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What happened in history on June 22nd?

What Happened on June 22nd This Day in History

Year Name
2022 An earthquake occurs in eastern Afghanistan resulting in over 1,000 deaths.
2015 The Afghan National Assembly building is attacked by gunmen after a suicide bombing. All six of the gunmen are killed and 18 people are injured.
2012 Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo is removed from office by impeachment and succeeded by Federico Franco.
2012 A Turkish Air Force McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II fighter plane is shot down by the Syrian Armed Forces, killing both of the plane's pilots and worsening already-strained relations between Turkey and Syria.
2009 A Washington D.C Metro train traveling southbound near Fort Totten station collides into another train waiting to enter the station. Nine people are killed in the collision (eight passengers and the train operator) and at least 80 others are injured.
2002 An earthquake measuring 6.5 Mw strikes a region of northwestern Iran killing at least 261 people and injuring 1,300 others and eventually causing widespread public anger due to the slow official response.
2000 Wuhan Airlines Flight 343 is struck by lightning and crashes into Wuhan's Hanyang District, killing 49 people.
1990 Cold War: Checkpoint Charlie is dismantled in Berlin.
1986 The famous Hand of God goal, scored by Diego Maradona in the quarter-finals of the 1986 FIFA World Cup match between Argentina and England, ignites controversy. This was later followed by the Goal of the Century. Argentina wins 2–1 and later goes on to win the World Cup.
1984 Virgin Atlantic launches with its first flight from London to Newark.
1978 Charon, the first of Pluto's satellites to be discovered, was first seen at the United States Naval Observatory by James W. Christy.
1969 The Cuyahoga River catches fire in Cleveland, Ohio, drawing national attention to water pollution, and spurring the passing of the Clean Water Act and the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency.
1966 Vietnamese Buddhist activist leader Thích Trí Quang was arrested as the military junta of Nguyen Cao Ky crushed the Buddhist Uprising.[12]
1965 The Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea is signed.
1962 Air France Flight 117 crashes on approach to Pointe-à-Pitre International Airport in Guadeloupe, killing 112 people.
1948 The ship HMT Empire Windrush brought the first group of 802 West Indian immigrants to Tilbury, marking the start of modern immigration to the United Kingdom.
1948 King George VI formally gives up the title "Emperor of India", half a year after Britain actually gave up its rule of India.
1945 World War II: The Battle of Okinawa comes to an end.
1944 World War II: Opening day of the Soviet Union's Operation Bagration against the Army Group Centre.
1944 U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs into law the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944, commonly known as the G.I. Bill.
1942 World War II: Erwin Rommel is promoted to Field Marshal after the Axis capture of Tobruk.
1942 The Pledge of Allegiance is formally adopted by US Congress.
1941 World War II: Nazi Germany invades the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa.
1940 World War II: France is forced to sign the Second Compiègne armistice with Germany, in the same railroad car in which the Germans signed the Armistice in 1918.
1918 The Hammond Circus Train Wreck kills 86 and injures 127 near Hammond, Indiana.
1911 George V and Mary of Teck are crowned King and Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
1911 Mexican Revolution: Government forces bring an end to the Magonista rebellion of 1911 in the Second Battle of Tijuana.[6]
1907 The London Underground's Charing Cross, Euston and Hampstead Railway opens.
1898 Spanish–American War: In a chaotic operation, 6,000 men of the U.S. Fifth Army Corps begins landing at Daiquirí, Cuba, about 16 miles (26 km) east of Santiago de Cuba. Lt. Gen. Arsenio Linares y Pombo of the Spanish Army outnumbers them two-to-one, but does not oppose the landings.
1897 British colonial officers Charles Walter Rand and Lt. Charles Egerton Ayerst are assassinated in Pune, Maharashtra, India by the Chapekar brothers and Mahadeo Vinayak Ranade, who are later caught and hanged.
1893 The Royal Navy battleship HMS Camperdown accidentally rams the British Mediterranean Fleet flagship HMS Victoria which sinks taking 358 crew with her, including the fleet's commander, Vice-Admiral Sir George Tryon.
1870 The United States Department of Justice is created by the U.S. Congress.
1839 Cherokee leaders Major Ridge, John Ridge, and Elias Boudinot are assassinated for signing the Treaty of New Echota, which had resulted in the Trail of Tears.
1813 War of 1812: After learning of American plans for a surprise attack on Beaver Dams in Ontario, Laura Secord sets out on a 30 kilometer journey on foot to warn Lieutenant James FitzGibbon.
1807 In the Chesapeake–Leopard affair, the British warship HMS Leopard attacks and boards the American frigate USS Chesapeake.
1783 A poisonous cloud caused by the eruption of the Laki volcano in Iceland reaches Le Havre in France.
1774 The British pass the Quebec Act, setting out rules of governance for the colony of Quebec in British North America.
1633 The Holy Office in Rome forces Galileo Galilei to recant his view that the Sun, not the Earth, is the center of the Universe in the form he presented it in, after heated controversy.
1593 Battle of Sisak: Allied Christian troops defeat the Ottomans.
1527 Fatahillah expels Portuguese forces from Sunda Kelapa, now regarded as the foundation of Jakarta.
910 The Hungarians defeat the East Frankish army near the Rednitz River, killing its leader Gebhard, Duke of Lotharingia (Lorraine).
813 Battle of Versinikia: The Bulgars led by Krum defeat the Byzantine army near Edirne. Emperor Michael I is forced to abdicate in favor of Leo V the Armenian.
217 Battle of Raphia: Ptolemy IV Philopator of Egypt defeats Antiochus III the Great of the Seleucid kingdom.
168 Battle of Pydna: Romans under Lucius Aemilius Paullus defeat Macedonian King Perseus who surrenders after the battle, ending the Third Macedonian War.
Famous People Born on June 22

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Year Name
1933 Dianne Feinstein, American politician
1968 Miri Yu, Zainichi, Korean novelist
1915 Dolf van der Linden, Dutch conductor and composer (d. 1999)
1704 John Taylor, English author and scholar (d. 1766)
1984 Dustin Johnson, American golfer
1961 Jimmy Somerville, Scottish singer-songwriter
1936 Hermeto Pascoal, Brazilian accordion player and composer
1944 Peter Asher, English singer, guitarist, and producer
1892 Robert Ritter von Greim, German general and pilot (d. 1945)
1994 Carlos Vinícius Santos de Jesus, Brazilian footballer
Famous People Deaths On June 22

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Date Name
2018 Vinnie Paul, American musician (b. 1964)
2007 Erik Parlevliet, Dutch field hockey player (b. 1964)
1997 Ted Gärdestad, Swedish singer-songwriter (b. 1956)
1956 Walter de la Mare, English poet, short story writer and novelist (b. 1873)
1936 Moritz Schlick, German-Austrian physicist and philosopher (b. 1882)
2008 Natalia Bekhtereva, Russian neuroscientist and psychologist (b. 1924)
1979 Louis Chiron, Monégasque race car driver (b. 1899)
1959 Hermann Brill, German educator and politician, 8th Minister-President of Thuringia (b. 1895)
1970 Đặng Thùy Trâm, Vietnamese surgeon and author (b. 1942)
1276 Innocent V, pope of the Catholic Church (b. 1225)