Famous People Born on September 17, September 17 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on September 17. Famous birthdays for the 17th of September. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on September 17. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 17th of September?
Which celebrities are born in September?
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What famous person has a birthday on September 17?

September 17 Birthdays, Famous People born on September 17th

Year Name
2002 Elina Avanesyan, Russian tennis player[39]
1999 Jaimee Fourlis, Australian tennis player[37]
1997 Auston Matthews, American ice hockey player
1996 Esteban Ocon, French F1 racing driver
1995 Patrick Mahomes, American football player
1995 Yoo Si-ah, South Korean singer
1994 Na In-woo, South Korean actor
1993 Sofiane Boufal, Moroccan footballer
1993 Sophie Howard, Scottish footballer
1991 Ryo Ishikawa, Japanese golfer
1991 Justyna Jegiołka, Polish tennis player
1991 Cameron King, Australian rugby league player
1990 Sean Scannell, English footballer
1990 Pixie Geldof, English model and singer
1989 Kate Deines, American soccer player
1987 Paul Huntington, English footballer
1986 Ravichandran Ashwin, Indian cricketer
1986 Paolo De Ceglie, Italian footballer
1986 Sophie, Scottish music producer, disc jockey and singer (d. 2021)
1986 Yussef Suleiman, Syrian footballer (d. 2013)
1985 Tomáš Berdych, Czech tennis player
1985 Brendan Clarke, Irish footballer
1985 José Gonçalves, Portuguese footballer
1985 Brendan Oake, Australian rugby league player
1985 Alexander Ovechkin, Russian ice hockey player
1985 Mason Raymond, Canadian ice hockey player
1984 Domenico Citro, Italian footballer
1984 Mary DeScenza, American swimmer
1984 John Kucera, Canadian skier
1984 Patrick van Luijk, Dutch sprinter
1983 Ice Seguerra, Filipino singer, actor, director, and former chairman of the National Youth Commission of the Philippines
1982 Garth Murray, Canadian ice hockey player
1981 Casey Janssen, American baseball player
1981 Bakari Koné, Ivorian footballer
1981 Francis Manioru, Solomon sprinter
1980 Dan Haren, American baseball player
1980 Shabana Mahmood, English lawyer and politician, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury
1980 Oliver Risser, Namibian footballer
1979 Steffen Algreen, Danish footballer
1979 Akin Ayodele, American football player
1979 Flo Rida, American rapper
1978 Nick Cordero, Canadian actor and singer (d. 2020)
1977 Sam Esmail, American screenwriter
1977 Simone Perrotta, Italian footballer
1975 Wilko de Vogt, Dutch footballer
1975 Jimmie Johnson, American race car driver
1975 Pumpkinhead, American rapper (d. 2015)
1974 Tormod Granheim, Norwegian skier and explorer
1974 Craig Spence, Australian golfer
1974 Rasheed Wallace, American basketball player and coach
1973 Diego Albanese, Argentine rugby player
1973 Demis Nikolaidis, Greek footballer
1971 Nate Berkus, American interior designer and television host
1971 Mike Catt, South African-English rugby player and coach
1971 Andy Edwards, English footballer
1971 Mauro Milanese, Italian footballer and manager
1969 Adam Devlin, English guitarist and songwriter
1969 Ken Doherty, Irish snooker player
1969 Keith Flint, English singer-songwriter (d. 2019)
1969 Paul Varelans, American MMA fighter and wrestler
1968 Cheryl Strayed, American author
1968 Tito Vilanova, Spanish footballer and manager (d. 2014)
1967 Michael Carbajal, American boxer
1966 Doug E. Fresh, American rapper and producer
1965 Kyle Chandler, American actor
1965 Yuji Naka, Japanese video game designer, created Sonic the Hedgehog
1965 Guy Picciotto, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer
1965 Bryan Singer, American director, producer, and screenwriter
1963 Masahiro Chono, American-Japanese wrestler and manager
