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What happened in history on July 28th?

What Happened on July 28th This Day in History

Year Name
2018 Australian Wendy Tuck becomes the first woman skipper to win the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.
2017 Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif was disqualified from office for life by Supreme Court of Pakistan after finding him guilty of corruption charges.
2011 While flying from Seoul, South Korea to Shanghai, China, Asiana Airlines Flight 991 develops an in-flight fire in the cargo hold. The Boeing 747-400F freighter attempts to divert to Jeju International Airport, but crashes into the sea South-West of Jeju island, killing both crew members on board.
2010 Airblue Flight 202 crashes into the Margalla Hills north of Islamabad, Pakistan, killing all 152 people aboard. It is the deadliest aviation accident in Pakistan history and the first involving an Airbus A321.
2005 The Provisional Irish Republican Army calls an end to its thirty-year-long armed campaign against British rule in Northern Ireland.[14]
2002 Nine coal miners trapped in the flooded Quecreek Mine in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, are rescued after 77 hours underground.
2002 Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise Flight 9560 crashes after takeoff from Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow, Russia, killing 14 of the 16 people on board.
2001 Australian Ian Thorpe becomes the first swimmer to win six gold medals at a single World Championship meeting.
1996 The remains of a prehistoric man are discovered near Kennewick, Washington. Such remains will be known as the Kennewick Man.
1984 Olympic Games: Games of the XXIII Olympiad: The summer Olympics were opened in Los Angeles.
1976 The Tangshan earthquake
1974 Spetsgruppa A, Russia's elite special force, was formed.
1973 Summer Jam at Watkins Glen: Nearly 600,000 people attend a rock festival at the Watkins Glen International Raceway.
1965 Vietnam War: U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson announces his order to increase the number of United States troops in South Vietnam from 75,000 to 125,000.
1962 Beginning of the 8th World Festival of Youth and Students[10]
1960 The German Volkswagen Act comes into force.
1957 Heavy rain and a mudslide in Isahaya, western Kyushu, Japan, kills 992.
1945 A U.S. Army B-25 bomber crashes into the 79th floor of the Empire State Building killing 14 and injuring 26.
1943 World War II: Operation Gomorrah: The Royal Air Force bombs Hamburg, Germany causing a firestorm that kills 42,000 German civilians.
1942 World War II: Soviet leader Joseph Stalin issues Order No. 227. In response to alarming German advances, all those who retreat or otherwise leave their positions without orders to do so are to be tried in a military court, with punishment ranging from duty in a shtrafbat battalion, imprisonment in a Gulag, or execution.
1939 The Sutton Hoo helmet is discovered.
1938 Hawaii Clipper disappears between Guam and Manila as the first loss of an airliner in trans-Pacific China Clipper service.
1935 First flight of the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.
1932 U.S. President Herbert Hoover orders the United States Army to forcibly evict the "Bonus Army" of World War I veterans gathered in Washington, D.C.
1917 The Silent Parade takes place in New York City, in protest against murders, lynchings, and other violence directed towards African Americans.
1915 The United States begins a 19-year occupation of Haiti.
1914 In the culmination of the July Crisis, Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia, igniting World War I.
1911 The Australasian Antarctic Expedition began as the SY Aurora departed London.
1896 The city of Miami, Florida is incorporated.
1883 A moderate earthquake measuring magnitude 4.3–5.2 strikes the Italian island of Ischia, killing over 2,300 people.
1868 The 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution is certified, establishing African American citizenship and guaranteeing due process of law.
1866 At the age of 18, Vinnie Ream becomes the first and youngest female artist to receive a commission from the United States government for a statue (of Abraham Lincoln).
1864 American Civil War: Battle of Ezra Church: Confederate troops make a third unsuccessful attempt to drive Union forces from Atlanta, Georgia.
1854 USS Constellation (1854), the last all-sail warship built by the United States Navy and now a museum ship in Baltimore Harbor, is commissioned.
1821 José de San Martín declares the independence of Peru from Spain.
1809 Peninsular War: Battle of Talavera: Sir Arthur Wellesley's British, Portuguese and Spanish army defeats a French force led by Joseph Bonaparte.
1808 Mahmud II became Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and Caliph of Islam.
1794 French Revolution: Maximilien Robespierre and Louis Antoine de Saint-Just are executed by guillotine in Paris, France.
1778 Constitution of the province of Cantabria ratified at the Assembly Hall in Bárcena la Puente, Reocín, Spain.
1656 Second Northern War: Battle of Warsaw begins.
1635 In the Eighty Years' War, the Spanish capture the strategic Dutch fortress of Schenkenschans.
1571 La Laguna encomienda, known today as the Laguna province in the Philippines, is founded by the Spaniards as one of the oldest encomiendas (provinces) in the country.
1540 Henry VIII of England marries his fifth wife, Catherine Howard, on the same day his former Chancellor, Thomas Cromwell, is executed on charges of treason.
1364 Troops of the Republic of Pisa and the Republic of Florence clash in the Battle of Cascina.
Famous People Born on July 28

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Year Name
1996 Harriet Dart, British tennis player
1949 Randall Wallace, American screenwriter and producer
1964 Lori Loughlin, American actress
1976 Jacoby Shaddix, American singer-songwriter
1932 Carlos Alberto Brilhante Ustra, Brazilian colonel (d. 2015)
1960 Yōichi Takahashi, Japanese illustrator
1931 Johnny Martin, Australian cricketer (d. 1992)
1972 Robert Chapman, English cricketer
1948 Gerald Casale, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and director
1947 Peter Cosgrove, Australian general and politician, 26th Governor General of Australia
Famous People Deaths On July 28

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Date Name
450 Theodosius II, Roman emperor (b. 401)
1540 Thomas Cromwell, English lawyer and politician, Chancellor of the Exchequer (b. 1495)
1836 Nathan Mayer Rothschild, German-English banker and financier (b. 1777)
1981 Stanley Rother, American priest and missionary (b. 1935)
1844 Joseph Bonaparte, French diplomat and brother of Napoleon (b. 1768)
1957 Edith Abbott, American economist, social worker, and educator (b. 1876)
1976 Maggie Gripenberg, Finnish dancer and choreographer (b. 1881)
1997 Rosalie Crutchley, English actress (b. 1920)
938 Thankmar, half-brother of Otto I (during Siege of Eresburg) (b. c. 908)
1675 Bulstrode Whitelocke, English lawyer and politician (b. 1605)