Famous Deaths on June 19, Who Died on June 19

Here is a list who died on June 19. Famous deaths for the 19th of June. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on June 19. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in June 19th?
Who died on the 19th June?
Who died on June 19?

Date Name
1027 Romuald, Italian mystic and saint (b. 951)
1185 Taira no Munemori, Japanese soldier (b. 1147)
1282 Eleanor de Montfort, Welsh princess (b. 1252)
1312 Piers Gaveston, 1st Earl of Cornwall, English politician (b. 1284)
1341 Juliana Falconieri, Italian nun and saint (b. 1270)
1364 Elisenda of Montcada, queen consort and regent of Aragon (b. 1292)
1504 Bernhard Walther, German astronomer and humanist (b. 1430)
1542 Leo Jud, Swiss theologian and reformer (b. 1482)
1545 Abraomas Kulvietis, Lithuanian-Russian lawyer and jurist (b. 1509)
1567 Anna of Brandenburg, Duchess of Mecklenburg (b. 1507)
1608 Alberico Gentili, Italian lawyer and jurist (b. 1551)
1650 Matthäus Merian, Swiss-German engraver and publisher (b. 1593)
1747 Alessandro Marcello, Italian composer and educator (b. 1669)
1762 Johann Ernst Eberlin, German organist and composer (b. 1702)
1768 Benjamin Tasker Sr., American soldier and politician, 10th Colonial Governor of Maryland (b. 1690)
1786 Nathanael Greene, American general (b. 1742)
1805 Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée, French painter and educator (b. 1724)
1820 Joseph Banks, English botanist and author (b. 1743)
1844 Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, French zoologist and biologist (b. 1772)
1864 Richard Heales, English-Australian politician, 4th Premier of Victoria (b. 1822)
1865 Evangelos Zappas, Greek-Romanian businessman and philanthropist (b. 1800)
1867 Miguel Miramón, Unconstitutional president of Mexico, 1859-1860 (b. 1832)
1874 Ferdinand Stoliczka, Moravian palaeontologist and ornithologist (b. 1838)
1884 Juan Bautista Alberdi, Argentinian-French politician and diplomat (b. 1810)
1903 Herbert Vaughan, English cardinal (b. 1832)
1918 Francesco Baracca, Italian fighter pilot (b. 1888)
1921 Ramón López Velarde, Mexican poet and author (b. 1888)
1922 Hitachiyama Taniemon, Japanese sumo wrestler, the 19th Yokozuna (b. 1874)
1932 Sol Plaatje, South African journalist and activist (b. 1876)
1937 J. M. Barrie, Scottish novelist and playwright (b. 1860)
1939 Grace Abbott, American social worker and activist (b. 1878)
1940 Maurice Jaubert, French composer and conductor (b. 1900)
1941 C. V. Hartman, Swiss botanist and anthropologist (b. 1862)
1949 Syed Zafarul Hasan, Indian philosopher and academic (b. 1885)
1951 Angelos Sikelianos, Greek poet and playwright (b. 1884)
1953 Ethel Rosenberg, American spy (b. 1915)
1956 Thomas J. Watson, American businessman (b. 1874)
1962 Frank Borzage, American film director and actor (b. 1894)
1966 Ed Wynn, American actor and comedian (b. 1886)
1968 James Joseph Sweeney, American bishop (b. 1898)
1975 Sam Giancana, American mob boss (b. 1908)
1977 Ali Shariati, Iranian sociologist and philosopher (b. 1933)
1979 Paul Popenoe, American explorer and scholar, founded Relationship counseling (b. 1888)
1981 Anya Phillips, Chinese-American band manager (b. 1955)
1984 Lee Krasner, American painter and educator (b. 1908)
1986 Len Bias, American basketball player (b. 1963)
1987 Margaret Carver Leighton, American author (b. 1896)
1988 Fernand Seguin, Canadian biochemist and academic (b. 1922)
1989 Betti Alver, Estonian author and poet (b. 1906)
1990 George Addes, American trade union leader, co-founded United Automobile Workers (b. 1911)
1991 Jean Arthur, American actress (b. 1900)
1993 William Golding, British novelist, playwright, and poet, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1911)
1995 Peter Townsend, Burmese-English captain and pilot (b. 1914)
2001 Stanley Mosk, American lawyer, jurist, and politician (b. 1912)
2004 Clayton Kirkpatrick, journalist and newspaper editor (b. 1915)
2007 Antonio Aguilar, Mexican singer-songwriter, actor, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1919)
2008 Barun Sengupta, Bengali journalist, founded Bartaman (b. 1934)
2009 Tomoji Tanabe, Japanese engineer and surveyor (b. 1895)
2010 Manute Bol, Sudanese-American basketball player and activist (b. 1962)
2012 Norbert Tiemann, American soldier and politician, 32nd Governor of Nebraska (b. 1924)
2013 Vince Flynn, American author (b. 1966)
2014 Oskar-Hubert Dennhardt, German general (b. 1915)
2015 James Salter, American novelist and short-story writer (b. 1925)
2016 Anton Yelchin, American actor (b. 1989)
2017 Otto Warmbier, American college student detained in North Korea (b. 1994)
2018 Koko, western lowland gorilla and user of American Sign Language (b. 1971)
2019 Etika, American YouTuber and streamer (b. 1990)
404 Huan Xuan, Jin-dynasty warlord and emperor of Huan Chu (b. 369)
626 Soga no Umako, Japanese son of Soga no Iname (b. 551)
930 Xiao Qing, chancellor of Later Liang (b. 862)