Famous People Born on May 24, May 24 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on May 24. Famous birthdays for the 24th of May. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on May 24. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
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May 24 Birthdays, Famous People born on May 24th

Year Name
1999 Tarjei Sandvik Moe, Norwegian actor
1994 Daiya Seto, Japanese swimmer
1994 Emily Nicholl, Scottish netball player
1994 Emily Temple Wood, American 2016 Wikipedian of the Year award
1992 Marcus Bettinelli, English footballer
1991 Aled Davies, Welsh discus thrower
1991 Cody Eakin, Canadian ice hockey player
1990 Mattias Ekholm, Swedish ice hockey player
1989 G-Eazy, American rapper
1989 Andrew Jordan, English race car driver
1989 Kalin Lucas, American basketball player
1988 Artem Anisimov, Russian ice hockey player
1988 Monica Lin Brown, American sergeant
1988 Billy Gilman, American musician
1988 Lucian Wintrich, American political artist and White House correspondent
1987 Guillaume Latendresse, Canadian ice hockey player
1986 Mark Ballas, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, dancer, and actor
1986 Giannis Kontoes, Greek footballer
1985 Tim Bridgman, English race car driver
1984 Sarah Hagan, American actress
1984 Dmitri Kruglov, Estonian footballer
1984 Masaya Takahashi, Japanese wrestler
1983 Custódio Castro, Portuguese footballer
1983 Pedram Javaheri, Iranian-American meteorologist and journalist
1983 Woo Seung-yeon, South Korean model and actress (d. 2009)
1982 Issah Gabriel Ahmed, Ghanaian footballer
1982 Rian Wallace, American football player
1981 Andy Lee, Australian comedian, actor, and screenwriter
1980 Jason Babin, American football player
1980 Anthony Minichiello, Australian rugby league player
1979 Tracy McGrady, American basketball player
1979 Kareem McKenzie, American football player
1978 Elijah Burke, American wrestler
1978 Johan Holmqvist, Swedish ice hockey player
1978 Brad Penny, American baseball player
1978 Rose, French singer, songwriter and composer
1977 Jeet Gannguli, Indian score composer, music director and singer
1976 Alessandro Cortini, Italian-American singer and keyboard player
1976 Catherine Cox, New Zealand-Australian netball player
1976 Silje Vige, Norwegian singer
1975 Will Sasso, Canadian actor and comedian
1975 Marc Gagnon, Canadian speed skater
1975 Giannis Goumas, Greek footballer and coach
1975 Maria Lawson, English singer-songwriter
1974 Sébastien Foucan, French runner and actor
1974 Masahide Kobayashi, Japanese baseball player and coach
1974 Magnus Manske, German biochemist and computer programmer, developed MediaWiki
1973 Rodrigo, Argentinian singer-songwriter (d. 2000)
1973 Bartolo Colón, Dominican-American baseball player
1973 Shirish Kunder, Indian director, producer, and screenwriter
1973 Vladimír Šmicer, Czech footballer and manager
1972 Greg Berlanti, American director, producer, and screenwriter
1971 Kris Draper, Canadian ice hockey player and manager
1969 Martin McCague, Northern Irish-English cricketer
1969 Jacob Rees-Mogg, English politician
1969 Rich Robinson, American guitarist and songwriter
1969 Mandar Agashe, Indian music director and businessman
1967 Tamer Karadağlı, Turkish actor
1967 Andrey Borodin, Russian-English economist and businessman
1967 Eric Close, American actor
1967 Heavy D, Jamaican-American rapper, producer, and actor (d. 2011)
1967 Carlos Hernández, Venezuelan-American baseball player and manager
1966 Éric Cantona, French footballer, manager, and actor
1966 Ricky Craven, American race car driver and sportscaster
1965 John C. Reilly, American actor
1965 Shinichirō Watanabe, Japanese director, producer, and screenwriter
1964 Liz McColgan, Scottish educator and runner
