Famous People Born on September 27, September 27 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on September 27. Famous birthdays for the 27th of September. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on September 27. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 27th of September?
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What famous person has a birthday on September 27?

September 27 Birthdays, Famous People born on September 27th

Year Name
2002 Jenna Ortega, American actress
2001 David Malukas, American race car driver
1998 Ioana Mincă, Romanian tennis player
1995 Kwon Eun-bi, South Korean singer and musical actress
1994 Dylan Walker, Australian rugby league player
1993 Lisandro Magallán, Argentinian footballer
1993 Monica Puig, Puerto Rican-American tennis player
1993 Vinnie Sunseri, American football player
1992 Lachlan Burr, Australian rugby league player
1992 Luc Castaignos, Dutch footballer
1992 Pak Kwang-ryong, North Korean footballer
1992 Gabriel Vasconcelos Ferreira, Brazilian footballer
1992 Granit Xhaka, Swiss footballer
1991 Ousmane Barry, Guinean footballer
1991 Simona Halep, Romanian tennis player
1991 Anete Paulus, Estonian footballer
1991 Rio Uchida, Japanese model and actress
1989 Park Tae-hwan, South Korean swimmer
1988 Lisa Ryzih, German pole vaulter
1987 Ádám Bogdán, Hungarian footballer
1987 Austin Carlile, American singer-songwriter
1987 Vanessa James, French figure skater
1987 Olga Puchkova, Russian tennis player
1986 Vin Mazzaro, American baseball player
1986 Matt Shoemaker American baseball player
1986 Ricardo Risatti, Argentinian race car driver
1985 Massimo Bertocchi, Canadian decathlete
1985 Daniel Pudil, Czech footballer
1985 Ibrahim Touré, Ivorian footballer (d. 2014)
1984 Paul Bevan, Australian footballer
1984 Davide Capello, Italian footballer
1984 John Lannan, American baseball player
1984 Avril Lavigne, Canadian singer-songwriter, actress, and fashion designer
1984 Wouter Weylandt, Belgian cyclist (d. 2011)
1983 Jeon Hye-bin, South Korean actress and singer
1982 Jon McLaughlin, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer
1982 Markus Rosenberg, Swedish footballer
1982 Lil Wayne, American rapper, producer, and actor
1982 Darrent Williams, American football player (d. 2007)
1981 Sophie Crumb, American author and illustrator
1981 Brendon McCullum, New Zealand cricketer
1981 Lakshmipathy Balaji, Indian cricketer
1980 Asashōryū Akinori, Mongolian sumo wrestler, the 68th Yokozuna
1980 Ehron VonAllen, American singer-songwriter and producer
1979 Jon Garland, American baseball player
1979 Zita Görög, Hungarian actress and model
1979 Christian Jones, Australian race car driver
1979 Steve Simpson, Australian rugby league player
1978 Brad Arnold, American rock singer-songwriter
1978 Jon Rauch, American baseball player
1978 Mihaela Ursuleasa, Romanian pianist (d. 2012)
1977 Andrus Värnik, Estonian javelin thrower
1976 Matt Harding, American video game designer and dancer
1976 Jason Phillips, American baseball player and coach
1976 Francesco Totti, Italian footballer
1974 Carrie Brownstein, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actress
1973 Vratislav Lokvenc, Czech footballer
1973 Stanislav Pozdnyakov, Russian fencer
1972 Sylvia Crawley, American basketball player and coach
1972 Clara Hughes, Canadian cyclist and speed skater
1972 Gwyneth Paltrow, American actress, blogger, and businesswoman
1972 Craig L. Rice, American politician
1971 Horacio Sandoval, Mexican illustrator
1970 Yoshiharu Habu, Japanese chess player and author
1970 Tamara Taylor, Canadian actress
1968 Mari Kiviniemi, Finnish politician, 41st Prime Minister of Finland
