Famous People Born on May 10, May 10 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on May 10. Famous birthdays for the 10th of May. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on May 10. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 10th of May?
Which celebrities are born in May?
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What famous person has a birthday on May 10?

May 10 Birthdays, Famous People born on May 10th

Year Name
1998 Priscilla Hon, Australian tennis player
1996 Tyus Jones, American basketball player
1996 Kateřina Siniaková, Czech tennis player
1995 Missy Franklin, American swimmer
1995 Gabriella Papadakis, French ice dancer
1990 Salvador Pérez, Venezuelan baseball player
1990 Ivana Španović, Serbian long jumper
1987 Wilson Chandler, American basketball player
1985 Ryan Getzlaf, Canadian ice hockey player
1985 Jon Schofield, English canoe racer
1984 Edward Mujica, Venezuelan baseball player
1983 Gustav Fridolin, Swedish journalist and politician, Swedish Minister of Education
1981 Samuel Dalembert, Haitian-Canadian basketball player
1981 Humberto Suazo, Chilean footballer
1978 Bruno Cheyrou, French footballer
1978 Kenan Thompson, American actor and comedian
1975 Hélio Castroneves, Brazilian race car driver
1975 Adam Deadmarsh, Canadian-American ice hockey player
1974 Sylvain Wiltord, French footballer
1973 Joshua Eagle, Australian tennis player
1973 Ollie le Roux, South African rugby player
1972 Christian Wörns, German footballer
1971 Ådne Søndrål, Norwegian speed skater
1970 Gabriela Montero, Venezuelan-American pianist
1970 David Weir, Scottish footballer
1969 Dennis Bergkamp, Dutch footballer and manager
1969 John Scalzi, American author and blogger
1968 Al Murray, English comedian and television host
1968 Tatyana Shikolenko, Russian javelin thrower
1967 Eion Crossan, New Zealand rugby player
1966 Jonathan Edwards, English triple jumper
1965 Linda Evangelista, Canadian model
1963 Lisa Nowak, American commander and astronaut
1963 Debbie Wiseman, English composer and conductor
1960 Bono, Irish singer-songwriter, musician and activist
1960 Dean Heller, American lawyer and politician, United States Senator from Nevada, Secretary of State of Nevada
1960 Merlene Ottey, Jamaican-Slovenian runner
1959 Victoria Rowell, American actress
1959 Danny Schayes, American basketball player
1959 Cindy Hyde-Smith, American politician, United States Senator from Mississippi, Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce
1958 Gaétan Boucher, Canadian speed skater
1958 Rick Santorum, American lawyer and politician, United States Senator from Pennsylvania
1957 Sid Vicious, English singer and bass player (d. 1979)
1956 Vladislav Listyev, Russian journalist (d. 1995)
1955 Mark David Chapman, American murderer
1954 Mike Hagarty, American Actor
1952 Sly Dunbar, Jamaican drummer
1949 Miuccia Prada, Italian fashion designer
1947 Caroline B. Cooney, American author
1946 Donovan, Scottish singer-songwriter
1946 Graham Gouldman, English guitarist and songwriter
1946 Dave Mason, English singer-songwriter and guitarist
1944 Jim Abrahams, American director, producer, and screenwriter
1944 Marie-France Pisier, French actress, director, and screenwriter (d. 2011)
1942 Jim Calhoun, American basketball player and coach
1940 Arthur Alexander, American country-soul singer-songwriter (d. 1993)
1940 Wayne Dyer, American author and educator (d. 2015)
1938 Manuel Santana, Spanish tennis player (d. 2021)
1937 Tamara Press, Ukrainian shot putter and discus thrower (d. 2021)
1935 Larry Williams, American singer-songwriter, pianist, and producer (d. 1980)
1933 Jean Becker, French actor, director, and screenwriter
1931 Ettore Scola, Italian director and screenwriter (d. 2016)
1930 George E. Smith, American physicist and engineer, Nobel Prize laureate
1929 Audun Boysen, Norwegian runner (d. 2000)
1929 George Coe, American actor and producer (d. 2015)
1929 Antonine Maillet, Canadian author and playwright
