Famous People Born on May 12, May 12 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on May 12. Famous birthdays for the 12th of May. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on May 12. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 12th of May?
Which celebrities are born in May?
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What famous person has a birthday on May 12?

May 12 Birthdays, Famous People born on May 12th

Year Name
1997 Morgan Lake, English athlete
1995 Tamara Korpatsch, German tennis player
1992 Volha Khudzenka, Belarusian kayaker
1990 Florent Amodio, French figure skater
1990 Etika, American YouTuber and live streamer (d. 2019)
1989 Eleftheria Eleftheriou, Greek Cypriot singer, musician, and actress
1988 Marcelo, Brazilian footballer
1987 Kieron Pollard, Trinidadian cricketer
1986 Jonathan Orozco, Mexican footballer
1986 Emily VanCamp, Canadian actress
1985 Paolo Goltz, Argentinian footballer
1985 Andrew Howe, Italian long jumper and sprinter
1985 Jeroen Simaeys, Belgian footballer
1984 Clare Bowen, Australian actress and singer
1983 Domhnall Gleeson, Irish actor
1983 Alina Kabaeva, Russian gymnast and politician
1983 Yujiro Kushida, Japanese wrestler and mixed martial artist
1983 Charilaos Pappas, Greek footballer
1983 Virginie Razzano, French tennis player
1983 Francisco Javier Torres, Mexican footballer
1982 Donnie Nietes, Filipino boxer
1981 Rami Malek, American actor
1981 Kentaro Sato, Japanese-American composer and conductor
1980 Rishi Sunak, English politician
1979 Adrian Serioux, Canadian soccer player
1978 Malin Åkerman, Swedish-Canadian model, actress, and singer
1978 Jason Biggs, American actor and comedian
1978 Aya Ishiguro, Japanese singer and fashion designer
1977 Graeme Dott, Scottish snooker player and coach
1977 Maryam Mirzakhani, Iranian mathematician (d. 2017)
1977 Onur Saylak, Turkish actor, filmmaker and director
1977 Rachel Wilson, Canadian actress and voice actress
1977 Mareile Höppner, German television presenter
1975 Jonah Lomu, New Zealand rugby player (d. 2015)
1975 Ricky Ortiz, American professional wrestler and football player
1973 Mackenzie Astin, American actor
1973 Lutz Pfannenstiel, German footballer and manager
1972 Christian Campbell, Canadian-American actor, writer and photographer
1971 Doug Basham, American wrestler
1971 Jamie Luner, American actress
1970 Mark Foster, English swimmer
1970 Jim Furyk, American golfer
1970 Samantha Mathis, American actress
1970 Mike Weir, Canadian golfer
1970 Raj Chandarlapaty, American educator and author
1969 Suzanne Clément, Canadian actress
1969 Kim Fields, American actress
1968 Tony Hawk, American skateboarder and actor
1967 Mireille Bousquet-Mélou, French mathematician
1967 Bill Shorten, Australian politician
1966 Stephen Baldwin, American actor
1966 Bebel Gilberto, American-Brazilian singer-songwriter
1966 Deborah Kara Unger, Canadian actress
1965 Renée Simonsen, Danish model and writer
1965 Stacy Wilson, Canadian ice hockey player
1964 Pierre Morel, French director and cinematographer
1963 Panagiotis Fasoulas, Greek basketball player and politician
1963 Gavin Hood, South African actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
1963 Stefano Modena, Italian racing driver
1963 Vanessa A. Williams, American actress and producer
1962 Emilio Estevez, American actor
1962 Brett Gurewitz, American guitarist and songwriter
1962 Gregory H. Johnson, English-born American astronaut
1961 Thomas Dooley, German-American soccer player and manager
1961 Bruce McCulloch, Canadian actor and comedian
1960 Lisa Martin, Australian runner
1959 Ving Rhames, American actor
1958 Kim Greist, American actress
1958 Andreas Petroulakis, Greek cartoonist
1958 Dries van Noten, Belgian fashion designer
1957 Ziya Onis, Turkish economist and academic
1956 Bernie Federko, Canadian ice hockey player, coach, and manager
1956 Sergio Marchi, Argentinean-Canadian urban planner and politician, tenth Canadian Minister of International Trade
1956 Greg Phillinganes, American keyboardist
1956 Asad Rauf, Pakistani cricketer and umpire
1955 Kix Brooks, American country music singer-songwriter and musician
