Famous People Born on October 9, October 9 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on October 9. Famous birthdays for the 9th of October. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on October 9. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 9th of October?
Which celebrities are born in October?
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What famous person has a birthday on October 9?

October 9 Birthdays, Famous People born on October 9th

Year Name
2001 Kyla Leibel, Canadian swimmer
1996 Bella Hadid, American model
1993 Ani Amiraghyan, Armenian tennis player
1993 Lauren Davis, American tennis player
1993 Jayden Hodges, Australian rugby league player
1993 Wesley So, Filipino-American chess grandmaster
1992 Sam Mewis, American soccer player
1990 Kevin Kampl, German-Slovene footballer
1989 Russell Packer, New Zealand rugby league player
1988 David Tyrrell, Australian rugby league player
1986 Derek Holland, American baseball player
1986 Laure Manaudou, French swimmer
1986 Stephane Zubar, French footballer
1985 David Plummer, American swimmer
1983 Stephen Gionta, American ice hockey player
1983 Farhaan Behardien, South African cricketer
1983 Jang Mi-ran, South Korean weightlifter
1983 Andreas Zuber, Austrian race car driver
1980 Lucy Akello, Ugandan social worker and politician
1980 Filip Bobek, Polish actor
1980 Sarah Lovell, Australian politician
1980 Thami Tsolekile, South African cricketer
1980 Henrik Zetterberg, Swedish ice hockey player
1979 Vernon Fox, American football player and coach
1979 Alex Greenwald, American singer-songwriter, producer, and actor
1979 Todd Kelly, Australian race car driver
1979 Brandon Routh, American model and actor
1979 Gonzalo Sorondo, Uruguayan footballer
1978 Nicky Byrne, Irish singer-songwriter
1978 Juan Dixon, American basketball player and coach
1977 Emanuele Belardi, Italian footballer
1977 Brian Roberts, American baseball player
1976 William Alexander, American author and educator
1976 Lee Peacock, Scottish footballer and coach
1976 Özlem Türköne, Turkish journalist and politician
1976 Nick Swardson, American actor and comedian
1975 Haylie Ecker, Australian violinist
1975 Sean Lennon, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, and actor
1975 Mark Viduka, Australian footballer
1974 Shmuel Herzfeld, American rabbi
1973 Fabio Lione, Italian singer-songwriter and keyboard player
1973 Steve Burns, American actor, television host and musician
1971 Wayne Bartrim, Australian rugby league player and coach
1970 Kenny Anderson, American basketball player and coach
1970 Steve Jablonsky, American composer
1970 Annika Sörenstam, Swedish golfer and architect
1969 Guto Bebb, Welsh businessman and politician
1969 Darren Britt, Australian rugby league player
1969 Simon Fairweather, Australian archer
1969 PJ Harvey, English musician, singer-songwriter, writer, poet, and composer
1969 Christine Hough, Canadian figure skater and coach
1969 Giles Martin, English songwriter and producer
1969 Steve McQueen, English director, producer, and screenwriter
1968 Anbumani Ramadoss, Indian politician
1967 Carling Bassett-Seguso, Canadian tennis player
1967 Eddie Guerrero, American wrestler (d. 2005)
1967 Gheorghe Popescu, Romanian footballer
1966 David Cameron, English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
1966 Christopher Östlund, Swedish publisher, founded Plaza Magazine
1965 Jimbo Fisher, American football player and coach
1964 Guillermo del Toro, Mexican-American director, producer, and screenwriter
1964 Martín Jaite, Argentine tennis player
1963 Andy Platt, English rugby league player
1962 Jorge Burruchaga, Argentinian footballer and manager
1962 Paul Radisich, New Zealand race car driver
1962 Hugh Robertson, English soldier and politician, Minister for Sport and the Olympics
1962 Ōnokuni Yasushi, Japanese sumo wrestler, the 62nd Yokozuna
1961 Julian Bailey, English race car driver and sportscaster
1961 Kurt Neumann, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1961 Ellen Wheeler, American actress, director, and producer
1960 Kenny Garrett, American saxophonist and composer
1959 Boris Nemtsov, Russian academic and politician, First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia (d. 2015)
1958 Al Jourgensen, Cuban-American singer-songwriter and producer
