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What happened in history on December 8th?

What Happened on December 8th This Day in History

Year Name
2019 First confirmed case of COVID-19 in China.
2013 Riots break out in Singapore after a fatal accident in Little India.
2013 Metallica performs a show in Antarctica, making them the first band to perform on all seven continents.
2010 With the second launch of the Falcon 9 and the first launch of the Dragon, SpaceX becomes the first private company to successfully launch, orbit and recover a spacecraft.
2010 The Japanese solar-sail spacecraft IKAROS passes the planet Venus at a distance of about 80,800 km.
2009 Bombings in Baghdad, Iraq, kill 127 people and injure 448 others.
2004 The Cusco Declaration is signed in Cusco, Peru, establishing the South American Community of Nations.
2004 Columbus nightclub shooting: Nathan Gale opens fire at the Alrosa Villa nightclub in Columbus, Ohio, killing former Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell and three others before being shot dead by a police officer.
2001 A raid conducted by the Internal Security Department (ISD) of Singapore foils a Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) plot to bomb foreign embassies in Singapore.
1998 Eighty-one people are killed by armed groups in Algeria.
1992 The Galileo spacecraft flies past Earth for the second time.
1991 The leaders of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine sign an agreement dissolving the Soviet Union and establishing the Commonwealth of Independent States.
1990 The Galileo spacecraft flies past Earth for the first time.
1988 A United States Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II crashes into an apartment complex in Remscheid, Germany, killing five people and injuring 50 others.
1987 Cold War: The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty is signed by U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in the White House.
1987 An Israeli army tank transporter kills four Palestinian refugees and injures seven others during a traffic accident at the Erez Crossing on the Israel–Gaza Strip border, which has been cited as one of the events which sparked the First Intifada.
1985 The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, the regional intergovernmental organization and geopolitical union in South Asia, is established.
1980 John Lennon is murdered by Mark David Chapman in front of The Dakota in New York City.
1974 A plebiscite results in the abolition of monarchy in Greece.
1972 United Airlines Flight 553, a Boeing 737, crashes after aborting its landing attempt at Chicago Midway International Airport, killing 45. This is the first-ever loss of a Boeing 737.
1971 Indo-Pakistani War: The Indian Navy launches an attack on West Pakistan's port city of Karachi.
1969 Olympic Airways Flight 954 strikes a mountain outside of Keratea, Greece, killing 90 people in the worst crash of a Douglas DC-6 in history.
1966 The Greek ship SS Heraklion sinks in a storm in the Aegean Sea, killing over 200.
1963 Pan Am Flight 214, a Boeing 707, is struck by lightning and crashes near Elkton, Maryland, killing all 81 people on board.
1962 Workers at four New York City newspapers (this later increases to nine) go on strike for 114 days.
1955 The Flag of Europe is adopted by Council of Europe.
1953 U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower delivers his "Atoms for Peace" speech, which leads to an American program to supply equipment and information on nuclear power to schools, hospitals, and research institutions around the world.
1943 World War II: The German 117th Jäger Division destroys the monastery of Mega Spilaio in Greece and executes 22 monks and visitors as part of reprisals that culminated a few days later with the Massacre of Kalavryta.
1941 World War II: U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt declares December 7 to be "a date which will live in infamy", after which the U.S. declares war on Japan.
1941 World War II: Japanese forces simultaneously invade Shanghai International Settlement, Malaya, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and the Dutch East Indies. (See December 7 for the concurrent attack on Pearl Harbor in the Western Hemisphere.)
1922 Two days after coming into existence, the Irish Free State executes four leaders of the Irish Republican Army.
1914 World War I: A squadron of Britain's Royal Navy defeats the Imperial German East Asia Squadron in the Battle of the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic.
1912 Leaders of the German Empire hold an Imperial War Council to discuss the possibility that war might break out.
1907 King Gustaf V of Sweden accedes to the Swedish throne.
1864 Pope Pius IX promulgates the encyclical Quanta cura and its appendix, the Syllabus of Errors, outlining the authority of the Catholic Church and condemning various liberal ideas.
1854 In his Apostolic constitution Ineffabilis Deus, Pope Pius IX proclaims the dogmatic definition of Immaculate Conception, which holds that the Blessed Virgin Mary was conceived free of Original Sin.
1851 Conservative Santiago-based government troops defeat rebels at the Battle of Loncomilla, signaling the end of the 1851 Chilean Revolution.
1660 A woman (either Margaret Hughes or Anne Marshall) appears on an English public stage for the first time, in the role of Desdemona in a production of Shakespeare's play Othello.
1504 Ahmad ibn Abi Jum'ah writes his Oran fatwa, arguing for the relaxation of Islamic law requirements for the forcibly converted Muslims in Spain.
877 Louis the Stammerer (son of Charles the Bald) is crowned king of the West Frankish Kingdom at Compiègne.
757 The poet Du Fu returns to Chang'an as a member of Emperor Xuanzong's court, after having escaped the city during the An Lushan Rebellion.
395 Later Yan is defeated by its former vassal Northern Wei at the Battle of Canhe Slope.
Famous People Born on December 8

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Year Name
1994 Raheem Sterling, English footballer
1731 František Xaver Dušek, Czech pianist and composer (d. 1799)
1939 Felipe Gozon, Filipino lawyer and businessman
1937 James MacArthur, American actor (d. 2010)
1977 Anita Weyermann, Swiss runner and journalist
1807 Friedrich Traugott Kützing, German pharmacist, botanist and phycologist (d. 1893)
1948 John Waters, English-Australian actor, singer-songwriter, and guitarist
1978 Vernon Wells, American baseball player
1981 Philip Rivers, American football player
1928 Ulric Neisser, German-American psychologist, neuroscientist, and academic (d. 2012)
Famous People Deaths On December 8

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Date Name
1745 Étienne Fourmont, French orientalist and academic (b. 1683)
1991 Buck Clayton, American trumpet player and composer (b. 1911)
1971 Ernst Krenkel, Russian geographer and explorer (b. 1903)
2014 Tom Gosnell, Canadian lawyer and politician (b. 1951)
1992 William Shawn, American journalist (b. 1917)
1980 John Lennon, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1940)
1632 Philippe van Lansberge, Dutch astronomer and mathematician (b. 1561)
1999 Péter Kuczka, Hungarian poet and author (b. 1923)
1550 Gian Giorgio Trissino, Italian humanist, poet, dramatist and diplomat (b. 1478)
1779 Nathan Alcock, English physician (b. 1707)