Famous People Born on May 21, May 21 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on May 21. Famous birthdays for the 21st of May. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on May 21. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 21st of May?
Which celebrities are born in May?
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What famous person has a birthday on May 21?

May 21 Birthdays, Famous People born on May 21st

Year Name
2002 Elena Huelva, Spanish cancer activist and influencer (d. 2023)
1997 Ivan De Santis, Italian footballer
1997 Sisca Folkertsma, Dutch footballer
1997 Viktoria Petryk, Ukrainian singer-songwriter
1997 Kevin Quinn, American actor and singer
1996 Josh Allen, American football player
1996 Indy de Vroome, Dutch tennis player
1996 Karen Khachanov, Russian tennis player
1995 Diego Loyzaga, Filipino actor
1994 Tom Daley, English diver
1993 Grete Gaim, Estonian biathlete
1993 Luke Garbutt, English footballer
1993 Lynn Williams, American soccer player
1992 Hutch Dano, American actor
1992 Lisa Evans, Scottish footballer
1992 Philipp Grüneberg, German footballer
1992 Olivia Olson, American singer and actress
1991 Guilherme, Brazilian footballer
1990 Kierre Beckles, Barbadian athlete
1990 Rene Krhin, Slovenian footballer
1989 Emily Robins, New Zealand actress and singer
1989 Hal Robson-Kanu, Welsh footballer
1988 Claire Cashmore, English Paralympic swimmer
1988 Park Gyu-ri, South Korean singer
1988 Jonny Howson, English footballer
1988 Kaire Leibak, Estonian triple jumper
1987 Beau Falloon, Australian rugby league player
1986 Mario Mandžukić, Croatian footballer
1986 Myra, American singer and actress
1986 Eder Sánchez, Mexican race walker
1986 Park Sojin, South Korean singer-songwriter and dancer
1986 Greg Stewart, Canadian ice hockey player
1985 Mark Cavendish, Manx cyclist
1985 Alexander Dale Oen, Norwegian swimmer (d. 2012)
1985 Isa Guha, English cricketer and sportscaster
1985 Lucie Hradecká, Czech tennis player
1985 Kano, English rapper, producer, and actor
1985 Dušan Kuciak, Slovak footballer
1985 Andrew Miller, American baseball player
1984 Brandon Fields, American football player
1984 Sara Goller, German volleyball player
1983 Līga Dekmeijere, Latvian tennis player
1983 Deidson Araújo Maia, Brazilian footballer
1981 Craig Anderson, American ice hockey player
1981 Edson Buddle, American soccer player
1981 Josh Hamilton, American baseball player
1981 Maximilian Mutzke, German singer-songwriter
1981 Anna Rogowska, Polish pole vaulter
1980 Gotye, Belgian-Australian singer-songwriter
1979 Damián Ariel Álvarez, Argentinian-Mexican footballer
1979 Jamie Hepburn, Scottish politician, Minister for Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health
1979 James Clancy Phelan, Australian author and academic
1979 Scott Smith, American mixed martial artist
1979 Sonja Vectomov, Czech musician/composer
1978 Max B, American rapper and songwriter
1978 Briana Banks, German-American porn actress and model
1978 Jamaal Magloire, Canadian basketball player and coach
1977 Quinton Fortune, South African international footballer and coach
1977 Michael Fuß, German footballer
1976 Stuart Bingham, English snooker player
1976 Abderrahim Goumri, Moroccan runner (d. 2013)
1976 Deron Miller, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1975 Anthony Mundine, Australian rugby league player and boxer
1974 Brad Arthur, Australian rugby league coach
1974 Fairuza Balk, American actress
1974 Havoc, American rapper and producer
1973 Stewart Cink, American golfer
1973 Noel Fielding, English comedian, musician and television presenter
1972 The Notorious B.I.G., American rapper (d. 1997)
1970 Brigita Bukovec, Slovenian hurdler
