Famous People Born on September 19, September 19 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on September 19. Famous birthdays for the 19th of September. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on September 19. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 19th of September?
Which celebrities are born in September?
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What famous person has a birthday on September 19?

September 19 Birthdays, Famous People born on September 19th

Year Name
1998 Trae Young, American basketball player
1996 Dejounte Murray, American basketball player
1992 Jiro Kuroshio, Japanese wrestler
1992 Diego Antonio Reyes, Mexican footballer
1990 Saki Fukuda, Japanese actress and singer
1990 Savvas Gentsoglou, Greek footballer
1990 Kieran Trippier, English footballer
1989 Tyreke Evans, American basketball player
1989 George Springer, American baseball player
1988 Kenny Britt, American football player
1987 Carlos Quintero, Colombian footballer
1986 Leon Best, English footballer
1986 Sally Pearson, Australian athlete
1985 Gio González, American baseball player
1985 Alun Wyn Jones, Welsh rugby player
1985 Song Joong-ki, South Korean actor
1985 Nathanael Liminski, German politician
1984 Eva Marie, American wrestler
1984 Ángel Reyna, Mexican footballer
1984 Danny Valencia, American baseball player
1982 Shaun Barker, English footballer
1982 Eduardo Carvalho, Portuguese footballer
1982 Eleni Daniilidou, Greek tennis player
1982 Jordan Parise, American ice hockey player
1981 Damiano Cunego, Italian cyclist
1981 Rick DiPietro, American ice hockey player
1980 James Ellison, English motorcycle racer
1980 Dimitri Yachvili, French rugby player
1978 Nick Johnson, American baseball player
1978 Jorge López Montaña, Spanish footballer
1978 Nigel Mitchell, English radio and television host
1977 Poon Yiu Cheuk, Hong Kong footballer and coach
1977 Aakash Chopra, Indian cricketer
1977 Ryan Dusick, American musician and record producer
1977 Tommaso Rocchi, Italian footballer
1977 Mike Smith, American baseball player
1977 Emil Sutovsky, Israeli chess player
1976 Raja Bell, American basketball player
1976 Jan Hlaváč, Czech ice hockey player
1976 Alison Sweeney, American actress and television host
1976 Sergey Tsinkevich, Belarusian footballer and referee
1975 Marcus Dunstan, American director and screenwriter
1974 Jimmy Fallon, American comedian and talk show host
1973 Nick Colgan, Irish footballer and coach
1973 Cristiano da Matta, Brazilian race car driver
1973 David Zepeda, Mexican actor, model and singer
1973 Javier Duarte, Mexican politician
1972 Ryan Girdler, Australian rugby league player
1972 N. K. Jemisin, American writer
1972 Ashot Nadanian, Armenian chess player and coach
1971 Sanaa Lathan, American actress
1971 Mike Sadlo, German footballer and manager
1970 Dan Bylsma, American ice hockey player and coach
1970 Gilbert Dionne, Canadian ice hockey player
1970 Antoine Hey, German footballer and manager
1970 Victor Williams, American actor
1969 Candy Dulfer, Dutch saxophonist
1969 Jacek Frąckiewicz, Polish footballer
1969 Alkinoos Ioannidis, Cypriot singer-songwriter and guitarist
1969 Michael Symon, American chef and author
1969 Kostya Tszyu, Russian-Australian boxer
1969 Tapio Wilska, Finnish singer-songwriter
1968 Monica Crowley, American talk show host and author
1967 Jim Abbott, American baseball player
1967 Aleksandr Karelin, Russian wrestler and politician
1966 Yoshihiro Takayama, Japanese wrestler and mixed martial artist
1965 Andrew Leeds, Australian rugby player and coach
1965 Tim Scott, American politician
1965 Sunita Williams, American captain, pilot, and astronaut
1964 Patrick Marber, English actor, director, and screenwriter
1964 Daniel Wincott, British political scientist
1964 Trisha Yearwood, American singer-songwriter and actress
1963 Jarvis Cocker, English singer-songwriter and guitarist
1963 David Seaman, English footballer
1963 Urmas Tartes, Estonian biologist and photographer
1962 Cheri Oteri, American actress, comedian, and screenwriter
1962 Ken Rosenthal, American sportscaster
1961 Artur Ekert, Polish-British physicist and academic
