Historical Events on October 10, Special Events on This Day

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What happened on October 10th in history?
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What happened in history on October 10th?

What Happened on October 10th This Day in History

Year Name
2022 Ben S. Bernanke, Douglas W. Diamond and Philip H. Dybvig are jointly awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.
2018 Hurricane Michael makes landfall in the Florida Panhandle as a catastrophic Category 5 hurricane. It kills 57 people in the United States, 45 in Florida, and causes an estimated $25.1 billion in damage.
2015 Twin bomb blasts in the Turkish capital Ankara kill 109 and injure 500+.
2010 The Netherlands Antilles are dissolved as a country.
2009 Armenia and Turkey sign the Zurich Protocols, intended to normalize relations. However, they are never ratified by either side.
2007 Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor becomes the first Malaysian in space on board Soyuz TMA-11.
2002 Iraq War: The United States Congress approves the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002.
1998 A Lignes Aériennes Congolaises jetliner is shot down by rebels in Kindu, Democratic Republic of the Congo, killing 41 people.
1997 Austral Líneas Aéreas Flight 2553 crashes and explodes in Uruguay, killing 74.
1986 A 5.7 Mw  San Salvador earthquake shakes El Salvador, killing 1,500.
1985 US Navy aircraft intercept an Egyptian airliner carrying the perpetrators of the Achille Lauro hijacking, and force it to land in Italy.
1980 The 7.1 Mw  El Asnam earthquake shakes northern Algeria, killing 2,633 and injuring 8,369.
1980 The Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front is founded in El Salvador.
1979 The Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant began operations in Eurajoki, Satakunta, Finland.
1975 Papua New Guinea joins the United Nations.
1973 U.S. Vice President Spiro Agnew resigns after being charged with evasion of federal income tax.
1970 Fiji becomes independent.
1970 Canada's October Crisis escalates when Quebec Vice Premier Pierre Laporte is kidnapped by members of the Front de libération du Québec.
1967 The Outer Space Treaty comes into force.
1964 The Tokyo Summer Olympics opening ceremony is the first to be relayed live by satellites.
1963 France cedes control of the Bizerte naval base to Tunisia.
1963 The Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty comes into effect.
1957 U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower apologizes to Ghanaian finance minister Komla Agbeli Gbedemah after he is refused service in a Delaware restaurant.
1957 The Windscale fire results in Britain's worst nuclear accident.
1954 The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Sultanate of Muscat, Neil Innes, sends a signal to the Sultanate's forces, accompanied with oil explorers, to penetrate Fahud, marking the beginning of Jebel Akhdar War between the Imamate of Oman and the Sultanate of Muscat.
1945 The Double Tenth Agreement is signed by the Communist Party and the Kuomintang about the future of China.
1938 Abiding by the Munich Agreement, Czechoslovakia completes its withdrawal from the Sudetenland.
1935 In Greece, a coup d'état ends the Second Hellenic Republic.
1933 A United Airlines Boeing 247 is destroyed by sabotage, the first such proven case in the history of commercial aviation.
1928 Chiang Kai-shek becomes Chairman of the Republic of China.
1920 The Carinthian plebiscite determines that the larger part of the Duchy of Carinthia should remain part of Austria.
1918 RMS Leinster is torpedoed and sunk by UB-123, killing 564, the worst-ever on the Irish Sea.[4]
1913 U.S. President Woodrow Wilson triggers the explosion of the Gamboa Dike, completing major construction on the Panama Canal.
1911 The day after a bomb explodes prematurely, the Wuchang Uprising begins against the Chinese monarchy.
1903 The Women's Social and Political Union is founded in support of the enfranchisement of British women.
1868 The Ten Years' War begins against Spanish rule in Cuba.
1846 Triton, the largest moon of the planet Neptune, is discovered by English astronomer William Lassell.
1845 In Annapolis, Maryland, the Naval School (later the United States Naval Academy) opens with 50 students.
1814 War of 1812: The United States Revenue Marine attempts to defend the cutter Eagle from the Royal Navy.
1780 The Great Hurricane of 1780 kills 20,000–30,000 in the Caribbean.
1760 In a treaty with the Dutch colonial authorities, the Ndyuka people of Suriname
1631 Thirty Years' War: An army of the Electorate of Saxony seizes Prague.
1580 Over 600 Papal troops land in Ireland to support the Second Desmond Rebellion.
1575 Roman Catholic forces under Henry I, Duke of Guise, defeat the Protestants, capturing Philippe de Mornay among others.
1492 The crew of Christopher Columbus's ship, the Santa Maria, attempt a mutiny.
1471 Sten Sture the Elder, the Regent of Sweden, with the help of farmers and miners, repels an attack by King Christian I of Denmark.
732 Charles Martel's forces defeat an Umayyad army near Tours, France.
680 The Battle of Karbala marks the Martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali.
Famous People Born on October 10

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Year Name
1996 Genesis Cabrera, Dominican baseball player
1914 Ivory Joe Hunter, American singer-songwriter and pianist (d. 1974)
1678 John Campbell, 2nd Duke of Argyll, Scottish general and politician, Lord High Commissioner to the Parliament of Scotland (d. 1743)
1938 Leroy Hood, American biologist and academic
1906 Fei Mu, Chinese director and screenwriter (d. 1951)
1968 Bart Brentjens, Dutch cyclist
1980 Elvis Hammond, Ghanaian footballer
1819 Heinrich Joseph Dominicus Denzinger, German theologian and author (d. 1883)
1967 Michael Giacchino, American composer
1983 Nikos Spyropoulos, Greek footballer
Famous People Deaths On October 10

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Date Name
1795 Francesco Antonio Zaccaria, Italian historian and theologian (b. 1714)
2000 Sirimavo Bandaranaike, Sri Lankan lawyer and politician, 6th Prime Minister of Sri Lanka (b. 1916)
2010 Solomon Burke, American singer-songwriter and preacher (b. 1940)
1974 Werner Heyking, Danish actor (b. 1913)
2016 Donn Fendler, American author and speaker (b. 1926)
1978 Ralph Marterie, Italian-American trumpet player and bandleader (b. 1914)
1964 Eddie Cantor, American singer-songwriter, dancer, and actor (b. 1892)
1957 Karl Genzken, German physician (b. 1885)
1359 Hugh IV of Cyprus (b. 1295)
2006 Michael John Rogers, English ornithologist and academic (b. 1932)