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What happened on October 7th in history?
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What happened in history on October 7th?

What Happened on October 7th This Day in History

Year Name
3761 The epoch reference date (start) of the modern Hebrew calendar.
2022 10 people die and 8 are injured in an explosion at petrol station in Creeslough.
2022 Ales Bialiatski, along with two organisations; Memorial & Center for Civil Liberties are awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
2016 In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, the death toll rises to over 800.
2008 Asteroid 2008 TC3 impacts the Earth over Sudan, the first time an asteroid impact is detected prior to its entry into earth's atmosphere.
2008 Qantas Flight 72 experiences an in-flight upset near Learmonth, Victoria, Australia, injuring 112.
2002 The Space Shuttle Atlantis launches on STS-112 to continue assembly of the International Space Station.
2001 The U.S. invasion of Afghanistan begins with an air assault and covert operations on the ground, starting the longest war in American history.
2000 Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Hezbollah militants capture three Israeli Defense Force soldiers in a cross-border raid.
1998 Matthew Shepard, a gay student at the University of Wyoming, is found tied to a fence after being savagely beaten by two young adults in Laramie, Wyoming. He dies five days later.
1996 Fox News Channel begins broadcasting.
1993 The flood of '93 ends at St. Louis, Missouri, 103 days after it began, as the Mississippi River falls below flood stage.
1991 Croatian War of Independence: Bombing of Banski dvori in Zagreb, Croatia.
1988 A hunter discovers three gray whales trapped under the ice near Alaska; the situation becomes a multinational effort to free the whales.
1987 Sikh nationalists declare the independence of Khalistan from India; it is not internationally recognized.
1987 Fiji becomes a republic.
1985 The Mameyes landslide kills almost 200 people in Puerto Rico.
1985 Four men from the Palestine Liberation Front hijack the MS Achille Lauro off the coast of Egypt.
1977 The Fourth Soviet Constitution is adopted.
1963 President Kennedy signs the ratification of the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.
1963 Buddhist crisis: Amid worsening relations, outspoken South Vietnamese First Lady Madame Ngo Dinh Nhu arrives in the US for a speaking tour, continuing a flurry of attacks on the Kennedy administration.
1961 A Douglas Dakota IV operated by Derby Aviation (later renamed to British Midland International) crashes in Canigou, France, killing 34 people.
1959 The Soviet probe Luna 3 transmits the first-ever photographs of the far side of the Moon.
1958 The 1958 Pakistani coup d'état inaugurates a prolonged period of military rule.
1958 The U.S. manned space-flight project is renamed to Project Mercury.
1950 Mother Teresa establishes the Missionaries of Charity.
1949 The communist German Democratic Republic (East Germany) is formed.
1944 World War II: During an uprising at Birkenau concentration camp, Jewish prisoners burn down Crematorium IV.
1940 World War II: The McCollum memo proposes bringing the United States into the war in Europe by provoking the Japanese to attack the United States.
1933 Air France is inaugurated, after being formed by a merger of five French airlines.
1929 Photius II becomes Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople.
1924 Andreas Michalakopoulos becomes prime minister of Greece for a short period of time.
1919 KLM, the flag carrier of the Netherlands, is founded. It is the oldest airline still operating under its original name.
1916 Georgia Tech defeats Cumberland University 222–0 in the most lopsided college football game in American history.
1913 Ford Motor Company introduces the first moving vehicle assembly line.
1912 The Helsinki Stock Exchange sees its first transaction.
1879 Germany and Austria-Hungary sign the "Twofold Covenant" and create the Dual Alliance.
1870 Franco-Prussian War: Léon Gambetta escapes the siege of Paris in a hot-air balloon.
1868 Cornell University holds opening day ceremonies; initial student enrollment is 412, the highest at any American university to that date.
1864 American Civil War: A US Navy ship captures a Confederate raider in a Brazilian seaport.
1840 Willem II becomes King of the Netherlands.
1828 Morea expedition: The city of Patras, Greece, is liberated by the French expeditionary force.
1826 The Granite Railway begins operations as the first chartered railway in the U.S.
1800 French corsair Robert Surcouf, commander of the 18-gun ship La Confiance, captures the British 38-gun Kent.
1780 American Revolutionary War: American militia defeat royalist irregulars led by British major Patrick Ferguson at the Battle of Kings Mountain in South Carolina, often regarded as the turning point in the war's Southern theater.
1777 American Revolutionary War: The Americans defeat British forces under general John Burgoyne in the Second Battle of Saratoga, also known as the Battle of Bemis Heights, compelling Burgoyne's eventual surrender.
1763 King George III issues the Royal Proclamation of 1763, closing Indigenous lands in North America north and west of the Alleghenies to white settlements.
1691 The charter for the Province of Massachusetts Bay is issued.
1571 The Battle of Lepanto is fought, and the Ottoman Navy suffers its first defeat.
1513 War of the League of Cambrai: Spain defeats Venice.
1477 Uppsala University is inaugurated after receiving its corporate rights from Pope Sixtus IV in February the same year.
1403 Venetian–Genoese wars: The Genoese fleet under a French admiral is defeated by a Venetian fleet at the Battle of Modon.
Famous People Born on October 7

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Year Name
1961 Tony Sparano, American football player and coach (d. 2018)
1956 Brian Sutter, Canadian ice hockey player and coach
1975 Tim Minchin, English-Australian comedian, actor, and singer
1849 James Whitcomb Riley, American poet and author (d. 1916)
1985 Evan Longoria, American baseball player
1786 Louis-Joseph Papineau, Canadian lawyer and politician (d. 1871)
1937 Chet Powers, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1994)
1939 Bill Snyder, American football player and coach
1937 Maria Szyszkowska, Polish academic and politician
1961 Brian Mannix, Australian singer-songwriter
Famous People Deaths On October 7

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Date Name
1259 Ezzelino III da Romano, Italian ruler
1772 John Woolman, American preacher and abolitionist (b. 1720)
2014 Nika Kiladze, Georgian footballer (b. 1988)
1939 Harvey Williams Cushing, American neurosurgeon and academic (b. 1869)
2001 Herblock, American cartoonist and author (b. 1909)
1993 Cyril Cusack, South African-born Irish actor (b. 1910)
1620 Stanisław Żółkiewski, Polish-Lithuanian commander (b. 1547)
1951 Anton Philips, Dutch businessman, co-founded Philips (b. 1874)
1996 Lou Lichtveld, Surinamese-Dutch author, playwright, and politician (b. 1903)
2006 Julen Goikoetxea, Spanish cyclist (b. 1985)