1951 George Karl, American basketball player and coach
1950 Bruce Boxleitner, American actor and author
1950 Gabriel Byrne, Irish actor, director, and producer
1950 Helena Kennedy, Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws, Scottish lawyer, academic, and politician
1950 Billy Squier, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1949 Ross Bleckner, American painter
1948 Lindsay Crouse, American actress
1948 Dave Heineman, American captain and politician, 39th Governor of Nebraska
1948 Richard Riehle, American actor
1948 Steve Winwood, English singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist
1947 Michael Ignatieff, Canadian journalist and politician
1946 Daniel Libeskind, American architect, designed the Imperial War Museum North and Jewish Museum
1945 Alan Ball, Jr., English footballer and manager (d. 2007)
1945 Ian McLagan, English keyboard player and songwriter (d. 2014)
1945 Patrick Ricard, French businessman (d. 2012)
1944 Chris Patten, English academic and politician, 28th Governor of Hong Kong
1942 Ian Dury, English singer-songwriter (d. 2000)
1942 Billy Swan, American country singer-songwriter
1942 Dragoljub Velimirović, Serbian chess player and theoretician (d. 2014)
1941 Ruud de Wolff, Dutch singer (d. 2000)
1940 Norman Whitfield, American songwriter and producer (d. 2008)
1939 Cyril Chantler, English pediatrician and academic
1939 Jalal Dabagh, Kurdish journalist and politician
1939 Miltiadis Evert, Greek minister and politician, 69th Mayor of Athens (d. 2011)
1939 Reg Gasnier, Australian rugby league player, coach, and sportscaster (d. 2014)
1939 Ron Ziegler, American politician, White House Press Secretary (d. 2003)
1938 Millie Perkins, American actress
1937 Beryl Burton, English cyclist (d. 1996)
1937 George Carlin, American comedian, actor, and author (d. 2008)
1937 Susan Hampshire, English actress
1937 Miriam Stoppard, English physician and author
1936 Guillermo Endara, Panamanian lawyer and politician, 32nd President of Panama (d. 2009)
1936 Tom Snyder, American journalist and talk show host (d. 2007)
1936 Frank Stella, American painter and sculptor
1935 Felipe Alou, Dominican-American baseball player, coach, and manager
1935 Johnny Bucyk, Canadian ice hockey player
1933 Andrei Voznesensky, Russian poet (d. 2010)
1932 Joel Joffe, Baron Joffe, South African-English lawyer and politician (d. 2017)
1930 Jesús Franco, Spanish director and screenwriter (d. 2013)
1929 Sam Nujoma, Namibian politician, first President of Namibia
1929 Dollard St. Laurent, Canadian ice hockey player (d. 2015)
1928 Burt Bacharach, American singer-songwriter, pianist, and producer
1926 Paulette Poujol-Oriol, Haitian educator and writer (d. 2011)
1926 Viren J. Shah, Indian politician, 21st Governor of West Bengal (d. 2013)
1925 Yogi Berra, American baseball player, coach, and manager (d. 2015)
1924 Maxine Cooper, American actress and photographer (d. 2009)
1924 Alexander Esenin-Volpin, Russian-American mathematician and poet (d. 2016)
1924 Tony Hancock, English actor, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1968)
1922 Marco Denevi, Argentinian lawyer and author (d. 1998)
1922 Murray Gershenz, American actor and businessman (d. 2013)
1922 Bob Goldham, Canadian ice hockey player and sportscaster (d. 1991)
1922 Roy Salvadori, English racing driver and manager (d. 2012)
1921 Joseph Beuys, German sculptor and illustrator (d. 1986)
1921 Farley Mowat, Canadian environmentalist and author (d. 2014)
1921 Lily Renée, American comic-book artist (d. 2022)
1918 Mary Kay Ash, American businesswoman, founded Mary Kay Cosmetics (d. 2001)
1918 Julius Rosenberg, American spy (d. 1953)
1916 Albert Murray, American author and critic (d. 2013)
1915 Tony Strobl, American comics artist and animator (d. 1991)
1914 Bertus Aafjes, Dutch poet and author (d. 1993)
1914 Howard K. Smith, American journalist and actor (d. 2002)
1912 Henry Jonsson, Swedish runner (d. 2001)
1911 Charles Biro, American author and illustrator (d. 1972)
1910 James Dudley, American baseball player, wrestling manager and executive (d. 2004)
1910 Johan Ferrier, Surinamese educator and politician, first President of Suriname (d. 2010)
