Famous People Born on October 19, October 19 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on October 19. Famous birthdays for the 19th of October. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on October 19. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 19th of October?
Which celebrities are born in October?
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What famous person has a birthday on October 19?

October 19 Birthdays, Famous People born on October 19th

Year Name
1999 Carlotta Truman, German singer-songwriter
1996 Bernadeth Pons, Filipino volleyball athlete
1995 Sammis Reyes, Chilean basketball and American football player
1994 Agnė Sereikaitė, Lithuanian speed skater
1993 Abby Sunderland, American sailor
1992 Shiho, Japanese actress and model
1991 Colton Dixon, American singer-songwriter and pianist
1990 Tom Kilbey, English footballer
1990 Endō Shōta, Japanese sumo wrestler
1990 Janet Leon, Swedish singer-songwriter and dancer
1989 James Gavet, New Zealand rugby league player
1989 Miroslav Stoch, Slovakian footballer
1989 Rakuto Tochihara, Japanese actor
1989 Janine Tugonon, Filipino model and television host
1988 Zeph Ellis, English rapper and producer
1988 Markiyan Kamysh, Ukrainian writer
1988 Chris Lawrence, Australian rugby league player
1987 Tsunenori Aoki, Japanese actor
1987 Sam Groth, Australian tennis player
1984 Danka Barteková, Slovak skeet shooter
1983 Rebecca Ferguson, Swedish actress
1983 Andy Lonergan, English footballer
1983 Cara Santa Maria, American neuroscientist and blogger
1982 Atom Araullo, Filipino journalist
1982 Gillian Jacobs, American actress and director
1982 Louis Oosthuizen, South African golfer
1982 Gonzalo Pineda, Mexican footballer
1982 Daan van Bunge, Dutch cricketer
1981 Leon Bott, Australian rugby league player
1981 Heikki Kovalainen, Finnish race car driver
1980 José Bautista, Dominican baseball player
1980 Rajai Davis, American baseball player
1979 José Luis López, Mexican footballer
1979 Brian Robertson, American trombonist
1979 Sachiko Sugiyama, Japanese volleyball player
1978 Enrique Bernoldi, Brazilian race car driver
1978 Zakhar Dubensky, Russian footballer
1978 Henri Sorvali, Finnish guitarist and keyboard player
1977 Habib Beye, French-Senegalese footballer
1977 Louis-José Houde, Canadian comedian and actor
1977 Jason Reitman, Canadian-American director, producer, and screenwriter
1977 Raúl Tamudo, Spanish footballer
1977 Mo Twister, Filipino radio and television host
1976 Omar Gooding, American actor and producer
1976 Jostein Gulbrandsen, Norwegian guitarist and composer
1976 Desmond Harrington, American actor
1976 Paul Hartley, Scottish footballer and manager
1976 Hiroshi Sakai, Japanese footballer
1976 Dan Smith, Canadian ice hockey player
1976 Michael Young, American baseball player
1975 Burak Güven, Turkish singer-songwriter and bass player
1973 Hicham Arazi, Moroccan tennis player
1973 Okan Buruk, Turkish footballer and manager
1973 Joaquin Gage, Canadian ice hockey player
1972 Keith Foulke, American baseball player
1972 Pras, American rapper-songwriter, record producer, and actor
1970 Andrew Griffiths, English politician
1970 Chris Kattan, American actor, producer, and screenwriter
1969 Pedro Castillo, Peruvian politician, 130th President of Peru
1969 John Edward, American psychic and author
1969 Trey Parker, American actor, animator, producer, and screenwriter
1969 Erwin Sánchez, Bolivian footballer and manager
1968 Rodney Carrington, American comedian, actor, and singer
1967 Amy Carter, American illustrator and activist
1967 Yōji Matsuda, Japanese actor
1967 Yoko Shimomura, Japanese pianist and composer
