Famous People Born on October 16, October 16 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on October 16. Famous birthdays for the 16th of October. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on October 16. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 16th of October?
Which celebrities are born in October?
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What famous person has a birthday on October 16?

October 16 Birthdays, Famous People born on October 16th

Year Name
1997 Charles Leclerc, Monégasque Formula One driver
1997 Naomi Osaka, Japanese tennis player
1994 Adam Elliott, Australian rugby league player
1993 Jovit Baldivino, Filipino singer (d. 2022)
1993 Caroline Garcia, French tennis player
1992 Kostas Fortounis, Greek footballer
1992 Bryce Harper, American baseball player
1992 Stuart Lightbody, Irish badminton player
1992 Viktorija Golubic, Swiss tennis player
1991 Shardul Thakur, Indian cricketer
1989 Dan Biggar, Welsh rugby player
1988 Zoltán Stieber, Hungarian footballer
1986 Nicky Adams, English-Welsh footballer
1986 Derk Boerrigter, Dutch footballer
1985 Jay Beagle, Canadian ice hockey player
1985 Verena Sailer, German sprinter
1985 Casey Stoner, Australian motorcycle racer
1985 Peter Wallace, Australian rugby league player
1984 François Pervis, French track cyclist
1984 Rachel Reilly, American talk show host and actress
1983 Philipp Kohlschreiber, German tennis player
1983 Kenny Omega, Canadian wrestler
1982 Frédéric Michalak, French rugby player
1982 Cristian Riveros, Paraguayan footballer
1982 Prithviraj Sukumaran, Indian actor, singer, and producer
1981 Brea Grant, American actress and writer
1981 Martin Halle, Danish footballer
1981 Boyd Melson, American boxer
1981 Anthony Reyes, American baseball player
1980 Sue Bird, Israeli-American basketball player
1980 Timana Tahu, Australian rugby league player
1977 John Mayer, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer
1975 Ernesto Noel Aquino, Honduran footballer
1975 Brynjar Gunnarsson, Icelandic footballer
1975 Jacques Kallis, South African cricketer
1975 Kellie Martin, American actress, director, and producer
1974 Aurela Gaçe, Albanian singer
1974 Paul Kariya, Canadian ice hockey player
1973 Justin Credible, American wrestler
1973 David Unsworth, English footballer and manager
1972 Adrianne Frost, American comedian, actress, and author
1972 Darius Kasparaitis, Lithuanian-Russian ice hockey player and coach
1972 Kordell Stewart, American football player and radio host
1971 Chad Gray, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1971 Paul Sparks, American actor
1971 Frank Cuesta, Spanish television presenter
1970 Kazuyuki Fujita, Japanese wrestler and mixed martial artist
1970 Mehmet Scholl, German footballer and manager
1969 Roy Hargrove, American trumpet player and composer (d. 2018)
1969 Takao Omori, Japanese wrestler
1969 Terri J. Vaughn, American actress and producer
1969 Wendy Wilson, American singer-songwriter
1968 Randall Batinkoff, American actor and producer
1968 Mark Lee, Singaporean actor and singer
1968 Francesco Libetta, Italian pianist, composer, and conductor
1968 Todd Stashwick, American actor and writer
1968 Elsa Zylberstein, French actress
1967 Michael Laffy, Australian footballer
1967 Davina McCall, English television host and actress
1966 Olof Lundh, Swedish journalist
1966 Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, American voice actress, singer, and director
1965 Kang Kyung-ok, South Korean illustrator
1965 Tom Tolbert, American basketball player and sportscaster
1964 Shawn Little, Canadian lawyer and politician (d. 2012)
1964 James Thompson, American-Finnish author (d. 2014)
1963 Brendan Kibble, Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist
1963 Timothy Leighton, English physicist and academic
1962 Flea, Australian-American bass player, songwriter, and actor
1962 Manute Bol, Sudanese-American basketball player and activist (d. 2010)
1962 Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Russian opera singer (d. 2017)
1962 Nico Lazaridis, German footballer
1962 Tamara McKinney, American skier
1961 Marc Levy, French author
1961 Randy Vasquez, American actor, director, and producer
1960 Guy LeBlanc, Canadian keyboard player and songwriter (d. 2015)
1960 Bob Mould, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer
1959 Kevin Brennan, Welsh journalist and politician
1959 Brian Harper, American baseball player
1959 Gary Kemp, English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor
1959 Philip Maini, Northern Irish mathematician at the University of Oxford
1959 Tessa Munt, English lawyer and politician
1959 Jamie Salmon, English-New Zealand rugby player and sportscaster
1959 Erkki-Sven Tüür, Estonian flute player and composer
