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What happened in history on December 10th?

What Happened on December 10th This Day in History

Year Name
2021 A widespread, deadly, and violent tornado outbreak slams the Central, Midwestern, and Southern regions of the United States. Eighty-nine people are killed by the tornadoes, with most of the fatalities occurring in Kentucky, where a single tornado kills 57 people, and injures hundreds of others.
2019 The Ostrava hospital attack in the Czech Republic results in eight deaths, including the perpetrator.
2017 ISIL is defeated in Iraq.
2016 Two explosions outside a football stadium in Istanbul, Turkey, kill 38 people and injure 166 others.
2015 Rojava conflict: The Syrian Democratic Council is established in Dêrik, forming the political wing of the Syrian Democratic Forces in northeast Syria.[12][13]
2014 Palestinian minister Ziad Abu Ein is killed after the suppression of a demonstration by Israeli forces in the village (Turmus'ayya) in Ramallah.
2005 Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 crashes at Port Harcourt International Airport in Nigeria, killing 108 people.
1999 Helen Clark is sworn in as Prime Minister of New Zealand, the second woman to hold the post and the first following an election.[9]
1996 The new Constitution of South Africa is promulgated by Nelson Mandela.
1995 The Israeli army withdraws from Nablus pursuant to the terms of Oslo Accord.
1994 Rwandan genocide: Maurice Baril, military advisor to the U.N. Secretary-General and head of the Military Division of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations, recommends that UNAMIR stand down.
1993 The last shift leaves Wearmouth Colliery in Sunderland. The closure of the 156-year-old pit marks the end of the old County Durham coalfield, which had been in operation since the Middle Ages.
1989 Mongolian Revolution: At the country's first open pro-democracy public demonstration, Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj announces the establishment of the Mongolian Democratic Union.
1984 United Nations General Assembly recognizes the Convention against Torture.
1983 Democracy is restored in Argentina with the inauguration of President Raúl Alfonsín.
1979 Kaohsiung Incident: Taiwanese pro-democracy demonstrations are suppressed by the KMT dictatorship, and organizers are arrested.
1978 Arab–Israeli conflict: Prime Minister of Israel Menachem Begin and President of Egypt Anwar Sadat are jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
1968 Japan's biggest heist, the still-unsolved "300 million yen robbery", is carried out in Tokyo.
1963 Zanzibar gains independence from the United Kingdom as a constitutional monarchy, under Sultan Jamshid bin Abdullah.
1963 An assassination attempt on the British High Commissioner in Aden kills two people and wounds dozens more.
1953 British Prime Minister Winston Churchill receives the Nobel Prize in Literature.
1949 Chinese Civil War: The People's Liberation Army begins its siege of Chengdu, the last Kuomintang-held city in mainland China, forcing President of the Republic of China Chiang Kai-shek and his government to retreat to Taiwan.
1948 The Human Rights Convention is signed by the United Nations.
1942 World War II: Government of Poland in exile send Raczyński's Note (the first official report on the Holocaust) to 26 governments who signed the Declaration by United Nations.
1941 World War II: The Royal Navy capital ships HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse are sunk by Imperial Japanese Navy torpedo bombers near British Malaya.
1941 World War II: Battle of the Philippines: Imperial Japanese forces under the command of General Masaharu Homma land on Luzon.
1936 Abdication Crisis: Edward VIII signs the Instrument of Abdication.
1932 Thailand becomes a constitutional monarchy.
1909 Selma Lagerlöf becomes the first female writer to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature.
1907 The worst night of the Brown Dog riots in London, when 1,000 medical students, protesting against the existence of a memorial for animals that have been vivisected, clash with 400 police officers.
1906 U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in the mediation of the Russo-Japanese War, becoming the first American to win a Nobel Prize in any field.
1902 The opening of the reservoir of the Aswan Dam in Egypt.
1901 The first Nobel Prize ceremony is held in Stockholm on the fifth anniversary of Alfred Nobel's death.
1898 Spanish–American War: The Treaty of Paris is signed, officially ending the conflict. Spain cedes administration of Cuba to the United States, and the United States agrees to pay Spain $20 million for the Philippines.
1896 Alfred Jarry's Ubu Roi premieres in Paris. A riot breaks out at the end of the performance.
1877 Russo-Turkish War: The Russian Army captures Plevna after a 5-month siege. The garrison of 25,000 surviving Turks surrenders. The Russian victory is decisive for the outcome of the war and the Liberation of Bulgaria.
1864 American Civil War: Sherman's March to the Sea: Major General William Tecumseh Sherman's Union Army troops reach the outer Confederate defenses of Savannah, Georgia.
1861 American Civil War: The Confederate States of America accept a rival state government's pronouncement that declares Kentucky to be the 13th state of the Confederacy.
1861 Forces led by Nguyễn Trung Trực, an anti-colonial guerrilla leader in southern Vietnam, sink the French lorcha L'Esperance.
1817 Mississippi becomes the 20th U.S. state.
1799 France adopts the metre as its official unit of length.
1768 The first edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica is published.
1684 Isaac Newton's derivation of Kepler's laws from his theory of gravity, contained in the paper De motu corporum in gyrum, is read to the Royal Society by Edmond Halley.
1665 The Royal Netherlands Marine Corps is founded by Michiel de Ruyter.
1652 Defeat at the Battle of Dungeness causes the Commonwealth of England to reform its navy.
1541 Thomas Culpeper and Francis Dereham are executed for having affairs with Catherine Howard, Queen of England and wife of Henry VIII.
1520 Martin Luther burns his copy of the papal bull Exsurge Domine outside Wittenberg's Elster Gate.
1508 The League of Cambrai is formed by Pope Julius II, Louis XII of France, Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor and Ferdinand II of Aragon as an alliance against Venice.
1317 The "Nyköping Banquet": King Birger of Sweden treacherously seizes his two brothers Valdemar, Duke of Finland and Eric, Duke of Södermanland, who were subsequently starved to death in the dungeon of Nyköping Castle.
Famous People Born on December 10

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Year Name
1912 Tetsuji Takechi, Japanese theatrical and film director, critic, and author (d. 1988)
1941 Tommy Rettig, American child actor (d. 1996)
1918 Anne Gwynne, American actress (d. 2003)
1964 Bobby Flay, American chef and author
1975 Josip Skoko, Australian footballer
1956 Rod Blagojevich, American lawyer and politician, 40th Governor of Illinois
1985 Lê Công Vinh, Vietnamese footballer
1787 Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, American educator, founded the American School for the Deaf (d. 1851)
1979 Iain Brunnschweiler, English cricketer
1783 María Bibiana Benítez, Puerto Rican poet and playwright (d. 1873)
Famous People Deaths On December 10

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Date Name
1963 K. M. Panikkar, Indian historian and diplomat (b. 1894)
1999 Rick Danko, Canadian singer-songwriter, bass player, and producer (b. 1943)
1957 Napoleon Zervas, Greek general (b. 1891)
2002 Andres Küng, Swedish journalist and politician (b. 1945)
1973 Wolf V. Vishniac, German-American microbiologist and academic (b. 1922)
1454 Ignatius Behnam Hadloyo, Syriac Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch.
1995 Darren Robinson, American rapper (b. 1967)
1968 Karl Barth, Swiss theologian and author (b. 1886)
2001 Ashok Kumar, Indian actor, singer, and producer (b. 1911)
1896 Alfred Nobel, Swedish chemist and engineer, invented Dynamite and founded the Nobel Prize (b. 1833)