Famous People Born on August 16, August 16 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on August 16. Famous birthdays for the 16th of August. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on August 16. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 16th of August?
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What famous person has a birthday on August 16?

August 16 Birthdays, Famous People born on August 16th

Year Name
1999 Karen Chen, American figure skater
1997 Greyson Chance, American musician
1996 Caeleb Dressel, American swimmer
1993 Cameron Monaghan, American actor and model
1992 Diego Schwartzman, Argentinian tennis player
1991 José Eduardo de Araújo, Brazilian footballer
1991 Evanna Lynch, Irish actress
1991 Jeffery Lamar Williams, American rapper, singer and songwriter
1990 Godfrey Oboabona, Nigerian footballer
1989 Wang Hao, Chinese race walker
1989 Moussa Sissoko, French footballer
1988 Ismaïl Aissati, Moroccan footballer
1987 Carey Price, Canadian ice hockey player
1987 Eri Kitamura, Japanese voice actress and singer.
1986 Yu Darvish, Japanese baseball player
1985 Cristin Milioti, American actress
1984 Matteo Anesi, Italian speed skater
1984 Candice Dupree, American basketball player
1984 Konstantin Vassiljev, Estonian footballer
1983 Nikolaos Zisis, Greek basketball player
1982 Joleon Lescott, English footballer
1981 Roque Santa Cruz, Paraguayan footballer
1980 Emerson Ramos Borges, Brazilian footballer
1980 Bob Hardy, English bass player
1980 Piet Rooijakkers, Dutch cyclist
1979 Paul Gallacher, Scottish footballer
1979 Ian Moran, Australian cricketer
1975 Didier Agathe, French footballer
1975 Jonatan Johansson, Finnish footballer, coach, and manager
1975 Taika Waititi, New Zealand director, screenwriter and actor
1974 Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Guyanese cricketer
1974 Krisztina Egerszegi, Hungarian swimmer
1974 Iván Hurtado, Ecuadorian footballer and politician
1974 Didier Cuche, Swiss skier[32]
1972 Stan Lazaridis, Australian footballer
1971 Stefan Klos, German footballer
1970 Bonnie Bernstein, American journalist and sportscaster
1970 Manisha Koirala, Nepalese actress in Indian films
1968 Mateja Svet, Slovenian skier
1968 Wolfgang Tillmans, German photographer
1968 Arvind Kejriwal, Indian civil servant and politician, 7th Chief Minister of Delhi
1967 Mark Coyne, Australian rugby league player
1967 Ulrika Jonsson, Swedish journalist, actress, and author
1966 Eddie Olczyk, American ice hockey player, coach, and commentator
1964 Jimmy Arias, American tennis player and sportscaster
1963 Aloísio Pires Alves, Brazilian footballer and manager
1963 Christine Cavanaugh, American voice artist (d. 2014)
1962 Steve Carell, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
1961 Christian Okoye, American football player
1960 Rosita Baltazar, Belizean choreographer, dancer, and dance instructor (d. 2015)
1960 Timothy Hutton, American actor, producer and director
1960 Franz Welser-Möst, Austrian-American conductor and director
1959 Marc Sergeant, Belgian cyclist and manager
1958 Madonna, American singer-songwriter, producer, actress, and director
1958 Angela Bassett, American actress
1958 José Luis Clerc, Argentinian tennis player and coach
1957 Laura Innes, American actress and director
1957 R. R. Patil, Indian lawyer and politician, Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra (d. 2015)
1956 Vahan Hovhannisyan, Armenian soldier and politician (d. 2014)
1955 James Reilly, Irish surgeon and politician, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs
1954 James Cameron, Canadian director, producer, and screenwriter
1954 George Galloway, Scottish-English politician and broadcaster
1953 Kathie Lee Gifford, American talk show host, singer, and actress
1953 James "J.T." Taylor, American R&B singer-songwriter
1950 Hasely Crawford, Trinidadian runner
1950 Jeff Thomson, Australian cricketer
1949 Scott Asheton, American drummer (d. 2014)