1966 Jon Favreau, American actor, director, and screenwriter
1966 Dimitris Lyacos, Greek poet and playwright
1966 David Vann, American novelist and short story writer
1965 Brad Daugherty, American basketball player and sportscaster
1965 Todd Park Mohr, American rock singer-songwriter and musician
1964 Ty Pennington, American model, carpenter and television host
1963 Sinitta, American-British singer
1962 Claude Callegari, English YouTube personality (d. 2021)
1962 Tracy Chevalier, American-English author
1962 Brian Henninger, American golfer
1962 Bendik Hofseth, Norwegian saxophonist and composer
1962 Evander Holyfield, American boxer and actor
1962 Svetlana Zainetdinova, Soviet-Estonian chess player and coach
1961 Sunny Deol, Indian actor and producer
1961 Cliff Lyons, Australian rugby league player and coach
1960 Dawn Coe-Jones, Canadian golfer (d. 2016)
1960 Jennifer Holliday, American actress and singer
1960 Takeshi Koshida, Japanese footballer
1960 Susan Straight, American author and academic
1960 Ayuo Takahashi, Japanese-American singer-songwriter
1960 Dan Woodgate, English musician, songwriter, composer, and record producer
1959 Nir Barkat, Israeli businessman and politician, Mayor of Jerusalem
1959 Martin Kusch, German philosopher and academic
1958 Carolyn Browne, English diplomat, British Ambassador to Kazakhstan
1958 Hiromi Hara, Japanese footballer and manager
1958 Tiriel Mora, Australian actor
1958 Michael Steele, American journalist and politician, 7th Lieutenant Governor of Maryland
1957 Dorinda Clark-Cole, American singer-songwriter and pianist
1957 Ray Richmond, American journalist and critic
1957 Karl Wallinger, Welsh singer-songwriter, keyboard player, and producer
1956 Steve Doocy, American journalist and author
1956 Elena Garanina, Soviet ice dancer and coach
1956 Grover Norquist, American activist, founded Americans for Tax Reform
1956 Didier Theys, Belgian race car driver and coach
1956 Carlo Urbani, Italian physician (d. 2003)
1956 Bruce Weber, American basketball player and coach
1955 Dan Gutman, American author
1955 LaSalle Ishii, Japanese actor and director
1954 Sam Allardyce, English footballer and manager
1954 Deborah Blum, American journalist and author
1954 Joe Bryant, American basketball player and coach
1953 Lionel Hollins, American basketball player and coach
1952 Peter Bone, English accountant and politician
1952 Verónica Castro, Mexican actress and singer
1951 Demetrios Christodoulou, Greek mathematician and physicist
1951 Annie Golden, American actress and singer
1951 Kurt Schrader, American veterinarian and politician
1950 Yeslam bin Ladin, Saudi Arabian-Swiss businessman
1949 Lynn Dickey, American football player and radio host
1949 Jamie McGrigor, English-Scottish politician
1948 James Howard Kunstler, American author and critic
1948 Dave Mallow, American voice actor and screenwriter
1948 Patrick Simmons, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1947 Giorgio Cavazzano, Italian author and illustrator
1946 Bob Holland, Australian cricketer and surveyor (d. 2017)
1946 Philip Pullman, English author and academic
1946 Keith Reid, English songwriter and lyricist
1945 Angus Deaton, Scottish-American economist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate
1945 Divine, American drag queen performer, and actor (d. 1988)
1945 Patricia Ireland, American lawyer and activist
1945 Gloria Jones, American singer-songwriter
1945 John Lithgow, American actor
1945 Jeannie C. Riley, American singer
1945 Martin Welz, South African journalist
1944 George McCrae, American singer
1944 Peter Tosh, Jamaican singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1987)
