Famous People Born on January 12, January 12 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on January 12. Famous birthdays for the 12th of January. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on January 12. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 12th of January?
Which celebrities are born in January?
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What famous person has a birthday on January 12?

January 12 Birthdays, Famous People born on January 12th

Year Name
2002 Eva Lys, German tennis player
1996 Ella Henderson, English singer and songwriter[35]
1995 Sarah Mehain, Canadian Paralympic swimmer
1995 Alessio Romagnoli, Italian footballer
1993 Zayn Malik, English singer
1993 Simone Pecorini, Italian footballer
1993 Do Kyungsoo, South Korean singer
1992 Ishak Belfodil, Algerian footballer
1992 Samuele Longo, Italian footballer
1991 Pixie Lott, English singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress
1991 Matt Srama, Australian rugby league player
1989 Thiemo-Jérôme Kialka, German footballer
1989 Axel Witsel, Belgian footballer
1988 Claude Giroux, Canadian ice hockey player
1987 Naya Rivera, American actress and singer (d. 2020)
1987 Salvatore Sirigu, Italian footballer
1986 Kehoma Brenner, German rugby player
1986 Miguel Ángel Nieto, Spanish footballer
1985 Artem Milevskyi, Ukrainian footballer
1985 Issa Rae, American actress, writer, director, producer and web series creator
1985 Borja Valero, Spanish footballer
1984 Daniel Sepulveda, American football player
1984 Jonathan Zydko, French footballer
1982 Paul-Henri Mathieu, French tennis player
1982 Hans Van Alphen, Belgian decathlete
1982 Dean Whitehead, English footballer
1982 Dontrelle Willis, American baseball player
1981 Amerie, American singer-songwriter, producer, and actress
1981 João Paulo Daniel, Brazilian footballer
1981 Dan Klecko, American football player
1981 Angus Macdonald, New Zealand rugby player
1981 Luis Ernesto Pérez, Mexican footballer
1980 Bobby Crosby, American baseball player
1979 Marián Hossa, Slovak ice hockey player
1979 Lee Bo-young, South Korean actress and model
1979 Grzegorz Rasiak, Polish footballer
1979 David Zabriskie, American cyclist
1978 Luis Ayala, Mexican baseball player
1978 Maurizio Zaffiri, Italian rugby player
1977 Yoandy Garlobo, Cuban baseball player
1975 Jason Freese, American saxophonist, songwriter, and producer
1975 Jocelyn Thibault, Canadian ice hockey player and coach
1974 Melanie C, English singer-songwriter and actress
1974 Tor Arne Hetland, Norwegian skier
1973 Brian Culbertson, American pianist and producer
1973 Hande Yener, Turkish singer-songwriter, producer, and actress
1972 Toto Wolff, Austrian investor
1972 Priyanka Gandhi, Indian politician
1972 Espen Knutsen, Norwegian ice hockey player and coach
1972 Paul Wilson, Australian cricketer and umpire
1971 Arman Alizad, Iranian-born Finnish tailor and television presenter
1971 Scott Burrell, American basketball player and coach
1971 Peter Madsen, Danish engineer, entrepreneur, and convicted murderer
1970 Raekwon, American rapper
1970 Zack de la Rocha, American singer-songwriter
1969 David Mitchell, English novelist
1969 Margaret Nagle, American screenwriter and producer
1968 Farrah Forke, American actress (d. 2022)
1968 Junichi Masuda, Japanese director, producer, and composer
1968 Heather Mills, English businesswoman, activist and model
1968 Mauro Silva, Brazilian footballer
1967 Vendela Kirsebom, Norwegian-Swedish model and actress
1966 Olivier Martinez, French actor
1966 Craig Parry, Australian golfer
1965 Rob Zombie, American singer-songwriter, producer, actor, and director
1964 Jeff Bezos, American computer scientist and businessman, founded Amazon.com
1963 François Girard, Canadian director and screenwriter
1963 Nando Reis, Brazilian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer
1962 Joe Quesada, American author and illustrator
1962 Richie Richardson, Antiguan cricketer
1962 Luna Vachon, American-Canadian wrestler and manager (d. 2010)
1961 Simon Russell Beale, Malaysia-born English actor and historian
1960 Oliver Platt, Canadian-American actor
1960 Dominique Wilkins, French-American basketball player and manager
1959 B. Brian Blair, American wrestler and politician
1959 Per Gessle, Swedish singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer
1958 Christiane Amanpour, English-born Iranian-American journalist
1958 Curt Fraser, American-Canadian ice hockey player and coach
1957 John Lasseter, American animator, director, and producer
1957 Jeremy Sams, English director, playwright, and composer
1956 Nikolai Noskov, Russian rock singer and singer-songwriter
1955 Tom Ardolino, American rock drummer (d. 2012)
1954 Howard Stern, American radio host, actor, and author
1954 Martin Kylhammar, Swedish professor of culture and society
