Famous People Born on January 23, January 23 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on January 23. Famous birthdays for the 23rd of January. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on January 23. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 23rd of January?
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What famous person has a birthday on January 23?

January 23 Birthdays, Famous People born on January 23rd

Year Name
2001 Olga Danilović, Serbian tennis player
1998 XXXTentacion, American rapper (d. 2018)
1995 Luke Bateman, Australian rugby league player
1995 Tuimoala Lolohea, New Zealand rugby league player
1994 Addison Russell, American baseball player
1992 Reina Triendl, Japanese model and actress
1991 Steve Birnbaum, American footballer
1990 Alex Silva, Canadian wrestler
1988 Shaun Kenny-Dowall, Australian-New Zealand rugby league player
1987 Leo Komarov, Finnish ice hockey player
1986 Gelete Burka, Ethiopian runner
1986 Marc Laird, Scottish footballer
1986 José Enrique, Spanish footballer
1986 Steven Taylor, English footballer
1986 Sandro Viletta, Swiss skier
1985 Dong Fangzhuo, Chinese footballer
1985 Doutzen Kroes, Dutch model and actress
1985 Yevgeny Lukyanenko, Russian pole vaulter
1985 Aselefech Mergia, Ethiopian runner
1985 Jeff Samardzija, American baseball player
1985 San E, South Korean rapper
1984 Robbie Farah, Australian rugby league player
1984 Arjen Robben, Dutch footballer
1983 Irving Saladino, Panamanian long jumper
1982 Wily Mo Peña, Dominican baseball player
1982 Oceana Mahlmann, German singer and songwriter
1982 Andrew Rock, American sprinter
1981 Rob Friend, Canadian soccer player
1981 Julia Jones, American actress
1979 Larry Hughes, American basketball player
1979 Juan Rincón, Venezuelan baseball player and coach
1976 Brandon Duckworth, American baseball player and scout
1976 Anne Margrethe Hausken, Norwegian orienteering competitor
1976 Alex Shaffer, American skier
1975 Nick Harmer, German musician
1975 Phil Dawson, American football player
1974 Glen Chapple, English cricketer
1974 Rebekah Elmaloglou, Australian actress
1974 Jack Michaels, American ice hockey commentator[29]
1974 Yosvani Pérez, Cuban baseball player
1974 Richard T. Slone, English painter
1974 Tiffani Thiessen, American actress
1973 Tomas Holmström, Swedish ice hockey player
1972 Ewen Bremner, Scottish actor
1971 Scott Gibbs, Welsh-South African rugby player and sportscaster
1971 Adam Parore, New Zealand cricketer and mountaineer
1971 Claire Rankin, Canadian actress
1970 Spyridon Vasdekis, Greek long jumper
1969 Andrei Kanchelskis, Ukrainian-Russian footballer and manager
1969 Brendan Shanahan, Canadian ice hockey player and actor
1969 Susen Tiedtke, German long jumper
1968 Taro Hakase, Japanese violinist and composer
1968 Petr Korda, Czech-Monacan tennis player
1967 Owen Cunningham, Australian rugby league player
1966 Damien Hardman, Australian surfer
1966 Haywoode Workman, American basketball player and referee
1965 Louie Clemente, American drummer
1964 Jonatha Brooke, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1964 Mariska Hargitay, American actress and producer
1964 Bharrat Jagdeo, Guyanese economist and politician, seventh President of Guyana
1964 Mario Roberge, Canadian ice hockey player
1962 David Arnold, English composer
1962 Aivar Lillevere, Estonian footballer and coach
1962 Elvira Lindo, Spanish journalist and author
1961 Neil Henry, Australian rugby league player and coach
1961 Yelena Sinchukova, Russian long jumper
1960 Jean-François Sauvé, Canadian ice hockey player
1960 Greg Ritchie, Australian cricketer
1959 Clive Bull, English radio host
1958 Sergey Litvinov, Russian hammer thrower (d. 2018)
1957 Caroline, Princess of Hanover
1954 Trevor Hohns, Australian cricketer
1953 John Luther Adams, American composer
1953 Alister McGrath, Irish priest, historian, and theologian