1958 Alan Nunnelee, American lawyer and politician (d. 2015)
1958 Mike Singletary, American football player and coach
1957 Don Garber, American businessman
1957 Ini Kamoze, Jamaican singer-songwriter
1955 Linwood Boomer, Canadian actor, producer, and screenwriter
1955 Steve Ovett, English runner and sportscaster
1955 Peter Saville, English graphic designer and art director
1954 Scott Bakula, American actor
1954 James Fearnley, English musician
1954 Rubén Magnano, Argentine-Italian professional basketball coach
1953 Sally Burgess, South African-English soprano and educator
1953 Hank Pfister, American tennis player
1953 Tony Shalhoub, American actor and producer
1952 Simon Drew, English illustrator
1952 Sharon Osbourne, English television host and manager
1952 John Rose, English businessman
1952 Dennis Stratton, English singer-songwriter and guitarist
1950 Brian Downing, American baseball player
1950 Yoshiyuki Konishi, Japanese fashion designer
1950 Reichi Nakaido, Japanese singer and guitarist
1950 Jody Williams, American academic and activist, Nobel Prize laureate
1949 Rod Temperton, English keyboard player, songwriter, and producer (d. 2016)
1949 Mark Hopkinson, American mass murderer (d. 1992)
1948 Jackson Browne, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1948 John Gray, English cricketer and rugby player
1947 John Doubleday, English sculptor and painter
1947 France Gall, French singer (d. 2018)
1947 William E. McAnulty Jr., American lawyer and judge (d. 2007)
1947 Tony Zappone, American photographer and journalist
1945 Taiguara, Uruguayan-Brazilian singer-songwriter (d. 1996)
1945 Amjad Ali Khan, Indian classical Sarod player
1944 Rita Donaghy, Baroness Donaghy, English academic and politician
1944 John Entwistle, English singer-songwriter, bass player, and producer (d. 2002)
1944 Nona Hendryx, American singer-songwriter, producer, and actress
1943 Douglas Kirby, American psychologist and author (d. 2012)
1943 Jimmy Montgomery, English footballer and coach
1943 Mike Peters, American cartoonist
1942 Michael Palmer, American physician and author (d. 2013)
1941 Brian Lamb, American broadcaster, founded C-SPAN
1941 Trent Lott, American lawyer and politician
1941 Omali Yeshitela, political activist and founder of the Uhuru Movement
1940 Gordon J. Humphrey, American soldier, pilot, and politician
1940 John Lennon, English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (d. 1980)
1940 Joe Pepitone, American baseball player and coach
1939 Nicholas Grimshaw, English architect and academic
1939 John Pilger, Australian-English journalist, director, and producer
1939 Stephen Sedley, English lawyer and judge
1939 O. V. Wright, American singer-songwriter and producer (d. 1980)
1938 Heinz Fischer, Austrian academic and politician, 11th President of Austria
1938 John Sutherland, English journalist, author, and academic
1936 Brian Blessed, English actor
1936 Mick Young, Australian politician (d. 1996)
1935 Prince Edward, Duke of Kent
1935 Don McCullin, English photographer and journalist
1934 Jill Ker Conway, Australian historian and author (d. 2018)
1934 Abdullah Ibrahim, South African pianist and composer
1933 Peter Mansfield, English physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2017)
1933 Melvin Sokolsky, American fashion photographer (d. 2022)
1933 Bill Tidy, English soldier and cartoonist
1931 Tony Booth, English actor (d. 2017)
1931 Homer Smith, American football player and coach (d. 2011)
1930 Hank Lauricella, American football player, lieutenant, and politician (d. 2014)
1928 Einojuhani Rautavaara, Finnish composer and educator (d. 2016)
1927 John Margetson, English scholar and diplomat, British Ambassador to the Netherlands (d. 2020)
1926 Danièle Delorme, French actress and producer (d. 2015)
1924 Immanuvel Devendrar, Indian soldier (d. 1957)
1924 Arnie Risen, American basketball player (d. 2012)
1923 Donald Sinden, English actor (d. 2014)
1922 Léon Dion, Canadian political scientist and academic (d. 1997)
1922 Philip "Fyvush" Finkel, American actor (d. 2016)
1922 Olga Guillot, Cuban-American singer (d. 2010)
1921 Michel Boisrond, French director and screenwriter (d. 2002)
1921 Tadeusz Różewicz, Polish poet and playwright (d. 2014)
1920 Jens Bjørneboe, Norwegian author and educator (d. 1976)
1920 Yusef Lateef, American saxophonist, composer, and educator (d. 2013)