1964 Adrian Moorhouse, English swimmer
1964 Isidro Pérez, Mexican boxer (d. 2013)
1964 Pat Verbeek, Canadian ice hockey player and manager
1963 Ivan Capelli, Italian race car driver and sportscaster
1963 Michael Chabon, American novelist, short story writer, and screenwriter
1963 Joe Dumars, American basketball player
1963 Rich Rodriguez, American football player and coach
1963 Valerie Taylor, American computer scientist and educator
1962 Héctor Camacho, Puerto Rican-American boxer (d. 2012)
1962 Gene Anthony Ray, American actor, dancer, and choreographer (d. 2003)
1961 Lorella Cedroni, Italian philosopher and theorist (d. 2013)
1961 Alain Lemieux, Canadian-American ice hockey player and coach
1960 Guy Fletcher, English keyboard player, guitarist, and producer
1960 Bill Harrigan, Australian rugby league referee and sportscaster
1960 Kristin Scott Thomas, English actress
1959 Pelle Lindbergh, Swedish-American ice hockey player (d. 1985)
1958 Chip Ganassi, American race car driver, team owner and businessman
1956 R. B. Bernstein, American constitutional historian
1956 Larry Blackmon, American singer-songwriter and producer
1956 Dominic Grieve, English lawyer and politician, Attorney General for England and Wales
1956 Michael Jackson, Irish archbishop
1955 Rosanne Cash, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1955 Philippe Lafontaine, Belgian singer and songwriter
1955 Rajesh Roshan, Indian composer
1953 Alfred Molina, English actor
1949 Jim Broadbent, English actor
1949 Roger Deakins, English cinematographer
1948 Richard Dembo, French director and screenwriter (d. 2004)
1947 Albert Bouchard, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and drummer
1947 Mike De Leon, Filipino director, producer, screenwriter and cinematographer
1947 Mike Reid, American singer-songwriter, pianist, and American football player
1947 Waddy Wachtel, American guitarist, singer-songwriter, and record producer
1947 Martin Winterkorn, German businessman
1946 Tansu Çiller, Turkish politician, Prime Minister of Turkey
1946 Jesualdo Ferreira, Portuguese footballer and manager
1946 Irena Szewińska, Russian-Polish sprinter (d. 2018)
1945 Terry Callier, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2012)
1945 Steven Norris, English engineer and politician
1945 Richard Ottaway, English lieutenant and politician, Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
1945 Priscilla Presley, American actress and businesswoman
1944 Patti LaBelle, American singer-songwriter and actress
1944 Dominique Lavanant, French actress
1943 Gary Burghoff, American actor
1942 Ali Bacher, South African cricketer and manager
1942 Hannu Mikkola, Finnish race car driver (d. 2021)
1942 Ichirō Ozawa, Japanese lawyer and politician, Japanese Minister of Home Affairs
1941 Bob Dylan, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, artist, writer, and producer; Nobel Prize laureate
1941 Patricia Hollis, Baroness Hollis of Heigham, English academic and politician
1940 Joseph Brodsky, Russian-American poet and essayist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1996)
1938 Prince Buster, Jamaican singer-songwriter and producer (d. 2016)
1938 Tommy Chong, Canadian-American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
1937 Maryvonne Dupureur, French runner and educator (d. 2008)
1937 Archie Shepp, American saxophonist and composer
1936 Harold Budd, American composer and poet (d. 2020)
1935 Joan Micklin Silver, American director and screenwriter (d. 2020)
1933 Jane Byrne, American lawyer and politician, 50th Mayor of Chicago (d. 2014)
1933 Réal Giguère, Canadian television host and actor (d. 2019)
1933 Aharon Lichtenstein, French-Israeli rabbi and author (d. 2015)
1932 Arnold Wesker, English playwright and producer (d. 2016)
