Famous Deaths on July 22, Who Died on July 22

Here is a list who died on July 22. Famous deaths for the 22nd of July. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on July 22. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in July 22nd?
Who died on the 22nd July?
Who died on July 22?

Date Name
1258 Meinhard I, Count of Gorizia-Tyrol (b. c. 1200)
1274 Henry I of Navarre, Count of Champagne and Brie and King of Navarre
1298 Sir John de Graham, Scottish soldier at the Battle of Falkirk
1362 Louis, Count of Gravina (b. 1324)
1376 Simon Langham, Archbishop of Canterbury (b. 1310)
1387 Frans Ackerman, Flemish politician (b. 1330)
1461 Charles VII of France (b. 1403)
1525 Richard Wingfield, English courtier and diplomat, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (b. 1426)
1540 John Zápolya, Hungarian king (b. 1487)
1550 Jorge de Lencastre, Duke of Coimbra (b. 1481)
1581 Richard Cox, English bishop (b. 1500)
1619 Lawrence of Brindisi, Italian priest and saint (b. 1559)
1645 Gaspar de Guzmán, Count-Duke of Olivares, Spanish statesman (b. 1587)
1676 Pope Clement X (b. 1590)
1726 Hugh Drysdale, English-American politician, Colonial Governor of Virginia
1734 Peter King, 1st Baron King, English lawyer and politician, Lord Chancellor of England (b. 1669)
1789 Joseph Foullon de Doué, French politician, Controller-General of Finances (b. 1715)
1802 Marie François Xavier Bichat, French anatomist and physiologist (b. 1771)
1824 Thomas Macnamara Russell, English admiral
1826 Giuseppe Piazzi, Italian mathematician and astronomer (b. 1746)
1832 Napoleon II, French emperor (b. 1811)
1833 Joseph Forlenze, Italian ophthalmologist and surgeon (b. 1757)
1864 James B. McPherson, American general (b. 1828)
1869 John A. Roebling, German-American engineer, designed the Brooklyn Bridge (b. 1806)
1902 Mieczysław Halka-Ledóchowski, Polish cardinal (b. 1822)
1903 Cassius Marcellus Clay, American publisher, lawyer, and politician, United States Ambassador to Russia (b. 1810)
1904 Wilson Barrett, English actor and playwright (b. 1846)
1906 William Snodgrass, Canadian minister and academic (b. 1827)
1908 Randal Cremer, English politician, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1828)
1915 Sandford Fleming, Scottish-Canadian engineer and inventor, developed Standard time (b. 1827)
1916 James Whitcomb Riley, American poet and author (b. 1849)
1918 Indra Lal Roy, Indian lieutenant and first Indian fighter aircraft pilot (b. 1898)
1920 William Kissam Vanderbilt, American businessman and horse breeder (b. 1849)
1922 Jōkichi Takamine, Japanese-American chemist and academic (b. 1854)
1932 J. Meade Falkner, English author and poet (b. 1858)
1934 John Dillinger, American gangster (b. 1903)
1937 Ted McDonald, Australian cricketer and footballer (b. 1891)
1940 George Fuller, Australian politician, 22nd Premier of New South Wales (b. 1861)
1948 Rūdolfs Jurciņš, Latvian basketball player (b. 1909)
1950 William Lyon Mackenzie King, Canadian economist and politician, 10th Prime Minister of Canada (b. 1874)
1958 Mikhail Zoshchenko, Ukrainian-Russian soldier and author (b. 1895)
1967 Carl Sandburg, American poet and historian (b. 1878)
1968 Giovannino Guareschi, Italian journalist and cartoonist (b. 1908)
1970 George Johnston, Australian journalist and author (b. 1912)
1974 Wayne Morse, American lawyer and politician (b. 1900)
1979 J. V. Cain, American football player (b. 1951)
1986 Floyd Gottfredson, American author and illustrator (b. 1905)
1987 Fahrettin Kerim Gökay, Turkish physician and politician, Turkish Minister of Health (b. 1900)
1990 Manuel Puig, Argentinian author, playwright, and screenwriter (b. 1932)
1992 David Wojnarowicz, American painter, photographer, and activist (b. 1954)
1995 Harold Larwood, English-Australian cricketer (b. 1904)
1996 Rob Collins, English keyboard player (b. 1956)
1998 Fritz Buchloh, German footballer and coach (b. 1909)
2000 Eric Christmas, English-born Canadian actor (b. 1916)
2001 Indro Montanelli, Italian journalist and historian (b. 1909)
2004 Sacha Distel, French singer and guitarist (b. 1933)
2005 Eugene Record, American singer-songwriter and producer (b. 1940)
2006 Dika Newlin, American composer, singer-songwriter, and pianist (d. 1923)
2007 Mike Coolbaugh, American baseball player and coach (b. 1972)
2008 Estelle Getty, American actress (b. 1923)
2009 Richard M. Givan, American lawyer and judge (b. 1921)
2010 Kenny Guinn, American banker and politician, 27th Governor of Nevada (b. 1936)
2011 Linda Christian, Mexican-American actress (b. 1923)
2012 Ding Guangen, Chinese engineer and politician (b. 1929)
2013 Natalie de Blois, American architect, co-designed the Lever House (b. 1921)
2014 Johann Breyer, German SS officer (b. 1925)
2018 Frank Havens, American canoeist (b. 1924)
2022 Maria Petri, English association football supporter (b. 1939)
698 Wu Chengsi, nephew of Chinese sovereign Wu Zetian