1967 Uche Okechukwu, Nigerian footballer
1966 Debbie Wasserman Schultz, American politician
1966 Stephanie Wilson, American engineer and astronaut
1966 Lorenzo Cherubini, Italian singer-songwriter and rapper
1965 Steve Kerr, American basketball player, coach and sportscaster
1965 Bernard Lord, Canadian lawyer and politician, 30th Premier of New Brunswick
1965 Peter MacKay, Canadian lawyer and politician, 50th Canadian Minister of Justice
1965 Alexis Stewart, American radio and television host
1964 Predrag Brzaković, Serbian footballer (d. 2012)
1964 Tracy Camp, American computer scientist and academic
1964 Johnny du Plooy, South African boxer (d. 2013)
1964 Stephan Jenkins, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer
1963 Marc Maron, American comedian, actor, and radio host
1962 Gavin Larsen, New Zealand cricketer and sportscaster
1960 Jean-Marc Barr, German-American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
1959 Beth Heiden, American speed skater and cyclist
1958 Shaun Cassidy, American actor, singer, producer, and screenwriter
1958 Irvine Welsh, Scottish author and playwright
1957 Bill Athey, English cricketer, footballer, and coach
1956 Steve Archibald, Scottish footballer and manager
1954 Ray Hadley, Australian radio host and sportscaster
1954 Dmitry Sitkovetsky, Russian violinist and conductor
1954 Larry Wall, American computer programmer and author
1953 Diane Abbott, English journalist and politician, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development
1953 Mata Amritanandamayi, Indian guru and saint
1953 Claudio Gentile, Italian footballer and manager
1953 Greg Ham, Australian keyboard player, saxophonist and songwriter (d. 2012)
1952 Katie Fforde, English author
1952 Dumitru Prunariu, Romanian pilot, engineer, and astronaut
1951 Geoff Gallop, Australian politician, 27th Premier of Western Australia
1951 Michel Rivard, Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist
1951 Jim Shooter, American author and illustrator
1950 Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Japanese-American actor and martial artist
1949 Graham Richardson, Australian journalist and politician, 39th Australian Minister for Health
1949 Mike Schmidt, American baseball player
1949 Jahn Teigen, Norwegian singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2020)
1948 Tom Braidwood, Canadian actor, director, and producer
1948 Les Chapman, English footballer and manager
1948 Duncan Fletcher, Rhodesian-Zimbabwean cricketer and coach
1947 Dick Advocaat, Dutch football manager and former player
1947 Richard Court, Australian politician, 26th Premier of Western Australia
1947 Barbara Dickson, Scottish singer-songwriter and actress
1947 Denis Lawson, Scottish actor, director, and screenwriter
1947 Meat Loaf, American singer-songwriter, producer, and actor (d. 2022)
1946 Nicos Anastasiades, Cypriot lawyer and politician, seventh President of Cyprus
1946 T. C. Cannon, American painter and sculptor (d. 1978)
1945 Jack Goldstein, Canadian-American painter (d. 2003)
1944 Angélica María, American-born Mexican singer-songwriter and actress
1944 Gary Sutherland, American baseball player and scout
1943 Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta (d. 2021)
1943 Randy Bachman, Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist
1942 Dith Pran, Cambodian photographer and journalist (d. 2008)
1942 Alvin Stardust, English singer and actor (d. 2014)
1941 Peter Bonetti, English footballer and coach (d. 2020)
1941 Serge Ménard, Canadian lawyer and politician
1941 Don Nix, American saxophonist, songwriter, and producer
1940 Josephine Barstow, English soprano and actress
