer
1975 Megan Gale, Australian model and actress
1975 Ray Hill, American football player (d. 2015)
1975 Rebecca Kleefisch, American journalist and politician, 44th Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin
1975 Édgar Rentería, Colombian baseball player
1975 Charlize Theron, South African actress[59]
1974 Chico Benymon, American actor
1974 Michael Shannon, American actor
1973 Mikhail Gorsheniov, Russian singer-songwriter (d. 2013)
1973 Danny Graves, Vietnamese-American baseball player
1973 Kevin Muscat, English-Australian footballer, coach, and manager
1972 Gerry Peñalosa, Filipino boxer and promoter
1971 Dominic Cork, England cricketer and sportscaster
1971 Rachel York, American actress and singer
1970 Eric Namesnik, American swimmer (d. 2006)
1969 Paul Lambert, Scottish footballer and manager
1969 Dana G. Peleg, Israeli writer and LGBT activist
1968 Francesca Gregorini, Italian-American director and screenwriter
1968 Trevor Hendy, Australian surfer and coach
1968 Sophie Lee, Australian actress and author
1967 Jason Grimsley, American baseball player
1966 David Cairns, Scottish laicised priest and politician, Minister of State for Scotland (d. 2011)
1966 Shobna Gulati, British actress
1966 Kristin Hersh, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1966 Jimmy Wales, American-British entrepreneur, co-founder of Wikipedia
1965 Raul Malo, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer
1965 Elizabeth Manley, Canadian figure skater
1964 John Birmingham, English-Australian journalist and author
1964 Ian Dench, English guitarist and songwriter
1964 Peter Niven, Scottish jockey
1963 Paul Dunn, Australian rugby league player
1963 Nick Gillespie, American journalist and author
1963 Marcus Roberts, American pianist and educator
1962 Alison Brown, American banjo player, songwriter, and producer
1961 Brian Conley, English actor and singer
1961 Yelena Davydova, Russian gymnast
1961 Walter Swinburn, English jockey and trainer (d. 2016)
1961 Carlos Vives, Colombian singer, songwriter, and actor
1960 David Duchovny, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
1959 Koenraad Elst, Belgian orientalist and author
1959 Ali Shah, Zimbabwean cricketer and coach
1958 Russell Baze, Canadian-American jockey
1958 Bruce Dickinson, English singer-songwriter and guitarist
1958 Alberto Salazar, Cuban-American runner and coach
1957 Daire Brehan, Irish journalist, lawyer, and actress (d. 2012)
1957 Alexander Dityatin, Russian gymnast and colonel
1955 Wayne Knight, American actor, comedian and voice actor
1955 Greg Nickels, American lawyer and politician, 51st Mayor of Seattle
1955 Vladimir Sorokin, Russian author and playwright
1954 Valery Gazzaev, Russian footballer, manager and politician
1954 Jonathan Pollard, Israeli spy
1954 Alan Reid, Scottish politician
1953 Anne Fadiman, American journalist and author
1952 Caroline Aaron, American actress and producer
1952 Eamonn Darcy, Irish golfer
1952 Kees Kist, Dutch footballer
1952 Alexei Sayle, English comedian, actor, and author
1950 Rodney Crowell, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1950 Alan Keyes, American politician and diplomat, 16th Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs
1950 S. Thandayuthapani, Sri Lankan educator and politician
1949 Walid Jumblatt, Lebanese journalist and politician
1949 Matthew Parris, South African-English journalist and politician
1948 Marty Appel, American businessman and author
1948 Greg Chappell, Australian cricketer and coach
1947 Franciscus Henri, Dutch-Australian singer-songwriter
1947 Sofia Rotaru, Ukrainian singer-songwriter, producer, and actress
1945 Kenny Ireland, Scottish actor and director (d. 2014)
1945 Alan Page, American football player and jurist
1944 John Glover, American actor
1944 Robert Mueller, American soldier and lawyer, 6th Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
1943 Mohammed Badie, Egyptian religious leader
1943 Lana Cantrell, Australian singer-songwriter and lawyer
1943 Alain Corneau, French director and screenwriter (d. 2010)
1942 Garrison Keillor, American humorist, novelist, short story writer, and radio host
1942 Carlos Monzon, Argentinian boxer and actor (d. 1995)
1942 Caetano Veloso, Brazilian singer-songwriter, writer and producer
1942 Richard Sykes, English biochemist and academic
1942 B. J. Thomas, American singer (d. 2021)
1941 Matthew Evans, Baron Evans of Temple Guiting, English publisher and politician (d. 2016)
1940 Jean-Luc Dehaene, French-Belgian lawyer and politician, 63rd Prime Minister of Belgium (d. 2014)
