Famous Deaths on July 14, Who Died on July 14

Here is a list who died on July 14. Famous deaths for the 14th of July. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on July 14. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in July 14th?
Who died on the 14th July?
Who died on July 14?

Date Name
1223 Philip II, king of France (b. 1165)
1262 Richard de Clare, 6th Earl of Gloucester, English soldier (b. 1222)
1486 Margaret of Denmark, daughter of Christian I of Denmark (b. 1456)
1526 John de Vere, 14th Earl of Oxford, English peer, landowner, and Lord Great Chamberlain of England (b. 1499)
1575 Richard Taverner, English translator (b. 1505)
1614 Camillus de Lellis, Italian priest and saint (b. 1550)
1723 Claude Fleury, French historian and author (b. 1640)
1742 Richard Bentley, English scholar and theologian (b. 1662)
1780 Charles Batteux, French philosopher and academic (b. 1713)
1789 Jacques de Flesselles, French politician (b. 1721)
1790 Ernst Gideon von Laudon, Austrian field marshal (b. 1717)
1809 Nicodemus the Hagiorite, Greek monk and saint (b. 1749)
1816 Francisco de Miranda, Venezuelan general (b. 1750)
1817 Germaine de Staël, French philosopher and author (b. 1766)
1827 Augustin-Jean Fresnel, French physicist and engineer, reviver of wave theory of light, inventor of catadioptric lighthouse lens (b. 1788)
1834 Edmond-Charles Genêt, French-American diplomat (b. 1763)
1850 August Neander, German historian and theologian (b. 1789)
1856 Edward Vernon Utterson, English lawyer and historian (b. 1775)
1876 John Buckley, English soldier, Victoria Cross recipient (b. 1813)
1881 William H. Bonney aka Billy the Kid, American gunfighter and outlaw (b. 1859 or 1860)
1904 Paul Kruger, South African politician, 5th President of the South African Republic (b. 1824)
1907 William Henry Perkin, English chemist and academic (b. 1838)
1910 Marius Petipa, French dancer and choreographer (b. 1818)
1917 Octave Lapize, French cyclist (b. 1887)
1918 Quentin Roosevelt, American lieutenant and pilot (b. 1897)
1936 Dhan Gopal Mukerji, Indian-American author and scholar (b. 1890)
1937 Julius Meier, American businessman and politician, 20th Governor of Oregon (b. 1874)
1939 Alphonse Mucha, Czech painter and illustrator (b. 1860)
1954 Jacinto Benavente, Spanish author and playwright, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1866)
1965 Adlai Stevenson II, American soldier and politician, 5th United States Ambassador to the United Nations (b. 1900)
1966 Julie Manet, French painter and art collector (b. 1878)
1967 Tudor Arghezi, Romanian author and poet (b. 1880)
1968 Konstantin Paustovsky, Russian author and poet (b. 1892)
1970 Preston Foster, American actor (b. 1900)
1974 Carl Spaatz, American World War II general; commander of the Strategic Air Forces in Europe (b. 1891)
1980 Carlos López Moctezuma, Mexican actor (b. 1909).
1984 Ernest Tidyman, American author and screenwriter; Academy Award winner for The French Connection (b. 1928)
1986 Raymond Loewy, French-American industrial designer (b. 1893)
1991 Constance Stokes, Australian painter (b. 1906)
1993 Léo Ferré, Monacan singer-songwriter, pianist, and poet (b. 1916)
2000 Pepo, Chilean cartoonist; creator of Condorito (b. 1911)
2005 Cicely Saunders, English hospice founder (b. 1918)
2017 Maryam Mirzakhani, Iranian mathematician; only woman to win the Fields Medal (2014), the most prestigious award in mathematics (b. 1977)
2022 Ivana Trump, Czech-American socialite and model (b. 1949)
664 Eorcenberht, king of Kent
809 Otomo no Otomaro, Japanese general and Shogun (b. 731)
850 Wei Fu, chancellor of the Tang Dynasty
937 Arnulf I, duke of Bavaria