1940 Benoni Beheyt, Belgian cyclist
1939 Nicholas Haslam, English interior designer and author
1939 Carol Lynn Pearson, American author, poet, and playwright
1939 Kathy Whitworth, American golfer
1938 Jean-Loup Dabadie, French journalist, songwriter, and screenwriter (d. 2020)
1937 Vasyl Durdynets, Ukrainian politician and diplomat, eighth Prime Minister of Ukraine
1936 Don Cornelius, American television host and producer (d. 2012)
1936 Gordon Honeycombe, English actor, playwright, and author (d. 2015)
1935 Al MacNeil, Canadian ice hockey player and coach
1934 Wilford Brimley, American actor (d. 2020)
1934 Claude Jarman, Jr., American actor and producer
1934 Dick Schaap, American sportscaster and author (d. 2001)
1933 Rodney Cotterill, Danish-English physicist and neuroscientist (d. 2007)
1933 Greg Morris, American actor (d. 1996)
1932 Geoff Bent, English footballer (d. 1958)
1932 Michael Colvin, English captain and politician (d. 2000)
1932 Gabriel Loubier, Canadian politician
1932 Oliver E. Williamson, American economist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2020)
1932 Marcia Neugebauer, American geophysicist
1931 Freddy Quinn, Austrian singer, guitarist, and actor
1930 Paul Reichmann, Austrian-Canadian businessman, founded Olympia and York (d. 2013)
1929 Calvin Jones, American pianist, composer, and educator (d. 2004)
1929 Bruno Junk, Estonian race walker (d. 1995)
1929 Barbara Murray, English actress (d. 2014)
1928 Margaret Rule, English archaeologist and historian (d. 2015)
1927 Chrysostomos I of Cyprus (d. 2007)
1927 Red Rodney, American trumpet player (d. 1994)
1927 Romano Scarpa, Italian author and illustrator (d. 2005)
1927 Sada Thompson, American actress (d. 2011)
1926 Steve Stavro, Canadian businessman and philanthropist (d. 2006)
1925 Robert Edwards, English physiologist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2013)
1925 George Gladir, American author (d. 2013)
1924 Ernest Becker, American-Canadian anthropologist, author, and academic (d. 1974)
1924 Bud Powell, American pianist and composer (d. 1966)
1924 Fred Singer, Austrian-American physicist and academic (d. 2020)
1924 Josef Škvorecký, Czech-Canadian author and publisher (d. 2012)
1922 Sammy Benskin, American pianist and bandleader (d. 1992)
1922 Arthur Penn, American director and producer (d. 2010)
1921 Miklós Jancsó, Hungarian director and screenwriter (d. 2014)
1921 Milton Subotsky, American screenwriter and producer, co-founded Amicus Productions (d. 1991)
1921 Bernard Waber, American author and illustrator (d. 2013)
1919 Jayne Meadows, American actress and author (d. 2015)
1919 Charles H. Percy, American lieutenant and politician (d. 2011)
1919 James H. Wilkinson, American mathematician and computer scientist (d. 1986)
1918 Martin Ryle, English astronomer and author, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1984)
1918 Malcolm Shepherd, 2nd Baron Shepherd (d. 2001)
1918 Konstantin Gerchik, Soviet military leader (d. 2001)
1917 Louis Auchincloss, American novelist and essayist (d. 2010)
1917 Carl Ballantine, American magician and actor (d. 2009)
1917 William T. Orr, American actor and producer (d. 2002)
1917 Benjamin Rubin, American microbiologist (d. 2010)
1916 S. Yizhar, Israeli academic and politician (d. 2006)
1913 Albert Ellis, American psychologist and author (d. 2007)
1911 Marcey Jacobson, American-Mexican photographer (d. 2009)
1907 Bernard Miles, English actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1991)
1907 Bhagat Singh, Indian socialist revolutionary (disputed with 28 September) (d. 1931)
1906 William Empson, English poet and critic (d. 1984)