1959 John Whittingdale, English politician
1958 Roy McDonough, English footballer and manager
1958 Tim Robbins, American actor, director, and screenwriter
1957 Priidu Beier, Estonian poet and educator
1956 Marin Alsop, American violinist and conductor
1956 John Chavis, American football player and coach
1956 Meg Rosoff, American-English author
1956 Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah, Bangladeshi poet, author, and playwright (d. 1992)
1955 Kieran Doherty, Irish Republican hunger striker and politician (d. 1981)
1955 Ellen Dolan, American actress
1954 Lorenzo Carcaterra, American author and blogger
1954 Michael Forsyth, Baron Forsyth of Drumlean, Scottish politician, Secretary of State for Scotland
1954 Serafino Ghizzoni, Italian rugby player
1954 Corinna Harfouch, German actress
1953 Tony Carey, American keyboard player, songwriter, and producer
1953 Paulo Roberto Falcão, Brazilian footballer and manager
1952 Christopher Cox, American lawyer and politician
1952 Cordell Mosson, American bass player (d. 2013)
1952 Crazy Mohan, Indian actor, screenwriter, and playwright (d. 2019)
1952 Glenys Thornton, Baroness Thornton, English politician
1950 Károly Horváth, Romanian-Hungarian cellist, flute player, and composer (d. 2015)
1950 Angry Grandpa, American internet personality (d. 2017)
1948 Alison Chitty, English production designer and costume designer
1948 Bruce Fleisher, American golfer (d. 2021)
1948 Hema Malini, Indian actress, director, producer, and politician
1948 Leo Mazzone, American baseball player and coach
1947 Nicholas Day, English actor
1947 Terry Griffiths, Welsh snooker player and coach
1947 Bob Weir, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1947 David Zucker, American director, producer, and screenwriter
1946 Geoff Barnett, English footballer (d. 2021)
1946 Suzanne Somers, American actress and producer
1945 Stefan Buczacki, English horticulturalist, botanist, and television host
1945 Roger Hawkins, American session drummer (d. 2021)
1945 Paul Monette, American author and poet (d. 1995)
1944 Kaizer Motaung, South African footballer and manager
1943 Fred Turner, Canadian singer-songwriter and bass player
1941 Tim McCarver, American baseball player, sportscaster, and singer
1941 Emma Nicholson, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne, English computer programmer and politician
1940 Barry Corbin, American actor and producer
1940 Dave DeBusschere, American basketball player and coach (d. 2003)
1940 Ivan Della Mea, Italian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and journalist (d. 2009)
1938 Carl Gunter, Jr., American politician (d. 1999)
1938 Nico, German singer-songwriter, model, and actress (d. 1988)
1936 Peter Bowles, English actor and screenwriter (d. 2022)
1936 Andrei Chikatilo, Ukrainian-Russian serial killer (d. 1994)
1936 Mladen Koščak, Croatian footballer (d. 1997)
1936 Akira Machida, Japanese lawyer and judge, 15th Chief Justice of Japan (d. 2015)
1934 Peter Ashdown, English race car driver
1933 Nobuyo Ōyama, Japanese voice actress
1932 John Grant, English journalist and politician (d. 2000)
1932 Henry Lewis, American bassist and conductor (d. 1996)
1932 Lucien Paiement, Canadian physician and politician (d. 2013)
1931 Charles Colson, American lawyer and politician (d. 2012)
1931 Valery Klimov, Ukrainian-Russian violinist and educator (d. 2022)
1931 Rosa Rosal, Filipino actress
1931 P. W. Underwood, American football player and coach (d. 2013)
1930 John Polkinghorne, English physicist, theologian and priest (d. 2021)
1930 Carmen Sevilla, Spanish actress
1929 Fernanda Montenegro, Brazilian actress
1928 Mary Daly, American philosopher and theologian (d. 2010)
1928 Ann Morgan Guilbert, American actress (d. 2016)
1927 Günter Grass, German novelist, poet, playwright, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2015)
1926 Charles Dolan, American businessman, founded Cablevision and HBO
1925 Daniel J. Evans, American politician, 16th Governor of Washington
1925 Angela Lansbury, English-American actress, singer, and producer (d. 2022)[23]
1924 Gerard Parkes, Irish-Canadian actor (d. 2014)
1923 Linda Darnell, American actress (d. 1965)
1923 Bert Kaempfert, German conductor and composer (d. 1980)
1923 Bill McLaren, Scottish rugby player and sportscaster (d. 2010)
1922 Max Bygraves, English-Australian actor and singer (d. 2012)
1922 Leon Sullivan, American minister and activist (d. 2001)
1921 Matt Batts, American baseball player and coach (d. 2013)
1921 Sita Ram Goel, Indian historian, publisher and writer (d. 2003)
1921 MacKenzie Miller, American horse trainer and breeder (d. 2010)
1920 Paddy Finucane, Irish fighter pilot and flying ace (d. 1942)
1919 Kathleen Winsor, American journalist and author (d. 2003)
