Famous People Born on January 5, January 5 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on January 5. Famous birthdays for the 5th of January. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on January 5. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 5th of January?
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What famous person has a birthday on January 5?

January 5 Birthdays, Famous People born on January 5th

Year Name
1996 James Fisher-Harris, New Zealand rugby league player
1995 Toafofoa Sipley, New Zealand rugby league player
1994 Lachlan Fitzgibbon, Australian rugby league player
1994 Tyrone Phillips, Australian rugby league player
1993 Stefan Rzadzinski, Canadian race car driver
1991 Denis Alibec, Romanian footballer
1990 Mark Nicholls, Australian rugby league player
1989 Krisztián Németh, Hungarian footballer
1988 Azizulhasni Awang, Malaysian track cyclist
1988 Luke Daniels, English footballer
1988 Mandip Gill, English actress
1987 Dexter Bean, American race car driver
1987 Kristin Cavallari, American TV personality[186]
1987 Stuart Flanagan, Australian rugby league player
1986 Deepika Padukone, Indian actress
1985 Filinga Filiga, New Zealand rugby league player
1985 Diego Vera, Uruguayan footballer
1984 Derrick Atkins, Bahamian sprinter
1984 Matt Ballin, Australian rugby league player
1984 Bronx Goodwin, Australian rugby league player
1982 Janica Kostelić, Croatian skier
1981 Deadmau5 (Joel Thomas Zimmerman), Canadian musician
1980 Luke Bailey, Australian rugby league player
1980 Brad Meyers, Australian rugby league player
1979 Kyle Calder, Canadian ice hockey player
1979 Giuseppe Gibilisco, Italian pole vaulter
1978 January Jones, American actress
1977 Gavin Lester, Australian rugby league player
1976 Diego Tristán, Spanish footballer
1975 Bradley Cooper, American actor and producer
1975 Warrick Dunn, American football player
1975 Mike Grier, American ice hockey player and scout
1974 Iwan Thomas, Welsh sprinter and coach
1973 Uday Chopra, Bollywood actor and filmmaker
1972 Sakis Rouvas, Greek singer-songwriter, producer, and actor
1971 Stian Carstensen, Norwegian multi-instrumentalist and composer
1970 Nigel Gaffey, Australian rugby league player
1969 Marilyn Manson, American singer-songwriter, actor, and director
1969 Shaun Micheel, American golfer
1968 Carrie Ann Inaba, American actress, dancer, and choreographer
1968 Joé Juneau, Canadian ice hockey player and engineer
1965 Vinnie Jones, English/Welsh footballer and actor
1965 Stuart Raper, Australian rugby league player and coach
1965 Patrik Sjöberg, Swedish high jumper
1963 Jeff Fassero, American baseball player and coach
1962 Suzy Amis, American actress and model
1962 Danny Jackson, American baseball player and manager
1961 Iris DeMent, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1960 Glenn Strömberg, Swedish footballer and sportscaster
1959 Clancy Brown, American actor
1959 Nancy Delahunt, Canadian curler
1958 Ron Kittle, American baseball player and manager
1957 Kevin Hastings, Australian rugby league player
1957 George Moroko, Australian rugby league player
1956 Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German academic and politician, 14th Vice-Chancellor of Germany
1955 Mamata Banerjee, Indian lawyer and politician, Chief Minister of West Bengal
1954 Alex English, American basketball player and coach
1954 László Krasznahorkai, Hungarian author and screenwriter
1953 Pamela Sue Martin, American actress
1953 Mike Rann, English-Australian journalist and politician, 44th Premier of South Australia
1953 George Tenet, American civil servant and academic, 18th Director of Central Intelligence
1952 Uli Hoeneß, German footballer and manager
1950 Ioan P. Culianu, Romanian historian, philosopher, and author (d. 1991)
1950 Peter Goldsmith, Baron Goldsmith, English lawyer and politician, Attorney General for England and Wales
1950 John Manley, Canadian lawyer and politician, 8th Deputy Prime Minister of Canada
1950 Chris Stein, American guitarist, songwriter, and producer
1948 Ted Lange, American actor, director, and screenwriter
1947 Mike DeWine, American lawyer and politician, 70th Governor of Ohio
1946 Diane Keaton, American actress, director, and businesswoman
1944 Carolyn McCarthy, American nurse and politician
1944 Ed Rendell, American politician, 45th Governor of Pennsylvania
1943 Mary Gaudron, Australian lawyer and judge
1943 Murtaz Khurtsilava, Georgian footballer and manager
1942 Maurizio Pollini, Italian pianist and conductor
1942 Charlie Rose, American journalist and talk show host
1941 Bob Cunis, New Zealand cricketer (d. 2008)
1941 Chuck McKinley, American tennis player (d. 1986)
1941 Hayao Miyazaki, Japanese animator, director, and screenwriter
1941 Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, Indian cricketer and coach (d. 2011)
1940 Athol Guy, Australian singer-songwriter and bassist
1939 M. E. H. Maharoof, Sri Lankan politician (d. 1997)
1938 Juan Carlos I of Spain
1936 Florence King, American journalist and memoirist (d. 2016)
1936 Terry Lineen, New Zealand rugby player (d. 2020)
1934 Phil Ramone, South African-American songwriter and producer, co-founded A & R Recording (d. 2013)
1934 Murli Manohar Joshi, Indian politician