1953 Antonio Villaraigosa, American politician, 41st Mayor of Los Angeles
1953 Robin Zander, American rock singer-songwriter and guitarist
1952 Omar Henry, South African cricketer
1951 Chesley Sullenberger, American airline pilot and safety expert
1950 Richard Dean Anderson, American actor, producer, and composer
1950 Guida Maria, Portuguese actress (d. 2018)
1950 Suzanne Scotchmer, American economist and academic (d. 2014)
1950 Luis Alberto Spinetta, Argentinian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and poet (d. 2012)
1948 Anita Pointer, American R&B/soul singer-songwriter (d. 2022)
1947 Tom Carper, American captain and politician, 71st Governor of Delaware
1947 Megawati Sukarnoputri, Indonesian politician, President of Indonesia
1946 Arnoldo Alemán, Nicaraguan lawyer and politician, President of Nicaragua
1946 Boris Berezovsky, Russian-English businessman and mathematician (d. 2013)
1945 Mike Harris, Canadian politician, 22nd Premier of Ontario
1944 Rutger Hauer, Dutch actor, director, and producer (d. 2019)
1943 Özhan Canaydın, Turkish basketball player and businessman (d. 2010)
1942 Laurie Mayne, Australian cricketer
1942 Herman Tjeenk Willink, Dutch judge and politician
1942 Phil Clarke, New Zealand rugby union player
1941 Jock R. Anderson, Australian economist and academic
1941 João Ubaldo Ribeiro, Brazilian journalist, author, and academic (d. 2014)
1940 Alan Cheuse, American writer and critic (d. 2015)
1940 Joe Dowell, American pop singer (d. 2016)
1939 Ed Roberts, American disability rights activist (d. 1995)
1938 Giant Baba, Japanese wrestler and promoter, founded All Japan Pro Wrestling (d. 1999)
1938 Georg Baselitz, German painter and sculptor
1936 Jerry Kramer, American football player and sportscaster
1936 Cécile Ousset, French pianist
1935 Mike Agostini, Trinidadian sprinter (d. 2016)
1935 Tom Reamy, American author (d. 1977)
1934 Pierre Bourgault, Canadian journalist and politician (d. 2003)
1933 Bill Hayden, Australian politician, 21st Governor General of Australia
1933 Chita Rivera, American actress, singer, and dancer
1932 George Allen, English footballer (d. 2016)
1932 Larri Thomas, American actress and dancer (d. 2013)
1930 Filaret, Patriarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyivan
1930 Mervyn Rose, Australian tennis player (d. 2017)
1930 Derek Walcott, Saint Lucian poet and playwright, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2017)
1930 Teresa Żylis-Gara, Polish operatic soprano
1929 Myron Cope, American journalist and sportscaster (d. 2008)
1929 Phillip Knightley, Australian journalist, author, and critic (d. 2016)
1929 John Polanyi, German-Canadian chemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate
1928 Chico Carrasquel, Venezuelan baseball player and manager (d. 2005)
1928 Jeanne Moreau, French actress (d. 2017)
1927 Lars-Eric Lindblad, Swedish-American businessman and explorer (d. 1994)
1927 Fred Williams, Australian painter (d. 1982)
1926 Bal Thackeray, Indian journalist, cartoonist, and politician (d. 2012)
1925 Marty Paich, American pianist, composer, producer, and conductor (d. 1995)
1924 Frank Lautenberg, American soldier, businessman, and politician (d. 2013)
1923 Horace Ashenfelter, American runner (d. 2018)
1923 Cot Deal, American baseball player and coach (d. 2013)
1923 Walter M. Miller, Jr., American soldier and author (d. 1996)
1922 Leon Golub, American painter and academic (d. 2004)
1922 Tom Lewis, Australian politician, 33rd Premier of New South Wales (d. 2016)
1920 Gottfried Böhm, German architect (d. 2021)
1920 Henry Eriksson, Swedish runner (d. 2000)
1920 Walter Frederick Morrison, American businessman, invented the Frisbee (d. 2010)
1919 Frances Bay, Canadian-American actress (d. 2011)
1919 Hans Hass, Austrian biologist and diver (d. 2013)
1919 Ernie Kovacs, American actor and game show host (d. 1962)
1919 Bob Paisley, English footballer and manager (d. 1996)
