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What happened in history on December 19th?

What Happened on December 19th This Day in History

Year Name
2016 Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov is assassinated while at an art exhibition in Ankara. The assassin, Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş, is shot and killed by a Turkish guard.
2016 A vehicular attack in Berlin, Germany, kills and injures multiple people at a Christmas market.
2013 Spacecraft Gaia is launched by European Space Agency.
2012 Park Geun-hye is elected the first female president of South Korea.
2001 A record high barometric pressure of 1,085.6 hectopascals (32.06 inHg) is recorded at Tosontsengel, Khövsgöl, Mongolia.
2001 Argentine economic crisis: December riots: Riots erupt in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2000 The Leninist Guerrilla Units wing of the Communist Labour Party of Turkey/Leninist attack a Nationalist Movement Party office in Istanbul, Turkey, killing one person and injuring three.
1998 President Bill Clinton is impeached by the United States House of Representatives, becoming the second President of the United States to be impeached.
1997 SilkAir Flight 185 crashes into the Musi River, near Palembang in Indonesia, killing 104.
1995 The United States Government restores federal recognition to the Nottawaseppi Huron Band of Potawatomi Native American tribe.
1991 Joe Cole, American roadie and author, is killed in an armed robbery
1986 Mikhail Gorbachev, leader of the Soviet Union, releases Andrei Sakharov and his wife from exile in Gorky.
1984 The Sino-British Joint Declaration, stating that China would resume the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong and the United Kingdom would restore Hong Kong to China with effect from July 1, 1997, is signed in Beijing by Deng Xiaoping and Margaret Thatcher.
1983 The original FIFA World Cup trophy, the Jules Rimet Trophy, is stolen from the headquarters of the Brazilian Football Confederation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
1981 Sixteen lives are lost when the Penlee lifeboat goes to the aid of the stricken coaster Union Star in heavy seas.
1977 The Ms  5.8 Bob–Tangol earthquake strikes Kerman Province in Iran, destroying villages and killing 665 people.
1974 Nelson Rockefeller is sworn in as Vice President of the United States under President Gerald Ford under the provisions of the 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution.
1972 Apollo program: The last crewed lunar flight, Apollo 17, carrying Eugene Cernan, Ronald Evans, and Harrison Schmitt, returns to Earth.
1967 Harold Holt, the Prime Minister of Australia, is officially presumed dead.
1961 India annexes Daman and Diu, part of Portuguese India.
1956 Irish-born physician John Bodkin Adams is arrested in connection with the suspicious deaths of more than 160 patients. Eventually he is convicted only of minor charges.
1946 Start of the First Indochina War.
1945 John Amery, British Fascist, is executed at the age of 33 by the British Government for treason.
1941 World War II: Adolf Hitler appoints himself as head of the Oberkommando des Heeres.
1941 World War II: Limpet mines placed by Italian divers heavily damage HMS Valiant and HMS Queen Elizabeth in Alexandria harbour.
1940 Risto Ryti, the Prime Minister of Finland, is elected President of the Republic of Finland in a presidential election, which is exceptionally held by the 1937 electoral college.[14]
1932 BBC World Service begins broadcasting as the BBC Empire Service.
1929 The Indian National Congress promulgates the Purna Swaraj (the Declaration of the Independence of India).
1927 Three Indian revolutionaries, Ram Prasad Bismil, Roshan Singh and Ashfaqulla Khan, are executed by the British Raj for participation in the Kakori conspiracy.
1924 The last Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost is sold in London, England.
1924 German serial killer Fritz Haarmann is sentenced to death for a series of murders.
1920 King Constantine I is restored as King of the Hellenes after the death of his son Alexander of Greece and a plebiscite.
1912 William Van Schaick, captain of the steamship General Slocum which caught fire and killed over one thousand people, is pardoned by U.S. President William Howard Taft after .mw-parser-output .frac{white-space:nowrap}.mw-parser-output .frac .num,.mw-parser-output .frac .den{font-size:80%;line-height:0;vertical-align:super}.mw-parser-output .frac .den{vertical-align:sub}.mw-parser-output .sr-only{bor
1907 Two hundred thirty-nine coal miners die in the Darr Mine Disaster in Jacobs Creek, Pennsylvania.
1900 Hopetoun Blunder: The first Governor-General of Australia John Hope, 7th Earl of Hopetoun, appoints Sir William Lyne premier of the new state of New South Wales, but he is unable to persuade other colonial politicians to join his government and is forced to resign.
1900 French parliament votes amnesty for all involved in scandalous army treason trial known as Dreyfus affair.
1828 Vice President of the United States John C. Calhoun sparks the Nullification Crisis when he anonymously publishes the South Carolina Exposition and Protest, protesting the Tariff of 1828.
1796 French Revolutionary Wars: Two British frigates under Commodore Horatio Nelson and two Spanish frigates under Commodore Don Jacobo Stuart engage in battle off the coast of Murcia.
1783 William Pitt the Younger becomes the youngest Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at 24.
1777 American Revolutionary War: George Washington's Continental Army goes into winter quarters at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.
1776 Thomas Paine publishes one of a series of pamphlets in The Pennsylvania Journal entitled "The American Crisis".
1675 The Great Swamp Fight, a pivotal battle in King Philip's War, gives the English settlers a bitterly won victory.
1606 The ships Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery depart England carrying settlers who founded, at Jamestown, Virginia, the first of the thirteen colonies that became the United States.
1562 The Battle of Dreux takes place during the French Wars of Religion.
1490 Anne, Duchess of Brittany, is married to Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor by proxy.
1187 Pope Clement III is elected.
1154 Henry II of England is crowned at Westminster Abbey.
Famous People Born on December 19

Here is a random list who born on December 19. For full list please click on the link above.

Year Name
1975 Dean Treister, Australian rugby league player
1983 Casey Crescenzo, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1926 Fikret Otyam, Turkish painter and journalist (d. 2015)
1930 Knut Helle, Norwegian historian and professor (d. 2015)
1948 Ken Brown, Canadian ice hockey player and sportscaster (d. 2022)
1964 Lorie Kane, Canadian golfer
1950 Eleanor J. Hill, American lawyer and diplomat
1934 Casper R. Taylor, Jr., American lawyer and politician
1915 Claudia Testoni, Italian hurdler, sprinter, and long jumper (d. 1998)
1944 Alvin Lee, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2013)
Famous People Deaths On December 19

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Date Name
1944 Abbas II of Egypt (b. 1874)
401 Pope Anastasius I
1940 Kyösti Kallio, Finnish politician, the 4th President of Finland (b. 1873)
966 Sancho I, king of León
1938 Stephen Warfield Gambrill, American lawyer and politician (b. 1873)
1993 Michael Clarke, American drummer (b. 1946)
1989 Stella Gibbons, English journalist, author, and poet (b. 1902)
1385 Bernabò Visconti, Lord of Milan (b. 1319)
1899 Henry Ware Lawton, American general (b. 1843)
1637 Christina of Lorraine, Grand Duchess consort of Tuscany (b. 1565)