1920 Jason Wingreen, American actor and screenwriter (d. 2015)
1918 E. Howard Hunt, American CIA officer and author (d. 2007)
1918 Charles Read, Australian air marshal (d. 2014)
1918 Bebo Valdés, Cuban-Swedish pianist, composer, and bandleader (d. 2013)
1915 Clifford M. Hardin, American academic and politician, 17th United States Secretary of Agriculture (d. 2010)
1915 Belva Plain, American author (d. 2010)
1914 Edward Andrews, American actor (d. 1985)
1911 Joe Rosenthal, American photographer (d. 2006)
1909 Donald Coggan, English archbishop (d. 2000)
1908 Harry Hooton, Australian poet and critic (d. 1961)
1908 Werner von Haeften, German lieutenant (d. 1944)
1908 Lee Wiley, American singer (d. 1975)
1907 Quintin Hogg, Baron Hailsham of St Marylebone, English academic and politician, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain (d. 2001)
1907 Jacques Tati, French actor, director, and screenwriter (d. 1982)
1907 Horst Wessel, German SA officer (d. 1930)
1906 J. R. Eyerman, American photographer and journalist (d. 1985)
1906 Léopold Sédar Senghor, Senegalese poet and politician, 1st President of Senegal (d. 2001)
1902 Freddie Young, English cinematographer (d. 1998)
1901 Alice Lee Jemison, Seneca political activist and journalist (d. 1964)
1900 Joseph Friedman, American inventor (d. 1982)
1900 Alastair Sim, Scottish-English actor and academic (d. 1976)
1900 Joseph Zubin, Lithuanian-American psychologist and academic (d. 1990)
1899 Bruce Catton, American historian and author (d. 1978)
1898 Tawfiq al-Hakim, Egyptian author and playwright (d. 1987)
1898 Joe Sewell, American baseball player (d. 1990)
1897 M. Bhaktavatsalam, Indian lawyer and politician, 6th Chief Minister of Madras State (d. 1987)
1893 Mário de Andrade, Brazilian author, poet, and photographer (d. 1945)
1892 Ivo Andrić, Yugoslav novelist, poet, and short story writer, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1975)
1890 Aimee Semple McPherson, Canadian-American evangelist, founded the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel (d. 1944)
1888 Nikolai Bukharin, Russian journalist and politician (d. 1938)
1888 Irving Cummings, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1959)
1886 Rube Marquard, American baseball player and manager (d. 1980)
1883 Maria Filotti, Greek-Romanian actress (d. 1956)
1880 Charlie Faust, American baseball player (d. 1915)
1879 Max von Laue, German physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1960)
1877 Gopabandhu Das, Indian journalist, poet, and activist (d. 1928)
1874 Nicholas Roerich, Russian archaeologist and painter (d. 1947)
1873 Carl Flesch, Hungarian violinist and educator (d. 1944)
1873 Karl Schwarzschild, German physicist and astronomer (d. 1916)
1873 Charles Rudolph Walgreen, American pharmacist and businessman, founded Walgreens (d. 1939)
1871 Georges Gauthier, Canadian archbishop (d. 1940)
1864 Reginald Dyer, British brigadier general (d. 1927)
1863 Edward Bok, Dutch-American journalist and author (d. 1930)
1859 Alfred Dreyfus, French colonel (d. 1935)
1858 Mihajlo Pupin, Serbian-American physicist and chemist (d. 1935)
1852 Hermann Emil Fischer, German chemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1919)
1850 Hermann von Ihering, German-Brazilian zoologist (d. 1930)
1845 Carl Gustav Thulin, Swedish shipowner (d. 1918)
1840 Simeon Solomon, English painter (d. 1905)
1837 Francis Wayland Parker, American theorist and academic (d. 1902)
1835 Camille Saint-Saëns, French composer and conductor (d. 1921)
1826 Agathon Meurman, Finnish politician and journalist (d. 1909)
1796 Joseph Bonomi the Younger, British Egyptologist and sculptor (d. 1878)
1757 Charles X of France (d. 1836)
1704 Johann Andreas Segner, German mathematician, physicist, and physician (d. 1777)
1623 Ferdinand Verbiest, Flemish Jesuit missionary in China (d. 1688)
1609 Thomas Weston, 4th Earl of Portland, English noble (d. 1688)
1593 Nicolaes Tulp, Dutch anatomist and politician (d. 1674)
1586 Leopold V, Archduke of Austria (d. 1632)
1581 Claude Gaspard Bachet de Méziriac, French mathematician, poet, and scholar (d. 1638)
1328 Peter I of Cyprus (d. 1369)
1261 Denis of Portugal (d. 1325)
1221 Salimbene di Adam, Italian historian and scholar (d. 1290)
1201 Robert de Sorbon, French minister and theologian, founded the Collège de Sorbonne (d. 1274)