Famous People Born on January 8, January 8 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on January 8. Famous birthdays for the 8th of January. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on January 8. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 8th of January?
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What famous person has a birthday on January 8?

January 8 Birthdays, Famous People born on January 8th

Year Name
2000 Noah Cyrus, American singer, songwriter, and actress
1999 Damiano David, Italian singer-songwriter
1993 Sophie Pascoe, New Zealand swimmer
1992 Stefanie Dolson, American basketball player
1992 Koke, Spanish footballer
1991 Josh Hazlewood, Australian cricketer
1991 Stefan Johansen, Norwegian footballer
1991 Stefan Savić, Montenegrin footballer
1989 Aaron Cruden, New Zealand rugby player
1988 Adrián López, Spanish footballer
1988 Michael Mancienne, English footballer
1988 Alex Tyus, American-Israeli basketball player
1982 Gaby Hoffmann, American actress
1982 Kim Jong-un, North Korean soldier and politician, 3rd Supreme Leader of North Korea (probable)
1981 Jeff Francis, Canadian baseball player
1979 Seol Ki-hyeon, South Korean footballer and manager
1979 Adrian Mutu, Romanian footballer
1979 Stipe Pletikosa, Croatian footballer
1978 Marco Fu, Hong Kongese snooker player
1977 Amber Benson, American actress, writer, director, and producer
1973 Mike Cameron, American baseball player
1972 Paul Clement, English footballer, coach, and manager
1971 Jason Giambi, American baseball player
1971 Pascal Zuberbühler, Swiss footballer and coach
1967 R. Kelly, American singer-songwriter, record producer, and former professional basketball player
1967 Tom Watson, English politician
1966 Willie Anderson, American basketball player
1966 Igor Vyazmikin, Russian ice hockey player (d. 2009)
1966 Andrew Wood, American singer-songwriter (d. 1990)
1964 Ron Sexsmith, Canadian singer-songwriter
1961 Calvin Smith, American sprinter
1960 Dave Weckl, American drummer
1959 Paul Hester, Australian drummer (d. 2005)
1958 Betsy DeVos, American businesswoman and politician, 11th Secretary of Education
1958 Rey Misterio, Mexican wrestler, trainer, and actor
1957 Nacho Duato, Spanish dancer and choreographer
1955 Mike Reno, Canadian singer and drummer
1953 Bruce Sutter, American baseball pitcher (d. 2022)
1952 Vladimir Feltsman, Russian-American pianist and educator
1952 Peter McCullagh, Irish mathematician and academic
1951 Kenny Anthony, Saint Lucian politician, 5th Prime Minister of Saint Lucia
1949 Lawrence Rowe, Jamaican cricketer
1948 Gillies MacKinnon, Scottish director and screenwriter
1947 David Bowie, English singer-songwriter, producer, and actor (d. 2016)
1947 Antti Kalliomäki, Finnish pole vaulter and politician
1946 Robby Krieger, American guitarist and songwriter
1946 Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, Mexican drug lord
1945 Nancy Bond, American author and academic
1945 Phil Beal, English footballer
1944 Terry Brooks, American lawyer and author
1942 Stephen Hawking, English physicist and author (d. 2018)
1942 Junichirō Koizumi, Japanese politician, 56th Prime Minister of Japan
1942 Yvette Mimieux, American actress (d. 2022)
1941 Graham Chapman, English actor and screenwriter (d. 1989)
1940 Cristy Lane, American country and gospel singer
1939 Carolina Herrera, Venezuelan-American fashion designer
1938 Bob Eubanks, American game show host and producer
1937 Shirley Bassey, Welsh singer
1936 Robert May, Baron May of Oxford, Australian-English zoologist, ecologist, and academic (d. 2020)
1935 Elvis Presley, American singer, guitarist, and actor (d. 1977)
1934 Jacques Anquetil, French cyclist (d. 1987)
1934 Roy Kinnear, British actor (d. 1988)
1933 Charles Osgood, American soldier and journalist
1933 Jean-Marie Straub, French director and screenwriter (d. 2022)
1931 Bill Graham, German-American businessman (d. 1991)
1931 Clarence Benjamin Jones, American lawyer and scholar
1929 Saeed Jaffrey, Indian-British actor (d. 2015)
1928 Slade Gorton, American colonel, lawyer, and politician, 14th Attorney General of Washington[134] (d. 2020)
1927 Charles Tomlinson, English poet and academic (d. 2015)
1926 Evelyn Lear, American operatic soprano (d. 2012)
1926 Kerwin Mathews, American actor (d. 2007)
1926 Kelucharan Mohapatra, Indian dancer and choreographer (d. 2004)
1926 Hanae Mori, Japanese fashion designer
1926 Soupy Sales, American comedian and actor (d. 2009)
1925 Mohan Rakesh, Indian author and playwright (d. 1972)
1924 Benjamin Lees, Chinese-American soldier and composer (d. 2010)
1924 Ron Moody, English actor and singer (d. 2015)
1923 Larry Storch, American actor and comedian[121](d. 2022)
1923 Giorgio Tozzi, American opera singer and actor (d. 2011)
1923 Johnny Wardle, English cricketer (d. 1985)
1923 Joseph Weizenbaum, German-American computer scientist and author (d. 2008)
1922 Dale D. Myers, American engineer (d. 2015)
1917 Peter Matthew Hillsman Taylor, American novelist, short story writer, and playwright (d. 1994)