1960 Mario Batali, American chef and author
1960 Loïc Bigois, French aerodynamicist and engineer
1960 Yolanda Saldívar, American murderer
1958 Lita Ford, English-American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1958 Kevin Hooks, American actor, director, and producer
1957 Chris Roupas, American basketball player
1955 Richard Burmer, American composer and engineer (d. 2006)
1954 Adam Phillips, Welsh psychotherapist and author
1954 Eleni Vitali, Greek singer-songwriter
1953 Wayne Clark, Australian cricketer
1953 Sarana VerLin, American singer-songwriter and violinist
1952 Rhys Chatham, American trumpet player, guitarist, and composer
1952 Henry Kaiser, American guitarist and composer
1952 Nile Rodgers, American guitarist, songwriter, and producer
1952 George Warrington, American businessman (d. 2007)
1951 Daniel Lanois, Canadian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer
1950 Joan Lunden, American television journalist, anchor, and author
1950 Michael Proctor, English physicist, mathematician, and academic
1949 Twiggy, English model, actress, and singer
1949 Ringo Mendoza, Mexican wrestler
1949 Barry Scheck, American lawyer, co-founded the Innocence Project
1948 Mykhaylo Fomenko, Ukrainian footballer and manager
1948 Jeremy Irons, English actor
1947 Henry Bromell, American novelist and screenwriter (d. 2013)
1947 Thomas H. Cook, American author and academic
1947 Lol Creme, English musician, songwriter, and music video director
1947 Brian Hill, American basketball player and coach
1947 Tanith Lee, English author (d. 2015)
1946 Gerald Brisco, American wrestler
1946 Brian Henton, English race car driver
1945 Kate Adie, English journalist and author
1945 David Bromberg, American multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter
1945 Randolph Mantooth, American actor
1944 Anders Björck, Swedish politician, 25th Swedish Minister of Defence
1944 Edmund Joensen, Faroese politician, 9th Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands
1944 İsmet Özel, Turkish poet and scholar
1943 André Boudrias, Canadian ice hockey player and coach (d. 2019)
1943 Joe Morgan, American baseball player (d. 2020)
1942 Freda Payne, American singer and actress
1941 Umberto Bossi, Italian politician
1941 Cass Elliot, American singer (d. 1974)
1941 Jim Fox, English pentathlete
1941 Mariangela Melato, Italian actress (d. 2013)
1940 Bill Medley, American singer-songwriter
1940 Zandra Rhodes, English fashion designer, founded the Fashion and Textile Museum
1940 Paul Williams, American singer-songwriter and actor
1939 Carl Schultz, Hungarian-Australian director, producer, and screenwriter
1937 Abner Haynes, American football player
1936 Martin Fay, Irish fiddler (d. 2012)
1936 Milan Marcetta, Canadian ice hockey player (d. 2014)
1936 Al Oerter, American discus thrower (d. 2007)
1935 Benjamin Thurman Hacker, American admiral (d. 2003)
1934 Brian Epstein, English businessman, The Beatles manager (d. 1967)
1934 Austin Mitchell, English journalist, academic and politician (d. 2021)
1933 Gilles Archambault, Canadian journalist and author
1933 David McCallum, Scottish actor
1932 Mike Royko, American journalist and author (d. 1997)
1932 Stefanie Zweig, German journalist and author (d. 2014)
1931 Brook Benton, American pop/R&B/rock & roll singer-songwriter (d. 1988)
1931 Derek Gardner, English engineer (d. 2011)
1930 Muhal Richard Abrams, American pianist, composer, and educator (d. 2017)
1930 Bettye Lane, American photographer and journalist (d. 2012)
1930 Antonio Margheriti, Italian director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2002)
1929 Marge Roukema, American educator and politician (d. 2014)
1928 Adam West, American actor and businessman (d. 2017)
1927 Helen Carter, American singer (d. 1998)
1927 Rosemary Harris, English actress
1927 William Hickey, American actor (d. 1997)
1927 Nick Massi, American singer and bass player (d. 2000)
1926 Masatoshi Koshiba, Japanese physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2020)
1926 James Lipton, American actor, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2020)
1926 Duke Snider, American baseball player and sportscaster (d. 2011)