1953 Mary Harron, Canadian director and screenwriter
1952 Phil Perry, American singer-songwriter and producer
1952 Ricky Van Shelton, American country singer-songwriter and guitarist
1952 John Walker, New Zealand runner and politician
1952 Walter Mosley, American novelist
1951 Kirstie Alley, American actress and producer (d. 2022)
1951 Chris Bell, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1978)
1951 Rush Limbaugh, American talk show host and author (d. 2021)
1951 Drew Pearson, American football player and sportscaster
1950 Sheila Jackson Lee, American lawyer, judge, and politician
1950 Göran Lindblad, Swedish dentist and politician
1950 Bob McEwen, American businessman and politician
1950 Dorrit Moussaieff, Israeli-Icelandic jewelry designer and businesswoman, 5th First Lady of Iceland
1949 Kentarō Haneda, Japanese pianist and composer (d. 2007)
1949 Ottmar Hitzfeld, German footballer and manager
1949 Hamadi Jebali, Tunisian engineer, journalist, and politician, 19th Prime Minister of Tunisia
1949 Haruki Murakami, Japanese novelist, short-story writer, and essayist
1948 Kenny Allen, English footballer
1948 Anthony Andrews, English actor and producer
1948 Gordon Campbell, Canadian educator and politician, 34th Premier of British Columbia
1948 Brendan Foster, English runner and sportscaster
1948 William Nicholson, English author and screenwriter
1947 Richard Carwardine, English historian and academic
1947 Tom Dempsey, American football player and educator (d. 2020)
1947 Sally Hamwee, Baroness Hamwee, English politician
1946 Hazel Cosgrove, Lady Cosgrove, Scottish lawyer and judge
1946 George Duke, American keyboard player, composer, and educator (d. 2013)
1945 Maggie Bell, Scottish singer-songwriter
1944 Hans Henning Atrott, German author and theorist
1944 Joe Frazier, American boxer (d. 2011)
1944 Cynthia Robinson, American R&B trumpet player and singer (d 2015)
1942 Bernardine Dohrn, American domestic terrorist, political activist and academic
1941 Long John Baldry, English-Canadian singer-songwriter and voice actor (d. 2005)
1941 Fiona Caldicott, English psychiatrist and psychotherapist (d. 2021)
1941 Chet Jastremski, American swimmer and physician (d. 2014)
1940 Bob Hewitt, Australian-South African tennis player
1940 Ronald Shannon Jackson, American drummer and composer (d. 2013)
1940 Dick Motz, New Zealand cricketer (d. 2007)
1938 Qazi Hussain Ahmad, Pakistani scholar and politician (d. 2013)
1937 Shirley Eaton, English actress
1936 Jennifer Hilton, Baroness Hilton of Eggardon, English police officer and politician
1936 Raimonds Pauls, Latvian pianist and composer
1936 Brajanath Ratha, Indian poet and activist (d. 2014)
1936 Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, Indian lawyer and politician, Indian Minister of Home Affairs (d. 2016)
1935 Teresa del Conde, Mexican historian and critic (d. 2017)
1935 Kreskin, American mentalist
1934 Alan Sharp, Scottish-American author and screenwriter (d. 2013)
1934 Mick Sullivan, English rugby player and coach (d. 2016)
1933 Pavlos Matesis, Greek author and playwright (d. 2013)
1930 Tim Horton, Canadian ice hockey player and businessman, founded Tim Hortons (d. 1974)
1930 Jennifer Johnston, Irish author and playwright
1930 Glenn Yarbrough, American singer and actor (d. 2016)
1929 Alasdair MacIntyre, Scottish-American philosopher and academic
1929 Jaakko Hintikka, Finnish philosopher and logician (d. 2015)
1928 Ruth Brown, American R&B singer-songwriter and actress (d. 2006)
1926 Morton Feldman, American composer and academic (d. 1987)
1926 Ray Price, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2013)
1925 Bill Burrud, American television host, producer, and actor (d. 1990)
1924 Olivier Gendebien, Belgian racing driver and businessman (d. 1998)
1923 Ira Hayes, American marine who raised the U.S. flag on Iwo Jima (d. 1955)
1922 Tadeusz Żychiewicz, Polish journalist and historian (d. 1994)
1920 James Farmer, American activist and politician, co-founded Congress of Racial Equality (d. 1999)
1920 Jerzy Zubrzycki, Polish-Australian sociologist and academic (d. 2009)
1917 Walter Hendl, American pianist, composer, and conductor (d. 2007)
1917 Jimmy Skinner, Canadian ice hockey player and coach (d. 2007)
1916 Ruth R. Benerito, American chemist and inventor (d. 2013)
1916 Mary Wilson, Baroness Wilson of Rievaulx, British poet and Spouse of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (d. 2018)
1916 P. W. Botha, South African politician, 8th Prime Minister of South Africa (d. 2006)
1915 Paul Jarrico, American screenwriter and producer (d. 1997)
1915 Joseph-Aurèle Plourde, Canadian archbishop and academic (d. 2013)
1914 Mieko Kamiya, Japanese psychiatrist and psychologist (d. 1979)
1912 Richard Kuremaa, Estonian footballer (d. 1991)
1910 Patsy Kelly, American actress and comedian (d. 1981)
