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What happened in history on September 3rd?

What Happened on September 3rd This Day in History

Year Name
2017 North Korea conducts its sixth and most powerful nuclear test.
2016 The U.S. and China, together responsible for 40% of the world's carbon emissions, both formally ratify the Paris global climate agreement.
2010 After taking off from Dubai International Airport, UPS Airlines Flight 6 develops an in-flight fire in the cargo hold and crashes near Nad Al Sheba, killing both crew members on board.
2004 Beslan school siege results in over 330 fatalities, including 186 children.
2001 In Belfast, Protestant loyalists begin a picket of Holy Cross, a Catholic primary school for girls.
1997 Vietnam Airlines Flight 815 (Tupolev Tu-134) crashes on approach into Phnom Penh airport, killing 64.
1989 Varig Flight 254 crashes in the Amazon rainforest near São José do Xingu in Brazil, killing 12.
1987 In a coup d'état in Burundi, President Jean-Baptiste Bagaza is deposed by Major Pierre Buyoya.
1981 The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, an international bill of rights for women, is instituted by the United Nations.
1978 During the Rhodesian Bush War a group of ZIPRA guerrillas shot down civilian Vickers Viscount aircraft (Air Rhodesia Flight 825) with a Soviet-made SAM Strela-2; of 56 passengers and crew 38 people died in crash, 10 were massacred by the guerrillas at the site.[4]
1976 Viking program: The American Viking 2 spacecraft lands at Utopia Planitia on Mars.
1971 Qatar becomes an independent state.
1967 Dagen H in Sweden: Traffic changes from driving on the left to driving on the right overnight.
1954 The People's Liberation Army begins shelling the Republic of China-controlled islands of Quemoy, starting the First Taiwan Strait Crisis.
1950 "Nino" Farina becomes the first Formula One Drivers' champion after winning the 1950 Italian Grand Prix.
1945 A three-day celebration begins in China, following the Victory over Japan Day on September 2.
1944 Holocaust: Diarist Anne Frank and her family are placed on the last transport train from the Westerbork transit camp to the Auschwitz concentration camp, arriving three days later.
1943 World War II: British and Canadian troops land on the Italian mainland. On the same day, Walter Bedell Smith and Giuseppe Castellano sign the Armistice of Cassibile, although it is not announced for another five days.
1942 World War II: In response to news of its coming liquidation, Dov Lopatyn leads an uprising in the Ghetto of Lakhva (present-day Belarus).
1941 The Holocaust: Karl Fritzsch, deputy camp commandant of the Auschwitz concentration camp, experiments with the use of Zyklon B in the gassing of Soviet POWs.
1939 World War II: France, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia declare war on Germany after the invasion of Poland, forming the Allied nations. The Viceroy of India also declares war, but without consulting the provincial legislatures.
1939 World War II: The United Kingdom and France begin a naval blockade of Germany that lasts until the end of the war. This also marks the beginning of the Battle of the Atlantic.
1935 Sir Malcolm Campbell reaches a speed of 304.331 miles per hour on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, becoming the first person to drive an automobile over 300 mph.
1933 Yevgeniy Abalakov is the first man to reach the highest point in the Soviet Union, Communism Peak (now called Ismoil Somoni Peak and situated in Tajikistan) (7495 m).
1925 USS Shenandoah, the United States' first American-built rigid airship, was destroyed in a squall line over Noble County, Ohio. Fourteen of her 42-man crew perished, including her commander, Zachary Lansdowne.
1916 World War I: Leefe Robinson destroys the German airship Schütte-Lanz SL 11 over Cuffley, north of London; the first German airship to be shot down on British soil.
1914 William, Prince of Albania leaves the country after just six months due to opposition to his rule.
1914 French composer Albéric Magnard is killed defending his estate against invading German soldiers.
1914 World War I: Start of the Battle of Grand Couronné, a German assault against French positions on high ground near the city of Nancy.
1895 John Brallier becomes the first openly professional American football player, when he was paid US$10 by David Berry, to play for the Latrobe Athletic Association in a 12
1879 Siege of the British Residency in Kabul: British envoy Sir Louis Cavagnari and 72 men of the Guides are massacred by Afghan troops while defending the British Residency in Kabul. Their heroism and loyalty became famous and revered throughout the British Empire.
1878 Over 640 die when the crowded pleasure boat Princess Alice collides with the Bywell Castle in the River Thames.
1875 The first official game of polo is played in Argentina after being introduced by British ranchers.
1870 Franco-Prussian War: The Siege of Metz begins, resulting in a decisive Prussian victory on October 23.
1861 American Civil War: Confederate General Leonidas Polk invades neutral Kentucky, prompting the state legislature to ask for Union assistance.
1855 American Indian Wars: In Nebraska, 700 soldiers under United States General William S. Harney avenge the Grattan massacre by attacking a Sioux village and killing 100 men, women and children.
1843 King Otto of Greece is forced to grant a constitution following an uprising in Athens.
1838 Future abolitionist Frederick Douglass escapes from slavery.
1812 Twenty-four settlers are killed in the Pigeon Roost Massacre in Indiana.
1798 The week long battle of St. George's Caye begins between Spain and Britain off the coast of Belize.
1783 American Revolutionary War: The war ends with the signing of the Treaty of Paris by the United States and the Kingdom of Great Britain.
1777 American Revolutionary War: During the Battle of Cooch's Bridge, the Flag of the United States is flown in battle for the first time.
1666 The Royal Exchange burns down in the Great Fire of London.
1658 The death of Oliver Cromwell; Richard Cromwell becomes Lord Protector of England.
1651 The Battle of Worcester is the last significant action in the Wars of the Three Kingdoms.
1650 Victory over the royalists in the Battle of Dunbar opens the way to Edinburgh for the New Model Army in the Third English Civil War.
1411 The Treaty of Selymbria is concluded between the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Venice.
1335 At the congress of Visegrád Charles I of Hungary mediates a reconciliation between two neighboring monarchs, John of Bohemia and Casimir III of Poland.
1260 The Mamluks defeat the Mongols at the Battle of Ain Jalut in Palestine, marking their first decisive defeat and the point of maximum expansion of the Mongol Empire.
1189 Richard I of England (a.k.a. Richard "the Lionheart") is crowned at Westminster.
863 Major Byzantine victory at the Battle of Lalakaon against an Arab raid.
673 King Wamba of the Visigoths puts down a revolt by Hilderic, governor of Nîmes (France) and rival for the throne.
590 Consecration of Pope Gregory I (Gregory the Great).
301 San Marino, one of the smallest nations in the world and the world's oldest republic still in existence, is founded by Saint Marinus.
36 In the Battle of Naulochus, Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, admiral of Octavian, defeats Sextus Pompey, son of Pompey, thus ending Pompeian resistance to the Second Triumvirate.
Famous People Born on September 3

