Famous Deaths on July 17, Who Died on July 17

Here is a list who died on July 17. Famous deaths for the 17th of July. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on July 17. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in July 17th?
Who died on the 17th July?
Who died on July 17?

Date Name
1070 Baldwin VI, count of Flanders (b. 1030)
1085 Robert Guiscard, Norman adventurer
1119 Baldwin VII, count of Flanders (b. 1093)
1210 Sverker II, king of Sweden (b. 1210)
1304 Edmund Mortimer, 2nd Baron Mortimer (b. 1251)
1399 Jadwiga, queen of Poland (b. 1374)
1453 Dmitry Shemyaka, Grand Prince of Moscow
1531 Hosokawa Takakuni, Japanese commander (b. 1484)
1571 Georg Fabricius, German poet and historian (b. 1516)
1588 Mimar Sinan, Ottoman architect and engineer, designed the Sokollu Mehmet Pasha Mosque and Süleymaniye Mosque (b. 1489)
1603 Mózes Székely, Hungarian noble (b. 1553)
1642 William, Count of Nassau-Siegen, German count, field marshal of the Dutch State Army (b. 1592)
1645 Robert Carr, 1st Earl of Somerset, English-Scottish politician, Lord Chamberlain of the United Kingdom (b. 1587)
1704 Pierre-Charles Le Sueur, French fur trader and explorer (b. 1657)
1709 Robert Bolling, English planter and merchant (b. 1646)
1725 Thomas King, English and British soldier, MP for Queenborough, lieutenant-governor of Sheerness (b. before 1660?).
1762 Peter III of Russia (b. 1728)
1790 Adam Smith, Scottish economist and philosopher (b. 1723)
1791 Martin Dobrizhoffer, Austrian missionary and author (b. 1717)
1793 Charlotte Corday, French murderer (b. 1768)
1794 John Roebuck, English chemist and businessman (b. 1718)
1845 Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey, English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (b. 1764)
1871 Karl Tausig, Polish virtuoso pianist, arranger and composer (b. 1841)
1878 Aleardo Aleardi, Italian poet and politician (b. 1812)
1879 Maurycy Gottlieb, Ukrainian-Polish painter (b. 1856)
1881 Jim Bridger, American scout and explorer (b. 1804)
1883 Tự Đức, Vietnamese emperor (b. 1829)
1885 Jean-Charles Chapais, Canadian farmer and politician, 1st Canadian Minister of Agriculture (b. 1811)
1893 Frederick A. Johnson, American banker and politician (b. 1833)
1894 Leconte de Lisle, French poet and translator (b. 1818)
1900 Thomas McIlwraith, Scottish-Australian politician, 8th Premier of Queensland (b. 1835)
1907 Hector Malot, French author and critic (b. 1830)
1912 Henri Poincaré, French mathematician, physicist, and engineer (b. 1854)
1918 Victims of the Shooting of the Romanov family
1925 Lovis Corinth, German painter (b. 1858)
1928 Giovanni Giolitti, Italian politician, 13th Prime Minister of Italy (b. 1842)
1932 Rasmus Rasmussen, Norwegian actor, singer, and director (b. 1862)
1935 George William Russell, Irish poet and painter (b. 1867)
1942 Robina Nicol, New Zealand photographer and suffragist (b. 1861)
1944 William James Sidis, American mathematician and anthropologist (b. 1898)
1945 Ernst Busch, German field marshal (b. 1885)
1946 Florence Fuller, South African-born Australian artist (b. 1867)
1950 Evangeline Booth, English 4th General of The Salvation Army (b. 1865)
1959 Billie Holiday, American singer (b. 1915)
1960 Maud Menten, Canadian physician and biochemist (b. 1879)
1961 Ty Cobb, American baseball player and manager (b. 1886)
1967 John Coltrane, American saxophonist and composer (b. 1926)
1974 Dizzy Dean, American baseball player and sportscaster (b. 1910)
1975 Konstantine Gamsakhurdia, Georgian author (b. 1893)
1980 Don "Red" Barry, American actor and screenwriter (b. 1912)
1988 Bruiser Brody, American football player and wrestler (b. 1946)
1989 Itubwa Amram, Nauruan pastor and politician (b. 1922)
1991 John Patrick Spiegel, American psychiatrist and academic (b. 1911)
1994 Jean Borotra, French tennis player (b. 1898)
1995 Juan Manuel Fangio, Argentinian race car driver (b. 1911)
1996 Victims of TWA Flight 800
1998 Lillian Hoban, American author and illustrator (b. 1925)
2001 Katharine Graham, American publisher (b. 1917)
2002 Joseph Luns, Dutch politician and Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs (b. 1911)
2003 David Kelly, Welsh weapons inspector (b. 1944)
2005 Geraldine Fitzgerald, Irish-American actress (b. 1913)
2006 Sam Myers, American singer-songwriter (b. 1936)
2007 Grant Forsberg, American actor and businessman (b. 1959)
2009 Walter Cronkite, American journalist and actor (b. 1916)
2010 Larry Keith, American actor (b. 1931)
2011 David Ngoombujarra, Australian actor (b. 1967)
2012 Richard Evatt, English boxer (b. 1973)
2013 Henri Alleg, English-French journalist and author (b. 1921)
2014 Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 victims:
2015 Bill Arnsparger, American football player and coach (b. 1926)
2020 John Lewis, American Politician and Civil Rights Leader. (b. 1940)
521 Magnus Felix Ennodius, Gallo-Roman bishop
855 Leo IV, pope of the Catholic Church (b. 790)
952 Wu Hanyue, Chinese noblewoman (b. 913)
961 Du, empress dowager of the Song Dynasty