1910 Luise Rainer, German-English actress (d. 2014)
1908 Jean Delannoy, French actor, director, and screenwriter (d. 2008)
1908 Clement Hurd, American illustrator (d. 1988)
1907 Sergei Korolev, Russian colonel and engineer (d. 1966)
1906 Emmanuel Levinas, Lithuanian-French historian, philosopher, and academic (d. 1995)
1905 Nihal Atsız, Turkish author, poet, and philosopher (d. 1975)
1905 James Bennett Griffin, American archaeologist and academic (d. 1997)
1905 Tex Ritter, American actor and singer (d. 1974)
1904 Mississippi Fred McDowell, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1972)
1903 Igor Kurchatov, Russian physicist and academic (d. 1960)
1903 Andrew J. Transue, American politician and attorney (Morissette v. United States) (d. 1995)
1901 Karl Künstler, German SS officer (d. 1945)
1899 Pierre Bernac, French opera singer and educator (d. 1979)
1899 Paul Hermann Müller, Swiss chemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1965)
1896 Uberto De Morpurgo, Italian tennis player (d. 1961)
1896 David Wechsler, Romanian-American psychologist and author (d. 1981)
1895 Leo Aryeh Mayer, Polish-Israeli scholar and academic (d. 1959)
1894 Georges Carpentier, French boxer and actor (d. 1975)
1893 Hermann Göring, German commander, pilot, and politician, Minister President of Prussia (d. 1946)
1893 Alfred Rosenberg, Estonian-German architect and politician, Reich Minister for the Occupied Eastern Territories (d. 1946)
1892 Mikhail Gurevich, Russian engineer and businessman, co-founded the Russian Aircraft Corporation (d. 1976)
1890 Johannes Vares, Estonian poet, physician, and politician (d. 1946)
1889 Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Mahmood Ahmad, Indian-Pakistani spiritual leader (d. 1965)
1885 Thomas Ashe, Irish Republican died while on Hunger Strike (d. 1917)
1884 Texas Guinan, American entertainer and bootlegger (d. 1933)
1882 Milton Sills, American actor and screenwriter (d. 1930)
1879 Ray Harroun, American race car driver and engineer (d. 1968)
1879 Anton Uesson, Estonian engineer and politician, 17th Mayor of Tallinn (d. 1942)
1878 Ferenc Molnár, Hungarian-American author and playwright (d. 1952)
1877 Frank J. Corr, American lawyer and politician, 45th Mayor of Chicago (d. 1934)
1876 Fevzi Çakmak, Turkish field marshal and politician, Prime Minister of the Turkish Provisional Government (d. 1950)
1876 Jack London, American novelist and journalist (d. 1916)
1876 Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari, Italian composer and educator (d. 1948)
1874 Laura Adams Armer, American author and photographer (d. 1963)
1873 Spyridon Louis, Greek runner (d. 1940)
1869 Bhagwan Das, Indian philosopher, academic, and politician (d. 1958)
1863 Swami Vivekananda, Indian monk and philosopher (d. 1902)
1856 John Singer Sargent, American painter and academic (d. 1925)
1853 Gregorio Ricci-Curbastro, Italian mathematician (d. 1925)
1849 Jean Béraud, Russian-French painter and academic (d. 1935)
1837 Adolf Jensen, German pianist and composer (d. 1879)
1822 Étienne Lenoir, Belgian engineer, designed the internal combustion engine (d. 1900)
1799 Priscilla Susan Bury, British botanist (d. 1872)
1797 Gideon Brecher, Austrian physician and author (d. 1873)
1792 Johan August Arfwedson, Swedish chemist and academic (d. 1841)
1786 Sir Robert Inglis, 2nd Baronet, English politician (d. 1855)
1772 Mikhail Speransky, Russian academic and politician (d. 1839)
1751 Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies (d. 1825)
1746 Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, Swiss philosopher and educator (d. 1827)
1729 Edmund Burke, Irish philosopher, academic, and politician (d. 1797)
1724 Frances Brooke, English author and playwright (d. 1789)
1723 Samuel Langdon, American minister, theologian, and academic (d. 1797)
1721 Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, Prussian field marshal (d. 1792)
1716 Antonio de Ulloa, Spanish general and politician, 1st Spanish Governor of Louisiana (d. 1795)
1715 Jacques Duphly, French organist and composer (d. 1789)
1711 Gaetano Latilla, Italian composer (d. 1788)
1694 Godscall Paleologue, possibly last member of the Palaiologos dynasty (d. ????)
1673 Rosalba Carriera, Italian painter (d. 1757)
1628 Charles Perrault, French author and academic (d. 1703)
1598 Jijabai Shahaji Bhosale, mother of Indian king Shivaji (d. 1674)
1597 François Duquesnoy, Flemish sculptor and educator (d. 1643)
1591 Jusepe de Ribera, Spanish painter (d. 1652)
1588 John Winthrop, English lawyer and politician, 2nd Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (d. 1649)
1577 Jan Baptist van Helmont, Flemish chemist and physician (d. 1644)
1576 Petrus Scriverius, Dutch historian and scholar (d. 1660)
1562 Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy (d. 1630)
1483 Henry III of Nassau-Breda (d. 1538)