1918 Gertrude B. Elion, American biochemist and pharmacologist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1999)
1918 Florence Rush, American social worker and theorist (d. 2008)
1916 David Douglas Duncan, American photographer and journalist (d. 2018)
1916 Airey Neave, English colonel, lawyer, and politician, Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (d. 1979)
1915 Herma Bauma, Austrian javelin thrower and handball player (d. 2003)
1915 W. Arthur Lewis, Saint Lucian-Barbadian economist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1991)
1915 Potter Stewart, American lawyer and judge (d. 1985)
1913 Jean-Michel Atlan, Algerian-French painter (d. 1960)
1913 Wally Parks, American businessman, founded the National Hot Rod Association (d. 2007)
1912 Boris Pokrovsky, Russian director and manager (d. 2009)
1910 Django Reinhardt, Belgian guitarist and composer (d. 1953)
1907 Dan Duryea, American actor and singer (d. 1968)
1907 Hideki Yukawa, Japanese physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1981)
1905 Erich Borchmeyer, German sprinter (d. 2000)
1903 Jorge Eliécer Gaitán, Colombian lawyer and politician, 16th Minister of National Education of Colombia (d. 1948)
1901 Arthur Wirtz, American businessman (d. 1983)
1900 William Ifor Jones, Welsh organist and conductor (d. 1988)
1899 Glen Kidston, English racing driver and pilot (d. 1931)
1898 Georg Kulenkampff, German violinist (d. 1948)
1898 Randolph Scott, American actor (d. 1987)
1898 Freda Utley, English scholar and author (d. 1978)
1897 Subhas Chandra Bose, Indian freedom fighter and politician (d. 1945)
1897 Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, Austrian architect (d. 2000)
1897 Ieva Simonaitytė, Lithuanian author (d. 1978)
1897 William Stephenson, Canadian captain and spy (d. 1989)
1896 Alf Blair, Australian rugby league player and coach (d. 1944)
1896 Alf Hall, English-South African cricketer (d. 1964)
1894 Jyotirmoyee Devi, Indian author (d. 1988)
1889 Claribel Kendall, American mathematician (d.1965)
1880 Antonio Díaz Soto y Gama, Mexican politician (d. 1967)
1878 Rutland Boughton, English composer (d. 1960)
1876 Otto Diels, German chemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1954)
1872 Paul Langevin, French physicist and academic (d. 1946)
1872 Jože Plečnik, Slovenian architect, designed Plečnik Parliament (d. 1957)
1862 David Hilbert, German mathematician and academic (d. 1943)
1862 Frank Shuman, American inventor and engineer (d. 1918)
1857 Andrija Mohorovičić, Croatian meteorologist and seismologist (d. 1936)
1855 John Browning, American weapons designer, founded the Browning Arms Company (d. 1926)
1846 Nikolay Umov, Russian physicist and mathematician (d. 1915)
1840 Ernst Abbe, German physicist and engineer (d. 1905)
1838 Marianne Cope, German-American nun and saint (d. 1918)
1833 Muthu Coomaraswamy, Sri Lankan lawyer and politician (d. 1879)
1832 Édouard Manet, French painter (d. 1883)
1828 Saigō Takamori, Japanese samurai (d. 1877)
1813 Camilla Collett, Norwegian novelist and activist (d. 1895)
1809 Surendra Sai, Indian activist (d. 1884)
1799 Alois Negrelli, Tyrolean engineer and railroad pioneer active in the Austrian Empire (d. 1858)
1783 Stendhal, French novelist (d. 1842)
1780 Georgios Karaiskakis, Greek general (d. 1827)
1752 Muzio Clementi, Italian pianist, composer, and conductor (d. 1832)
1745 William Jessop, English engineer, built the Cromford Canal (d. 1814)
1737 John Hancock, American general and politician, first Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1793)
1719 John Landen, English mathematician and theorist (d. 1790)
1622 Abraham Diepraam, Dutch painter (d. 1670)
1585 Mary Ward, English Catholic Religious Sister (d. 1645)
1514 Hai Rui, Chinese politician (d. 1587)
1378 Louis III, Elector Palatine (d. 1436)
1350 Vincent Ferrer, Spanish missionary and saint (d. 1419)