1963 James Urbaniak, American actor, producer, and screenwriter
1962 Baz Luhrmann, Australian director, producer, and screenwriter
1962 Dustin Nguyen, Vietnamese-American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
1962 Hesham Qandil, Egyptian engineer and politician, 51st Prime Minister of Egypt
1962 Wayne Riley, Australian golfer
1962 BeBe Winans, American singer-songwriter and producer
1961 Jim Cornette, American wrestling manager and sportscaster
1961 Giorgos Koumoutsakos, Greek politician
1961 Ty Tabor, American rock singer-songwriter and guitarist
1960 John Bottomley, Canadian singer-songwriter (d. 2011)
1960 John Franco, American baseball player
1960 Damon Hill, English racing driver and guitarist
1960 Alan Krueger, American economist and academic (d. 2019)
1958 Janez Janša, Slovenian politician, 5th Prime Minister of Slovenia
1958 Tom Waddell, Scottish-American baseball player (d. 2019)
1957 David Bintley, English ballet dancer and director
1957 Steve Bryles, American businessman and politician (d. 2012)
1956 Almazbek Atambayev, Kyrgyz politician, 4th President of Kyrgyzstan
1956 Thad Bosley, American baseball player and coach
1956 Mandawuy Yunupingu, Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2013)
1955 Scott Simpson, American golfer
1955 Charles Martinet, American actor
1955 Mike Parson, American politician, 57th Governor of Missouri
1954 Joël-François Durand, French pianist and composer
1954 Bill Irwin, American wrestler
1953 Luís Amado, Portuguese politician, former Minister of Foreign Affairs
1953 Tamasin Day-Lewis, English chef and author
1953 Altaf Hussain, Pakistani-English soldier and politician
1953 Rita Rudner, American actress, comedian, and screenwriter
1952 Harold Solomon, American tennis player and coach
1951 Russell Brown, Scottish politician
1951 Cassandra Peterson, American actress, television host, and producer
1950 Narendra Modi, Indian politician; Chief Minister of Gujarat (2001–14) and 14th Prime Minister of India (2014–)
1950 Fee Waybill, American singer-songwriter and producer
1949 Ron Stevens, Canadian lawyer and politician (d. 2014)
1948 Kemal Monteno, Bosnian singer-songwriter (d. 2015)
1948 John Ritter, American actor and producer (d. 2003)
1947 Tessa Jowell, English social worker and politician, Minister for the Cabinet Office (d. 2018)
1947 Enrique Krauze, Mexican historian, critic, and publisher
1947 Gail Carson Levine, American author
1947 Jeff MacNelly, American cartoonist (d. 2000)
1946 Billy Bonds, English footballer and manager
1946 Heimar Lenk, Estonian journalist and politician
1945 David Emerson, Canadian economist and politician, 8th Minister of Foreign Affairs for Canada
1945 Phil Jackson, American basketball player and coach
1945 Bhakti Charu Swami, Indian religious leader (d. 2020)
1944 Les Emmerson, Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist
1944 Reinhold Messner, Italian mountaineer and explorer
1944 Jean Taylor, American mathematician and academic
1942 Robert Graysmith, American author and illustrator
1942 Des Lynam, Irish-English journalist and author
1942 Lupe Ontiveros, American actress (d. 2012)
1941 Bob Matsui, American lawyer and politician (d. 2005)
1940 Jan Eliasson, Swedish politician and diplomat, 4th Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations
1940 Peter Lever, English cricketer
1940 Gilberto Parlotti, Italian motorcycle racer (d. 1972)
1939 Carl Dennis, American poet and educator
1939 Shelby Flint, American singer-songwriter and voice actress
1939 David Souter, American lawyer and jurist
1938 Paul Benedict, American actor (d. 2008)
1938 Perry Robinson, American clarinet player and composer (d. 2018)
1938 Bobby Wine, American baseball player and coach
1937 Nigel Boocock, English-Australian motorcycle racer (d. 2015)
