Famous Deaths on October 21, Who Died on October 21

Here is a list who died on October 21. Famous deaths for the 21st of October. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on October 21. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in October 21st?
Who died on the 21st October?
Who died on October 21?

Date Name
1023 Gero, Archbishop of Magdeburg
1096 Walter Sans Avoir, a leader of the First Crusade
1125 Cosmas of Prague, Bohemian priest and historian (b. 1045)
1204 Robert de Beaumont, 4th Earl of Leicester, English politician
1221 Alix, Duchess of Brittany (b. 1201)
1266 Birger Jarl, Swedish politician (b. 1210)
1314 Geoffrey de Geneville, 1st Baron Geneville
1422 Charles VI of France (b. 1368)
1500 Emperor Go-Tsuchimikado of Japan (b. 1442)
1505 Paul Scriptoris, German mathematician and educator (b. 1460)
1556 Pietro Aretino, Italian author (b. 1492)
1558 Julius Caesar Scaliger, Italian physician and scholar (b. 1484)
1600 Ōtani Yoshitsugu, Japanese samurai (b. 1558)
1623 William Wade, English politician and diplomat, Lieutenant of the Tower of London (b. 1546)
1662 Henry Lawes, English pianist and composer (b. 1595)
1687 Edmund Waller, English poet and politician (b. 1606)
1765 Giovanni Paolo Panini, Italian painter and architect (b. 1691)
1775 Peyton Randolph, American lawyer and politician, 1st President of the Continental Congress (b. 1721)
1777 Samuel Foote, English actor and playwright (b. 1720)
1805 John Cooke, English captain (b. 1763)
1821 Dorothea Ackermann, German actress (b. 1752)
1835 Muthuswami Dikshitar, Indian poet and composer (b. 1775)
1861 Edward Dickinson Baker, American congressman and colonel (b. 1811)
1872 Jacques Babinet, French physicist, mathematician, and astronomer (b. 1794)
1873 Johan Sebastian Welhaven, Norwegian author, poet, and critic (b. 1807)
1896 James Henry Greathead, South African-English engineer (b. 1844)
1903 Jinmaku Kyūgorō, Japanese sumo wrestler, the 12th Yokozuna (b. 1829)
1904 Isabelle Eberhardt, Swiss explorer and journalist (b. 1877)
1907 Jules Chevalier, French priest, founded the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (b. 1824)
1931 Arthur Schnitzler, Austrian author and playwright (b. 1862)
1938 Dorothy Hale, American actress (b. 1905)
1940 William G. Conley, American journalist, lawyer, and politician, 18th Governor of West Virginia (b. 1866)
1941 Alexander Greenlaw Hamilton, Australian biologist (b. 1852)
1944 Alois Kayser, German-French missionary (b. 1877)
1952 Hans Merensky, South African geologist and philanthropist (b. 1871)
1963 Józef Franczak, Polish sergeant (b. 1918)
1965 Bill Black, American bass player and bandleader (b. 1926)
1969 Jack Kerouac, American novelist and poet (b. 1922)
1970 Li Linsi, Chinese educator and diplomat (b. 1896)
1971 Minnie Evans, American artist (b. 1888)
1973 Nasif Estéfano, Argentinian race car driver (b. 1932)
1975 Charles Reidpath, American runner and general (b. 1887)
1977 Ferit Tüzün, Turkish composer (b. 1929)
1978 Anastas Mikoyan, Armenian-Russian civil servant and politician (b. 1895)
1980 Hans Asperger, Austrian physician and psychologist (b. 1906)
1982 Radka Toneff, Norwegian singer-songwriter (b. 1952)
1983 Joseph P. Lordi, American government official (b. 1919)
1984 François Truffaut, French actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1932)
1985 Dan White, American assassin and politician (b. 1946)
1986 Lionel Murphy, Australian jurist and politician, 22nd Attorney-General of Australia (b. 1922)
1989 Jean Image, Hungarian-French director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1910)
1990 Dany Chamoun, Lebanese engineer and politician (b. 1934)
1991 Lorenc Antoni, Albanian composer, conductor, and musicologist (b. 1909)
1992 Ante Ciliga, Croatian politician, writer and publisher (b. 1898)
1993 Sam Zolotow, American journalist and critic (b. 1899)
1995 Maxene Andrews, American singer (b. 1916)
1996 Georgios Zoitakis, Greek general and politician (b. 1910)
1998 Francis W. Sargent, American soldier and politician, 64th Governor of Massachusetts (b. 1915)
1999 Lars Bo, Danish author and illustrator (b. 1924)
2002 Edward J. Mortola, American academic and president of Pace University (b. 1917)
2003 Louise Day Hicks, American politician (b. 1916)
2006 Sandy West, American singer-songwriter and drummer (b. 1959)
2007 Paul Fox, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1951)
2010 A. Ayyappan, Indian poet and translator (b. 1949)
2011 Hikmet Bilâ, Turkish journalist and author (b. 1954)
2012 Yash Chopra, Indian director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1932)
2013 Bud Adams, American businessman (b. 1923)
2014 Ben Bradlee, American journalist and author (b. 1921)
2015 France Bučar, Slovenian lawyer and politician (b. 1923)
2020 Frank Bough, English television presenter (b. 1933)
2021 Bernard Haitink, Dutch conductor and violinist (b. 1929)
645 Zhenzhu Khan, khan of Xueyantuo