1970 Dorsey Levens, American football player and sportscaster
1970 Pauline Menczer, Australian surfer
1970 Carl Veart, Australian footballer and coach
1969 Pierluigi Brivio, Italian footballer
1969 Georgiy Gongadze, Georgian-Ukrainian journalist and director (d. 2000)
1969 Masayo Kurata, Japanese voice actress and singer
1969 George LeMieux, American lawyer and politician
1969 Brian Statham, Rhodesian born English footballer and manager
1968 Ilmar Raag, Estonian director, producer, and screenwriter
1968 Matthias Ungemach, German-Australian rower
1968 Julie Vega, Filipino actress and singer (d. 1985)
1967 Chris Benoit, Canadian professional wrestler (d. 2007)
1966 Lisa Edelstein, American actress and playwright
1966 Tatyana Ledovskaya, Belarusian hurdler
1964 Pete Sandoval, Salvadoran-American drummer
1964 Danny Bailey, English footballer and coach
1963 Richard Appel, American screenwriter and producer
1963 Patrick Grant, American musician and producer
1963 David Lonsdale, English actor
1963 Dave Specter, American guitarist
1963 Laurie Spina, Australian rugby league player and sportscaster
1962 David Crumb, American composer and educator
1960 Jeffrey Dahmer, American serial killer (d. 1994)
1960 Kent Hrbek, American baseball player and sportscaster
1960 Mohanlal, Indian actor
1960 Mark Ridgway, Australian cricketer
1960 Vladimir Salnikov, Russian swimmer
1959 Nick Cassavetes, American actor, director, and screenwriter
1959 Abdulla Yameen, Maldivian politician, 6th President of the Maldives
1958 Christian Audigier, French fashion designer (d. 2015)
1958 Muffy Calder, Canadian-Scottish computer scientist and academic
1958 Michael Crick, English journalist and author
1958 Naeem Khan, Indian-American fashion designer
1958 Jefery Levy, American director, producer, and screenwriter
1957 James Bailey, American basketball player
1957 Nadine Dorries, English nurse and politician
1957 Judge Reinhold, American actor and producer
1957 Renée Soutendijk, Dutch actress
1955 Paul Barber, English field hockey player
1955 Stan Lynch, American drummer, songwriter, and producer
1954 Marc Ribot, American guitarist and composer
1953 Nora Aunor, Filipino actress and recording artist
1953 Jim Devine, British politician
1952 Mr. T, American actor and wrestler
1951 Al Franken, American actor, screenwriter, and politician
1951 Adrian Hardiman, Irish lawyer and judge (d. 2016)
1950 Will Hutton, English economist and journalist
1949 Andrew Neil, Scottish journalist and academic
1949 Rosalind Plowright, English soprano
1948 Elizabeth Buchan, English author and critic
1948 Joe Camilleri, Maltese-Australian singer-songwriter and saxophonist
1948 Jonathan Hyde, Australian-English actor
1948 Denis MacShane, Scottish journalist and politician, UK Minister of State for Europe
1948 Leo Sayer, English-Australian singer-songwriter and musician
1947 Bill Champlin, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer
1947 Linda Laubenstein, American physician and academic (d. 1992)
1947 İlber Ortaylı, Turkish historian and academic
1946 Allan McKeown, English-American screenwriter and producer (d. 2013)
1946 Wayne Roycroft, Australian equestrian rider and coach
1945 Ernst Messerschmid, German physicist and astronaut
1945 Richard Hatch, American actor, writer, and producer (d. 2017)
1944 Haleh Afshar, Baroness Afshar, Iranian-English academic and politician (d. 2022)
1944 Marcie Blane, American singer
1944 Janet Dailey, American author and entrepreneur (d. 2013)
1944 Mary Robinson, Irish lawyer and politician, President of Ireland
1943 Vincent Crane, English pianist and composer (d. 1989)
1943 John Dalton, English bass player
1943 Hilton Valentine, English guitarist and songwriter (d. 2021)