1915 Walker Cooper, American baseball player and manager (d. 1991)
1912 José Ferrer, Puerto Rican-American actor and director (d. 1992)
1912 Lawrence Walsh, Canadian-American lawyer, judge, and politician, 4th United States Deputy Attorney General (d. 2014)
1911 Gypsy Rose Lee, American actress, dancer, and author (d. 1970)
1910 Galina Ulanova, Russian actress and ballerina (d. 1998)
1909 Ashapoorna Devi, Indian author and poet (d. 1995)
1909 Bruce Mitchell, South African cricketer (d. 1995)
1909 Evelyn Wood, American author and educator (d. 1995)
1908 Fearless Nadia, Australian-Indian actress and stuntwoman (d. 1996)
1908 William Hartnell, English actor (d. 1975)
1905 Carl Gustav Hempel, German philosopher from the Vienna and the Berlin Circle (d. 1997)
1904 Karl Brandt, German physician and SS officer (d. 1948)
1902 Carl Rogers, American psychologist and academic (d. 1987)
1900 Dorothy Adams, American character actress (d. 1988)
1900 Serge Poliakoff, Russian-French painter (d. 1969)
1899 S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike, Sri Lankan lawyer and politician, 4th Prime Minister of Sri Lanka (d. 1959)
1897 Dennis Wheatley, English soldier and author (d. 1977)
1896 Jaromír Weinberger, Czech-American composer and academic (d. 1967)
1891 Walther Bothe, German physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1957)
1891 Storm Jameson, English journalist and author (d. 1986)
1891 Bronislava Nijinska, Russian dancer and choreographer (d. 1972)
1888 Richard Courant, German-American mathematician and academic (d. 1972)
1885 John Curtin, Australian journalist and politician, 14th Prime Minister of Australia (d. 1945)
1885 Mór Kóczán, Hungarian javelin thrower and pastor (d. 1972)
1885 A. J. Muste, Dutch-American pastor and activist (d. 1967)
1883 Pavel Filonov, Russian painter and poet (d. 1941)
1883 Patrick J. Hurley, American general, politician, and diplomat, 51st United States Secretary of War (d. 1963)
1881 Henrik Shipstead, American dentist and politician (d. 1960)
1881 Linnie Marsh Wolfe, American librarian and author (d. 1945)
1873 Iuliu Maniu, Romanian lawyer and politician, 32nd Prime Minister of Romania (d. 1953)
1871 James Craig, 1st Viscount Craigavon, Irish captain and politician, 1st Prime Minister of Northern Ireland (d. 1940)
1870 Miguel Primo de Rivera, Spanish general and politician, Prime Minister of Spain (d. 1930)
1867 Emily Greene Balch, American economist and author, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1961)
1866 William G. Conley, American educator and politician, 18th Governor of West Virginia (d. 1940)
1865 Winnaretta Singer, American philanthropist (d. 1943)
1864 Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale (d. 1892)
1862 Frank Nelson Doubleday, American publisher, founded the Doubleday Publishing Company (d. 1934)
1860 Emma Booth-Tucker, English author (d. 1903)
1859 Fanny Bullock Workman, American mountaineer, geographer, and cartographer (d. 1925)
1852 James Milton Carroll, American pastor and author (d. 1931)
1843 Frederick Abberline, English police officer (d. 1929)
1836 Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Dutch-English painter and academic (d. 1912)
1830 Hans von Bülow, German pianist and composer (d. 1894)
1824 Wilkie Collins, English novelist, playwright, and short story writer (d. 1889)
1824 Francisco González Bocanegra, Mexican poet and composer (d. 1861)
1823 Alfred Russel Wallace, Welsh geographer, biologist, and explorer (d. 1913)
1821 James Longstreet, American general and diplomat, United States Ambassador to Turkey (d. 1904)
1817 Theophilus Shepstone, English-South African politician (d. 1893)
1812 Sigismond Thalberg, Swiss pianist and composer (d. 1871)
1805 John Bigler, American lawyer, politician, and diplomat, 3rd Governor of California (d. 1871)
1805 Orson Hyde, American religious leader, 3rd President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (d. 1878)
1792 Lowell Mason, American composer and educator (d. 1872)
1788 Rudolf of Austria, Austrian archduke and archbishop (d. 1831)
1786 Nicholas Biddle, American banker and financier (d. 1844)
1763 Edmond-Charles Genêt, French-American translator and diplomat (d. 1834)
1735 John Carroll, American archbishop, founder of Georgetown University (d. 1815)
1638 Elisabetta Sirani, Italian painter (d. 1665)
1635 Luis Manuel Fernández de Portocarrero, Spanish cardinal (d. 1709)
1632 Samuel von Pufendorf, German economist and jurist (d. 1694)
1628 François-Henri de Montmorency, duc de Luxembourg, French general (d. 1695)
1601 Baltasar Gracián, Spanish priest and author (d. 1658)
1589 Ivan Gundulić, Croatian poet and playwright (d. 1638)
1587 Johannes Fabricius, German astronomer and academic (d. 1616)
1587 Jan Pieterszoon Coen, Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies (d. 1629)
1583 Simon Episcopius, Dutch theologian and academic (d. 1643)
1529 John Frederick II, duke of Saxony (d. 1595)
1345 Kadi Burhan al-Din, poet, kadi, and ruler of Sivas (d. 1398)
1037 Su Dongpo, Chinese calligrapher and poet (d. 1101)