1928 Arnold Rüütel, Estonian agronomist and politician, President of Estonia
1928 Lothar Schmid, German chess player (d. 2013)
1927 Nayantara Sahgal, Indian author
1926 Hugo Banzer, Bolivian general and politician, President of Bolivia (d. 2002)
1923 Heydar Aliyev, Azerbaijan general and politician, President of Azerbaijan (d. 2003)
1923 Otar Korkia, Georgian basketball player and coach (d. 2005)
1922 David Azrieli, Polish-Canadian businessman and philanthropist (d. 2014)
1922 Nancy Walker, American actress, singer, and director (d. 1992)
1920 Basil Kelly, Northern Irish barrister, judge and politician (d. 2008)
1920 Bert Weedon, English guitarist (d. 2012)
1919 Ella T. Grasso, Governor of Connecticut (d. 1981)
1918 T. Berry Brazelton, American pediatrician and author (d. 2018)
1918 Desmond MacNamara, Irish painter, sculptor, and author (d. 2008)
1916 Milton Babbitt, American composer and educator (d. 2011)
1915 Denis Thatcher, English soldier and businessman, Spouse of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (d. 2003)
1911 Bel Kaufman, American author and educator (d. 2014)
1909 Maybelle Carter, American autoharp player (d. 1978)
1908 Carl Albert, American lawyer and politician, 54th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (d. 2000)
1905 Markos Vamvakaris, Greek singer-songwriter and bouzouki player (d. 1972)
1903 Otto Bradfisch, German economist, jurist, and SS officer (d. 1994)
1902 David O. Selznick, American director and producer (d. 1965)
1901 John Desmond Bernal, Irish-English crystallographer and physicist (d. 1971)
1901 Hildrus Poindexter, American bacteriologist (d. 1987)
1900 Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, English-American astronomer and astrophysicist (d. 1979)
1899 Fred Astaire, American actor, singer, and dancer (d. 1987)
1898 Ariel Durant, American historian and author (d. 1981)
1897 Einar Gerhardsen, Norwegian politician, Prime Minister of Norway (d. 1987)
1895 Joe Murphy (Irish republican) Irish Hunger Striker (d. 1920)
1894 Dimitri Tiomkin, Ukrainian-American composer and conductor (d. 1979)
1893 Tonita Peña, San Ildefonso Pueblo (Native American) artist (d. 1949)
1891 Mahmoud Mokhtar, Egyptian sculptor and academic (d. 1934)
1890 Alfred Jodl, German general (d. 1946)
1888 Max Steiner, Austrian-American composer and conductor (d. 1971)
1886 Karl Barth, Swiss theologian and author (d. 1968)
1879 Symon Petliura, Ukrainian journalist and politician (d. 1926)
1878 Konstantinos Parthenis, Greek painter (d. 1967)
1878 Gustav Stresemann, German journalist and politician, Chancellor of Germany, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1929)
1876 Ivan Cankar, Slovenian poet and playwright (d. 1918)
1872 Marcel Mauss, French sociologist and anthropologist (d. 1950)
1855 Yukteswar Giri, Indian guru and educator (d. 1936)
1847 Wilhelm Killing, German mathematician and academic (d. 1923)
1843 Benito Pérez Galdós, Spanish author and playwright (d. 1920)
1841 James Gordon Bennett, Jr., American publisher and broadcaster (d. 1918)
1838 John Wilkes Booth, American actor, assassin of Abraham Lincoln (d. 1865)
1813 Montgomery Blair, American lieutenant and politician, 20th United States Postmaster General (d. 1883)
1812 William Henry Barlow, English engineer (d. 1902)
1788 Augustin-Jean Fresnel, French physicist and engineer (d. 1827)
1770 Louis-Nicolas Davout, French general and politician, French Minister of War (d. 1823)
1760 Johann Peter Hebel, German author and poet (d. 1826)
1760 Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle, French captain, engineer, and composer (d. 1836)
1755 Robert Gray, American captain and explorer (d. 1806)
1727 Anne-Robert-Jacques Turgot, Baron de Laune, French economist and politician (d. 1781)
1697 Jean-Marie Leclair, French violinist and composer (d. 1764)
1604 Jean Mairet, French author and playwright (d. 1686)
1491 Suzanne, Duchess of Bourbon (d. 1521)
955 Al-Aziz Billah, Fatimid caliph (d. 996)
874 Meng Zhixiang, Chinese general and emperor (d. 934)[57]