1928 William Trevor, Irish novelist, playwright and short story writer (d. 2016)
1926 Stanley Baxter, Scottish actor and screenwriter
1925 Carmine Infantino, American illustrator and educator (d. 2013)
1925 Mai Zetterling, Swedish actress and director (d. 1994)
1924 Philip Pearlstein, American soldier and painter (d. 2022)
1923 Siobhán McKenna, Irish actress (d. 1986)
1918 Coleman Young, American politician, 66th Mayor of Detroit (d. 1997)
1917 Alan Campbell, Baron Campbell of Alloway, English lawyer and judge (d. 2013)
1916 Roden Cutler, Australian lieutenant and politician, 32nd Governor of New South Wales (d. 2002)
1914 Lilli Palmer, German-American actress (d. 1986)
1913 Joe Abreu, American baseball player and soldier (d. 1993)
1910 Jimmy Demaret, American golfer (d. 1983)
1909 Wilbur Mills, American banker and politician (d. 1992)
1905 George Nakashima, American woodworker and architect
1905 Mikhail Sholokhov, Russian novelist and short story writer, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1984)
1904 Chūhei Nambu, Japanese jumper and journalist (d. 1997)
1902 Lionel Conacher, Canadian football player and politician (d. 1954)
1902 Sylvia Daoust, Canadian sculptor (d. 2004)
1901 José Nasazzi, Uruguayan footballer and manager (d. 1968)
1900 Eduardo De Filippo, Italian actor and screenwriter (d. 1984)
1899 Suzanne Lenglen, French tennis player (d. 1938)
1899 Henri Michaux, Belgian-French poet and painter (d. 1984)
1895 Samuel Irving Newhouse Sr., American publisher, founded Advance Publications (d. 1979)
1892 Elizabeth Foreman Lewis, American author and educator (d. 1958)
1891 William F. Albright, American archaeologist, philologist, and scholar (d. 1971)
1887 Mick Mannock, Irish soldier and pilot, Victoria Cross recipient (d. 1918)
1886 Paul Paray, French organist, composer, and conductor (d. 1979)
1878 Lillian Moller Gilbreth, American psychologist and engineer (d. 1972)
1875 Robert Garrett, American discus thrower and shot putter (d. 1961)
1874 Princess Marie of Hesse and by Rhine (d. 1878)
1870 Benjamin N. Cardozo, American lawyer and judge (d. 1938)
1870 Jan Smuts, South African lawyer and politician, 2nd Prime Minister of South Africa (d. 1950)
1868 Charlie Taylor, American engineer and mechanic (d. 1956)
1863 George Grey Barnard, American sculptor (d. 1938)
1861 Gerald Strickland, 1st Baron Strickland, Maltese lawyer and politician, 4th Prime Minister of Malta (d. 1940)
1855 Arthur Wing Pinero, English actor, director, and playwright (d. 1934)
1830 Alexei Savrasov, Russian painter and academic (d. 1897)
1819 Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (d. 1901)
1816 Emanuel Leutze, German-American painter (d. 1868)
1810 Abraham Geiger, German rabbi and scholar (d. 1874)
1803 Alexander von Nordmann, Finnish biologist and paleontologist (d. 1866)
1794 William Whewell, English priest and philosopher (d. 1866)
1789 Cathinka Buchwieser, German operatic singer and actress (d.1828)
1743 Jean-Paul Marat, Swiss-French physician, journalist, and politician (d. 1793)
1689 Daniel Finch, 8th Earl of Winchilsea, English politician, Lord President of the Council (d. 1769)
1686 Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, Polish-German physicist and engineer, developed the Fahrenheit scale (d. 1736)
1669 Emerentia von Düben, Swedish royal favorite (d. 1743)
1628 Marek Sobieski, Polish noble (d. 1652)
1616 John Maitland, 1st Duke of Lauderdale, Scottish politician, Secretary of State, Scotland (d. 1682)
1576 Elizabeth Carey, Lady Berkeley, English courtier (d. 1635)
1544 William Gilbert, English physician, physicist, and astronomer (d. 1603)
1522 John Jewel, English bishop (d. 1571)
1494 Pontormo, Italian painter (d. 1557)
1335 Margaret of Bohemia, Queen of Hungary (d. 1349)
15 Germanicus, Roman general (d. 19)