Famous People Born on October 12, October 12 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on October 12. Famous birthdays for the 12th of October. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on October 12. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 12th of October?
Which celebrities are born in October?
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What famous person has a birthday on October 12?

October 12 Birthdays, Famous People born on October 12th

Year Name
2004 Darci Lynne, American ventriloquist
1997 Curtis Scott, Australian rugby league player
1996 James Graham, British singer
1996 Owen Watkin, Welsh rugby player
1995 Jessica Hogg, Welsh artistic gymnast
1994 Alex Katz, American baseball player
1994 Sean Monahan, Canadian ice hockey player
1994 Olivia Smoliga, American swimmer
1992 Josh Hutcherson, American actor and producer
1991 Nicolao Dumitru, Italian footballer
1990 Henri Lansbury, English footballer
1989 Anna Ohmiya, Japanese curler
1988 Sam Whitelock, New Zealand rugby player
1988 Calum Scott, British singer
1987 Marvin Ogunjimi, Belgian footballer
1986 Ioannis Maniatis, Greek footballer
1986 Sergio Peter, German footballer
1986 Tyler Blackburn, American actor
1985 Michelle Carter, American shot putter
1985 Mike Green, Canadian hockey player
1985 Anna Iljuštšenko, Estonian high jumper
1985 Greig Laidlaw, Scottish rugby player
1983 Alex Brosque, Australian footballer
1983 Carlton Cole, English footballer
1983 Katie Piper, English philanthropist, broadcaster, and acid violence survivor
1983 Mariko Yamamoto, Japanese cricketer
1981 Tom Guiry, American actor
1981 Brian Kerr, Scottish footballer and manager
1981 Giuseppe Lanzone, American rower
1981 Conrad Smith, New Zealand rugby player
1981 Sun Tiantian, Chinese tennis player
1980 Ledley King, English footballer
1979 Steven Agnew, Northern Irish politician
1979 Steve Borthwick, English rugby player
1979 Jordan Pundik, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1978 Stefan Binder, German footballer
1978 Baden Cooke, Australian cyclist
1977 Cristie Kerr, American golfer
1977 Bode Miller, American skier
1977 Javier Toyo, Venezuelan footballer
1976 Simon Bridges, New Zealand politician
1975 Susana Félix, Portuguese singer-songwriter, producer, and actress
1975 Marion Jones, American basketball player and runner
1974 Stephen Lee, English snooker player
1973 Lesli Brea, Dominican baseball player
1973 Martin Corry, English rugby player
1972 Neriah Davis, American model and actress
1972 Juan Manuel Silva, Argentinian race car driver
1972 Tom Van Mol, Belgian footballer
1971 Tony Fiore, American baseball player
1971 Steve Johnston, Australian motorcycle racer
1971 Bronzell Miller, American football player and actor (d. 2013)
1970 Kirk Cameron, American actor, screenwriter, and Christian evangelical/anti-evolution activist
1970 Patrick Musimu, Belgian diver and physiotherapist (d. 2011)
1970 Tanyon Sturtze, American baseball player
1970 Charlie Ward, American basketball player and coach
1969 Martie Maguire, American singer-songwriter, violinist, and producer
1969 Željko Milinovič, Slovenian footballer
1969 Dwayne Roloson, Canadian ice hockey player and coach
1969 José Valentín, American baseball player, coach, and manager
1968 Bill Auberlen, American race car driver
1968 Paul Harragon, Australian rugby league player and sportscaster
1968 Hugh Jackman, Australian actor, singer, and producer
1968 Leon Lett, American football player
1967 Becky Iverson, American golfer
1966 Jonathan Crombie, Canadian actor and voice over artist (d. 2015)
1966 Wim Jonk, Dutch footballer
1966 Brian Kennedy, Northern Irish singer-songwriter and guitarist
1966 Brenda Romero, American game designer
1965 Dan Abnett, English author
1965 J. J. Daigneault, Canadian ice hockey player and coach
1963 Raimond Aumann, German footballer
1963 Hideki Fujisawa, Japanese composer
1963 Satoshi Kon, Japanese animator and screenwriter (d. 2010)
1963 Dave Legeno, English actor and mixed martial artist (d. 2014)
1963 Alan McDonald, Irish footballer and manager (d. 2012)
1963 Luis Polonia, Dominican baseball player
1962 Carlos Bernard, American actor and director
1962 Michelle Botes, South African actress
1962 Chris Botti, American trumpet player and composer
1962 John Coleman, English footballer and manager
1962 Branko Crvenkovski, Macedonian engineer and politician, 3rd President of the Republic of Macedonia
1962 Deborah Foreman, American actress and photographer