1925 W. Reece Smith, Jr., American lawyer and academic (d. 2013)
1924 Vern Benson, American baseball player, coach, and manager (d. 2014)
1924 Don Harron, Canadian actor and screenwriter (d. 2015)
1922 Damon Knight, American author and critic (d. 2002)
1922 Willie Pep, American boxer and referee (d. 2006)
1922 Emil Zátopek, Czech runner (d. 2000)
1921 Paulo Freire, Brazilian philosopher, theorist, and academic (d. 1997)
1921 Billy Ward, American R&B singer-songwriter (d. 2002)
1920 Roger Angell, American journalist, author, and editor (d. 2022)
1919 Roger Grenier, French journalist and author (d. 2017)
1919 Amalia Hernández, Mexican choreographer and dancer (d. 2000)
1918 Pablita Velarde, Santa Clara Pueblo (Native American) painter (d. 2006)
1915 Germán Valdés, Mexican actor, singer, and producer (d. 1973)
1913 Frances Farmer, American actress (d. 1970)
1913 Helen Ward, American singer (d. 1998)
1912 Reuben David, Indian veterinarian and zoo founder (d. 1989)
1912 Kurt Sanderling, Polish-German conductor (d. 2011)
1911 William Golding, British novelist, playwright, and poet, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1993)
1910 Margaret Lindsay, American actress (d. 1981)
1910 Arturo M. Tolentino, Filipino diplomat and politician (d. 2004)
1909 Ferdinand Porsche, Austrian engineer and businessman (d. 1998)
1908 Paul Bénichou, French historian, author, and critic (d. 2001)
1908 Robert Lecourt, French lawyer, judge, and politician, Lord Chancellor of France (d. 2004)
1908 Tatsuo Shimabuku, Japanese martial artist, founded Isshin-ryū (d. 1975)
1907 Lewis F. Powell, Jr., American lawyer and jurist (d. 1998)
1905 Judith Auer, German World War II resistance fighter (d. 1944)
1905 Leon Jaworski, American lawyer, co-founded Fulbright & Jaworski (d. 1982)
1900 Ricardo Cortez, American actor (d. 1977)
1898 Giuseppe Saragat, Italian lawyer and politician, 5th President of Italy (d. 1988)
1894 Rachel Field, American author and poet (d. 1942)
1889 Sarah Louise Delany, American physician and author (d. 1999)
1888 James Waddell Alexander II, American mathematician and topologist (d. 1971)
1888 Porter Hall, American actor (d. 1953)
1887 Lovie Austin, American pianist, composer, and bandleader (d. 1972)
1887 Lynne Overman, American actor and singer (d. 1943)
1883 Mabel Vernon, American educator and activist (d. 1975)
1882 Christopher Stone, English radio host (d. 1965)
1871 Frederick Ruple, Swiss-American painter (d. 1938)
1869 Ben Turpin, American comedian and actor (d. 1940)
1867 Arthur Rackham, English illustrator (d. 1939)
1865 Frank Eugene, American-German photographer (d. 1936)
1856 Arthur Morgan, Australian politician, 16th Premier of Queensland (d. 1916)
1828 Fridolin Anderwert, Swiss judge and politician, President of the Swiss National Council (d. 1880)
1824 William Sellers, American engineer, inventor, and businessperson (d. 1905)
1811 Orson Pratt, American mathematician and religious leader (d. 1881)
1803 Maria Anna of Savoy (d. 1884)
1802 Lajos Kossuth, Hungarian journalist, lawyer, and politician, Governor-President of Hungary (d. 1894)
1796 Hartley Coleridge, English poet and author (d. 1849)
1778 Henry Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux, Scottish lawyer and politician, Lord Chancellor of Great Britain (d. 1868)
1759 William Kirby, English priest and entomologist (d. 1850)
1754 John Ross Key, American lieutenant, lawyer, and judge (d. 1821)
1749 Jean Baptiste Joseph Delambre, French mathematician and astronomer (d. 1822)
1721 William Robertson, Scottish historian (d. 1793)
1662 Jean-Paul Bignon, French priest and man of letters (d. 1743)
1638 Isaac Milles, English minister (d. 1720)
1608 Alfonso Litta, Roman Catholic cardinal and archbishop (d. 1679)
1560 Thomas Cavendish, English naval explorer, led the third expedition to circumnavigate the globe (d. 1592)
1551 Henry III of France (d. 1589)
1426 Marie of Cleves, Duchess of Orléans, French noble (d. 1487)
1377 Albert IV, Duke of Austria (d. 1404)
931 Mu Zong, emperor of the Liao Dynasty (d. 969)
866 Leo VI the Wise, Byzantine emperor (d. 912)
86 Antoninus Pius, Roman emperor (d. 161)