Famous Deaths on March 6, Who Died on March 6

Here is a list who died on March 6. Famous deaths for the 6th of March. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on March 6. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in March 6th?
Who died on the 6th March?
Who died on March 6?

Date Name
1070 Ulric I, Margrave of Carniola
1251 Rose of Viterbo, Italian saint (b. 1235)
1353 Roger Grey, 1st Baron Grey de Ruthyn
1447 Colette of Corbie, French abbess and saint in the Catholic Church (b. 1381)
1466 Alvise Loredan, Venetian admiral and statesman (b. 1393)
1490 Ivan the Young, Ruler of Tver (b. 1458)
1491 Richard Woodville, 3rd Earl Rivers
1531 Pedro Arias Dávila, Spanish explorer and diplomat (b. 1440)
1616 Francis Beaumont, English playwright (b. 1584)
1754 Henry Pelham, English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (b. 1694)
1758 Henry Vane, 1st Earl of Darlington, English politician, Lord Lieutenant of Durham (b. 1705)
1764 Philip Yorke, 1st Earl of Hardwicke, English lawyer and politician, Lord Chancellor of the United Kingdom (b. 1690)
1796 Guillaume Thomas François Raynal, French historian and author (b. 1713)
1836 Deaths at the Battle of the Alamo:
1854 Charles Vane, 3rd Marquess of Londonderry, Irish colonel and diplomat, Under-Secretary of State for War and the Colonies (b. 1778)
1866 William Whewell, English priest, historian, and philosopher (b. 1794)
1867 Charles Farrar Browne, American-English author and educator (b. 1834)
1888 Louisa May Alcott, American novelist and poet (b. 1832)
1895 Camilla Collett, Norwegian novelist and activist (b. 1813)
1899 Kaʻiulani of Hawaii (b. 1875)
190 Liu Bian (poisoned by Dong Zhuo) (b. 176)
1900 Gottlieb Daimler, German engineer and businessman, co-founded Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (b. 1834)
1905 John Henninger Reagan, American surveyor, judge, and politician, 3rd Confederate States of America Secretary of the Treasury (b. 1818)
1919 Oskars Kalpaks, Latvian colonel (b. 1882)
1920 Ömer Seyfettin, Turkish author and educator (b. 1884)
1932 John Philip Sousa, American conductor and composer (b. 1854)
1933 Anton Cermak, Czech-American lawyer and politician, 44th Mayor of Chicago (b. 1873)
1935 Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., American colonel, lawyer, and jurist (b. 1841)
1939 Ferdinand von Lindemann, German mathematician and academic (b. 1852)
1941 Francis Aveling, Canadian priest, psychologist, and author (b. 1875)
1948 Ross Lockridge Jr., American author, poet, and academic (b. 1914)
1950 Albert François Lebrun, French engineer and politician, 15th President of France (b. 1871)
1951 Ivor Novello, Welsh singer-songwriter and actor (b. 1893)
1952 Jürgen Stroop, German general (b. 1895)
1955 Mammad Amin Rasulzade, Azerbaijani scholar and politician (b. 1884)
1961 George Formby, English singer-songwriter and actor (b. 1904)
1964 Paul of Greece (b. 1901)
1965 Margaret Dumont, American actress (b. 1889)
1967 John Haden Badley, English author and educator, founded the Bedales School (b. 1865)
1970 William Hopper, American actor (b. 1915)
1973 Pearl S. Buck, American novelist, essayist, short story writer, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1892)
1974 Ernest Becker, American anthropologist and author (b. 1924)
1976 Maxie Rosenbloom, American boxer (b. 1903)
1977 Alvin R. Dyer, American religious leader (b. 1903)
1978 Dennis Viollet, English-American soccer player and manager (b. 1933)
1981 George Geary, English cricketer and coach (b. 1893)
1982 Ayn Rand, Russian-American philosopher, author, and playwright (b. 1905)
1984 Billy Collins Jr., American boxer (b. 1961)
1988 Mairéad Farrell, Provisional IRA volunteer (b. 1957)
1994 Melina Mercouri, Greek actress and politician, 9th Greek Minister of Culture (b. 1920)
1997 Cheddi Jagan, Guyanese politician, 4th President of Guyana (b. 1918)
1999 Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa, Bahrain king (b. 1933)
2000 John Colicos, Canadian actor (b. 1928)
2002 Bryan Fogarty, Canadian ice hockey player (b. 1969)
2004 Hercules, American wrestler (b. 1957)
2005 Hans Bethe, German-American physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1906)
2006 Anne Braden, American journalist and activist (b. 1924)
2007 Jean Baudrillard, French photographer and theorist (b. 1929)
2008 Peter Poreku Dery, Ghanaian cardinal (b. 1918)
2009 Francis Magalona, Filipino rapper, producer, and actor (b. 1964)
2010 Endurance Idahor, Nigerian footballer (b. 1984)
2012 Francisco Xavier do Amaral, East Timorese politician, 1st President of East Timor (b. 1937)
2013 Chorão, Brazilian singer-songwriter (Charlie Brown Jr.) (b. 1970)
2014 Alemayehu Atomsa, Ethiopian educator and politician (b. 1969)
2015 Fred Craddock, American minister and academic (b. 1928)
2016 Nancy Reagan, American actress, 42nd First Lady of the United States (b. 1921)
2017 Robert Osborne, American actor and historian (b. 1932)
2018 Peter Nicholls, Australian science fiction critic and encyclopedist (b. 1939)
2021 Lou Ottens, Dutch engineer and inventor (b.1926)
653 Li Ke, prince of the Tang Dynasty (b. 619)
766 Chrodegang, Frankish bishop and saint
903 Lu Guangqi, Chinese official and chancellor