1943 Robin Holloway, English composer and academic
1943 Takis Ikonomopoulos, Greek footballer and coach
1943 L. E. Modesitt, Jr., American author and poet
1942 Andrew Vachss, American lawyer and author (d. 2021)
1941 Peter Thornley, English professional wrestler best known for the ring character Kendo Nagasaki
1941 Simon Ward, English actor (d. 2012)
1940 Larry Chance, American singer-songwriter
1940 Michael Gambon, Irish-British actor
1940 Rosny Smarth, Haitian lawyer and politician, 8th Prime Minister of Haiti
1939 David Clark, Baron Clark of Windermere, Scottish academic and politician, Minister for the Cabinet Office
1938 Bill Morris, Baron Morris of Handsworth, Jamaican-English union leader and politician
1937 Marilyn Bell, Canadian swimmer
1937 Peter Max, German-American illustrator
1937 Terence Thomas, Baron Thomas of Macclesfield, English banker and politician (d. 2018)
1936 James Bevel, American civil rights activist and minister (d. 2008)
1935 Don Ward, Canadian-American ice hockey player (d. 2014)
1934 Yakubu Gowon, Nigerian general and politician, 3rd Head of State of Nigeria
1934 Dave Guard, American folk music singer-songwriter, arranger, and musician (d. 1991)
1933 Brian Booth, Australian cricketer and educator
1933 Anthony Skingsley, English air marshal (d. 2019)
1932 Robert Reed, American actor (d. 1992)
1931 Ed Emberley, American author and illustrator
1931 John le Carré, English intelligence officer and author (d. 2020)
1931 Atsushi Miyagi, Japanese tennis player
1930 John Evans, Baron Evans of Parkside, English union leader and politician (d. 2016)
1930 Mavis Nicholson, Welsh-English journalist
1929 Lewis Wolpert, South African-English biologist, author, and academic (d. 2021)
1928 Lou Scheimer, American animator, producer, and voice actor, co-founded the Filmation Company (d. 2013)
1927 Pierre Alechinsky, Belgian painter and illustrator
1927 Stephen Keynes, English businessman (d. 2017)
1926 Arne Bendiksen, Norwegian singer-songwriter and producer (d. 2009)
1926 Joel Feinberg, American philosopher and academic (d. 2004)
1926 Vladimir Shlapentokh, Ukrainian-American sociologist, historian, political scientist, and academic (d. 2015)
1926 Marjorie Tallchief, American ballerina (d. 2021)
1925 Bernard Hepton, English actor and producer (d. 2018)
1925 Emilio Eduardo Massera, Argentinian admiral (d. 2010)
1923 Ruth Carter Stevenson, American art collector, founded the Amon Carter Museum of American Art (d. 2013)
1923 Baby Dalupan, Filipino basketball player and coach (d. 2016)
1922 Jack Anderson, American journalist and author (d. 2005)
1921 George Nader, American actor (d. 2002)
1920 LaWanda Page, American actress (d. 2002)
1920 Harry Alan Towers, English-Canadian screenwriter and producer (d. 2009)
1920 Pandurang Shastri Athavale, Indian activist, philosopher, and spiritual leader (d. 2003)
1920 Peter Aduja, Filipino American Hawaii Legislature representative (d. 2007)
1918 Charles Evans, English-Welsh mountaineer, surgeon, and educator (d. 1995)
1918 Russell Kirk, American theorist and author (d. 1994)
1918 Robert Schwarz Strauss, American lawyer and diplomat, United States Ambassador to Russia (d. 2014)
1917 Sharadchandra Shankar Shrikhande, Indian mathematician (d. 2020)
1917 William Joel Blass, American soldier, lawyer, and politician (d. 2012)
1917 Walter Munk, Austrian-American oceanographer, author, and academic (d. 2019)
1916 Jean Dausset, French-Spanish immunologist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2009)
1916 Emil Gilels, Ukrainian-Russian pianist (d. 1985)
1916 Minoru Yasui, American soldier, lawyer, and activist (d. 1986)
