Famous People Born on May 19, May 19 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on May 19. Famous birthdays for the 19th of May. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on May 19. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 19th of May?
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What famous person has a birthday on May 19?

May 19 Birthdays, Famous People born on May 19th

Year Name
2003 Jojo Siwa, American dancer, singer, actress, and YouTube personality
2001 Elizabeth Mandlik, American tennis player
1995 Taane Milne, New Zealand rugby league player
1994 Carlos Guzmán, Mexican footballer
1992 Michele Camporese, Italian footballer
1992 Ola John, Dutch footballer
1992 Felise Kaufusi, New Zealand-Tongan rugby league player
1992 Evgeny Kuznetsov, Russian ice hockey player
1992 Marshmello, American electronic music producer and DJ
1992 Sam Smith, English singer-songwriter
1992 Heather Watson, British tennis player
1991 Jordan Pruitt, American singer-songwriter
1987 Michael Angelakos, American singer-songwriter and producer
1987 David Edgar, Canadian soccer player
1987 Mariano Torres, Argentinian footballer
1987 Jayne Wisener, Northern Irish actress
1986 Mario Chalmers, American basketball player
1985 Malakai Black, Dutch professional wrestler
1984 Marcedes Lewis, American football player
1983 Michael Che, American comedian
1983 Jessica Fox, English actress
1982 Kevin Amankwaah, English footballer
1982 Pål Steffen Andresen, Norwegian footballer
1982 Klaas Vantornout, Belgian cyclist
1981 Luciano Figueroa, Argentinian footballer
1981 Yo Gotti, American rapper
1981 Michael Leighton, Canadian ice hockey player
1981 Sina Schielke, German sprinter
1981 Klaas-Erik Zwering, Dutch swimmer
1980 Tony Hackworth, English footballer
1979 Andrea Pirlo, Italian footballer
1979 Diego Forlán, Uruguayan footballer
1979 Shooter Jennings, American country singer, songwriter
1978 Marcus Bent, English footballer
1978 Dave Bus, Dutch footballer
1977 Manuel Almunia, Spanish footballer
1977 Wouter Hamel, Dutch singer and guitarist
1977 Brandon Inge, American baseball player
1977 Natalia Oreiro, Uruguayan singer-songwriter and actress
1976 Ed Cota, American basketball player
1976 Kevin Garnett, American basketball player
1975 Pretinha, Brazilian footballer
1975 London Fletcher, American football player
1975 Josh Paul, American baseball player and manager
1975 Jonas Renkse, Swedish singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer
1974 Andrew Johns, Australian rugby league player, coach, and sportscaster
1974 Emma Shapplin, French soprano
1974 Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Indian actor
1973 Dario Franchitti, Scottish race car driver
1972 Jenny Berggren, Swedish singer-songwriter
1972 Claudia Karvan, Australian actress, producer, and screenwriter
1971 Ross Katz, American director, producer, and screenwriter
1971 Andres Salumets, Estonian biologist, biochemist, and educator
1970 Stuart Cable, Welsh drummer (d. 2010)
1970 K. J. Choi, South Korean golfer
1970 Regina Narva, Estonian chess player
1970 Nia Zulkarnaen, Indonesian actress, singer and producer
1968 Kyle Eastwood, American actor and bass player
1967 Alexia, Italian singer
1967 Geraldine Somerville, Irish-born English actress
1966 Marc Bureau, Canadian ice hockey player and sportscaster
1966 Jodi Picoult, American author and educator
1966 Polly Walker, English actress
1965 Maile Flanagan, American actress, producer, and screenwriter
1964 Peter Jackson, Australian rugby league player and sportscaster (d. 1997)
1964 John Lee, South Korean-American football player
1964 Miloslav Mečíř, Slovak tennis player
1963 Filippo Galli, Italian footballer and manager
1961 Vadim Cojocaru, Moldovan politician (d. 2021)
1961 Gregory Poirier, American director, producer, and screenwriter
1961 Wayne Van Dorp, Canadian ice hockey player
1957 Bill Laimbeer, American basketball player and coach
1957 James Reyne, Nigerian-Australian singer-songwriter
1956 Oliver Letwin, English philosopher and politician, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