1962 Mads Eriksen, Norwegian guitarist and composer
1961 Chendo, Spanish footballer
1960 Steve Lowery, American golfer
1960 Carlo Perrone, Italian footballer and manager
1960 Dorothee Vieth, German Paralympic cyclist
1959 Anna Escobedo Cabral, American lawyer and politician, 42nd Treasurer of the United States
1958 Steve Austria, American lawyer and politician
1958 Maria de Fátima Silva de Sequeira Dias, Portuguese historian, author, and academic (d. 2013)
1958 Jeff Keith, American rock singer-songwriter
1958 Bryn Merrick, Welsh bass player (d. 2015)
1957 Clémentine Célarié, French actress, singer, and director
1957 Serge Clerc, French comic book artist and illustrator
1957 Mike Dowler, Welsh football goalkeeper
1957 Annik Honoré, Belgian journalist and music promoter (d. 2014)
1957 William F. Laurance, Australian biologist
1956 Rafael Ábalos, Spanish author
1956 Allan Evans, Scottish footballer
1956 Lutz Haueisen, German cyclist
1956 Catherine Holmes, Australian judge
1956 Gerti Schanderl, German figure skater
1956 David Vanian, English singer-songwriter
1955 Einar Jan Aas, Norwegian footballer
1955 Pat DiNizio, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2017)
1955 Ante Gotovina, Croatian general
1955 Jane Siberry, Canadian singer-songwriter and producer
1954 Evalie A. Bradley, Anguillian politician and member of the House of Assembly of Anguilla
1954 Massimo Ghini, Italian actor
1954 Michael Roe, American singer, songwriter, and record producer
1954 Linval Thompson, Jamaican singer and producer
1953 Les Dennis, English comedian and actor
1953 David Threlfall, English actor and director
1952 Trevor Chappell, Australian cricketer and coach
1952 Béla Csécsei, Hungarian educator and politician (d. 2012)
1952 Roger Heath-Brown, English mathematician and theorist
1951 Sally Little, South African-American golfer
1951 Ed Royce, American businessman and politician
1951 Norio Suzuki, Japanese golfer
1950 Susan Anton, American actress and model
1950 Dave Freudenthal, American economist and politician, 31st Governor of Wyoming
1949 Dave Lloyd, English cyclist and coach
1949 Carlos the Jackal, Venezuelan convicted of terrorism and murderer
1949 Paul Went, English footballer and manager (d. 2017)
1948 John Engler, American businessman and politician, 46th Governor of Michigan
1948 Rick Parfitt, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2016)
1947 Chris Wallace, American journalist
1946 Drew Edmondson, American politician
1946 Ashok Mankad, Indian cricketer (d. 2008)
1946 Daryl Runswick, English bassist and composer
1945 Aurore Clément, French actress
1944 Angela Rippon, English journalist and author
1943 Kostas Tsakonas, Greek actor (d. 2015)
1942 Melvin Franklin, American soul bass singer (d. 1995)
1941 Michael Mansfield, English lawyer, academic, and republican
1937 Paul Hawkins, Australian race car driver (d. 1969)
1937 Robert Mangold, American painter
1935 Don Howe, English footballer and manager (d. 2015)
1935 Tony Kubek, American baseball player and sportscaster
1935 Sam Moore, American soul singer-songwriter
1935 Shivraj Patil, Indian lawyer and politician, Indian Minister of Defence
1935 Luciano Pavarotti, Italian tenor and actor (d. 2007)
1934 James "Sugar Boy" Crawford, American singer-songwriter and pianist (d. 2012)
1934 Richard Meier, American architect, designed the Getty Center and City Tower
1934 Albert Shiryaev, Russian mathematician and academic
1934 Oğuz Atay, Turkish engineer and author (d. 1977)
1933 Guido Molinari, Canadian painter and art collector (d. 2004)
1932 Dick Gregory, American comedian, actor, and author (d. 2017)
1932 Ned Jarrett, American race car driver and sportscaster
1931 Ole-Johan Dahl, Norwegian computer scientist and academic, co-developed Simula (d. 2002)
1930 Denis Brodeur, Canadian ice hockey player and photographer (d. 2013)
1930 Milica Kacin Wohinz, Slovenian historian and author (d. 2021)
1929 Nappy Brown, American R&B singer-songwriter (d. 2008)
1929 Robert Coles, American psychologist, author, and academic
1929 Magnus Magnusson, Icelandic journalist and academic (d. 2007)
1928 Al Held, American painter and academic (d. 2005)
1928 Domna Samiou, Greek singer and musicologist (d. 2012)
1925 Denis Lazure, Canadian psychiatrist and politician (d. 2008)
1924 Leonidas Kyrkos, Greek politician (d. 2011)
1923 Jean Nidetch, American businesswoman, co-founded Weight Watchers (d. 2015)
1923 Goody Petronelli, American boxer, trainer, and manager (d. 2012)
