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What happened in history on July 23rd?

What Happened on July 23rd This Day in History

Year Name
2018 A wildfire in East Attica, Greece caused the death of 102 people. It was the deadliest wildfire in history of Greece and the second-deadliest in the world, in the 21st century, after the 2009 bushfires in Australia that killed 180.[12][13][14]
2016 Kabul twin bombing occurred in the vicinity of Deh Mazang when protesters, mostly from the Shiite Hazara minority, were marching against route changing of the TUTAP power project. At least 80 people were killed and 260 were injured.
2015 NASA announces discovery of Kepler-452b by Kepler.
2014 TransAsia Airways Flight 222 crashes in Xixi village near Huxi, Penghu, during approach to Phengu Airport. Forty-eight of the 58 people on board are killed and five more people on the ground are injured.
2012 The Solar storm of 2012 was an unusually large coronal mass ejection that was emitted by the Sun which barely missed the Earth by nine days. If it hit, it would have caused up to US$2.6 trillion in damages to electrical equipment worldwide.
2011 A high-speed train rear-ends another on a viaduct on the Yongtaiwen railway line in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, China, resulting in 40 deaths.
2010 English-Irish boy band One Direction is formed by judge Simon Cowell on The X Factor (British series 7), later going on to finish at third place. It would go on to become one of the biggest boy bands in the world, and would be very influential on pop music of the 2010s.[7]
2005 Three bombs explode in the Naama Bay area of Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, killing 88 people.
1999 ANA Flight 61 is hijacked in Tokyo, Japan by Yuji Nishizawa.
1999 Space Shuttle Columbia launches on STS-93, with Eileen Collins becoming the first female space shuttle commander. The shuttle also carried and deployed the Chandra X-ray Observatory.
1997 Digital Equipment Corporation files antitrust charges against chipmaker Intel.
1995 Comet Hale–Bopp is discovered; it becomes visible to the naked eye on Earth nearly a year later.
1993 China Northwest Airlines Flight 2119 crashes during takeoff from Yinchuan Xihuayuan Airport in Yinchuan, Ningxia, China, killing 55 people.
1992 A Vatican commission, led by Joseph Ratzinger, establishes that limiting certain rights of homosexual people and non-married couples is not equivalent to discrimination on grounds of race or gender.
1992 Abkhazia declares independence from Georgia.
1988 General Ne Win, effective ruler of Burma since 1962, resigns after pro-democracy protests.
1983 Thirteen Sri Lanka Army soldiers are killed after a deadly ambush by the militant Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.
1983 Gimli Glider: Air Canada Flight 143 runs out of fuel and makes a deadstick landing at Gimli, Manitoba.
1982 Outside Santa Clarita, California, actor Vic Morrow and two children are killed when a helicopter crashes onto them while shooting a scene from Twilight Zone: The Movie.
1980 Phạm Tuân becomes the first Vietnamese citizen and the first Asian in space when he flies aboard the Soyuz 37 mission as an Intercosmos Research Cosmonaut.
1974 The Greek military junta collapses, and former Prime Minister Konstantinos Karamanlis is invited to lead the new government, beginning Greece's metapolitefsi era.
1972 The United States launches Landsat 1, the first Earth-resources satellite.
1970 Qaboos bin Said al Said becomes Sultan of Oman after overthrowing his father, Said bin Taimur initiating massive reforms, modernization programs and end to a decade long civil war.
1968 Glenville shootout: In Cleveland, Ohio, a violent shootout between a Black Militant organization and the Cleveland Police Department occurs. During the shootout, a riot begins and lasts for five days.
1968 The only successful hijacking of an El Al aircraft takes place when a Boeing 707 carrying ten crew and 38 passengers is taken over by three members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The aircraft was en route from Rome, to Lod, Israel.
1967 Detroit Riots: In Detroit, one of the worst riots in United States history begins on 12th Street in the predominantly African American inner city. It ultimately kills 43 people, injures 342 and burns about 1,400 buildings.
1962 Telstar relays the first publicly transmitted, live trans-Atlantic television program, featuring Walter Cronkite.
1962 The International Agreement on the Neutrality of Laos is signed.
1962 Jackie Robinson becomes the first African American to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
1961 The Sandinista National Liberation Front is founded in Nicaragua.
1952 General Muhammad Naguib leads the Free Officers Movement (formed by Gamal Abdel Nasser, the real power behind the coup) in overthrowing King Farouk of Egypt.
1945 The post-war legal processes against Philippe Pétain begin.
1943 The Rayleigh bath chair murder occurred in Rayleigh, Essex, England.
1943 World War II: The British destroyers HMS Eclipse and HMS Laforey sink the Italian submarine Ascianghi in the Mediterranean after she torpedoes the cruiser HMS Newfoundland.
1942 World War II: The German offensives Operation Edelweiss and Operation Braunschweig begin.
1942 Bulgarian poet and Communist leader Nikola Vaptsarov is executed by firing squad.
1940 The United States' Under Secretary of State Sumner Welles issues a declaration on the U.S. non-recognition policy of the Soviet annexation and incorporation of three Baltic states: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
1936 In Catalonia, Spain, the Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia is founded through the merger of Socialist and Communist parties.
1927 The first station of the Indian Broadcasting Company goes on the air in Bombay.
1926 Fox Film buys the patents of the Movietone sound system for recording sound onto film.
1921 The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is established at the founding National Congress.
1919 Prince Regent Aleksander Karađorđević signs the decree establishing the University of Ljubljana
1914 Austria-Hungary issues a series of demands in an ultimatum to the Kingdom of Serbia demanding Serbia to allow the Austrians to determine who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Serbia accepts all but one of those demands and Austria declares war on July 28.
1908 The Second Constitution accepted by the Ottomans.
1903 The Ford Motor Company sells its first car.
1900 Pressed by expanding immigration, Canada closes its doors to paupers and criminals.
1881 The Boundary Treaty of 1881 between Chile and Argentina is signed in Buenos Aires.
1874 Aires de Ornelas e Vasconcelos is appointed the Archbishop of the Portuguese colonial enclave of Goa, India.
1862 American Civil War: Henry Halleck becomes general-in-chief of the Union Army.
1840 The Province of Canada is created by the Act of Union.
1829 In the United States, William Austin Burt patents the typographer, a precursor to the typewriter.
1821 While the Mora Rebellion continues, Greeks capture Monemvasia Castle. Turkish troops and citizens are transferred to Asia Minor's coasts.
1813 Sir Thomas Maitland is appointed as the first Governor of Malta, transforming the island from a British protectorate to a de facto colony.
1793 Kingdom of Prussia re-conquers Mainz from France.
1677 Scanian War: Denmark–Norway captures the harbor town of Marstrand from Sweden.
1632 Three hundred colonists bound for New France depart from Dieppe, France.
1319 A Knights Hospitaller fleet scores a crushing victory over an Aydinid fleet off Chios.
811 Byzantine emperor Nikephoros I plunders the Bulgarian capital of Pliska and captures Khan Krum's treasury.
Famous People Born on July 23