1942 David Hunt, Baron Hunt of Wirral, English politician, Secretary of State for Wales
1942 John Konrads, Australian swimmer (d. 2021)
1942 Danny Ongais, American race car driver (d. 2022)
1941 Martin Carthy, English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer
1941 Bobby Cox, American baseball player and manager
1941 Ambrose Greenway, 4th Baron Greenway, English photographer and politician
1941 Ronald Isley, American singer-songwriter and producer
1940 Tony Sheridan, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2013)
1939 Heinz Holliger, Swiss oboist, composer, and conductor
1938 Lee "Shot" Williams, American singer (d. 2011)
1936 Günter Blobel, Polish-American biologist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2018)
1935 Terry Lightfoot, English clarinet player and bandleader (d. 2013)
1934 Jocasta Innes, Chinese-English journalist and author (d. 2013)
1934 Bob Northern, American horn player and bandleader (d.2020)
1934 Bengt I. Samuelsson, Swedish biochemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate
1933 Maurice André, French trumpet player (d. 2012)
1933 Yevgeny Minayev, Russian weightlifter (d. 1993)
1932 Inese Jaunzeme, Latvian javelin thrower and surgeon (d. 2011)
1932 Leonidas Vasilikopoulos, Greek admiral and intelligence chief (d. 2014)
1930 Tommy Bryant, American bassist (d. 1982)
1930 Keith Davis, New Zealand rugby player (d. 2019)
1930 Malcolm Fraser, Australian politician, 22nd Prime Minister of Australia (d. 2015)
1929 Larance Marable, American drummer (d. 2012)
1929 Robert Welch, English silversmith and industrial designer (d. 2000)
1928 Tom Donahue, American radio host and producer (d. 1975)
1928 Alice Drummond, American actress (d. 2016)
1927 Kay Kendall, English actress and comedian (d. 1959)
1927 Péter Zwack, Hungarian businessman and diplomat (d. 2012)
1926 Robert Creeley, American novelist, essayist, and poet (d. 2005)
1924 Peggy Cass, American actress, comedian, and game show panelist (d. 1999)
1923 Vernon Biever, American photographer (d. 2010)
1923 Armand Borel, Swiss-American mathematician and academic (d. 2003)
1923 Ara Parseghian, American football player and coach (d. 2017)
1923 Dorothy Hewett, Australian feminist poet, novelist and playwright (d. 2002)
1923 Evelyn Ward, American actress (d. 2012)
1921 Sandy Douglas, English computer scientist and academic, designed OXO (d. 2010)
1921 Andrei Sakharov, Russian physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1989)
1920 Bill Barber, American tuba player and educator (d. 2007)
1920 Forrest White, American businessman, co-founded the Music Man Company (d. 1994)
1919 George P. Mitchell, American businessman and philanthropist (d. 2013)
1917 Raymond Burr, Canadian-American actor and director (d. 1993)
1916 Dennis Day, American singer and actor (d. 1988)
1916 Tinus Osendarp, Dutch sprinter and police officer (d. 2002)
1916 Harold Robbins, American author and screenwriter (d. 1997)
1915 Chakravarthi V. Narasimhan, Indian Civil Service Officer and former Under Secretary-General of the UN (d. 2003)
1914 Romain Gary, French novelist, diplomat, film director, aviator (d. 1980)
1913 Gina Bachauer, Greek pianist and composer (d. 1976)
1912 Chen Dayu, Chinese painter and calligrapher (d. 2001)
1912 John Curtis Gowan, American psychologist and academic (d. 1986)
1912 Monty Stratton, American baseball player and coach (d. 1982)
1907 John C. Allen, American roller coaster designer (d. 1979)
1904 Robert Montgomery, American actor and director (d. 1981)
1904 Fats Waller, American singer-songwriter and pianist (d. 1943)
1903 Manly Wade Wellman, American author (d. 1986)
1902 Earl Averill, American baseball player (d. 1983)
