Famous Deaths on June 4, Who Died on June 4

Here is a list who died on June 4. Famous deaths for the 4th of June. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on June 4. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in June 4th?
Who died on the 4th June?
Who died on June 4?

Date Name
1039 Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor (b. 990)
1102 Władysław I Herman, Polish nobleman (b. c. 1044)
1134 Magnus I of Sweden (b. 1106)
1135 Emperor Huizong of Song (b. 1082)
1206 Adela of Champagne (b. 1140)
1246 Isabella of Angoulême (b. 1188)
1257 Przemysł I of Greater Poland (b. 1221)
1394 Mary de Bohun, wife of Henry IV of England (b.c. 1368)
1453 Andronikos Palaiologos Kantakouzenos, Byzantine commander
1463 Flavio Biondo, Italian historian and author (b. 1392)
1472 Nezahualcoyotl, Aztec poet (b. 1402)
1585 Muretus, French philosopher and author (b. 1526)
1608 Francis Caracciolo, Italian Catholic priest (b. 1563)
1622 Péter Révay, Hungarian soldier and historian (b. 1568)
1647 Canonicus, Grand Chief Sachem of the Narragansett (b. 1565)
1663 William Juxon, English archbishop and academic (b. 1582)
1798 Giacomo Casanova, Italian adventurer and author (b. 1725)
1801 Frederick Muhlenberg, American minister and politician, 1st Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (b. 1750)
1809 Nicolai Abildgaard, Danish neoclassical and history painter, sculptor and architect (b. 1743)
1830 Antonio José de Sucre, Venezuelan general and politician, 2nd President of Bolivia (b. 1795)
1872 Johan Rudolph Thorbecke, Dutch historian, jurist, and politician, Prime Minister of the Netherlands (b. 1798)
1875 Eduard Mörike, German pastor and poet (b. 1804)
1876 Abdülaziz of the Ottoman Empire, 32nd Sultan of the Ottoman Empire (b. 1830)
1922 W. H. R. Rivers, English anthropologist, neurologist, ethnologist, and psychiatrist (b. 1864)
1925 Margaret Murray Washington, American Academic (b. 1865)
1926 Fred Spofforth, Australian-English cricketer and coach (b. 1853)
1928 Zhang Zuolin, Chinese warlord (b. 1873)
1929 Harry Frazee, American director, producer, and agent (b. 1881)
1931 Hussein bin Ali, Sharif of Mecca, Sharif and Emir of Mecca, King of the Hejaz (b. 1853–54)
1933 Ahmet Haşim, Turkish poet and author (b. 1884)
1936 Mathilde Verne, English pianist and educator (b. 1869)
1939 Tommy Ladnier, American trumpet player (b. 1900)
1941 Wilhelm II, German Emperor (b. 1859)
1942 Reinhard Heydrich, German SS officer and politician (b. 1904)
1951 Serge Koussevitzky, Russian-American bassist, composer, and conductor (b. 1874)
1956 Katherine MacDonald, American actress and producer (b. 1881)
1962 Clem McCarthy, American sportscaster (b. 1882)
1967 Linda Eenpalu, Estonian lawyer and politician (b. 1890)
1968 Dorothy Gish, American actress (b. 1898)
1970 Sonny Tufts, American actor (b. 1911)
1971 György Lukács, Hungarian historian and philosopher (b. 1885)
1973 Maurice René Fréchet, French mathematician and academic (b. 1878)
1981 Leslie Averill, New Zealand doctor and soldier (b. 1897)
1989 Dik Browne, American cartoonist (b. 1917)
1990 Stiv Bators, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1949)
1992 Carl Stotz, American businessman, founded Little League Baseball (b. 1910)
1993 Bernard Evslin, American writer (b. 1922)
1994 Derek Leckenby, English musician (b. 1943)
1997 Ronnie Lane, English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (b. 1946)
1998 Josephine Hutchinson, American actress (b. 1903)
2002 Fernando Belaúnde Terry, Peruvian architect and politician, 42nd President of Peru (b. 1912)
2004 Steve Lacy, American saxophonist and composer (b. 1934)
2007 Clete Boyer, American baseball player and manager (b. 1937)
2010 John Wooden, American basketball player and coach (b. 1910)
2011 Juan Francisco Luis, Virgin Islander sergeant and politician, 23rd Governor of the United States Virgin Islands (b. 1940)
2012 Peter Beaven, New Zealand architect, designed the Lyttelton Road Tunnel Administration Building (b. 1925)
2013 Walt Arfons, American race car driver (b. 1916)
2014 George Ho, American-Hong Kong businessman (b. 1919)
2015 Marguerite Patten, English economist and author (b. 1915)
2016 Carmen Pereira, Bissau-Guinean politician (b. 1937)
2017 Juan Goytisolo, Spanish essayist, poet and novelist (b. 1931)
2021 Clarence Williams III, American actor (b. 1939)
2022 George Lamming, Barbadian novelist (b. 1927)
756 Shōmu, Japanese emperor (b. 701)
863 Charles, archbishop of Mainz
895 Li Xi, chancellor of the Tang Dynasty
946 Guaimar II (Gybbosus), Lombard prince
956 Muhammad III of Shirvan, Muslim ruler