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Year Name
1886 Salvador de Madariaga, Spanish historian and diplomat (d. 1978)
1968 Stephanie Seymour, American model and actress
1979 Ricardo Sperafico, Brazilian race car driver
1981 Dmitriy Karpov, Kazakhstani decathlete
1979 Cathleen Tschirch, German sprinter
1982 Ömer Aysan Barış, Turkish footballer
1984 Walter Gargano, Uruguayan footballer
1823 Alexandre-Antonin Taché, Canadian archbishop and missionary (d. 1894)
1970 Sam Watters, American singer-songwriter and producer
1992 Danny Ings, English footballer
Famous People Deaths On July 23

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Date Name
1909 Frederick Holder, Australian politician, 19th Premier of South Australia (b. 1850)
1927 Reginald Dyer, British brigadier general (b. 1864)
1727 Simon Harcourt, 1st Viscount Harcourt, English politician, Lord Chancellor of Great Britain (b. 1661)
1596 Henry Carey, 1st Baron Hunsdon (b. 1526)
1950 Shigenori Tōgō, Japanese politician and diplomat, Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs (b. 1882)
1942 Adam Czerniaków, Polish engineer and politician (b. 1880)
1875 Isaac Singer, American businessman, founded the Singer Corporation (b. 1811)
1983 Georges Auric, French composer (b. 1899)
1985 Johnny Wardle, English cricketer and manager (b. 1923)
1793 Roger Sherman, American lawyer and politician (b. 1721)