Famous Deaths on October 15, Who Died on October 15

Here is a list who died on October 15. Famous deaths for the 15th of October. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on October 15. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in October 15th?
Who died on the 15th October?
Who died on October 15?

Date Name
1002 Otto-Henry, Duke of Burgundy (b. 946)
1080 Rudolf of Rheinfelden (b. 1025)
1173 Petronilla of Aragon (b. 1135)
1240 Razia Sultana, sultan of Delhi (b. 1205)
1243 Hedwig of Silesia, Polish saint (b. 1174)
1326 Walter de Stapledon, English bishop and politician, Lord High Treasurer (b. 1261)
1385 Dionysius I, Metropolitan of Moscow
1389 Pope Urban VI (b. 1318)
1404 Marie Valois, French princess (b. 1344)
1496 Gilbert, Count of Montpensier (b. 1443)
1564 Andreas Vesalius, Belgian-Greek anatomist, physician, and author (b. 1514)
1674 Robert Herrick, English poet (b. 1591)
1684 Géraud de Cordemoy, French historian, philosopher and lawyer (b. 1626)
1690 Juan de Valdés Leal, Spanish painter and illustrator (b. 1622)
1715 Humphry Ditton, English mathematician and philosopher (b. 1675)
1788 Samuel Greig, Scottish-Russian admiral (b. 1735)
1810 Alfred Moore, American captain and judge (b. 1755)
1811 Nathaniel Dance-Holland, English painter and politician (b. 1735)
1817 Tadeusz Kościuszko, Polish-Lithuanian general and engineer (b. 1746)
1819 Sergey Vyazmitinov, Russian general and politician, War Governor of Saint Petersburg (b. 1744)
1820 Karl Philipp, Prince of Schwarzenberg (b. 1771)
1837 Ivan Dmitriev, Russian poet and politician, Russian Minister of Justice (b. 1760)
1838 Letitia Elizabeth Landon, English poet and novelist (b. 1802)
1891 Gilbert Arthur à Beckett, English author and songwriter (b. 1837)
1900 Zdeněk Fibich, Czech pianist and composer (b. 1850)
1910 Stanley Ketchel, American boxer (b. 1886)
1917 Mata Hari, Dutch dancer and spy (b. 1876)
1918 Sai Baba of Shirdi, Indian guru and saint (b. 1838)
1925 Dolores Jiménez y Muro, Mexican revolutionary (b. 1848?)
1930 Herbert Henry Dow, Canadian-American businessman, founded the Dow Chemical Company (b. 1866)
1934 Raymond Poincaré, French lawyer and politician, 10th President of France (b. 1860)
1940 Lluís Companys, Catalan lawyer and politician, President of Catalonia (b. 1882)
1945 Pierre Laval, French lawyer and politician, 101st Prime Minister of France (b. 1883)
1946 Hermann Göring, German general and politician (b. 1893)
1948 Edythe Chapman, American actress (b. 1863)
1955 Fumio Hayasaka, Japanese composer (b. 1914)
1958 Asaf Halet Çelebi, Turkish poet and author (b. 1907)
1959 Stepan Bandera, Ukrainian soldier and politician (b. 1909)
1960 Clara Kimball Young, American actress and producer (b. 1890)
1963 Horton Smith, American golfer and captain (b. 1908)
1964 Cole Porter, American composer and songwriter (b. 1891)
1965 Abraham Fraenkel, German-Israeli mathematician and academic (b. 1891)
1966 Frederick Montague, 1st Baron Amwell, English lieutenant and politician (b. 1876)
1968 Virginia Lee Burton, American author and illustrator (b. 1909)
1976 Carlo Gambino, Italian-American mob boss (b. 1902)
1978 W. Eugene Smith, American photojournalist (b. 1918)
1980 Mikhail Lavrentyev, Russian physicist and mathematician (b. 1900)
1987 Thomas Sankara, Burkinabe captain and politician, 5th President of Burkina Faso (b. 1949)
1988 Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji, English composer, music critic, pianist and writer (b. 1892)
1989 Danilo Kiš, Serbian novelist, short story writer, essayist and translator. (b. 1935)
1990 Delphine Seyrig, French actress and director (b. 1932)
1993 Aydın Sayılı, Turkish historian and academic (b. 1913)
1994 Sarah Kofman, French philosopher and academic (b. 1934)
1995 Bengt Åkerblom, Swedish ice hockey player (b. 1967)
1999 Josef Locke, British-Irish soldier, policeman, tenor and actor (b. 1917)
2000 Konrad Emil Bloch, Polish-American biochemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1912)
2001 Chang Hsüeh-liang, Chinese general and warlord (b. 1901)
2003 Ben Metcalfe, Canadian journalist and activist (b. 1919)
2004 Per Højholt, Danish poet (b. 1928)
2005 Jason Collier, American basketball player (b. 1977)
2007 Piet Boukema, Dutch jurist and politician (b. 1933)
2008 Edie Adams, American actress and singer (b. 1927)
2009 Heinz Versteeg, Dutch-German footballer (b. 1939)
2010 Richard C. Miller, American photographer (b. 1912)
2011 Betty Driver, English actress, singer, and author (b. 1920)
2012 Claude Cheysson, French lieutenant and politician, French Minister of Foreign Affairs (b. 1920)
2013 Donald Bailey, American drummer (b. 1933)
2014 Giovanni Reale, Italian philosopher and historian (b. 1931)
2015 Sergei Filippenkov, Russian footballer and manager (b. 1971)
2017 Chinggoy Alonzo, Filipino theater, movie & television actor (b. 1950)
2018 Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, philanthropist, owner of the Seattle Seahawks (b. 1953)
2021 David Amess, British politician, member of Parliament for Southend West (b. 1952)
412 Theophilus, Patriarch of Alexandria
898 Lambert of Italy (b. 880)
912 Abdullah ibn Muhammad al-Umawi, Spanish emir (b. 844)
925 Rhazes, Persian polymath (b. 864)
961 Abd-al-Rahman III, caliph of Córdoba