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What happened in history on June 3rd?

What Happened on June 3rd This Day in History

Year Name
2019 Khartoum massacre: In Sudan, over 100 people are killed when security forces accompanied by Janjaweed militiamen storm and open fire on a sit-in protest.
2017 London Bridge attack: Eight people are murdered and dozens of civilians are wounded by Islamist terrorists. Three of the attackers are shot dead by the police.
2015 An explosion at a gasoline station in Accra, Ghana, kills more than 200 people.
2013 The trial of United States Army private Chelsea Manning for leaking classified material to WikiLeaks begins in Fort Meade, Maryland.
2013 At least 119 people are killed in a fire at a poultry farm in Jilin Province in northeastern China.
2012 A plane carrying 153 people on board crashes in a residential neighborhood in Lagos, Nigeria, killing everyone on board and six people on the ground.
2012 The pageant for the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II takes place on the River Thames.
2006 The union of Serbia and Montenegro comes to an end with Montenegro's formal declaration of independence.
1998 After suffering a mechanical failure, a high speed train derails at Eschede, Germany, killing 101 people.
1992 Aboriginal land rights are recognised in Australia, overturning the long-held colonial assumption of terra nullius, in Mabo v Queensland (No 2), a case brought by Torres Strait Islander Eddie Mabo and leading to the Native Title Act 1993.
1991 Mount Unzen erupts in Kyūshū, Japan, killing 43 people, all of them either researchers or journalists.
1989 The government of China sends troops to force protesters out of Tiananmen Square after seven weeks of occupation.
1984 Operation Blue Star, a military offensive, is launched by the Indian government at Harmandir Sahib, also known as the Golden Temple, the holiest shrine for Sikhs, in Amritsar. The operation continues until June 6, with casualties, most of them civilians, in excess of 5,000.
1982 The Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom, Shlomo Argov, is shot on a London street; he survives but is left paralysed.
1980 An explosive device is detonated at the Statue of Liberty. The FBI suspects Croatian nationalists.
1980 The 1980 Grand Island tornado outbreak hits Nebraska, causing five deaths and $300 million (equivalent to $987 million in 2021) worth of damage.
1979 A blowout at the Ixtoc I oil well in the southern Gulf of Mexico causes at least 3,000,000 barrels (480,000 m3) of oil to be spilled into the waters, the second-worst accidental oil spill ever recorded.
1973 A Soviet supersonic Tupolev Tu-144 crashes near Goussainville, France, killing 14, the first crash of a supersonic passenger aircraft.
1969 Melbourne–Evans collision: off the coast of South Vietnam, the Australian aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne cuts the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Frank E. Evans in half; resulting in 74 deaths.
1965 The launch of Gemini 4, the first multi-day space mission by a NASA crew. Ed White, a crew member, performs the first American spacewalk.
1963 Soldiers of the South Vietnamese Army attack protesting Buddhists in Huế with liquid chemicals from tear-gas grenades, causing 67 people to be hospitalized for blistering of the skin and respiratory ailments.
1962 At Paris Orly Airport, Air France Flight 007 overruns the runway and explodes when the crew attempts to abort takeoff, killing 130.
1950 Herzog and Lachenal of the French Annapurna expedition become the first climbers to reach the summit of an 8,000-metre peak.
1943 In Los Angeles, California, white U.S. Navy sailors and Marines attack Latino youths in the five-day Zoot Suit Riots.
1942 World War II: Japan begins the Aleutian Islands Campaign by bombing Unalaska Island.
1941 World War II: The Wehrmacht razes the Greek village of Kandanos to the ground and murders 180 of its inhabitants.
1940 World War II: The Luftwaffe bombs Paris.
1940 Franz Rademacher proposes plans to make Madagascar the "Jewish homeland", an idea that had first been considered by 19th century journalist Theodor Herzl.
1937 The Duke of Windsor marries Wallis Simpson.
1935 One thousand unemployed Canadian workers board freight cars in Vancouver, beginning a protest trek to Ottawa.
1916 The National Defense Act is signed into law, increasing the size of the United States National Guard by 450,000 men.
1889 The first long-distance electric power transmission line in the United States is completed, running 14 miles (23 km) between a generator at Willamette Falls and downtown Portland, Oregon.
1885 In the last military engagement fought on Canadian soil, the Cree leader, Big Bear, escapes the North-West Mounted Police.
1866 The Fenians are driven out of Fort Erie, Ontario back into the United States.
1864 American Civil War: Battle of Cold Harbor: Union forces attack Confederate troops in Hanover County, Virginia.
1861 American Civil War: Battle of Philippi (also called the Philippi Races): Union forces rout Confederate troops in Barbour County, Virginia, now West Virginia.
1844 The last pair of great auks is killed.
1839 In Humen, China, Lin Tse-hsü destroys 1.2 million kilograms of opium confiscated from British merchants, providing Britain with a casus belli to open hostilities, resulting in the First Opium War.
1781 Jack Jouett begins his midnight ride to warn Thomas Jefferson and the Virginia legislature of an impending raid by Banastre Tarleton.
1665 James Stuart, Duke of York (later to become King James II of England), defeats the Dutch fleet off the coast of Lowestoft.
1658 Pope Alexander VII appoints François de Laval vicar apostolic in New France.
1621 The Dutch West India Company receives a charter for New Netherland.
1608 Samuel de Champlain lands at Tadoussac, Quebec, in the course of his third voyage to New France, and begins erecting fortifications.
1602 An English naval force defeats a fleet of Spanish galleys, and captures a large Portuguese carrack at the Battle of Sesimbra Bay
1539 Hernando de Soto claims Florida for Spain.
1326 The Treaty of Novgorod delineates borders between Russia and Norway in Finnmark.
1140 The French scholar Peter Abelard is found guilty of heresy.
1098 After a five-month siege during the First Crusade, the Crusaders seize Antioch (today's Turkey).
713 The Byzantine emperor Philippicus is blinded, deposed and sent into exile by conspirators of the Opsikion army in Thrace. He is succeeded by Anastasios II, who begins the reorganization of the Byzantine army.
350 The Roman usurper Nepotianus, of the Constantinian dynasty, proclaims himself Roman emperor, entering Rome at the head of a group of gladiators.
Famous People Born on June 3