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Year Name
1956 Stephen Woolley, English director and producer
1947 Mario Draghi, Italian banker and economist
1948 Fotis Kouvelis, Greek lawyer and politician, Greek Minister of Justice
1947 Michael Connarty, Scottish educator and politician
1971 Glen Housman, Australian swimmer
1954 Jaak Uudmäe, Estonian triple jumper and coach
1947 Gérard Houllier, French footballer and coach (d. 2020)
1936 Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, Tunisian soldier and politician, 2nd President of Tunisia (d. 2019)
1936 Pilar Pallete, Peruvian-American actress
1940 Pauline Collins, English actress
Famous People Deaths On September 3

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Date Name
863 Umar al-Aqta, Arab emir
2001 Pauline Kael, American film critic and author (b. 1919)
1977 Gianni Vella, Maltese artist (b. 1885)
1808 John Montgomery, American merchant and politician (b. 1722)
1944 John Lumsden, Irish physician, founded the St. John Ambulance Brigade of Ireland (b. 1869)
1970 Vasil Gendov, Bulgarian actor, director, and screenwriter (b. 1891)
1877 Adolphe Thiers, French historian and politician, 2nd President of France (b. 1797)
2014 Aarno Raninen, Finnish singer-songwriter and pianist (b. 1944)
2000 Edward Anhalt, American actor, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1914)
2007 Carter Albrecht, American keyboard player and guitarist (b. 1973)