1940 Uwe Nettelbeck, German record producer, journalist and film critic (d. 2007)
1937 Zoltán Berczik, Hungarian table tennis player and coach (d. 2011)
1937 Don Wilson, English cricketer and coach (d. 2012)
1935 Lee Corso, American college football coach and broadcaster
1935 Rahsaan Roland Kirk, American saxophonist and composer (d. 1977)
1934 Sándor Simó, Hungarian director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2001)
1933 Eddie Firmani, South African footballer and manager
1933 Elinor Ostrom, American economist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2012)
1933 Jerry Pournelle, American journalist and author (d. 2017)
1933 Alberto Romulo, Filipino politician and diplomat
1932 Abebe Bikila, Ethiopian runner (d. 1973)
1932 Edward Hardwicke, English actor (d. 2011)
1932 Rien Poortvliet, Dutch painter and illustrator (d. 1995)
1932 Maurice Rabb, Jr., American ophthalmologist and academic (d. 2005)
1931 Jack Good, British television producer (d. 2017)
1931 Charles E. Rice, American scholar and author (d. 2015)
1930 Togrul Narimanbekov, Azerbaijani-French painter and academic (d. 2013)
1930 Veljo Tormis, Estonian composer and educator (d. 2017)
1929 Don Larsen, American baseball player (d. 2020)
1928 Betsy Byars, American author and academic (d. 2020)
1928 Owen Luder, English architect, designed Tricorn Centre and Trinity Square (d. 2021)
1928 James Randi, Canadian-American stage magician and author (d. 2020)
1927 Rocky Bridges, American baseball player and coach (d. 2015)
1927 Edwin Edwards, American soldier, lawyer, and politician, 50th Governor of Louisiana (d. 2021)
1927 Art Houtteman, American baseball player and journalist (d. 2003)
1926 Stan Freberg, American puppeteer, voice actor, and singer (d. 2015)
1925 Felice Bryant, American songwriter (d. 2003)
1924 Kenneth Kendall, Indian-English journalist and actor (d. 2012)
1921 Manitas de Plata, French guitarist (d. 2014)
1921 Karel Husa, Czech-American composer and conductor (d. 2016)
1918 Gordon Zahn, American sociologist and author (d. 2007)
1916 Kermit Love, American actor, puppeteer, and costume designer (d. 2008)
1913 George Van Eps, American guitarist (d. 1998)
1911 István Bibó, Hungarian lawyer and politician (d. 1979)
1911 Nicholas Ray, American director and screenwriter (d. 1979)
1910 Freddie Slack, American pianist and bandleader (d. 1965)
1907 Albert Kotin, Belarusian-American soldier and painter (d. 1980)
1904 Ralph Bunche, American political scientist, academic, and diplomat, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1971)
1903 Louis Leakey, Kenyan-English palaeontologist and archaeologist (d. 1972)
1901 Ann Harding, American actress and singer (d. 1981)
1890 Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, American author and activist (d. 1964)
1887 Anna Elisabet Weirauch, German author and playwright (d. 1970)
1884 Billie Burke, American actress and singer (d. 1970)
1884 Nikolai Triik, Estonian painter and illustrator (d. 1940)
1879 Johannes Kotze, South African cricketer (d. 1931)
1876 Mata Hari, Dutch dancer and spy (d. 1917)
1869 Mary Frances Winston, American mathematician (d. 1959)
1868 Ladislaus Bortkiewicz, Russian-German economist and statistician (d. 1931)
1868 Huntley Wright, English actor (d. 1941)
1867 Emil Nolde, Danish-German painter and illustrator (d. 1956)
1862 Henri Le Sidaner, French painter (d. 1939)
1862 Victoria of Baden (d. 1931)
1860 Alan Leo, English astrologer and author (d. 1917)
1844 Auguste Michel-Lévy, French geologist and author (d. 1911)
1826 August Ahlqvist, Finnish professor, poet, scholar of the Finno-Ugric languages, author, and literary critic (d. 1889)
1779 Carl Ritter, German geographer and academic (d. 1859)
1751 Wilhelmina of Prussia, Princess of Orange (d. 1820)
1742 Nathanael Greene, American general (d. 1786)
1726 James Bowdoin, American banker and politician, 2nd Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1790)
1702 Muhammad Shah, Mughal emperor of India (d. 1748)
1613 William Frederick, Prince of Nassau-Dietz, Dutch stadtholder (d. 1664)
1598 Georg Stiernhielm, Swedish poet and linguist (d. 1672)
1574 Robert Dudley, English explorer and cartographer (d. 1649)
1571 Thomas Lupo, English viol player and composer (d. 1627)
1560 Elizabeth Báthory, Hungarian aristocrat and purported serial killer (d. 1614)
1533 Alonso de Ercilla, Spanish soldier and poet (d. 1595)
1282 Elizabeth of Rhuddlan (d. 1316)
317 Constantius II, Roman emperor (d. 361)