1949 Paul Pasqualoni, American football player and coach
1949 Bill Spooner, American guitarist and songwriter
1948 Earl Blumenauer, American politician, U.S. Representative from Oregon
1948 Barry Hay, Indian-born Dutch rock musician
1948 Mike Jorgensen, American baseball player and manager
1948 Pierre Reid, Canadian educator and politician
1948 Joey Spampinato, American singer-songwriter and bass player
1947 Carol Moseley Braun, American lawyer and politician, United States Ambassador to New Zealand
1947 Katharine Hamnett, English fashion designer
1946 Masoud Barzani, Iranian-Kurdish politician, President of Iraqi Kurdistan
1946 Lesley Ann Warren, American actress
1945 Bob Balaban, American actor, director, and producer
1945 Russell Brookes, English race car driver (d. 2019)
1945 Suzanne Farrell, American ballerina and educator
1945 Gary Loizzo, American guitarist, singer, recording engineer, and record producer (d. 2016)
1945 Nigel Terry, British stage and film actor (d. 2015)
1944 Kevin Ayers, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2013)
1943 Woody Peoples, American football player (d. 2010)
1942 Lesley Turner Bowrey, Australian tennis player
1942 Barbara George, American R&B singer-songwriter (d. 2006)
1942 Robert Squirrel Lester, American soul singer (d. 2010)
1940 Bruce Beresford, Australian director and producer
1939 Seán Brady, Irish cardinal
1939 Trevor McDonald, Trinidadian-English journalist and academic
1939 Billy Joe Shaver, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2020)
1939 Eric Weissberg, American singer, banjo player, and multi-instrumentalist (d. 2020)
1937 David Anderson, Canadian journalist, lawyer, and politician
1937 David Behrman, American composer and producer
1937 Ian Deans, Canadian politician (d. 2016)
1937 Boris Rõtov, Estonian chess player (d. 1987)
1936 Anita Gillette, American actress and singer
1936 Alan Hodgkinson, English footballer and coach (d. 2015)
1935 Cliff Fletcher, Canadian businessman
1935 Andreas Stamatiadis, Greek footballer and coach
1934 Angela Buxton, British tennis player (d. 2020)
1934 Diana Wynne Jones, English author (d. 2011)
1934 Douglas Kirkland, Canadian-American photographer (d. 2022)
1934 Ketty Lester, American singer and actress
1934 Pierre Richard, French actor, director, and screenwriter
1934 John Standing, English actor
1934 Sam Trimble, Australian cricketer (d. 2019)
1933 Reiner Kunze, German poet and translator
1933 Tom Maschler, English author and publisher (d. 2020)
1933 Julie Newmar, American actress
1933 Stuart Roosa, American colonel, pilot, and astronaut (d. 1994)
1930 Robert Culp, American actor, director, and screenwriter (d. 2010)
1930 Frank Gifford, American football player, sportscaster, and actor (d. 2015)
1930 Leslie Manigat, Haitian educator and politician, 43rd President of Haiti (d. 2014)
1930 Flor Silvestre, Mexican singer and actress (d. 2020)
1929 Bill Evans, American pianist and composer (d. 1980)
1929 Helmut Rahn, German footballer (d. 2003)
1929 Fritz Von Erich, American wrestler and trainer (d. 1997)
1928 Ann Blyth, American actress and singer
1928 Eydie Gormé, American singer (d. 2013)
1928 Ara Güler, Turkish photographer and journalist (d. 2018)
1928 Eddie Kirkland, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2011)
1928 Wyatt Tee Walker, American pastor, theologian, and activist (d. 2018)
1927 Lois Nettleton, American actress (d. 2008)
1925 Willie Jones, American baseball player (d. 1983)
1925 Mal Waldron, American pianist and composer (d. 2002)
1924 Fess Parker, American actor (d. 2010)
1924 Inez Voyce, American baseball player (d. 2022)
1923 Millôr Fernandes, Brazilian journalist and playwright (d. 2012)
1922 James Casey, English comedian, radio scriptwriter and producer (d. 2011)
1922 Ernie Freeman, American pianist and bandleader (d. 2001)
1920 Charles Bukowski, German-American poet, novelist, and short story writer (d. 1994)