1956 Martyn Ware, English keyboard player, songwriter, and producer
1955 James Gosling, Canadian-American computer scientist, created Java
1954 Rick Cerone, American baseball player and sportscaster
1954 Lena Einhorn, Swedish director, writer and physician
1954 Hōchū Ōtsuka, Japanese voice actor
1954 Phil Rudd, Australian-New Zealand drummer
1953 Patrick Hodge, Lord Hodge, Scottish lawyer and judge
1953 Shavarsh Karapetyan, Armenian finswimmer
1953 Florin Marin, Romanian footballer and manager
1953 Victoria Wood, English actress, singer, director, and screenwriter (d. 2016)
1952 Charlie Spedding, English runner
1952 Bert van Marwijk, Dutch footballer, coach, and manager
1951 Joey Ramone, American singer-songwriter (d. 2001)
1951 Dick Slater, American wrestler (d. 2018)
1950 Tadeusz Ślusarski, Polish pole vaulter (d. 1998)
1949 Dusty Hill, American singer-songwriter and bass player (d. 2021)
1949 Philip Hunt, Baron Hunt of Kings Heath, English politician
1949 Archie Manning, American football player
1948 Grace Jones, Jamaican-American singer-songwriter, producer, and actress
1947 Paul Brady, Irish singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer
1947 Christopher Chope, English lawyer and politician
1947 David Helfgott, Australian pianist
1946 Claude Lelièvre, Belgian activist
1946 Michele Placido, Italian actor and director
1946 André the Giant, French-American wrestler and actor (d. 1993)
1945 Pete Townshend, English singer-songwriter and guitarist
1944 Peter Mayhew, English-American actor (d. 2019)
1943 Eddie May, English footballer and manager (d. 2012)
1943 Shirrel Rhoades, American author, publisher, and academic
1942 Gary Kildall, American computer scientist, founded Digital Research Inc. (d. 1994)
1942 Robert Kilroy-Silk, English television host and politician
1941 Nora Ephron, American director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2012)
1941 Igor Judge, Baron Judge, Maltese-English lawyer and judge, Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales
1940 Jan Janssen, Dutch cyclist
1940 Mickey Newbury, American country/pop singer-songwriter (d. 2002)
1939 Livio Berruti, Italian sprinter
1939 James Fox, English actor
1939 Nancy Kwan, Hong Kong-American actress and makeup artist
1939 Jānis Lūsis, Latvian javelin thrower and coach (d. 2020)
1939 Dick Scobee, American pilot, and astronaut (d. 1986)
1938 Moisés da Costa Amaral, East Timorese politician (d. 1989)
1938 Herbie Flowers, English musician
1938 Igor Ter-Ovanesyan, Ukrainian long jumper and coach
1937 Pat Roach, English wrestler (d. 2004)
1935 David Hartman, American journalist and television personality
1934 Ruskin Bond, Indian author and poet
1934 Jim Lehrer, American journalist and author (d. 2020)
1933 Edward de Bono, Maltese physician, author, and academic (d. 2021)
1932 Alma Cogan, English singer (d. 1966)
1932 Paul Erdman, American economist and author (d. 2007)
1932 Bill Fitch, American basketball player and coach (d. 2022)
1932 Elena Poniatowska, Mexican intellectual and journalist
1931 Bob Anderson, English race car driver (d. 1967)
1931 Trevor Peacock, English actor, screenwriter and songwriter (d. 2021)
1930 Eugene Genovese, American historian and author (d. 2012)
1930 Lorraine Hansberry, American playwright and director (d. 1965)
1929 Helmut Braunlich, German-American violinist and composer (d. 2013)
1929 Richard Larter, Australian painter (d. 2014)
1929 John Stroger, American politician (d. 2008)
1928 Colin Chapman, English engineer and businessman, founded Lotus Cars (d. 1982)
1928 Thomas Kennedy, English air marshal (d. 2013)
1928 Gil McDougald, American baseball player and coach (d. 2010)
1928 Dolph Schayes, American basketball player and coach (d. 2015)
1927 Serge Lang, French-American mathematician, author and academic (d. 2005)
1926 Edward Parkes, English engineer and academic (d. 2019)
1926 Peter Zadek, German director and screenwriter (d. 2009)
1925 Pol Pot, Cambodian general and politician, 29th Prime Minister of Cambodia (d. 1998)
1925 Malcolm X, American minister and activist (d. 1965)
1924 Sandy Wilson, English composer and songwriter (d. 2014)