1910 Dorothy Hodgkin, English biochemist, crystallographer, and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1994)
1910 Gordon Jenkins, American pianist and composer (d. 1984)
1908 Nicholas Kaldor, Hungarian-English economist (d. 1986)
1907 Leslie Charteris, English author and screenwriter (d. 1993)
1907 Katharine Hepburn, American actress (d. 2003)
1905 Édouard Rinfret, Canadian lawyer and politician, Postmaster General of Canada (d. 1994)
1903 Faith Bennett, British actress and ATA pilot during WWII (d. 1969)
1903 Wilfrid Hyde-White, English actor (d. 1991)
1901 The Duke of Paducah, American country comedian, radio host and banjo player (d. 1986)
1900 Helene Weigel, Austrian-German actress (d. 1971)
1895 William Giauque, Canadian-American chemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1982)
1895 Jiddu Krishnamurti, Indian-American philosopher and author (d. 1986)
1892 Fritz Kortner, Austrian-German actor and director (d. 1970)
1889 Abelardo L. Rodríguez, substitute president of Mexico (d. 1967)
1889 Otto Frank, German-Swiss businessman and Holocaust survivor; father of diarist Anne Frank (d. 1980)
1886 Ernst A. Lehmann, German captain and pilot (d. 1937)
1885 Paltiel Daykan, Lithuanian-Israeli lawyer and jurist (d. 1969)
1885 Saneatsu Mushanokōji, Japanese author (d. 1976)
1880 Lincoln Ellsworth, American explorer (d. 1951)
1875 Charles Holden, English architect, designed the Bristol Central Library (d. 1960)
1874 Clemens von Pirquet, Austrian pediatrician and immunologist (d. 1929)
1873 J. E. H. MacDonald, English-Canadian painter (d. 1932)
1872 Anton Korošec, Slovenian priest and politician, tenth Prime Minister of Yugoslavia (d. 1940)
1869 Carl Schuhmann, German gymnast, wrestler, and weightlifter (d. 1946)
1867 Hugh Trumble, Australian cricketer and accountant (d. 1938)
1863 Upendrakishore Ray Chowdhury, Bengali writer, painter, violin player and composer, technologist and entrepreneur (d. 1915)
1859 William Alden Smith, American lawyer and politician (d. 1932)
1859 Frank Wilson, English-Australian politician, ninth Premier of Western Australia (d. 1918)
1850 Henry Cabot Lodge, American historian and politician (d. 1924)
1850 Frederick Holder, Australian politician, 19th Premier of South Australia (d. 1909)
1845 Gabriel Fauré, French pianist, composer, and educator (d. 1924)
1842 Jules Massenet, French composer (d. 1912)
1840 Alejandro Gorostiaga, Chilean colonel (d. 1912)
1839 Tôn Thất Thuyết, Vietnamese mandarin (d. 1913)
1829 Pavlos Carrer, Greek composer and educator (d. 1896)
1828 Dante Gabriel Rossetti, English poet and painter (d. 1882)
1825 Orélie-Antoine de Tounens, French lawyer and explorer (d. 1878)
1820 Florence Nightingale, Italian-English nurse, social reformer, and statistician (d. 1910)
1814 Adolf von Henselt, German pianist and composer (d. 1889)
1812 Edward Lear, English poet and illustrator (d. 1888)
1806 Johan Vilhelm Snellman, Finnish philosopher and politician (d. 1881)
1804 Robert Baldwin, Canadian lawyer and politician, third Premier of West Canada (d. 1858)
1803 Justus von Liebig, German chemist and academic (d. 1873)
1777 Mary Reibey, Australian businesswoman (d. 1855)
1774 Ellis Cunliffe Lister, English politician (d. 1853)
1767 Manuel Godoy, Spanish field marshal and politician, Prime Minister of Spain (d. 1851)
1755 Giovanni Battista Viotti, Italian violinist and composer (d. 1824)
1754 Franz Anton Hoffmeister, German composer and publisher (d. 1812)
1739 Johann Baptist Wanhal, Czech-Austrian organist and composer (d. 1813)
1725 Louis Philippe I, Duke of Orléans (d. 1785)
1700 Luigi Vanvitelli, Italian architect and engineer, designed the Palace of Caserta and Royal Palace of Milan (d. 1773)
1670 Augustus II the Strong, Polish king (d. 1733)
1626 Louis Hennepin, Flemish priest and missionary (d. 1705)
1622 Louis de Buade de Frontenac, French-Canadian soldier and politician, third Governor General of New France (d. 1698)
1606 Joachim von Sandrart, German art-historian and painter (d. 1688)
1496 Gustav I of Sweden (d. 1560)
1479 Pompeo Colonna, Catholic cardinal (d. 1532)
1401 Emperor Shōkō of Japan (d. 1428)
1325 Rupert II, Elector Palatine (d. 1398)