1919 Karl-Heinz Euling, German captain (d. 2014)
1917 Matt Christopher, American author (d. 1997)
1917 Roque Cordero, Panamanian composer and educator (d. 2008)
1916 Iggy Katona, American race car driver (d. 2003)
1915 Al Hibbler, American baritone singer (d. 2001)
1913 Menachem Begin, Belarusian-Israeli politician, Prime Minister of Israel, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1992)
1912 Ted Drake, English footballer and manager (d. 1995)
1911 E. F. Schumacher, German economist and statistician (d. 1977)
1910 Gloria Blondell, American actress (d. 1986)
1910 Mae Clarke, American actress (d. 1992)
1909 Paul Callaway, American organist and conductor (d. 1995)
1908 Orlando Cole, American cellist and educator (d. 2010)
1908 William Keepers Maxwell, Jr., American editor, novelist, short story writer, and essayist (d. 2000)
1904 Minoru Genda, Japanese general, pilot, and politician (d. 1989)
1904 Wendell Meredith Stanley, American biochemist and virologist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1971)
1902 Georgette Heyer, English author (d. 1974)
1902 Wallace Thurman, American author and playwright (d. 1934)
1900 Ida Browne, Australian geologist and palaeontologist (d. 1976)
1895 Albert Cohen, Greek-Swiss author and playwright (d. 1981)
1895 Liane Haid, Austrian-Swiss actress and singer (d. 2000)
1894 George Meany, American plumber and labor leader (d. 1980)
1892 Hal Foster, Canadian-American author and illustrator (d. 1982)
1892 Otto Messmer, American cartoonist and animator, co-created Felix the Cat (d. 1983)
1888 T. E. Lawrence, British colonel, diplomat, writer and archaeologist (d. 1935)
1888 Armand J. Piron, American violinist, composer, and bandleader (d. 1943)
1884 Hugo Gernsback, Luxembourger-American author and publisher (d. 1967)
1882 Désiré Mérchez, French swimmer and water polo player (d. 1968)
1877 Roque Ruaño, Spanish priest and engineer (d. 1935)
1876 Ivan Bilibin, Russian illustrator and stage designer (d. 1942)
1868 Bernarr Macfadden, American bodybuilder and publisher, founded Macfadden Publications (d. 1955)
1865 Mary Gilmore, Australian socialist, poet and journalist (d. 1962)
1864 Elsie Inglis, Scottish surgeon and suffragette (d. 1917)
1862 Amos Alonzo Stagg, American baseball player and coach (d. 1965)
1860 Martin Hawke, 7th Baron Hawke, English-Scottish cricketer (d. 1938)
1860 Jules Laforgue, Uruguayan-French poet and author (d. 1887)
1858 Arthur Achleitner, German author (d. 1927)
1856 Aparicio Saravia, Uruguayan general and politician (d. 1904)
1855 James McGowen, Australian politician, 18th Premier of New South Wales (d. 1922)
1848 Vladimir Sukhomlinov, Russian general (d. 1926)
1845 Gabriel Lippmann, Luxembourger-French physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1921)
1842 Jakob Rosanes, Ukrainian-German mathematician, chess player, and academic (d. 1922)
1832 Wilhelm Wundt, German physician, psychologist, and physiologist (d. 1920)
1831 John Jones Ross, Canadian lawyer and politician, 7th Premier of Quebec (d. 1901)
1821 Arthur Cayley, English mathematician and academic (d. 1895)
1820 Andrew Rainsford Wetmore, Canadian lawyer and politician, 1st Premier of New Brunswick (d. 1892)
1816 Octavia Taylor, daughter of Zachary Taylor (d. 1820)
1815 John Bosco, Italian priest and educator (d. 1888)
1761 Yevstigney Fomin, Russian pianist and composer (d. 1800)
1744 Pierre Méchain, French astronomer and surveyor (d. 1804)
1682 Louis, Duke of Burgundy (d. 1712)
1650 Vincenzo Coronelli, Italian monk, cosmographer, and cartographer (d. 1718)
1645 Jean de La Bruyère, French philosopher and author (d. 1696)
1637 Countess Emilie Juliane of Barby-Mühlingen (d. 1706)
1573 Anne of Austria, Queen of Poland (d. 1598)
1565 Christina, Grand Duchess of Tuscany (d. 1637)
1557 Agostino Carracci, Italian painter and etcher (d. 1602)
1401 Jacqueline, Countess of Hainaut (d. 1436)
1378 Hongxi Emperor of China (d. 1425)
1355 Philippa, 5th Countess of Ulster (d. 1382)