1922 Arthur Gorrie, Australian hobby shop proprietor (d. 1992)
1921 Leslie Broderick, English lieutenant and pilot (d. 2013)
1921 Harry W. Brown, American colonel and pilot (d. 1991)
1921 Daniel Gélin, French actor, director, and screenwriter (d. 2002)
1921 Yuri Kochiyama, American activist (d. 2014)
1921 Karel van het Reve, Dutch historian and author (d. 1999)
1920 Tina Strobos, Dutch psychiatrist known for rescuing Jews during World War II (d. 2012)
1919 Georgie Auld, Canadian-American saxophonist, clarinet player, and bandleader (d. 1990)
1919 Mitja Ribičič, Italian-Slovenian soldier and politician, 25th Prime Minister of Yugoslavia (d. 2013)
1918 Abraham Pais, Dutch-American physicist, historian, and academic (d. 2000)
1915 Renée Asherson, English actress (d. 2014)
1914 Max Perutz, Austrian-English biologist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2002)
1914 Alex Shibicky, Canadian ice hockey player (d. 2005)
1914 John Vachon, American photographer and journalist (d. 1975)
1913 Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, Indian lawyer and politician, 6th President of India (d. 1996)
1910 Alan Melville, South African cricketer (d. 1983)
1909 Nicholas Winton, English banker and humanitarian (d. 2015)
1908 Manik Bandopadhyay, Indian author, poet, and playwright (d. 1956)
1908 Merriam Modell, American author (d. 1994)
1908 Percy Williams, Canadian sprinter (d. 1982)
1906 Bruce Bennett, American shot putter and actor (d. 2007)
1903 Ruth Ella Moore, American scientist (d. 1994)
1902 Lubka Kolessa, Ukrainian-Canadian pianist and educator (d. 1997)
1899 Lothar Rădăceanu, Romanian journalist, linguist, and politician (d. 1955)
1898 Julius Evola, Italian philosopher and painter (d. 1974)
1897 Frank Luke, American lieutenant and pilot, Medal of Honor recipient (d. 1918)
1893 H. Bonciu, Romanian author, poet, and journalist (d. 1950)
1891 Oswald Boelcke, German captain and pilot (d. 1916)
1890 Eveline Adelheid von Maydell, German-American illustrator (d. 1962)
1890 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnamese politician, 1st President of Vietnam (d. 1969)
1889 Tản Đà, Vietnamese poet and author (d. 1939)
1889 Henry B. Richardson, American archer (d. 1963)
1887 Ion Jalea, Romanian soldier and sculptor (d. 1983)
1886 Francis Biddle, American lawyer and judge, 58th United States Attorney General (d. 1968)
1884 David Munson, American runner (d. 1953)
1881 Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (official birthday), Turkish field marshal and statesman, 1st President of Turkey (d. 1938)
1880 Albert Richardson, English architect and educator, designed the Manchester Opera House (d. 1964)
1879 Nancy Astor, Viscountess Astor, American-English politician (d. 1964)
1878 Alfred Laliberté, Canadian sculptor and painter (d. 1953)
1874 Gilbert Jessop, English cricketer and soldier (d. 1955)
1871 Walter Russell, American painter, sculptor, and author (d. 1963)
1861 Nellie Melba, Australian soprano and actress (d. 1931)
1857 John Jacob Abel, American biochemist and pharmacologist (d. 1938)
1832 James Watney, Jr., English politician, brewer and cricketer (d. 1886)
1827 Paul-Armand Challemel-Lacour, French academic and politician, French Minister of Foreign Affairs (d. 1896)
1795 Johns Hopkins, American businessman and philanthropist (d. 1873)
1773 Arthur Aikin, English chemist and mineralogist (d. 1854)
1762 Johann Gottlieb Fichte, German philosopher and academic (d. 1814)
1744 Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, German-born Queen to George III of the United Kingdom (d. 1818)
1724 Augustus Hervey, 3rd Earl of Bristol, English admiral and politician, Chief Secretary for Ireland (d. 1779)
1700 José de Escandón, 1st Count of Sierra Gorda, Spanish sergeant and politician (d. 1770)
1639 Charles Weston, 3rd Earl of Portland, English soldier and noble (d. 1665)
1616 Johann Jakob Froberger, German organist and composer (d. 1667)
1593 Claude Vignon, French painter (d. 1670)
1476 Helena of Moscow, Grand Duchess consort of Lithuania and Queen consort of Poland (d. 1513)
1400 John Stourton, 1st Baron Stourton, English soldier and politician (d. 1462)