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Year Name
1873 Otto Loewi, German-American pharmacologist and psychobiologist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1961)
1914 Ignacio Ponseti, Spanish physician and orthopedist (d. 2009)
1951 Jill Biden, American educator, First Lady of the United States
1924 Torsten Wiesel, Swedish neurophysiologist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate
1843 Frederick VIII of Denmark (d. 1912)
1818 Louis Faidherbe, French general and politician, Governor of Senegal (d. 1889)
1986 Micah Kogo, Kenyan runner
1985 Papiss Cissé, Senegalese footballer
1979 Luis Fernando López, Colombian race walker
1900 Leo Picard, German-Israeli geologist and academic (d. 1997)
Famous People Deaths On June 3

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Date Name
1928 Li Yuanhong, Chinese general and politician, 2nd President of the Republic of China (b. 1864)
1974 Michael Gaughan (Irish republican), Irish Republican hunger striker (b. 1949)
628 Liang Shidu, Chinese rebel leader
1994 Puig Aubert, German-French rugby player and coach (b. 1925)
1938 John Flanagan, Irish-American hammer thrower and tug of war competitor (b. 1873)
1899 Johann Strauss II, Austrian composer and educator (b. 1825)
1865 Okada Izō, Japanese samurai (b. 1838)
1902 Vital-Justin Grandin, French-Canadian bishop and missionary (b. 1829)
1548 Juan de Zumárraga, Spanish-Mexican archbishop (b. 1468)
1977 Archibald Hill, English physiologist and politician, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1886)