1914 Juanita Moore, American actress (d. 2014)
1913 Vinicius de Moraes, Brazilian poet, playwright, and composer (d. 1980)
1910 Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, Indian-American astrophysicist, astronomer, and mathematician, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1995)
1910 Shunkichi Hamada, Japanese field hockey player (d. 2009)
1910 Paul Robert, French lexicographer and publisher (d. 1980)
1909 Marguerite Perey, French physicist and academic (d. 1975)
1908 Geirr Tveitt, Norwegian pianist and composer (d. 1981)
1907 Roger Wolfe Kahn, American bandleader and composer (d. 1962)
1903 Tor Johnson, Swedish wrestler and actor (d. 1971)
1901 Arleigh Burke, American admiral (d. 1996)
1900 Erna Berger, German soprano and actress (d. 1990)
1900 Bill Ponsford, Australian cricketer and baseball player (d. 1991)
1900 Roy Worters, Canadian ice hockey player (d. 1957)
1899 Miguel Ángel Asturias, Guatemalan journalist, author, and poet, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1974)
1897 Salimuzzaman Siddiqui, Pakistani chemist and scholar (d. 1994)
1895 Frank Durbin, American soldier (d. 1999)
1895 Lewis Mumford, American historian, sociologist, and philosopher (d. 1990)
1885 Charles E. Merrill, American banker and philanthropist, co-founded Merrill Lynch Wealth Management (d. 1956)
1882 Umberto Boccioni, Italian painter and sculptor (d. 1916)
1879 Emma Bell Miles, American writer, poet, and artist (d. 1919)
1876 Mordecai Brown, American baseball player, coach, and manager (d. 1945)
1876 Mihkel Pung, Estonian lawyer and politician, 11th Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs (d. 1941)
1873 Jaap Eden, Dutch speed skater and cyclist (d. 1925)
1873 Bart King, American cricketer (d. 1965)
1868 Bertha Knight Landes, American academic and politician, Mayor of Seattle (d. 1943)
1862 Auguste Lumière, French director and producer (d. 1954)
1858 George Albert Boulenger, Belgian-English zoologist and botanist (d. 1937)
1850 Annie Smith Peck, American mountaineer and academic (d. 1935)
1826 Ralph Tollemache, English priest (d. 1895)
1814 Theodoros Vryzakis, Greek painter (d. 1878)
1810 Cassius Marcellus Clay, American journalist, lawyer, and diplomat, United States Ambassador to Russia (d. 1903)
1789 Theophilos Kairis, Greek priest and philosopher (d. 1853)
1784 Leigh Hunt, English poet and critic (d. 1859)
1721 Joseph de Guignes, French orientalist and sinologist (d. 1800)
1720 John Woolman, American-English preacher, journalist, and activist (d. 1772)
1718 Victor-François, 2nd duc de Broglie, French general and politician, French Secretary of State for War (d. 1804)
1688 William Cheselden, English surgeon and anatomist (d. 1752)
1680 John Abernethy, Irish minister (d. 1740)
1676 Rodrigo Anes de Sá Almeida e Meneses, 1st Marquis of Abrantes, Portuguese diplomat (d. 1733)
1658 Adolphus Frederick II, Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (d. 1704)
1613 Charles of Sezze, Italian Franciscan friar and saint (d. 1670)
1610 James Butler, 1st Duke of Ormonde, English-Irish general, academic, and politician, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (d. 1688)
1609 Gerrard Winstanley, English Protestant religious reformer (d. 1676)
1605 Thomas Browne, English physician and author (d. 1682)
1582 Dmitry of Uglich, Russian crown prince and saint (d. 1591)
1545 John Juvenal Ancina, Italian Oratorian and bishop (d. 1604)
1507 Viglius, Dutch politician (d. 1577)
1433 Marsilio Ficino, Italian astrologer and philosopher (d. 1499)
1276 Prince Hisaaki of Japan (d. 1328)
879 Yingtian, empress of the Khitan Liao Dynasty (d. 953)