1906 Jim Thompson, American author and screenwriter (d. 1977)
1906 Sergei Varshavsky, Russian art collector and author (d. 1980)
1905 Conrad Heidkamp, German footballer and manager (d. 1994)
1904 Edvard Kocbek, Slovenian poet and politician (d. 1981)
1898 Vincent Youmans, American composer and producer (d. 1946)
1896 Gilbert Ashton, English cricketer (d. 1981)
1896 Sam Ervin, American soldier and politician (d. 1985)
1894 Lothar von Richthofen, German lieutenant and pilot (d. 1922)
1892 George Bambridge, English diplomat (d. 1943)
1885 Harry Blackstone, Sr., American magician (d. 1965)
1885 Charles Benjamin Howard, Canadian businessman and politician (d. 1964)
1882 Dorothy Greenhough-Smith, English figure skater and tennis player (d. 1965)
1879 Hans Hahn, Austrian mathematician and philosopher (d. 1934)
1879 Frederick Schule, American hurdler and coach (d. 1962)
1879 Cyril Scott, English poet and composer (d. 1970)
1873 Vithalbhai Patel, Indian legislator and political leader (d. 1933)
1871 Grazia Deledda, Italian novelist and poet, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1936)
1866 Eurosia Fabris, Italian saint (d. 1932)
1864 Andrej Hlinka, Slovak priest and politician (d. 1938)
1861 Corinne Roosevelt Robinson, American poet and author (d. 1933)
1843 Gaston Tarry, French mathematician and academic (d. 1913)
1842 Alphonse François Renard, Belgian geologist and petrographer (d. 1903)
1840 Alfred Thayer Mahan, American captain and historian (d. 1914)
1840 Thomas Nast, German-American cartoonist (d. 1902)
1838 Lawrence Sullivan Ross, American general and politician, 19th Governor of Texas (d. 1898)
1830 William Babcock Hazen, American general (d. 1887)
1824 William "Bull" Nelson, American general (d. 1862)
1821 Henri-Frédéric Amiel, Swiss philosopher, poet, and critic (d. 1881)
1818 Hermann Kolbe, German chemist and academic (d. 1884)
1805 George Müller, German-English evangelist and missionary, founded the Ashley Down Orphanage (d. 1898)
1803 Samuel Francis Du Pont, American admiral (d. 1865)
1783 Agustín de Iturbide, Mexican royalist turned insurgent; first emperor of Mexico (d. 1824)
1772 Martha Jefferson Randolph, daughter of Thomas Jefferson who had twelve children (d. 1836)
1765 Antoine Philippe de La Trémoille, French general (d. 1794)
1739 Francis Russell, Marquess of Tavistock, Irish politician (d. 1767)
1729 Michael Denis, Austrian lepidopterist, author, and poet (d. 1800)
1722 Samuel Adams, American philosopher and politician, fourth Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1803)
1719 Abraham Gotthelf Kästner, German mathematician and epigrammatist (d. 1800)
1677 Giovanni Carlo Maria Clari, Italian violinist and composer (d. 1754)
1657 Sofia Alekseyevna of Russia (d. 1704)
1643 Solomon Stoddard, American pastor and librarian (d. 1729)
1627 Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet, French bishop and theologian (d. 1704)
1601 Louis XIII of France (d. 1643)
1598 Robert Blake, English admiral (d. 1657)
1552 Flaminio Scala, Italian playwright and stage actor (d. 1624)
1544 Takenaka Shigeharu, Japanese samurai (d. 1579)
1533 Stefan Batory, King of Poland (d. 1586)
1507 Guillaume Rondelet, French physician (d. 1566)
1496 Hieronymus Łaski, Polish diplomat (d. 1542)
1442 John de la Pole, 2nd Duke of Suffolk (d. 1491)
1433 Stanisław Kazimierczyk, Polish canon regular and saint (d. 1489)
1300 Adolf, Count Palatine of the Rhine (d. 1327)
1275 John II, Duke of Brabant (d. 1312)
1271 Wenceslaus II of Bohemia, King of Bohemia and Poland (d. 1305)
830 Ermentrude of Orléans, Queen of the Franks (probable year; d. 869)
808 Ninmyō, Japanese emperor (d. 850)