Famous Deaths on March 18, Who Died on March 18

Here is a list who died on March 18. Famous deaths for the 18th of March. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on March 18. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in March 18th?
Who died on the 18th March?
Who died on March 18?

Date Name
1076 Ermengarde of Anjou, Duchess of Burgundy (b. 1018)
1086 Anselm of Lucca, Italian bishop (b. 1036)
1227 Pope Honorius III (b. 1148)
1272 John FitzAlan, 7th Earl of Arundel (b. 1246)
1308 Yuri I of Galicia
1314 Jacques de Molay, Frankish knight (b. 1244)
1321 Matthew III Csák, Hungarian oligarch (b. c.1260/5)
1582 Juan Jauregui, attempted assassin of William I of Orange (b. 1562)
1675 Arthur Chichester, 1st Earl of Donegall, Irish soldier (b. 1606)
1689 John Dixwell, English soldier and politician (b. 1607)
1703 Maria de Dominici, Maltese sculptor and painter (b. 1645)
1745 Robert Walpole, English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (b. 1676)
1768 Laurence Sterne, Irish novelist and clergyman (b. 1713)
1781 Anne Robert Jacques Turgot, French economist and politician, Controller-General of Finances (b. 1727)
1823 Jean-Baptiste Bréval, French cellist and composer (b. 1753)
1835 Christian Günther von Bernstorff, Danish-Prussian politician and diplomat (b. 1769)
1845 Johnny Appleseed, American gardener and missionary (b. 1774)
1871 Augustus De Morgan, Indian-English mathematician and academic (b. 1806)
1898 Matilda Joslyn Gage, American author and activist (b. 1826)
1900 Hjalmar Kiærskou, Danish botanist (b. 1835)
1907 Marcellin Berthelot, French chemist and politician, French Minister of Foreign Affairs (b. 1827)
1913 George I of Greece (b. 1845)
1918 Henry Janeway Hardenbergh, American architect, designed the Plaza Hotel (b. 1847)
1930 Jean Leon Gerome Ferris, American painter (b. 1863)
1936 Eleftherios Venizelos, Greek journalist, lawyer, and politician, 93rd Prime Minister of Greece (b. 1864)
1939 Henry Simpson Lunn, English businessman, founded Lunn Poly (b. 1859)
1941 Henri Cornet, French cyclist (b. 1884)
1947 William C. Durant, American businessman, co-founded General Motors and Chevrolet (b. 1861)
1954 Walter Mead, English cricketer (b. 1868)
1956 Louis Bromfield, American environmentalist and author (b. 1896)
1962 Walter W. Bacon, American accountant and politician, 60th Governor of Delaware (b. 1880)
1964 Sigfrid Edström, Swedish businessman, 4th President of the International Olympic Committee (b. 1870)
1965 Farouk of Egypt (b. 1920)
1973 Johannes Aavik, Estonian philologist and poet (b. 1880)
1977 Marien Ngouabi, Congolese politician, President of the Republic of the Congo (b. 1938)
1978 Leigh Brackett, American author and screenwriter (b. 1915)
1980 Erich Fromm, German psychologist and philosopher (b. 1900)
1982 Patrick Smith, Irish farmer and politician, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine (b. 1901)
1983 Umberto II of Italy (b. 1904)
1984 Charley Lau, American baseball player and coach (b. 1933)
1986 Bernard Malamud, American novelist and short story writer (b. 1914)
1988 Billy Butterfield, American trumpet player and cornet player (b. 1917)
1990 Robin Harris, American comedian (b. 1953)
1993 Kenneth E. Boulding, English-American economist and activist (b. 1910)
1996 Odysseas Elytis, Greek poet and critic, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1911)
2000 Eberhard Bethge, German theologian and academic (b. 1909)
2001 John Phillips, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1935)
2002 R. A. Lafferty, American soldier and author (b. 1914)
2003 Karl Kling, German race car driver (b. 1910)
2004 Harrison McCain, Canadian businessman, co-founded McCain Foods (b. 1927)
2006 Dan Gibson, Canadian photographer and cinematographer (b. 1922)
2007 Bob Woolmer, Indian-English cricketer, coach, and sportscaster (b. 1948)
2008 Anthony Minghella, English director and screenwriter (b. 1954)
2009 Omid Reza Mir Sayafi, Iranian journalist and blogger (b. 1980)
2010 Fess Parker, American actor and businessman (b. 1924)
2011 Warren Christopher, American lawyer and politician, 63rd United States Secretary of State (b. 1925)
2012 Furman Bisher, American journalist and author (b. 1918)
2013 Muhammad Mahmood Alam, Pakistani general and pilot (b. 1935)
2014 Catherine Obianuju Acholonu, Nigerian author, playwright, and academic (b. 1951)
2015 Zhao Dayu, Chinese footballer and manager (b. 1961)
2016 Barry Hines, English author and screenwriter (b. 1939)
2017 Chuck Berry, American guitarist, singer and songwriter (b. 1926)
2020 Alfred Worden, American test pilot, engineer and astronaut (b. 1932)
978 Edward the Martyr, English king (b. 962)