1922 William H. Sullivan, American soldier and diplomat, United States Ambassador to the Philippines (d. 2013)
1921 Art Clokey, American animator, producer, screenwriter, and voice actor, created Gumby (d. 2010)
1921 Jaroslav Drobný, Czech-English tennis player and ice hockey player (d. 2001)
1921 Logie Bruce Lockhart, Scottish rugby player and journalist (d. 2020)
1920 Christopher Soames, English politician and diplomat, Governor of Southern Rhodesia (d. 1987)
1919 Gilles Beaudoin, Canadian politician, 34th Mayor of Trois-Rivières (d. 2007)
1919 Doris Miller, American cook and soldier (d. 1943)
1917 Roque Máspoli, Uruguayan footballer and manager (d. 2004)
1916 Alice Childress, American actress and playwright (d. 1994)
1916 Lock Martin, American actor (d. 1959)
1914 John E. Hodge, African-American chemist (d. 1996)
1913 Alice Chetwynd Ley, English author and educator (d. 2004)
1912 Muhammad Shamsul Huq, Bangladeshi academic and former Minister of Foreign Affairs (d. 2006)
1911 Vijay Merchant, Indian cricketer (d. 1987)
1910 Robert Fitzgerald, American poet, critic, and translator (d. 1985)
1910 Malcolm Renfrew, American chemist and academic (d. 2013)
1909 Dorothy Livesay, Canadian poet (d. 1996)
1908 Paul Engle, American novelist, poet, playwright, and critic (d. 1991)
1908 Ann Petry, American novelist (d. 1997)
1906 Joe Cronin, American baseball player and manager (d. 1984)
1906 John Murray, American playwright and producer (d. 1984)
1906 Piero Taruffi, Italian race car driver and motorcycle racer (d. 1988)
1904 Lester Dent, American journalist and author (d. 1959)
1904 Ding Ling, Chinese author and educator (d. 1986)
1903 Josephine Hutchinson, American actress (d. 1998)
1896 Eugenio Montale, Italian poet and translator, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1981)
1894 Elisabeth of Romania, queen consort of Greece (d. 1956)
1893 Velvalee Dickinson, American spy (d. 1980)
1892 Gilda dalla Rizza, Italian soprano and actress (d. 1975)
1891 Edith Stein, Polish nun and martyr; later canonized (d. 1942)
1891 Fumimaro Konoe, Japanese soldier and politician, 39th Prime Minister of Japan (d. 1945)
1880 Louis Hémon, French-Canadian author (d. 1913)
1880 Kullervo Manner, Finnish Speaker of the Parliament, the Prime Minister of the FSWR and the Supreme Commander of the Red Guards (d. 1939)
1878 Truxtun Hare, American football player and hammer thrower (d. 1956)
1875 Aleister Crowley, English magician and author (d. 1947)
1874 Jimmy Burke, American baseball player and manager (d. 1942)
1872 Ralph Vaughan Williams, English composer and educator (d. 1958)
1868 August Horch, German engineer and businessman, founded Audi (d. 1951)
1868 Mariano Trías, Filipino general and politician, 1st Vice President of the Philippines (d. 1914)
1866 Ramsay MacDonald, Scottish journalist and politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (d. 1937)
1865 Arthur Harden, English biochemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1940)
1860 Elmer Ambrose Sperry, American engineer and businessman, co-invented the gyrocompass (d. 1930)
1855 Arthur Nikisch, Hungarian conductor and academic (d. 1922)
1840 Helena Modjeska, Polish-American actress (d. 1909)
1838 George Thorn, Australian politician, 6th Premier of Queensland (d. 1905)
1815 William J. Hardee, American general (d. 1873)
1801 Friedrich Frey-Herosé, Swiss lawyer and politician, 5th President of the Swiss Confederation (d. 1873)
1798 Pedro I, emperor of Brazil (d. 1834)
1792 Christian Gmelin, German chemist and pharmacist (d. 1860)
1725 Étienne Louis Geoffroy, French pharmacist and entomologist (d. 1810)
1710 Jonathan Trumbull, American colonel and politician, 16th Governor of Connecticut (d. 1785)
1687 Sylvius Leopold Weiss, German lute player and composer (d. 1750)
1614 Henry More, English philosopher (d. 1687)
1602 William Chillingworth, English scholar and theologian (d. 1644)
1576 Thomas Dudley, English-American soldier and politician, 3rd Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (d. 1653)
1558 Maximilian III, archduke of Austria (d. 1618)
1555 Peregrine Bertie, 13th Baron Willoughby de Eresby, English diplomat (d. 1601)
1537 Edward VI, king of England (d. 1553)
1533 Asakura Yoshikage, Japanese ruler (d. 1573)
1490 Bernardo Pisano, Italian composer and priest (d. 1548)
1350 Dmitri Donskoi, Grand Duke of Moscow (d. 1389)
1240 Trần Thánh Tông, emperor of Vietnam (then Đại Việt) (d. 1290)
1008 Go-Ichijō, emperor of Japan (d. 1036)