Famous Deaths on October 10, Who Died on October 10

Here is a list who died on October 10. Famous deaths for the 10th of October. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on October 10. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in October 10th?
Who died on the 10th October?
Who died on October 10?

Date Name
0019 Germanicus, Roman general (b. 15 BC)
1149 Al-Hafiz, Fatimid imam-caliph (b. 1074/77)
1213 Frederick II, Duke of Lorraine
1308 Patrick Dunbar, 8th Earl of Dunbar
1359 Hugh IV of Cyprus (b. 1295)
1503 Peter II, Duke of Bourbon (b. 1438)
1581 Bayinnaung, Burmese king (b. 1516)
1659 Abel Tasman, Dutch merchant and explorer (b. 1603)
1691 Isaac de Benserade, French author and poet (b. 1613)
1708 David Gregory, Scottish mathematician and astronomer (b. 1659)
1714 Pierre Le Pesant, sieur de Boisguilbert, French economist and academic (b. 1646)
1720 Antoine Coysevox, French sculptor (b. 1640)
1723 William Cowper, 1st Earl Cowper, English lawyer and politician, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain (b. 1665)
1725 Philippe de Rigaud Vaudreuil, French politician, Governor of New France (b. 1643)
1747 John Potter, English archbishop and academic (b. 1674)
1759 Granville Elliott, English general (b. 1713)
1765 Lionel Sackville, 1st Duke of Dorset, English politician, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (b. 1688)
1795 Francesco Antonio Zaccaria, Italian historian and theologian (b. 1714)
1800 Gabriel Prosser, American rebel leader (b. 1776)
1806 Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia (b. 1772)
1827 Ugo Foscolo, Italian author and poet (b. 1778)
1837 Charles Fourier, French philosopher and academic (b. 1772)
1857 George Washington Parke Custis, American author and playwright (b. 1781)
1872 William H. Seward, American lawyer and politician, 24th United States Secretary of State (b. 1801)
1875 Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy, Russian author, poet, and playwright (b. 1817)
1876 Charles Joseph Sainte-Claire Deville, French geologist and meteorologist (b. 1814)
1893 Lip Pike, American baseball player and manager (b. 1845)
1901 Lorenzo Snow, American religious leader, 5th President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (b. 1814)
1913 Adolphus Busch, German-American brewer and businessman, co-founded Anheuser-Busch (b. 1839)
1914 Carol I of Romania (b. 1839)
1918 Henry Dobson, Australian politician, 17th Premier of Tasmania (b. 1841)
1922 Andreas Karkavitsas, Greek physician and author (b. 1866)
1927 August Kitzberg, Estonian author and playwright (b. 1855)
1930 Adolf Engler, German botanist and academic (b. 1844)
1935 Gustave Loiseau, French painter (b. 1865)
1940 Berton Churchill, Canadian-American actor and singer (b. 1876)
1942 Arnold Majewski, Finnish military hero of Polish descent (killed in action) (b. 1892)
1948 Ted Horn, American race car driver (b. 1910)
1949 Chikuhei Nakajima, Japanese engineer, businessman, and politician, founded Nakajima Aircraft Company (b. 1884)
1953 Erima Harvey Northcroft, New Zealand general, lawyer, and judge (b. 1884)
1957 Karl Genzken, German physician (b. 1885)
1962 Stancho Belkovski, Bulgarian-Polish architect (b. 1891)
1963 Roy Cazaly, Australian footballer and coach (b. 1893)
1964 Eddie Cantor, American singer-songwriter, dancer, and actor (b. 1892)
1966 Charlotte Cooper, English-Scottish tennis player (b. 1870)
1970 Édouard Daladier, French captain and politician, 105th Prime Minister of France (b. 1884)
1971 John Cawte Beaglehole, New Zealand historian and scholar (b. 1901)
1973 Ludwig von Mises, Ukrainian-American economist and sociologist (b. 1881)
1974 Werner Heyking, Danish actor (b. 1913)
1976 Silvana Armenulić, Bosnian singer and actress (b. 1939)
1977 Angelo Muscat, Maltese-English actor (b. 1930)
1978 Ralph Marterie, Italian-American trumpet player and bandleader (b. 1914)
1979 Christopher Evans, English psychologist, computer scientist, and author (b. 1931)
1982 Jean Effel, French painter and journalist (b. 1908)
1983 Ralph Richardson, English actor (b. 1902)
1985 Yul Brynner, Russian actor (b. 1920)
1986 Gleb Wataghin, Ukrainian-Italian physicist and academic (b. 1899)
1987 Behice Boran, Turkish Marxist politician, author and sociologist (b. 1910)
1990 Tom Murton, American penologist and activist (b. 1928)
1991 Nickolaus Hirschl, Austrian wrestler, discus thrower, and shot putter (b. 1906)
1997 Michael J. S. Dewar, Indian-born American theoretical chemist who developed the Dewar–Chatt–Duncanson model (b. 1918)
1998 Clark Clifford, American captain, lawyer, and politician 9th United States Secretary of Defense (b. 1906)
2000 Sirimavo Bandaranaike, Sri Lankan lawyer and politician, 6th Prime Minister of Sri Lanka (b. 1916)
2001 Eddie Futch, American boxer and trainer (b. 1911)
2003 Eila Hiltunen, Finnish sculptor (b. 1922)
2004 Ken Caminiti, American baseball player (b. 1963)
2005 Wayne C. Booth, American educator and critic (b. 1921)
2006 Michael John Rogers, English ornithologist and academic (b. 1932)
2008 Kazuyoshi Miura, Japanese businessman (b. 1947)
2009 Stephen Gately, Irish singer-songwriter, dancer, and actor (b. 1976)
2010 Solomon Burke, American singer-songwriter and preacher (b. 1940)
2011 Jagjit Singh, Indian singer-songwriter (b. 1941)
2012 Sam Gibbons, American captain and politician (b. 1920)
2013 Scott Carpenter, American commander, pilot, and astronaut (b. 1925)
2014 Olav Dale, Norwegian saxophonist and composer (b. 1958)
2015 Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, Nigerian politician, Governor of Bayelsa State (b. 1952)
2016 Donn Fendler, American author and speaker (b. 1926)
2021 Abdul Qadeer Khan, Pakistani nuclear physicist and metallurgical scientist (b. 1936)
2022 Mulayam Singh Yadav, Indian politician, 15th Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh (b. 1939)
644 Paulinus of York, English bishop and missionary
680 Abbas ibn Ali, son of Imam Ali
827 Pope Valentine (b. 800)
937 Wang Lingmou, chancellor of Wu