Famous Deaths on June 22, Who Died on June 22

Here is a list who died on June 22. Famous deaths for the 22nd of June. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on June 22. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in June 22nd?
Who died on the 22nd June?
Who died on June 22?

Date Name
1017 Leo Passianos, Byzantine general
1101 Roger I of Sicily, Norman nobleman (b. 1031)
1276 Innocent V, pope of the Catholic Church (b. 1225)
1343 Aimone, Count of Savoy (b. 1291)
1429 Jamshīd al-Kāshī, Persian astronomer and mathematician (b. 1380)
1521 Leonardo Loredan, Italian politician, 76th Doge of Venice (b. 1436)
1535 John Fisher, English bishop and saint (b. 1469)
1632 James Whitelocke, English judge and politician, Chief Justice of Chester (b. 1570)
1634 Johann von Aldringen, Austrian field marshal (b. 1588)
1664 Katherine Philips, Anglo-Welsh poet (b. 1631)
1699 Josiah Child, English merchant, economist, and politician (b. 1630)
1714 Matthew Henry, Welsh minister and author (b. 1662)
1766 Carlo Zimech, Maltese priest and painter (b. 1696)
1868 Heber C. Kimball, American religious leader (b. 1801)
1872 Rudecindo Alvarado, Argentinian general (b. 1792)
1874 Howard Staunton, English chess player (b. 1810)
1892 Pierre Ossian Bonnet, French mathematician and academic (b. 1819)
1894 Alexandre-Antonin Taché, Canadian archbishop and missionary (b. 1823)
1905 Francis Lubbock, American colonel and politician, 9th Governor of Texas (b. 1815)
1913 Ștefan Octavian Iosif, Romanian poet and translator (b. 1875)
1925 Felix Klein, German mathematician and academic (b. 1849)
1928 A. B. Frost, American illustrator and painter (b. 1851)
1931 Armand Fallières, French politician, 9th President of France (b. 1841)
1933 Tim Birkin, English racing driver and lieutenant (b. 1896)
1935 Szymon Askenazy, Polish historian and diplomat (b. 1866)
1936 Moritz Schlick, German-Austrian physicist and philosopher (b. 1882)
1938 C. J. Dennis, Australian poet and author (b. 1876)
1940 Monty Noble, Australian cricketer and sportscaster (b. 1873)
1942 August Froehlich, German priest and activist (b. 1891)
1945 Isamu Chō, Japanese general (b. 1895)
1956 Walter de la Mare, English poet, short story writer and novelist (b. 1873)
1959 Hermann Brill, German educator and politician, 8th Minister-President of Thuringia (b. 1895)
1964 Havank, Dutch journalist and author (b. 1904)
1965 David O. Selznick, American screenwriter and producer (b. 1902)
1966 Thaddeus Shideler, American hurdler (b. 1883)
1969 Judy Garland, American actress and singer (b. 1922)
1970 Đặng Thùy Trâm, Vietnamese surgeon and author (b. 1942)
1974 Darius Milhaud, French composer and educator (b. 1892)
1977 Jacqueline Audry, French director and screenwriter (b. 1908)
1979 Louis Chiron, Monégasque race car driver (b. 1899)
1984 Joseph Losey, American director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1909)
1987 Fred Astaire, American actor and dancer (b. 1899)
1988 Dennis Day, American singer and actor (b. 1916)
1990 Ilya Frank, Russian physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1908)
1993 Pat Nixon, American educator, 37th First Lady of the United States (b. 1912)
1995 Leonid Derbenyov, Russian poet and songwriter (b. 1931)
1997 Ted Gärdestad, Swedish singer-songwriter (b. 1956)
2003 Vasil Bykaŭ, Belarusian war novelist (b. 1924)
2004 Bob Bemer, American computer scientist and engineer (b. 1920)
2007 Erik Parlevliet, Dutch field hockey player (b. 1964)
2008 Natalia Bekhtereva, Russian neuroscientist and psychologist (b. 1924)
2011 Coşkun Özarı, Turkish footballer and coach (b. 1931)
2012 Juan Luis Galiardo, Spanish actor and producer (b. 1922)
2013 Henning Larsen, Danish architect, designed the Copenhagen Opera House (b. 1925)
2014 Fouad Ajami, Lebanese-American author and academic (b. 1945)
2015 James Horner, American composer and conductor (b. 1953)
2017 Mao Kobayashi, Japanese newscaster and actress (b. 1982)
2018 Vinnie Paul, American musician (b. 1964)
2022 Bruton Smith, American racetrack promoter (b. 1927)
207 Hasdrubal Barca, Carthaginian general in the Second Punic War (b. 245 BC)
431 Paulinus of Nola, Christian bishop and poet (b. 354)
910 Gebhard, Frankish nobleman
947 Qian Hongzuo, king of Wuyue (b. 928)