1918 Louis Althusser, Algerian-French philosopher and academic (d. 1990)
1918 Abraham Nemeth, American mathematician and academic (d. 2013)
1918 Tony Rolt, English race car driver and engineer (d. 2008)
1912 Clifford Hansen, American rancher and politician, 26th Governor of Wyoming (d. 2009)
1911 Otto von Bülow, German commander (d. 2006)
1908 Olivia Coolidge, English-American author and educator (d. 2006)
1908 Enver Hoxha, Albanian general and politician, Prime Minister of Albania (d. 1985)
1907 Richard Titmuss, English sociologist and academic (d. 1973)
1906 León Klimovsky, Argentinian actor, director, and screenwriter (d. 1996)
1905 Ernst Kuzorra, German footballer and manager (d. 1990)
1904 Björn Berglund, Swedish actor (d. 1968)
1903 Cecile de Brunhoff, French author and pianist (d. 2003)
1903 Big Joe Williams, American Delta blues singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1982)
1900 Edward Ardizzone, Vietnamese-English author and illustrator (d. 1979)
1900 Primo Conti, Italian painter and poet (d. 1988)
1900 Goose Goslin, American baseball player and manager (d. 1971)
1898 William O. Douglas, American lawyer and jurist (d. 1980)
1897 Louis de Cazenave, French soldier (d. 2008)
1890 Michael Collins, Irish general and politician, 2nd Irish Minister for Finance (d. 1922)
1890 Maria Goretti, Italian martyr and saint (d. 1902)
1890 Paul Strand, American photographer and director (d. 1975)
1888 Paul Popenoe, American founder of relationship counseling (d. 1979)
1886 David Ben-Gurion, Polish-Israeli soldier and politician, 1st Prime Minister of Israel (d. 1973)
1884 Rembrandt Bugatti, Italian sculptor (d. 1916)
1881 William Orthwein, American swimmer and water polo player (d. 1955)
1876 Jimmy Sinclair, South African cricketer and rugby player (d. 1913)
1872 Walter Buckmaster, English polo player and businessman, co-founded Buckmaster & Moore (d. 1942)
1869 Claude H. Van Tyne, American historian and author (d. 1930)
1867 Mario Ruspoli, 2nd Prince of Poggio Suasa (d. 1963)
1863 Austen Chamberlain, English businessman and politician, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1937)
1861 J. B. Bury, Irish historian and scholar (d. 1927)
1861 Richard Sears, American tennis player (d. 1943)
1855 Samad bey Mehmandarov, Azerbaijani general and politician, 3rd Azerbaijani Minister of Defense (d. 1931)
1854 Karl Kautsky, Czech-German journalist, philosopher, and theologian (d. 1938)
1854 Oscar Wilde, Irish playwright, novelist, and poet (d. 1900)
1852 Carl von In der Maur, Governor of Liechtenstein (d. 1913)
1847 Maria Pia of Savoy (d. 1911)
1841 Itō Hirobumi, Japanese lawyer and politician, 1st Prime Minister of Japan (d. 1909)
1840 Kuroda Kiyotaka, Japanese general and politician, 2nd Prime Minister of Japan (d. 1900)
1832 Vicente Riva Palacio, Mexican liberal intellectual, novelist (d. 1896)
1831 Lucy Stanton, American activist (d. 1910)
1819 Austin F. Pike, American lawyer and politician (d. 1886)
1818 William Forster, Indian-Australian politician, 4th Premier of New South Wales (d. 1882)
1815 Francis Lubbock, American colonel and politician, 9th Governor of Texas (d. 1905)
1806 William P. Fessenden, American lawyer and politician, 26th United States Secretary of the Treasury (d. 1869)
1804 Benjamin Russell, American painter and educator (d. 1885)
1803 Robert Stephenson, English railway and civil engineer (d. 1859)
1802 Isaac Murphy, American educator and politician, 8th Governor of Arkansas (d. 1882)
1795 William Buell Sprague, American minister, historian, and author (d. 1876)
1789 William Burton, American physician and politician, 39th Governor of Delaware (d. 1866)
1762 Paul Hamilton, American soldier and politician, 3rd United States Secretary of the Navy (d. 1816)
1758 Noah Webster, American lexicographer (d. 1843)
1754 Morgan Lewis, American general, lawyer, and politician, 3rd Governor of New York (d. 1844)
1752 Johann Gottfried Eichhorn, German theologian and academic (d. 1827)
1729 Pierre van Maldere, Belgian violinist and composer (d. 1768)
1726 Daniel Chodowiecki, Polish-German painter and educator (d. 1801)
1714 Giovanni Arduino, Italian geologist and academic (d. 1795)
1710 András Hadik, Austrian-Hungarian field marshal (d. 1790)
1679 Jan Dismas Zelenka, Czech viol player and composer (d. 1745)
1678 Anna Waser, Swiss painter (d. 1714)
1620 Pierre Paul Puget, French painter and sculptor (d. 1694)
1588 Luke Wadding, Irish Franciscan friar and historian (d. 1657)
1535 Niwa Nagahide, Japanese samurai (d. 1585)
1483 Gasparo Contarini, Italian cardinal and diplomat (d. 1542)
1430 James II of Scotland (d. 1460)
1396 William de la Pole, 1st Duke of Suffolk, English admiral (d. 1450)
1351 Gian Galeazzo Visconti, first Duke of Milan (d. 1402)