1937 Orlando Cepeda, Puerto Rican-American baseball player
1937 Sitakant Mahapatra, Indian poet and literary critic
1936 Gerald Guralnik, American physicist and academic (d. 2014)
1936 Michael Hennagin, American composer and educator (d. 1993)
1935 Ken Kesey, American novelist, essayist, and poet (d. 2001)
1934 Maureen Connolly, American tennis player (d. 1969)
1933 Bulldog Brower, American wrestler (d. 1997)
1933 Chuck Grassley, American lawyer and politician
1933 Claude Provost, Canadian-American ice hockey player (d. 1984)
1932 Robert B. Parker, American author and academic (d. 2010)
1932 Indarjit Singh, Indian-English journalist
1932 Samuel Ogbemudia, Nigerian army officer and politician (d. 2017)
1931 Anne Bancroft, American actress (d. 2005)
1931 Jean-Claude Carrière, French actor and screenwriter (d. 2021)
1930 David Huddleston, American actor (d. 2016)
1930 Lalgudi Jayaraman, Indian violinist and composer (d. 2013)
1930 Theo Loevendie, Dutch clarinet player and composer
1930 Edgar Mitchell, American captain, pilot, and astronaut (d. 2016)
1930 Jim Rohn, American philosopher and author (d. 2009)
1930 Thomas P. Stafford, American general, pilot, and astronaut
1929 Sil Austin, American saxophonist (d. 2001)
1929 David Craig, Baron Craig of Radley, Northern Irish air marshal and politician
1929 Sir Stirling Moss, English racing driver and sportscaster (d. 2020)
1928 Park Honan, American author and academic (d. 2014)
1928 Roddy McDowall, English-American actor (d. 1998)
1927 George Blanda, American football player (d. 2010)
1926 Bill Black, American bass player and bandleader (d. 1965)
1926 Curtis Harrington, American actor, director, and screenwriter (d. 2007)
1926 Hovie Lister, American minister and pianist (d. 2001)
1926 Jean-Marie Lustiger, French cardinal (d. 2007)
1926 Jack McDuff, American singer and organist (d. 2001)
1925 Dorothy Loudon, American actress and singer (d. 2003)
1925 John List, American murderer (d. 2008)
1923 Ralph Sharon, English-American pianist, composer, and conductor (d. 2015)
1923 Hank Williams, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1953)
1922 Agostinho Neto, Angolan poet and politician, 1st President of Angola (d. 1979)
1920 Dinah Sheridan, English actress (d. 2012)
1918 Lea Gottlieb, Hungarian-Israeli fashion designer, founded the Gottex Company (d. 2012)
1918 Chaim Herzog, Irish-born Israeli general and politician, 6th President of Israel (d. 1997)
1917 Ib Melchior, Danish-American author and screenwriter (d. 2015)
1917 Isang Yun, South Korean-German composer and educator (d. 1995)
1916 Mary Stewart, British author and poet (d. 2014)
1915 M. F. Husain, Indian painter and director (d. 2011)
1914 Thomas J. Bata, Czech-Canadian businessman (d. 2008)
1914 William Grut, Swedish pentathlete (d. 2012)
1914 Shin Kanemaru, Japanese politician, Deputy Prime Minister of Japan (d. 1996)
1912 Irena Kwiatkowska, Polish actress (d. 2011)
1912 Maksim Tank, Belarusian poet, journalist, and translator (d. 1995)
1909 Elizabeth Enright, American author and illustrator (d. 1968)
1908 John Creasey, English author and politician (d. 1973)
1908 Rafael Israelyan, Armenian architect and educator, designed the Sardarapat Memorial and St. Vartan Cathedral (d. 1973)
1907 Warren E. Burger, American lawyer and judge, 15th Chief Justice of the United States (d. 1995)
1906 J. R. Jayewardene, Sri Lankan lawyer and politician, 2nd President of Sri Lanka (d. 1996)
1906 Edgar Wayburn, American physician and environmentalist (d. 2010)
1905 Tshekedi Khama, regent of the Bamangwato tribe (d. 1959)
1903 Karel Miljon, Dutch boxer (d. 1984)
1903 Minanogawa Tōzō, Japanese sumo wrestler, the 34th Yokozuna (d. 1971)
1902 Bea Miles, Australian author (d. 1973)
1901 Francis Chichester, English pilot and sailor (d. 1972)