1932 Umberto Eco, Italian novelist, literary critic, and philosopher (d. 2016)
1932 Chuck Noll, American football player and coach (d. 2014)
1931 Alvin Ailey, American dancer and choreographer, founded the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (d. 1989)
1931 Alfred Brendel, Austrian pianist, poet, and author
1931 Robert Duvall, American actor and director
1930 Kevin Considine, Australian rugby league player
1929 Aulis Rytkönen, Finnish footballer and manager (d. 2014)
1928 Imtiaz Ahmed, Pakistani cricketer (d. 2016)
1928 Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Pakistani lawyer and politician, 4th President of Pakistan (d. 1979)
1928 Walter Mondale, American soldier, lawyer, and politician, 42nd Vice President of the United States
1927 Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, American guru and author, founded Iraivan Temple (d. 2001)
1926 Veikko Karvonen, Finnish runner (d. 2007)
1926 W. D. Snodgrass, American poet (d. 2009)
1926 Hosea Williams, American businessman and activist (d. 2000)
1923 Sam Phillips, American radio host and producer, founded Sun Records (d. 2003)
1922 Anthony Synnot, Australian admiral (d. 2001)
1921 Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Swiss author and playwright (d. 1990)
1921 Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Luxembourgish soldier and aristocrat (d. 2019)
1921 John H. Reed, American politician and diplomat, 67th Governor of Maine (d. 2012)
1920 Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, Italian pianist and educator (d. 1995)
1919 Hector Abhayavardhana, Sri Lankan theorist and politician (d. 2012)
1919 Severino Gazzelloni, Italian flute player (d. 1992)
1917 Francis L. Kellogg, American businessman and diplomat (d. 2006)
1917 Wieland Wagner, German director and producer (d. 1966)
1917 Jane Wyman, American actress (d. 2007)
1915 Arthur H. Robinson, Canadian geographer and cartographer (d. 2004)
1914 Doug Deitz, Australian rugby league player (d. 1994)
1914 George Reeves, American actor and director (d. 1959)
1911 Jean-Pierre Aumont, French actor and screenwriter (d. 2001)
1910 Jack Lovelock, New Zealand runner and journalist (d. 1949)
1909 Lucienne Bloch, Swiss-American sculptor, painter, and photographer (d. 1995)
1909 Stephen Cole Kleene, American mathematician and computer scientist (d. 1994)
1908 George Dolenz, Italian-American actor (d. 1963)
1907 Volmari Iso-Hollo, Finnish athlete (d. 1969)
1906 Kathleen Kenyon, English archaeologist and academic (d. 1978)
1904 Jeane Dixon, American astrologer and psychic (d. 1997)
1904 Erika Morini, Austrian violinist (d. 1995)
1904 George Plant, Executed Irish Republican (d. 1942)
1903 Harold Gatty, Australian pilot and navigator (d. 1957)
1902 Hubert Beuve-Méry, French journalist (d. 1989)
1902 Stella Gibbons, English journalist and author (d. 1989)
1900 Yves Tanguy, French-American painter (d. 1955)
1897 Kiyoshi Miki, Japanese philosopher and author (d. 1945)
1893 Paramahansa Yogananda, Indian-American guru and philosopher (d. 1952)
1892 Agnes von Kurowsky, American nurse (d. 1984)
1886 Markus Reiner, Israeli physicist and engineer (d. 1976)
1885 Humbert Wolfe, Italian-English poet and civil servant (d. 1940)
1882 Herbert Bayard Swope, American journalist (d. 1958)
1882 Edwin Barclay, 18th president of Liberia (d. 1955)
1881 Pablo Gargallo, Spanish sculptor and painter (d. 1934)
1880 Nikolai Medtner, Russian pianist and composer (d. 1951)
1879 Hans Eppinger, Austrian physician and academic (d. 1946)
1876 Konrad Adenauer, German lawyer and politician, Chancellor of West Germany (d. 1967)[62]
1874 Joseph Erlanger, American physiologist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1965)
1871 Frederick Converse, American composer and academic (d. 1940)
1867 Dimitrios Gounaris, Greek lawyer and politician, 94th Prime Minister of Greece (d. 1922)
1864 Bob Caruthers, American baseball player and manager (d. 1911)
1855 King Camp Gillette, American businessman, founded the Gillette Company (d. 1932)
1846 Rudolf Christoph Eucken, German philosopher and author, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1926)
1846 Mariam Baouardy, Syrian Roman Catholic nun; later canonized (d. 1878)
1838 Camille Jordan, French mathematician and academic (d. 1922)
1834 William John Wills, English surgeon and explorer (d. 1861)
1808 Anton Füster, Austrian priest and activist (d. 1881)
1793 Harvey Putnam, American lawyer and politician (d. 1855)
1781 Gaspar Flores de Abrego, three terms mayor of San Antonio, in Spanish Texas (d. 1836)
1779 Stephen Decatur, American commander (d. 1820)
1779 Zebulon Pike, American general and explorer (d. 1813)
1767 Jean-Baptiste Say, French economist and academic (d. 1832)
1735 Claude Martin, French-English general and explorer (d. 1800)
1640 Paolo Lorenzani, Italian composer (d. 1713)
1620 Miklós Zrínyi, Croatian military commander (d. 1664)
1592 Shah Jahan, Mughal emperor (d. 1666)
1587 Xu Xiake, Chinese geographer and explorer (d. 1641)
1548 Francisco Suárez, Spanish priest, philosopher, and theologian (d. 1617)
1530 Gaspar de Bono, monk of the Order of the Minims (d. 1571)
1209 Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall, English prince, nominal King of Germany (d. 1272)