Famous Deaths on July 6, Who Died on July 6

Here is a list who died on July 6. Famous deaths for the 6th of July. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on July 6. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in July 6th?
Who died on the 6th July?
Who died on July 6?

Date Name
1017 Genshin, Japanese scholar (b. 942)
1070 Godelieve, Flemish saint (b. 1049)
1189 Henry II, king of England (b. 1133)
1218 Odo III, duke of Burgundy (b. 1166)
1249 Alexander II, king of Scotland (b. 1198)
1415 Jan Hus, Czech priest, philosopher, and reformer (b. 1369)
1476 Regiomontanus, German mathematician and astrologer (b. 1436)
1480 Antonio Squarcialupi, Italian composer (b. 1416)
1533 Ludovico Ariosto, Italian poet and playwright (b. 1474)
1535 Thomas More, English lawyer and politician, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (b. 1478)
1553 Edward VI, king of England and Ireland (b. 1537)
1583 Edmund Grindal, English archbishop (b. 1519)
1585 Thomas Aufield, English priest and martyr (b. 1552)
1614 Man Singh I, Rajput Raja of Amer (b. 1550)
1684 Peter Gunning, English bishop (b. 1614)
1758 George Howe, 3rd Viscount Howe, English general and politician (b. 1725)
1768 Conrad Beissel, German-American religious leader (b. 1690)
1802 Daniel Morgan, American general and politician (b. 1736)
1809 Antoine Charles Louis de Lasalle, French general (b. 1775)
1813 Granville Sharp, English activist (b. 1735)
1815 Samuel Whitbread, English politician (b. 1764)
1835 John Marshall, American captain and politician, 4th United States Secretary of State (b. 1755)
1854 Georg Ohm, German physicist and mathematician (b. 1789)
1868 Harada Sanosuke, Japanese captain (b. 1840)
1893 Guy de Maupassant, French short story writer, novelist, and poet (b. 1850)
1901 Chlodwig Carl Viktor, German prince and chancellor (b. 1819)
1902 Maria Goretti, Italian martyr and saint (b. 1890)
1904 Abai Qunanbaiuly, Kazakh poet and philosopher (b. 1845)
1907 August Johann Gottfried Bielenstein, German linguist and theologian (b. 1826)
1914 Georges Legagneux, French aviator (b. 1882)
1916 Odilon Redon, French painter and illustrator (b. 1840)
1918 Wilhelm von Mirbach, German diplomat (b. 1871)
1922 Maria Teresia Ledóchowska, Polish-Austrian nun and missionary (b. 1863)
1932 Kenneth Grahame, Scottish-English author (b. 1859)
1934 Nestor Makhno, Ukrainian commander (b. 1888)
1946 Horace Pippin, American painter (b. 1888)
1947 Adolfo Müller-Ury, Swiss-American painter (b. 1862)
1952 Louis-Alexandre Taschereau, Canadian lawyer and politician, 14th Premier of Quebec (b. 1867)
1954 Cornelia Sorabji, Indian lawyer, social reformer and writer (b. 1866)
1959 George Grosz, German painter and illustrator (b. 1893)
1960 Aneurin Bevan, Welsh-English politician, Secretary of State for Health (b. 1897)
1961 Scott LaFaro, American bassist (b. 1936)
1962 Paul Boffa, Maltese soldier and politician, 5th Prime Minister of Malta (b. 1890)
1963 George, duke of Mecklenburg (b. 1899)
1964 Claude V. Ricketts, American admiral (b. 1906)
1966 Sad Sam Jones, American baseball player and manager (b. 1892)
1967 Hilda Taba, Estonian architect and educator (b. 1902)
1971 Louis Armstrong, American singer and trumpet player (b. 1901)
1973 Otto Klemperer, German-American conductor and composer (b. 1885)
1975 Reşat Ekrem Koçu, Turkish historian, scholar, and poet (b. 1905)
1976 Fritz Lenz, German geneticist and physician (b. 1887)
1977 Ödön Pártos, Hungarian-Israeli viola player and composer (b. 1907)
1978 Babe Paley, American socialite and fashion style icon (b. 1915)
1979 Van McCoy, American singer-songwriter and producer (b. 1940)
1986 Jagjivan Ram, Indian lawyer and politician, 4th Deputy Prime Minister of India (b. 1908)
1989 János Kádár, Hungarian mechanic and politician, Hungarian Minister of the Interior (b. 1912)
1991 Mudashiru Lawal, Nigerian footballer (b. 1954)
1992 Marsha P. Johnson, American drag queen performer and activist (b. 1945)
1994 Ahmet Haxhiu, Kosovan activist (b. 1932)
1995 Aziz Nesin, Turkish author and poet (b. 1915)
1997 Chetan Anand, Indian director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1921)
1998 Roy Rogers, American cowboy, actor, and singer (b. 1911)
1999 Joaquín Rodrigo, Spanish pianist and composer (b. 1901)
2000 Władysław Szpilman, Polish pianist and composer (b. 1911)
2002 Dhirubhai Ambani, Indian businessman, founded Reliance Industries (b. 1932)
2003 Buddy Ebsen, American actor, singer, and dancer (b. 1908)
2004 Thomas Klestil, Austrian politician, 10th President of Austria (b. 1932)
2005 Ed McBain, American author and screenwriter (b. 1926)
2006 Kasey Rogers, American actress (b. 1925)
2007 Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, American author (b. 1939)
2009 Vasily Aksyonov, Russian author and academic (b. 1932)
2010 Harvey Fuqua, American singer-songwriter and producer (b. 1929)
2011 Carly Hibberd, Australian road racing cyclist (b. 1985)
2012 Hani al-Hassan, Palestinian engineer and politician (b. 1939)
2013 Lo Hsing Han, Burmese businessman, co-founded Asia World (b. 1935)
2014 Alan J. Dixon, American soldier, lawyer, and politician, 34th Illinois Secretary of State (b. 1927)
2015 Jerry Weintraub, American film producer, and talent agent (b. 1937)
2018 Shoko Asahara, founder of Japanese cult group Aum Shinrikyo (b. 1955)
2019 João Gilberto, Brazilian singer-songwriter and guitarist, pioneer of bossa nova music style (b. 1931)
2020 Charlie Daniels, American singer-songwriter, fiddle-player and guitarist (b. 1936)
2022 James Caan, American actor (b. 1940)
371 Cleombrotus I, Spartan king
649 Goar of Aquitaine, French bishop
887 Wang Chongrong, Chinese warlord
918 William I, duke of Aquitaine (b. 875)