1900 Hughie Critz, American baseball player (d. 1980)
1900 Lena Frances Edwards, African-American physician, awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom (d. 1986)
1900 J. Willard Marriott, American businessman, founded the Marriott Corporation (d. 1985)
1900 Martha Ostenso, Canadian screenwriter and novelist (d. 1963)
1900 Hedwig Ross, New Zealand-born educator and political activist, founding member of the Communist Party of New Zealand (d. 1971)
1897 Earl Webb, American baseball player and coach (d. 1965)
1886 Anton Irv, Estonian captain (d. 1919)
1884 Charles Griffes, American pianist and composer (d. 1920)
1883 William Carlos Williams, American poet, short story writer, and essayist (d. 1963)
1881 Alfred Carpenter, English admiral, Victoria Cross recipient (d. 1955)
1879 Rube Foster, American baseball player and manager (d. 1930)
1879 Periyar E. V. Ramasamy, Indian businessman, social activist, and politician (d. 1973)
1878 Vincenzo Tommasini, Italian composer (d. 1950)
1874 Walter Murdoch, Australian author and academic (d. 1970)
1869 Christian Lous Lange, Norwegian political scientist, historian, and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1938)
1868 James Alexander Calder, Canadian educator and politician, Canadian Minister of Militia and Defence (d. 1956)
1867 Vera Yevstafievna Popova, Russian chemist (d. 1896)
1865 William Murray McPherson, Australian politician, 31st Premier of Victoria (d. 1932)
1864 Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky, Ukrainian writer (d. 1913)
1864 James Tancred, English admiral (d. 1943)
1860 Mihkel Martna, Estonian journalist and politician (d. 1934)
1859 Frank Dawson Adams, Canadian geologist and academic (d. 1942)
1859 Billy the Kid, American gunman (d. 1881)
1859 I. L. Patterson, American politician, 18th Governor of Oregon (d. 1929)
1857 Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Russian scientist and engineer (d. 1935)
1854 David Dunbar Buick, Scottish-American businessman, founded Buick Motor Company (d. 1929)
1853 Frederick Corbett, British officer and Victoria Cross recipient (d. 1912)
1850 Guerra Junqueiro, Portuguese journalist, lawyer, and politician (d. 1923)
1826 Bernhard Riemann, German-Italian mathematician and academic (d. 1866)
1825 Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar II, American jurist and politician, 16th United States Secretary of the Interior (d. 1893)
1821 Arthur Saint-Léon, French choreographer (d. 1870)
1820 Émile Augier, French playwright (d. 1889)
1820 Earl Van Dorn, Confederate general (d. 1863)
1819 Marthinus Wessel Pretorius, South African general and politician, 1st President of the South African Republic (d. 1901)
1817 Herman Adolfovich Trautscohold, German geologist and paleontologist (d. 1902)
1797 Heinrich Kuhl, German naturalist and zoologist (d. 1821)
1783 Nadezhda Durova, Russian soldier (d. 1866)
1773 Jonathan Alder, American captain and farmer (d. 1849)
1771 Johann August Apel, German jurist and author (d. 1816)
1743 Marquis de Condorcet, French mathematician and political scientist (d. 1794)
1739 John Rutledge, American judge and politician, 2nd Chief Justice of the United States (d. 1800)
1730 Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, Prussian-American general (d. 1794)
1688 Maria Luisa of Savoy, queen consort of Spain (d. 1714)
1639 Hans Herr, Swiss bishop (d. 1725)
1630 Ranuccio II Farnese, duke of Parma (d. 1694)
1605 Francesco Sacrati, Italian composer (d. 1650)
1578 John Prideaux, English administrator and bishop (d. 1650)
1565 Edward Fortunatus, German nobleman (d. 1600)
1550 Paul V, pope of the Catholic Church (d. 1621)
1479 Celio Calcagnini, Italian astronomer (d. 1541)
1433 James of Portugal, Portuguese prince and cardinal (d. 1459)
879 Charles the Simple, Frankish king (d. 929)