1902 Marcel Breuer, Hungarian-American architect and academic, designed the Ameritrust Tower (d. 1981)
1902 Anatole Litvak, Ukrainian-American director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1974)
1901 Regina M. Anderson, Multiracial playwright and librarian (d. 1993)
1901 Horace Heidt, American pianist, bandleader, and radio host (d. 1986)
1901 Sam Jaffe, American film producer and agent (d. 2000)
1901 Suzanne Lilar, Belgian author and playwright (d. 1992)
1898 Armand Hammer, American physician and businessman, founded Occidental Petroleum (d. 1990)
1898 Charles Léon Hammes, Luxembourgian lawyer and judge (d. 1967)
1898 Carl Johnson, American long jumper (d. 1932)
1898 John McLaughlin, American painter and translator (d. 1976)
1895 Lázaro Cárdenas, Mexican general, president (1934–1940) and father of Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas (d. 1970)
1893 Arthur Carr, English cricketer (d. 1963)
1893 Giles Chippindall, Australian public servant (d. 1969)
1885 Princess Sophie of Albania, (Princess Sophie of Schönburg-Waldenburg) (d. 1936)
1884 Manuel Pérez y Curis, Uruguayan poet and publisher (d. 1920)
1880 Tudor Arghezi, Romanian journalist, author, and poet (d. 1967)
1878 Glenn Curtiss, American cyclist and engineer (d. 1930)
1873 Hans Berger, German neurologist and academic (d. 1941)
1867 Anne Walter Fearn, American physician (d. 1939)
1864 Princess Stéphanie of Belgium (d. 1945)
1863 Archduke Eugen of Austria (d. 1954)
1861 Abel Ayerza, Argentinian physician and academic (d. 1918)
1860 Willem Einthoven, Indonesian-Dutch physician, physiologist, and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1927)
1858 Édouard Goursat, French mathematician (d. 1936)
1856 José Batlle y Ordóñez, Uruguayan journalist and politician, President of Uruguay (d. 1929)
1855 Ella Stewart Udall, American telegraphist (d. 1937)
1853 Jacques Marie Eugène Godefroy Cavaignac, French politician (d. 1905)
1851 Léon Bourgeois, French police officer and politician, 64th Prime Minister of France, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1925)
1850 Giuseppe Mercalli, Italian priest and volcanologist (d. 1914)
1844 Henri Rousseau, French painter (d. 1910)
1843 Charles Albert Gobat, Swiss lawyer and politician, and Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1914)
1843 Louis Renault, French jurist, educator, and Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1918)
1837 Itagaki Taisuke, Japanese soldier and politician (d. 1919)
1835 František Chvostek, Czech-Austrian physician and academic (d. 1884)
1828 Rudolf Koller, Swiss painter (d. 1905)
1827 William P. Sprague, American banker and politician (d. 1899)
1808 David de Jahacob Lopez Cardozo, Dutch Talmudist (d. 1890)
1806 Harriet Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, Duchess of Sutherland, English duchess (d. 1868)
1801 Princess Sophie of Sweden, Swedish princess (d. 1865)
1799 Mary Anning, English paleontologist (d. 1847)
1792 Gaspard-Gustave de Coriolis, French mathematician and engineer (d. 1843)
1790 William Cavendish, 6th Duke of Devonshire, English politician, Lord Chamberlain of the Household (d. 1858)
1780 Elizabeth Fry, English prison reformer, philanthropist and Quaker (d. 1845)
1775 Lucien Bonaparte, French soldier and politician (d. 1840)
1759 Joseph Fouché, French lawyer and politician (d. 1820)
1756 William Babington, Irish-born, English physician and mineralogist (d. 1833)
1755 Alfred Moore, American lawyer and judge (d. 1810)
1688 (O.S.) Alexander Pope, English poet, essayist, and translator (d. 1744)
1653 Eleonore of Austria, Queen of Poland (d. 1697)
1527 Philip II of Spain (d. 1598)
1497 Al-Hattab, Muslim jurist (d. 1547)
1471 Albrecht Dürer, German painter, engraver, and mathematician (d. 1528)